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09-11-2007, 09:41 AM
We are going March 21-28th(our family reunion is March 23-March 28)
I am a DVC member and I have a split reservation so I can do the Dining plan from March 21-23 and then 1-2 rooms can do it from 23-28(I have 3 rooms total-all on seperate ressies).

Here is my delema(we have gone over 10 times in the past few years). Origionally we were Voucher people eating mostly CS with occasional TS. Then we graduated to DDE with 1 TS a day on most days. Finally now we are DDP/Free diners, and my DH is going crazy. He feels we are too locked in to dining at places(although I always check with him and try to get a few new places each trip) and specifically times(I usually try to do 6-6:20). We tend to go during Spring Break so it is always busy but the parks are open later at night. I think DH has also come to hate the DDP because he wants to order what ever...

Could someone recommed a few places that take DDE, that are a good value for not on the DDP(but not crazy expensive). Or give me some other advice on how you would handle this. I can not see dining past 6:20 since it messes up your entire night if you are planning to do a park. So I gues he wants a few nights off too(there goes the itinery). To throw one more thing in the mix the MArch23-28 has a very picky eaters/not fancy diners and my Mom has a hard time eating tough foods (due to her dentures) so I need to find a menu with some softer options (like Hamburger). Was that complicated enough for you?


This is what I was thinking (we are staying at BWV)- and schedule is flexible-So feel free to edit

Le Cellier(Epcot 1st night)
Cape May Cafe (2nd Epcot night)
1900 PF(Birthday party-6:45-7:00-no park after- but there are 3yo's)
Beaches and Cream or MM-FDP for (MGM 1st Night)
YCG (2nd MGM Night)
LLT or Plaza(MK 1st night)
Spoodles or Chef Mickey(2nd MK night)

I think we are going to stick to CS or sandwiches in our room for lunches. Any advice for really picky eater with a family that loves all the great dining?

Disney Crazy Debbie
09-11-2007, 11:03 AM
If you are not stuck with theme park restaurants you might try the Cape May Clam Bake. It is a signature meal and they do have more than just seafood but it is a buffet. Since I'll be doing the DDP for the first time in August '08 I haven't studied the DDP for everything yet. However, what I have studied seems to indicate that several may not allow you to use the DDP but they will do a 20% discount.

Just a thought.

09-11-2007, 07:30 PM
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