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Hi All! Just got back a week ago and loved the Disney dining! We do have some pictures which hopefully we will be able to add in later, but we wanted to get started while things were fresh in our minds. So withour furthur wait, the introductions:

Me35 (going by Minnie Mouse in this report) I love most foods, especially veggies, pasta, meat and chocolate.

DH35 (Donald Duck) Loves to eat and will try anything once. Favorites include meat, seafood and potatoes.

DS11 (Donald Duck#2) Also loves to eat and will also try anything once. Favorites include chicken, ribs, and steak.

DS8 (Bambi) Fellow DISer whose favorites include fruit, seafood and meat.

DD4 (Alice) A pretty good eater at home, the lure of Mac & Cheese and ice cream were too much for Alice and these were her foods of choice at Disney.

Bambi and I are going to write this report together to hopefully help those of you with children decide what makes good family dining that will keep everyone happy and satisfied.

CS places we ate at:
POR food court- Posts 57,58
Great Britain and China in Epcot- Post 61
Pizza Planet- Post 70
Wolfgang Puck Express- Post #67

TS places we ate at:
Biergarten - posts 9 & 13
Cinderella's Gala Feast at Grand Floridian Cafe posts 17,18,19
Sci-Fi post 31
Chef Mickey's post 38
'Ohana posts 46,47
Crystal Palace posts 51,52

We also sampled lots of snack which will try to include as well. Tomorrow we will start with Day 1.:goodvibes

*Edited to add that pics are working now. Yeah!

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Looking foward to it!:)

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Looking forward to reading more:cool1:

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cant wait

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Thanks to everyone who has signed on.:goodvibes Bambi had his 1st night of homework, which I had him start too late to schedule in food report time. I will definitely have him start earlier so we can get this report under way soon. :thumbsup2

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I hear you. It's tough to get back into the school routine. It's takes me a couple of weeks to get back on schedule.

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Looking forward to the reviews.:)

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Bambi and I have decided to do this report with TS first, followed by CS and snacks.

On our first full day, we went to the Biergarten. It was the first time there for everyone. This was the only day that it rained for a long time and not just the quick summer storms. Our reservation was for 6:15. We got there about 10 past after trudging through the rain in our lovely Wal-Mart ponchos. We checked in at the podium and only waited a few minutes before being seated.
We were seated on the third level, right near the buffet. We didn't time this one perfectly - a show was just ending right as we arrived. However, another one started up as we were ready for dessert and we ended up sticking around and watching it.

What we ate: There was so much to choose from that I couldn't possibly list it all. Some of our favorites were the pork schnitzel and Bavarian Cheesecake.

Bambi's comments: I really liked the atmosphere and the music that they played. I liked that you could dance in one part of the show. There was a lot of strange food but there was plenty of regular food. I would go again.

Minnie: Our server here was wonderful. She was very sweet and answered all sorts of questions about Germany for Donald and I. In fact, she was so nice and efficient, that even though it was a buffet we left an extra tip. The buffet was clean and very fresh - I constantly saw food being replaced. Most of the food was very good - there was a nice variety. It can be a little strange sharing a table with someone else. The family we shared with wasn't very friendly at first. They had a screaming baby with them. As soon as they got the baby her bottle and food things got better. The big brother (around 12) had on a Patriots shirt) and Donald asked them where they were from. Turns out they were from Northern Ireland, not New England like us! Anyway, that broke the ice and things ended up being fine.

Bottom line: Check Steve Soares website and try to make your ADR's so that you can see the show - it was great! And don't be afraid to talk to your tablemates. Also, if you are paying OOP, I think you get your $'s worth here.

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There seems to be a problem with my photos. :sad1: I will try to upload to photobucket or something this weekend. Thanks for your patience. :grouphug:

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Enjoying your review so far. Looking forward to the rest.

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Hi :wave: SmallWorld71,

justing letting you know I'm subscribing popcorn::

Going in June 08 with 4 kids (ages to be): DD (9), DS (9) (who has special needs and food, needs to be familiar!), DD (5), DD (18 mo). We'll be on the DDP and I pretty much have my ADR's and CS picks done, but doing a little research now to get a feel for for everything as I axniously:hyper: await my 180 day out call in Dec.

