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02-04-2001, 10:22 PM
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This is the day Nick has been looking forward to since we got here, a whole day at EPCOT his favorite park.
Since it is his day he wants to order breakfast from room service the night before so we can hurry and eat and be out the door for some EPCOT fun. Breakfast consists of bagels, red onions and salmon. Very yummy but probably not a good choice since we were having Sushi for lunch. Poor planning.

Ready we head off on the monorail to the TTC and transfer to the monorail for EPCOT. I love the convience of the monorail.

We head to Test track and use the single rider line and it is not more that 10 min wait but the standby line is already at 90 min. We grab a fast pass and head to JIYI. We like this ride. From what we have read it was something else before that people liked better, but having never rode the other we don’t know the difference.

I should mention the 2000 is starting to some off the SE ball. The first evening we were there one side said 200, today it said 20. and I can’t remember but about the other side but Snappy had plenty of pictures we will try to paste a sort of time lapsed thing because by the time we leave one side the 2000 is gone and the other side only has something like one number left. They are selling merchandise with the new EPCOT that will be up there.

We also see the new space ride from the monorail each day and maybe we can post photos of that progress as well.

We then head to HISTA. We love this. They also have just added it at DL and we saw it when we were there for the day in Nov/Dec (can’t remember which).

We head to Japan for one of our favorite Sushi restaurants in the whole world. This family comes in and proceeds to tell the waitress their daughter is allergic and do they have anything she can eat? Um people this is a Sushi bar. Sushi=fish. They find some pathetic looking cold beef and feed it to the poor kid. We have a sort of warped sense of humor and find the whole incident funny, someone bringing an allergic kid to a Sushi bar when there are so many other food choices in EPCOT. I’m allergic to nuts and you wouldn’t catch me having lunch in a place that specializes in nuts. I guess you just had to be there.

We walk around WS stopping at Maelstrom. We find the Viking wearing Mickey ears and the hidden Mickey on the guys watch. I have to tell you something about Nick he has a jacket obsession. When it hits I call him jacket boy. I know you are thinking, life is rough and she should be thankful that her husband doesn’t have any worse obsessions. I know a jacket obsession isn’t bad except we live in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA you only need a jacket like 2 days a year here. It is Feb. and it was 85 today. Every time we ride Maelstrom (which is one of our all time favorites) I have to drag jacket boy thru the Norway gift shop past all those jackets. I’m not a grinch he has a closet full of jackets that never get worn due to lack of cold weather.

Then we head to Mexico to ride El Rio and play with the big sombreros (read previous report for sombrero incident)

We but some presents in Mexico including a big paper flower. Ok I know I don’t really need another paper flower but it is like I’m strangely drawn to them every time we come here. Nick just laughs while I pick out my flower. When one of us is looking at something we really don’t really need, you know like a 7 foot Mickey Mouse carved out of sugar. We ask the other if you really want that or if you just have pixie dust in your eyes. That PD in the eyes statement has probably saved us hundreds of dollars and regret over buying stupid stuff we have no need for. Don’t confuse this with my paper flower because you don’t understand I MUST HAVE THAT.

We head over to ride test track and grab another fast pass for later.

We go to the land and ride living with the land. As we are leaving it fills up with a tour group from Brazil all wearing bright YELLOW outfits. Of course you know by now this strikes us as very funny and we are laughing our rears off. Nick manages to grab a photo of them later and it is a sea of yellow. I’m sorry but even yellow pants how on earth do you keep those clean.

On this trip I wrote notes into my palm pilot so I could create this trip report since I have a bad memory. At this point all that is noted is an entry that says “ experimental rice” I asked Nick if he had any memory of something funny, sad or anything to do with “experimental rice” He says no. I don’t either so you will have to use you imagination for the “experimental rice” entry.

I get an ice cream from the land pavilion and Nick gets a coffee drink and we leave the land because all the yellow is blinding us.

We decide we should get some gift buying done, Nick wants to get stuff for his employees and I want to get stuff for family and friends. We buy a truckload of stuff at Mouse Gear and have it sent to the room. Wondering how we are going to get all this stuff home? Stay tuned to find out.

We use out fast passes for TT and get more and then head around WS again ending up in Mexico for our PS dinner inside the volcano. By this time we are getting tired and our feet hurt so we have a couple of margarita’s with dinner and our feet feel better. We have our favorite appetizer Queso Fundio and the combination plates for dinner. The food is good as always and we are stuffed to the gills.

We ride El Rio again and walk around WS stopping at Maelstrom. As usual I have to drag jacket boy thru the gift shop. We hang out in Norway and get some coffee drinks.

He has never been to the American Adventure and we head there. All I can say is we are blown away by it. What a great attraction.

We start to head to TT to use our FP’s get and get caught right on the corner where TON is coming out. What dumb luck we get a great spot and just when we think it is over from the other direction it comes (more than one set go on at a time) around and goes into where it had just come. It was great we got to see 2 TON in the same night. We LOVE that parade and are glad they are keeping it around. Nick has it on CD and drove me crazy playing the music before the trip.

We head back to FW for our final TT ride of the night.

Wiped out we head out before the crowds from the fireworks.

A thing you might want to know even though the park closeses at 9pm for some reason we were unable to figure out they were keeping TT open every night till 10pm. We should have asked a cast member or maybe this is how they do it now.

14.1 miles walked. I have a few blisters on my toes but cover them with moleskin every day and no problem.

Tomorrow MGM

BTW still no Peapod package; I’m starting to get mad. I e-mailed them to ask how far in advance we should order and followed their advice.

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02-05-2001, 08:55 AM
My 14 year old has an obsession with those Paper Flowers also and always gets one while at Disney!! Thanks for posting...I enjoyed reading it! :)

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02-05-2001, 02:46 PM
Thanks for the great trip report...but what the heck is HISTA?

02-05-2001, 03:16 PM
Honey I shrunk the audience


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02-05-2001, 03:49 PM
Still wondering what you wrote to your room controller to make them LOL and honor all of your request. If you don't mind could you please share your letter!!

Thanks in advance.

02-05-2001, 09:48 PM
I will share it this week. I was going to do it today and I couldn't locate it on my computer. Meaning I didn't save it , but I have a hard copy. I will scan it and put it up.


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02-06-2001, 03:45 AM
Rachael, Thanks for another great report.

I laughed through this report. I can picture Nick ( jacket boy) as you call him. Walking around Southern Cal with one of those Norwegian fur lined jackets. lol.

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Marla Hellwig
02-18-2001, 06:58 PM
Another fun filled Disney day. Thanks for posting!

02-20-2001, 02:10 PM
aren't hubbies too funny at times??? Mine has a similar addiction to jackets...he must have 15 of them...again, thanks for the report! :)

02-20-2001, 02:44 PM
I'm a jacket lover, too. Can't pass up a good jacket. Of course, we live in PA, and do have some use for more than one! ;) Do you suppose experimental rice meant experimental ride? :D

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02-21-2001, 01:02 AM
I'm really enjoying your trip report. You actually had me laughing out loud at times, which isn't a good thing, as I'm reading these at work right now while I have a free minute, and I'm trying to be as unobtrusive as possible. Can't wait to read the rest! :)

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