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Well this is our 3rd trip with free dining. we just got home about an hour ago.
Cast: Me - 26 female, loves to eat..lol DBF- 41 make, loves to eat too!!!..lol

Well we had limited time to do our eating since we got in really later our first night so we had to make up time. We ate mainly ts and used our cs for breakfast since we were only there 3 days. I will be adding pics as soon as I upload to photobucket but for ow I will review and put up our totals.

First day, Fri (we got in at 1am thrusday night 9friday am), we skipped breakfast sicne we had an 11:45 lunch at Crystal Palace. Silly me forgot my camera (can you imagine) but it was ok , two adults with no kids we figured we'd live with no pictures of the characteres. Altho I was a little traumatized that I couldt take pics of the food.

Crystal Palace: 11:45am lunch. We were seated promptlu altho the buffet lines were HUGE at that time, I think since everyone just go there as the buffet opens for lunch at 11:30 it was a little packed, we got to see piglet, pooh and eeyore ate our table, we missed tigger tho. The buffet was pretty good, they had salmon, chicken and some sort of steak and pork on the carving table. The one delicious thing here are the sides. The garlic mashed potatoes and the puri puri broccoli are to die for!!!!, the dessert were really good and its one of the best assortments ever. They have mini brownies, tarts, cheesecake and cookies and ice cream with toppings. A few more things i cant remember as well. Overrall it was good, it was my second time here and dbf's first. Total was 52.27.

In between here we used a snack credit for a dole whip float - $4.25.

Chefs de France: We had this for dinner at 7:40pm that same night. We were still pretty full from lunch surprisingly enough. We got there and it was Jam packed!!! They were turning anybody without an adr away. We gt there righ ton time and it took about 10 minutes or so t be seated. WE got a great waitress and I was able to practice a little of my french. For appetizers we had the escargot and the french onion soup. Both were really really delicious, altho cautiuon, the escargot are really HOT!!!, i promptly ate one of those suckers and stil have soreness from burning my mouth!!!..lol. For our entrees we had the salmon on a potato pancake with a red pepper sauce and the frenched pork chop with macaroni au gratin. These were the best entress i think we have both had at disney. They were very good. Everything came out very timely, it took like close to two hours from sit to leving. It was excellent for us and we did not fell rushed or that it took too long. For dessert I had the chocolate tart with banana and chocolate ice cream and my dbf got the creme brulee. The best dessert also that i have ever had, it was nice and firm on the crusts and then towards the middle, it had most of the banana flavor. I could do without the coconut pieces but the tart was very tasty. oh ps. sorry i forgot to take pics right away, some things are half eaten..lol. Total was approx $114.26
escargot and french onion soup:
Frenched pork chop and the salmon:
dessert, choco/banana tart and the creme brulee:

We started off by using qs credits to have breakfast. We didnt take pics at breakfast but we had one omelette and one adult breakfast platter. We had 2 orange juices, 1 powerade and 1 grapefruit juice (since breakfast ceoms with 2 drinks). Total was 23.43. Also wanted to point out that they have added apple juice to the fountain stuff at pop century.

We wanted to watch the UM at Oklahoma game so we went to espn for lunch ( well drinks and snacks really) and paid OOP with dde. We had a couple of beers and a couple of strwberry daiquiries and the dingers (hot) and also ordered some chips and salsa.

We then went off to MK to do a few rides and have another dole whip. We snacked on a dole whip float and a dole whip soft serve. Total 7.33

We then went back to epcot to our last adr at le cellier but before that I decided to grab some pecans from the nut cart, total 3.50 + tax(apprx).

Le Cellier- This was out last TS meal. We have eaten here before, this is our 3rd trip here. First for dinner tho. We decided to try some different appettizers we had never done before. I had the mussels chowder style and dbf had the cheese soup. I have to say that the mussels was one of the highlights of this trip and any truip for that matter. This was the best mussels I have ever had. The soup we have tried before at the f&w fest but this was the first time we have it at the restaurants. Good as always. We both had the 14oz NY strip which as always was great. For dessert I was so full i had to pick something to go so I had the smores to go sans ice cream and dbf had the sorbet. Total: 107.60
Mussels and soup:

Today we had breakfast again at the food court, one pop waffle platter and on pancake platter, 3 orange juices and one powerade. Total 21.30

Snacks today were at the Goofys candy shop make your own rice krispy treat, total 3.20 and onion rings when we visited old key west 3.30.

For our last qs credit, we went to earl of sandwich and took some sandwiches for take out. Total 20.13. We had the earsl club and the full montagu along with choco chip cookie and brownie. We had those a little while ago here at home and they were as good as ever.

Sorry this was short and to the point. I estimate our total DDP food spending to be about $360 or so. So that was pretty good for us since it was free.

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