So thanks and I'll keep checking.

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Yeah! Got my photos to work. Here are a few from Biergarten:

My 1st plate of food:

Alice's food:

The band:


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Wow! The Biergarten looks like it has super yummy food! I can't wait to hear about the rest of the restaurants.

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Great start, looking forward to more. :dumbo:

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Thanks to everyone who has joined in. Things should go more smoothly now that I have this whole picture thing figured out. Up next will be Cinderella's Gala Feast at the Grand Floridian.

swankybeth - You are our 10th reader. :banana: What do you think, can we look forward to the 100th?:lmao:

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Our 2nd full day of Disney we spent at Epcot. We got there for rope drop and didn't leave until 3pm because once my kids started their masks in Canada, they were determined to finish them. So, we visited every country in World Showcase, which is great but not so easy on a hot, humid, sunny August afternoon! We literally collapsed in the El Rio Del Tiempo boats - it was one of our favorite rides of the whole trip!:rotfl2:

Anyway, the point of all this is that by the time we got back to Riverside we were exhausted and didn't want to rush. So, we decided to relax for an hour and take a cab :drive:to our 5:15 reservation at the Grand Floridian. This worked out well and we arrived in style about 15 minutes early. There is something to be said for arriving at the Grand Floridian - as we pulled up someone immediately ran up to the cab, opened our doors and got our stroller and bag from the trunk. A nice way to start an evening of royalty.;)

Here are a few pics from the GF before dinner:
Alice and Donald

Bambi and Donald2

Bambi, Alice and Donald2

Continued in next post

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We checked in and were given a pager. I went to powder my nose and while I was gone the pager went off. We were seated immediately upon my return. The hostess led us to our table and I almost started dancing on top.:banana: (I didn't though, I thought that kind of behavior might be frowned on at the GF.) We had a table at the back of the restaurant right by a window which looked out on the beautiful GF grounds and had a view of Cinderella Castle! We were also at a table for 6 which meant we would have plenty of room. We were off to a great start!

Our server was here was great. She was friendly and efficient and was so cute and sweet that I wanted to pinch her cheeeks.:cutie: She was so great all night that this was the 2nd place that we felt compelled to leave a tip above and beyond the 18% DDP tip. After we put in our orders the characters began to arrive:

1st came Perla

Then Suzy


Then Princess Aurora (a fill in for the Fairy Godmother and a bonus as far as Alice was concerned)

As lastly:

I have to say that this was the best character interaction I have ever had at a character meal. Because the place is small, we were able to see Suzy and Perla 3x and Cinderella and the Prince 2x. (Aurora passed our table a 2nd time while Alice and I were powdering noses) All the characters were great. I know that they can be rushed at some meals, but that was not the case here. They were wonderful with Alice and really made her feel like a princess. Cinderella even made her feel special by telling her "a secret" about where her bedroom was in the castle.

Bambi: If you are a boy, don't be afraid to go to a princess meal. They can talk and you can ask them questions about characters in their movies. I was able to ask Cinderella where Jaq and GusGus were and ask Aurora if the Fairies still fight over the color of her dress. Even though we went for my sister, it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Minnie: We'll finally get to the food later after Alice is in bed.;)

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Finally, on to the food:

Fruit cup appetizer
Kids Beef and Macaroni
She ate a ton of this, so it must have been pretty good. It helped that we had seen all the characters already so she was more relaxed.

Fruit cup appetizer
Kids Salmon with brown rice and broccoli
I liked the fruit cup. The salmon was very good. I ate it all. The rice was very plain and boring so I put some pepper on it to try to make it taste better but I didn't eat a lot of it. I also ate some of my mom's shrimp which was very good.

Spicy Shrimp & Grit Cake Appetizer
The shrimp was pretty spicy but he liked it and ate it all. He did not like the grit cake. I tasted it and thought it was O.K.
Prime Rib entree which he really liked. (Same entree as Donald)

Mushroom Triangoli Appetizer
He loved this and wished he had more.

