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02-11-2001, 10:12 PM
<font color=red>Today we decided to go to Epcot! After having Bagels in our villa and coffee from Roaring Forks, DH and I headed out to the bus stop, leaving DD (age 16) and girfriend behind asleep as instructed by them, the previous evening! They have different hours than us :D Sunday was a cold/drizzly day and we wore our sweatsuits. Epcot was not at all crowded and hardly no lines which we took advantage of right away at test track! What an awesome ride! My favorite part of this park is the countries, so we took our time here, We stayed here until 5:00, then headed on over to the Boardwalk by ferry, to Flying Fish. We had an excellent dinner! This turned out to be one of our favorite meals of the week. DH had the filet, and I had the scallops. After our meal we decided to walk it off a bit and ended up at the Swan and Dolphin to check out the place.( What a beautiful Hotel!) Once back at our Resort, I turned on "The Practice" and relaxed, wondering why my legs were hurting so much :eek: Could it be I am not used to all this walking?? Thank Goodnes I brought my own pillow, that will help me go to sleep <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused"> </font>

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02-12-2001, 07:13 AM
Sandi, Thanks for the Trip Report. Sounds like a great day. :)

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02-12-2001, 07:48 AM
Sandi, Flying Fish is mine and DH's favorite restaurant also!! We really liked it...Sounds like you had a fun day today...Looking forward to the rest! Thanks for posting

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02-14-2001, 08:58 AM
Definately agree with you about Flying Fish, what a wonderful restaurant. Sounds like you had a fun day.


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Marla Hellwig
02-23-2001, 04:22 AM
What a fun day. I love to just walk through the countries. Thanks for posting!

02-23-2001, 08:50 AM
Thanks for the report!

02-23-2001, 04:06 PM
Rana, sounds like you had a fun day! I think we all need to start walking several miles just to be able to keep up with our Disney habits ;)

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02-23-2001, 04:26 PM
I sitll have never tried Test Track. Hopefully on our next trip! Sounds fun.

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02-23-2001, 06:55 PM
Glad you had a good day! :)

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