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09-20-2007, 02:24 PM
Hey everyone,
For my next WDW trip in December- a quick 5 day hit- we made some ADR's and we're trying some new places. The players are: myself (37) wife (29), son (4)- seasoned WDW vets; mother-in-law (51), father-in-law (53), sister- in-law (32), sister-in-law's boyfriend (30 something): all first timers with the exception of the mother-in-law who accompanied us on our December 2005 trip.

I tried to include everyone in the planning of our ADR's, but they left it up to us. When we told them where we had booked, some of the more plain type eaters voiced some apprehension about some of the places so we had to move some things around. As you know, now with the window for making ADR's at 180 days instead of 90, even at 90 days in advance its hard to find openings. For everything we had to change, we kind of had to settle for what was left. I tried to get into Whispering Canyon and Ohana for dinner (2 of my faves, but couldn't make any of their openings work for us-i'll keep calling and hope for some cancellations)

I could use some feedback on from you guys on some of the things we have planned.
Day 1: had Coral Reef, but the mother in law said that she'd rather try somewhere different because there's so many restaurants (we ate there last time). Le Cellier was booked solid, so we booked San Angel Inn (sister- in-law or bf don't like Mexican) so we changed to Biergarten. Has anyone been here in the last year? All the reviews on the sites are good, so I figured we'd give it a whirl.

Day 2:Chef Mickey's for breakfast. Loved it when we were here before. Should we stick with it or switch it up to Ohana with Stitch for something new?

Day 3: Prime Time- been here many times; would love to switch to Sci Fi for the better atmosphere, but the food doesn't measure up. Last time here our server was a dud. Hopefully we'll have a better one this time

Day 4: Hoop De Doo- late show-is it worth doing? I've heard conflicting reports, but of course most of the on line reviews are good.

Thanks for any and all input!

09-20-2007, 02:56 PM
I would try Ohana in the POLY.

I know it gets some bad reviews, but we love it and I think it would be fun in a larger group. I LOVE the potatos, wings and turkey! YUM!

Also, I am not a huge fan of Biergarten, but if I had to choose a restaurant in EPCOT and Le Cellier was booked, I'd try for Teppan Edo in Japan. Never been there, but I think it would be fun. (I just do not care for German food, so that's why I pass on Biergarten).


09-20-2007, 03:09 PM
We tried to fit Ohana in but none of the openings they had worked for us. Ohana is one of my favorites in WDW. We've eaten at Teppanyaki at Japan in past trips. In my opinion, it was at its best around 2000- in recent years it wasn't as good so we subsequently dropped it from our list of must go restaurants. We can just shoot over to the Benihana in Cherry Hill when we're home. As far as I know the new place in Japan, Teppan Edo, which I'm eager to try, is not taking ADR's yet.

I also forgot to mention in the original post, one of those days we're visiting the Concourse Steakhouse in the Contemporary for the first time. My son loves the Monorail, so when he saw a pic of the Monorail running above the place, we had to do it. Is it any good?