Prime Rib with mashed potatoes and broccolini
Donald said the Prime Rib was delicious. He had prime rib 2 more times this week but said this was the best.

Strawberry Soup
This was absolutely delicious, like a strawberry smoothie. However, it was very rich and even sharing it I did not finish it all.

Shrimp & Prosciutto Pasta
This was wonderful! There was so much shrimp that I was able to give 5 or 6 to Bambi and still have plenty for myself. The combination of prosciutto, cheese, shrimp and the asparagus pieces in the dish worked really well together.



Although it doesn't look like a lot, we were so full by the time we got to dessert that we couldn't finish everything. My personal favorite was the fruit tart in the middle. Bambi really enjoyed a cream horn and a chocolate Mickey. The bread pudding was good but could not stand up to the one we had later in the week.

Bottom Line: This place was fantastic! I wish they were keeping the character meal here instead of moving it back to Park Faire. Anyway, a trip to the Grand Floridian is always a nice addition to a vacation.

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Thanks for sharing, I can't wait for the rest!

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Great review - Please tell Bambi that he is doing a great job.

09-16-2007, 08:48 PM
The Cinderella Gala Feast sounds awesome!
Oh and am I weird for thinking that the Kid's Beef and Macaroni Cheese looks really tastey?

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Thanks to everyone who has joined in. Things should go more smoothly now that I have this whole picture thing figured out. Up next will be Cinderella's Gala Feast at the Grand Floridian.

swankybeth - You are our 10th reader. :banana: What do you think, can we look forward to the 100th?:lmao:

You definitely have a lot of lurking readers, over 1000 people have already viewed your report! :scared1:

Enjoyed this installment, you have a beautiful family. :goodvibes

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I really like that you have your child chiming in on the report! Your kids are adorable! The pic of the strawberry soup looked so good I was practically licking the monitor lol!!! I gotta try to make that some time! Can't wait for more!!

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Really great pictures of your family. Thanks for sharing the reviews! :)

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subscribing - looks like you had a blast at 1900

can't wait to see the next review

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The Cinderella Gala Feast sounds awesome!
Oh and am I weird for thinking that the Kid's Beef and Macaroni Cheese looks really tastey?

:rotfl2: :rotfl2:
Funny how pictures can make things look good huh? Anyway, Alice gave me a couple of tastes. It was good.:)

medicgirl911 - The soup was delicious! It could have been poured in a glass and served for dessert.

Thank-you to all our readers for your kind comments. Bambi and I really appreciate them. I haven't figured out the multi-quote thing yet so I don't know how to respond to everyone, but I wanted to be sure that everyone knew they were appreciated.:grouphug: It's very encouraging when someone comes out of lurkdome and replies.
Anyway, tomorrow night is Open House (I teach 1st grade) so I won't be able to write. However, Wednesday is Donald's softball night so Bambi and I will have the computer all to ourselves and will write the next installment.

Next up is Sci-Fi

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Okay- I'm put of lurkdom! Great Report!

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great reviews. subscribing.

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Our third day we went to MGM. Our reservations were for 12:15, our only TS lunch of the trip. This was the only day we didn't pick our parks well and MGM was very crowded. After fighting the mobs to watch the High School Musical Pep Rally in the broiling sun and humidity, by the time we got to Sci-Fi we were exhausted, sweaty, and a little irritable.
We checked in on time. The wait seemed like forever, but was actually only 15-20 minutes. While we were waiting I saw them turn away dozens of people and say that they were not accepting any walk-ins for the whole day.:scared1:

Anyway, we were finally led to our car. We all thought the atmosphere was really cool and it was great to chill in the nice dark, cool restaurant in our "Pink Cadillac."


(You can see Donald is ready for a nap. :rotfl2: )
The cars are probably not the best for you if you have young children because of the way you sit. But, it worked out fine for us and Donald was more than happy to sit by himself.;)

*Side note: I must apologize but my picture taking got a little sparse after the gala feast. I will put in ones when I have them. All our other TS have been featured a lot on the DIS though and I know there are photos out there.
Our waitress here was probably the least friendly of our trip. However, she warmed up considerably as the meal progressed and she was very quick and efficient. It's just that she wasn't as friendly as all the other wonderful servers we had.

On to the food:
Appetizer- Spinach & Artichoke Dip
This was absolutely delicious and Bambi enjoyed it also.

Entree- Angus Chuck Burger with Cheddar Cheese, the fixin's and fries
This burger was also really good.

Dessert- Hot Fudge Sundae
simple but good

Appetizer- 7 Bean Beef Chili
He said this was fine. Not super, but not bad either and he was hungry so he ate it.

Entree -Smoked Baby Back Ribs with french fries
He said these were just plain old not good.:eek:

Dessert- Cheesecake
Again, he said this was fine but nothing special
He also had a vanilla shake which he shared with Alice. Both gave it two big thumbs up

Appetizer- Crispy Onion Rings
He liked these - said they were good.

Entree- Smoked Turkey Sandwich
He said this was okay but he didn't really care for it very much. (Very unusual for him to not like something!)

Dessert - Hot Fudge Sundae
He enjoyed this!

No appetizer - I did not like the choices.
Entree- Kids' Beef & Macaroni
I liked it, but it wasn't the best thing I had.
Dessert - I asked if I could have the kids' sundae instead of the veggies and they said yes. The sundae was good, thumbs up.
I also had an oreo cookie milkshake that my brother ordered for me because it came with the adult meal and not with the kid meal and he didn't want one. It was delicious!:cloud9:

She also did not like the kids' appetizer choices.
Entree- Kids' macaroni and cheese.
She did not really like this mac & cheese. I tried it and it was not very good. Not like the Stouffer's type that they have at a lot of the places.
Dessert- She had a bowl of vanilla ice cream which she enjoyed.

Bottom line:
Bambi- I like the atmosphere. The food was fine.

Minnie- We all enjoyed the atmoshere. But agreed that the food was so-so. Not a huge problem when you have free dining, but a little more upsetting if you are spending your own money. We all agreed that we would go back again but only for appetizers, milkshakes &/or desserts. :thumbsup2

09-20-2007, 02:49 AM
Cool review, love the pics :D

Looks like you had a good time.

09-20-2007, 10:47 AM
Thank you Minnie and Bambi for the continual good reviews. I'm really glad you enjoyed the Cinderella Dinner, hope we have just as good of time when we go next June. (though we'll be in Park Fare with a Buffet) My DD #2 would love to meet Aurora too. Your pictures were cute of the kids, and the food looked scrumptous!

Tell Bambi thanks for his insight, I'll have to show my DS who will be 9 when we travel, that he can fun there too, with all his sisters:thumbsup2

Gald to see you had a nice time at the Sci-Fi too, have only been there once back in '93(before kids), it was fun. Maybe when our dizkids are older:goodvibes

I'll be back for more cyber-eating!popcorn::

09-20-2007, 11:54 AM
Thanks for the update!!!!!!

09-20-2007, 12:29 PM
Really loving your food report - I love that your son is helping you out, it's nice to get an older kid's perspective. Keep up the good work :thumbsup2

09-21-2007, 09:54 AM
Hi there! I'm hopping on your report!

Your last segment on the Sci-fi is what pulled me in because we are going there for the first time this Nov. One of my twin boys is a car fanatic and can't wait to eat there. Here's the glitch though... I waited too long to make my ressies and we can only get in there at 2:55 on the day we want to be in MGM. I tried to rework our schedule but I really like it the way it is. I have been fretting over this (I know.... waaay too much time on my hands) ~ what if my kids are hungry earlier - do I make them wait?!? BUT! You said you'd go back for desserts or appies...... ding, ding, ding :idea: ! Okay, so now I know we'll go with the flow and if we eat a whole meal there it's fine, if not, who doesn't want a treat at about 3 in the afternoon? Thank you so much for saying that... you have no idea how helpful that is to me! THIS is why I am so addicted to the DIS!!!

Oh, and I love that you are including Bambi's take on this... so helpful as well.

09-22-2007, 07:52 PM
Sci-Fi is definitely a good place for a late afternoon snack. Also, you will be there long enough to check out the atmosphere (it really is a cool place), but not so long that you will be on your 2nd or 3rd time viewing the film loop. I'm glad you have ressies. I couldn't believe how many people they were turning away the day I was there. Have fun!

Hi there! I'm hopping on your report!

Your last segment on the Sci-fi is what pulled me in because we are going there for the first time this Nov. One of my twin boys is a car fanatic and can't wait to eat there. Here's the glitch though... I waited too long to make my ressies and we can only get in there at 2:55 on the day we want to be in MGM. I tried to rework our schedule but I really like it the way it is. I have been fretting over this (I know.... waaay too much time on my hands) ~ what if my kids are hungry earlier - do I make them wait?!? BUT! You said you'd go back for desserts or appies...... ding, ding, ding :idea: ! Okay, so now I know we'll go with the flow and if we eat a whole meal there it's fine, if not, who doesn't want a treat at about 3 in the afternoon? Thank you so much for saying that... you have no idea how helpful that is to me! THIS is why I am so addicted to the DIS!!!

Oh, and I love that you are including Bambi's take on this... so helpful as well.

09-22-2007, 08:39 PM
Welcome to our new readers.:welcome:

Our 4th day, we had dinner at Chef Mickey's. Our reservations were for 5:10. We took the bus from our hotel to MK and then walked to the Contemporary. It was not a very long walk and even in the brutal heat was a quicker alternative than the monorail.


When we got up to the 4th floor (about 4:45) quite a line had begun to form outside CM which opens at 5. Once the place opened, the line moved quickly. We checked in, had our picture taken, and sat down to wait. We only waited 5-10 min. before we were seated. We were seated in the big "Mickey" room and had a great view of the monorail going by. It was a great location, near the buffet and the stairs down to the restrooms. The only drawback was that we were at a table for 4 with a chair pulled over. It was a little tight with all the dishes, autograph books, camera etc...

Our server here was friendly and efficient and our plates were cleared quickly (which was good because of the small table!) and our drinks were kept replenished.

The atmosphere:
Minnie-This is a very kid-friendly place. There are bright colors, it is loud enough that you don't have to worry about keeping the kids quiet and there are napkin waving celebrations and the characters to keep them entertained and happy.

Bambi- I liked the napkin waving. Mickey was the leader in our room for the napking waving. My favorite character is Donald Duck and he was there. This is a good restaurant for kids to go to.

The food:
Minnie - This was a buffet and we had so many things that I can't remember them all. I know I really enjoyed the mashed potatoes and the salmon was decent. The prime rib was pretty good, but both Donald and I thought CP and the Gala Feast was better. The salads were fresh. Alice loved the Mickey cheese ravioli but did not like the Mac & Cheese. (It was not good.)

Bambi - I really liked the shrimp and raviolis. The salmon was pretty good. All us kids really liked the make your own sundaes. I put M&M's, crushed Oreo's, chocolate chips, caramel and hot fudge on mine.

Bottom Line:
Bambi- I would go back. I liked the food and the characters.

Minnie- The food here is basic but decently prepared. I read a lot of reviews about people being disappointed in the food. If you go in expecting anything gourmet, you will be disappointed. :sad1: However, you can get a nice, simple meal here. The food is fresh and there is enough variety to please most everyone from fresh salads and fruit, to ravioli and carved meats.
CM is hands down the way to go if you need to meet the "Fab 5." We were a family who really wanted to meet Mickey, Donald, Minnie etc... and this was a great way to do it without worrying about trying to meet them elsewhere. Here are a few character pics from CM. Please stay tuned after the pics for a helpful tip:

The big cheese:

My boys with their favorite:

Which one is goofier? The little girl or the big guy in the hat?

Sweet Minnie:

Lovable Pluto:

*** Okay lesson time:teacher: ***
This will not be news to many, as I learned this on the DIS, but if you want to have a good time with the characters you must talk to them! If you don't speak up, you will get your autographs and a picture and they will move on. CM's is a big place and they have a lot of territory to cover. A simple comment can keep them with you and increase your families' enjoyment considerably. One way to do this is to wear shirts with the characters on them. All 3 of my "boys" wore Donald t-shirts. We pointed this out to Donald who got all excited. If they are your favorite, tell them. If you have something nice to say, say it. If you want separate pictures, start telling them nicely when they come to your table. Ex."Minnie, my daughter really likes you. Could I get a picture of you two pretty girls together and then one of you with all the kids?" This works for adults too. I had my picture taken with Eeyore and my Donald had his taken with Tigger. Keep it friendly and don't be afraid to speak up. Speak for your kids too if they are too shy to do it for themselves. Otherwise, you will be one of those people coming home wondering what all the fuss was about the character dining.

Oh, if you don't want to wait too long for your table or the characters, make a reservation for when the place opens. Things move quickly when the place isn't full yet.

***Lesson over. Reviewer climbing down from soap box.:goodvibes ***

09-22-2007, 08:56 PM
Minnie and Bambi, I am really enjoying your review! :goodvibes

09-22-2007, 09:31 PM
Thanks for the great Chef Mickeys review. I don't think I've ever read such a detailed review and it was helpful. We had resis at Crystal Palace for our character dinner but just recently (thanks for the notice) my husband complained that he wanted to have a character dinner with "the big guy". So I had to change my ADR and could only get a resi for 7:40. Oh well, we'll just spend the late afternoon in MK and hope for the best!!! Thanks again for the details (and the soap box lecture - I likey!):rotfl2:

09-23-2007, 09:05 PM
Thanks for your review of Chef Mickey's! My DH has been bugging to try it sometime! He really likes the location of it.

09-24-2007, 10:26 AM
Great reviews:)
Love the idea of having your DS adding his input in. Definately nice to see a child's view on the food.

Thanks for the tips on the characters as well. I can't wait to get to Disney!!

09-24-2007, 11:14 AM
Enjoying your report. Thank you for taking the time to write and post pictures....they always make me want to be in the world NOW!:cloud9:

09-25-2007, 07:29 PM
A great big welcome to our new readers.:welcome: And a great big thank-you to those who are still with us. :thanks:
Bambi and I promise a new installment tomorrow night - 'Ohana.
See you then.

09-26-2007, 02:24 AM
Fabulous reviews from you guys, love the photos! Thanks for the tip on character interaction too, will keep that in mind when baby is older!! :goodvibes

09-26-2007, 05:34 PM
We spent this day at Animal Kingdom.paw: We ended up not leaving AK until close to 3 and our 'Ohana reservation was for six. We were a hot and sweaty bunch and my daughter had fruit punch on her shirt, but it was near the end of our vacation and quite frankly we were exhausted and didn't have the energy to return to our hotel, shower and hurry to the poly. So, we went as is.:scared1: All right, I know this is probably more than you wanted to know, but we decided to go right to the Poly and as a result were about 2hours early for a place that wasn't even open yet.

We needn't have worried. Can I just say, we loved the Poly!:love: The Grand Floridian was lovely, and the Contemporary was fine, but we all hope to stay at the Poly some day.:cloud9: The lobby was beautiful and there were CM's in the lobby making leis (spelling?) with the children and doing arts & crafts with the kids. Also, Alice was chosen to do the "Yaka Dula Keiki Hula" as part of the YOAMD. Here she is:


After a while, Donald went upstairs to enjoy an adult beverage and I plopped into a lobby chair and relaxed in the nice air conditioning. The CM's were so nice and the kids were having such a good time they were disappointed when it was time to go upstairs for dinner.:rotfl2:

Continued in next post.....

09-26-2007, 06:02 PM
So, as we made our way upstairs, I finally connected on my cell phone with my mother at home. (We had been playing phone tag for a few days.) So, while the kids talked to their grammy, I sent Donald to check us in. So, about 5 or so minutes later, our pager goes off and we are escorted to our seats. As we follow the hostess, I realize my mistake. I was supposed to do the checking in! Donald didn't know that we were supposed to request in the main room, near the fire pit.:scared1: He doesn't DIS. My heart sank as we were led to the back right behind a wall. (At a table for 4, no less.) I was so mad at myself that I got all tongue tied and didn't say anything. Bad, bad DISer. All that reading and I had learned nothing. After 3 wonderful tables, the seating gods had left me.:sad1: Anyway, on to the meal:

We all had this wonderful, Minute Maid juice that Donald had noticed earlier at the bar. It was delicious. I wish I knew the name. Maybe someone else does? Anyway, the appetizers (wontons with dipping sauces, shrimp, and wings) arrived. We enjoyed them. Not long after that, the entertainment started. We could not see the action but could hear it and when the kids were invited to join in the parade mine went to check it out. Here's Alice:
By the time they were back, all the other food had arrived. I know this bothers a lot of people, but we actually liked it because we were able to get the kids' plates all ready, their meat cut etc... before they came back.
They ate for a while and then went back over to do the Hula. I snuck over and took a couple pictures and then came back to the table.
A little while after the kids returned it was time for dessert.

Some comments from Minnie: Our servers (cousins) were absolutely wonderful here. They were friendly and efficient. :wizard: They checked in on us frequently and when Donald inquired if he could by one of the wooden back scratchers without having the drink, they got him a complimentary one.
Other than the veggies, which were so-so, I thought the food was well prepared. My favorites were the steak and potatoes, the boys all loved the shrimp and Alice loved the turkey. The dessert was out of this world.:love: :love: :love: :love: :love: It was my favorite of the whole week and I think I would return just to have more.

Our seats turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It gets very noisy and crowded on the other side of the restaurant. Donald and I actually got to enjoy a few minutes alone and had a nice view of Space Mountain also. With Donald2 there I was able to send my kids over by themselves. However, this would be a problem if you had very young or shy kids, so be sure to make your seating preferences known.

Comments from Bambi:
I liked that they did the hula and a parade with the kids. They had some good drinks and food. I really liked the shrimp, sausage and the juice drink. I really liked the bread pudding with bananas :banana: foster sauce. I would go back again.

Bottom Line:
We all enjoyed it here. We would definitely return!

Donald2 and Bambi:

09-26-2007, 06:54 PM
Subscribing to this thread. Thanks so much for these reviews, there's a lot of detail and great tips in here! It definately helps when in the planning stages (I've become a little obsessed, or so I've been told!) Looking forward to the rest of your reviews, keep 'em comin'! A big thanks to Bambi too for his take on the disney dining experience!

09-26-2007, 07:06 PM
Wonderful reviews! :goodvibes

09-28-2007, 09:23 PM
Oh and am I weird for thinking that the Kid's Beef and Macaroni Cheese looks really tastey?

Looks delicious to me too!!!!!!!!

09-30-2007, 06:57 PM
Our final day we had dinner reservations at CP. I picked CP primarily because we were going to the pirate: P&P party princess: that night and I didn't want to be running all over the place. When I made the ADR, the best I could get was 4:00. So, we slept in, had a big breakfast and skipped lunch. We headed over to MK at around 2:00 where we were witness to the craziest thunder and lightning storm I've ever seen. :scared:

Luckily the storm didn't last too long and after doing a couple rides at MK we headed over to CP from tomorrow land. And this is how it went:
Minnie - "Wait a minute, what are all those people standing around for? How are we going to get to our restaurant?"
Bambi - "What time is it?"
Donald - "3:20"
Bambi - "Uh, ma, they're waiting for the 3 o'clock parade."
Minnie - "Oh, duh" (You would think it was my 1st trip to MK. They have been having an afternoon parade as far back as I can remember.:rotfl2: )

Anyway, we made it over to near CP and found that the benches on the road to Adventureland provide a completely unobstructed, albeit a little far away, view of the parade. Unexpected bonus.:banana: :banana:

After the parade we went to check in. There was a long line to check in, but once we were checked in we only waited a few minutes to be seated. I held my breath as we were led to our seats. Were the seating gods still angry with me?:confused: ............

Continued in next post..

09-30-2007, 07:40 PM
The hostess led us to our seats. It was a nice big table with a lovely view of Cinderella castle.:banana: :banana: Wait, it gets better. A very sweet, friendly server came right over and explained how the buffet worked, that there was a parade every hour on the hour, and that it usually took about 1hr 15min. to see all the characters, but if we needed to leave, just let her know and she would help us out. She then went on to say that we were seated at table #1 which meant that when the characters started the rotation, they would start with us! How cool is that?:banana:

Anyway, she took our drink orders and left and since it was just 4:00, it was parade time. (You can't see it in the picture, but Pooh is right in front of Alice.)

This is a great place for a parade because you can see your kids the whole time.:thumbsup2

We then went to the buffet. I don't have pictures of the food, but I will say that we all thought the food here was very good. The selection was much better than I had imagined it would be. It was very fresh and there was good variety from salads to meats to seafood to simple selections for the kids (including some tasty mac & cheese.) Some family favorites included prime rib, mahi mahi, salmon, spoon bread, pickled beets, kid's chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, roast chicken, broccoli and the ratatouille. Our only complaint was the small selection of unlabeled salad dressings.

While we were eating we met these friends:



And, just as we were contemplating desset we met this guy:

As we were eating dessert, it was 5:00 and time for another parade, so the kids joined in one more time before we left.

Bottom line-
Bambi- I liked the parade. The food was great, my favorite was the mahi mahi. The characters here are not my favorite ones; my mom and sister really like them. I would go back again for the food.:)

Minnie- This place is a great choice if you need a MK dining option, the food was fresh and there was a decent variety. Also, if you want to meet the Pooh characters, this is a great way to do it.:eeyore:

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Subscribing. Thank you for the great reviews and providing Bambi's opinion!:)

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This isn't food related but I wanted to jump in and tell you that was very cool what you did to your son's shorts for the P&P Party! Very creative!

10-01-2007, 05:24 PM
This isn't food related but I wanted to jump in and tell you that was very cool what you did to your son's shorts for the P&P Party! Very creative!

Thanks! It was very easy. Throw in a bandana and eye patch and you have a quick, easy and inexpensive costume! Since we're off topic anyway, here are a couple of pics from that night. Donald thought we were crazy at 1st with the bandanas, but then he got into the spirit of things once he saw that most of the other people were as crazy as we were. :lmao:



As far as food goes, Bambi and I will start on the CS and snack portion of the report either tomorrow or Wednesday night.:goodvibes Our TS are all done though.:sad1:

10-01-2007, 06:26 PM
Very cool! pirate: And I love that your daughter was piratey instead of princessey!

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O.K. after a crazy week, we are finally back to review the CS and snacks. To help our brains remember, I'll go in chronological order.

Arrival Day- Riverside Mill Food Court at POR
After a long day of traveling, unpacking etc... we were famished by the time we got to the food court for our dinner.popcorn:: We were paying OOP for this one because free dining didn't start until the next day.
What we had:
Minnie and Donald - Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/fries for Donald & pasta salad for me- These were fine. Nothing special, nothing bad.

Donald2 - Bacon Cheeseburger, fries - He enjoyed these.

Bambi - Kids fish basket w/ fries & chocolate chip cookie. "The fish was horrible." :eek: (We all agreed. If you've been reading the report you know Bambi loves seafood. This was just not good! Stay away!)

Alice - Kids Mac & Cheese w/ grapes and a cookie. She loved this and ate every bite! She gave her grapes to a very hungry Bambi.

This was not our best meal. We had better luck the next time we ate here. Since I don't have a picture of the food court or food, how about one of the main pool?

10-07-2007, 01:48 PM
On our 1st day we woke, full of energy and anticipation. :yay: (All our breakfasts, unless otherwise noted, were cereal and pop-tarts in the room to save time in the morning.)

We headed out and got to MK about 7:50 for the Little Ones EMH. We had a blast. Here is Alice on the carousel with Chip:

Since we had such an early breakfast, we found ourselves getting hungry around 10:30. We were in Adventureland, so we decided to try a Dole Whip. Sadly, the place didn't open until 11.:sad1: So, we crossed the Hub and worked our way over to the Enchanted Grove near the tea cups in Fantasyland. This is what we ordered:

Minnie, Donald, & Donald 2 : Strawberry Swirls (Vanilla Soft Serve with Strawberry Sherbert):love:

Bambi: Raspberry Lemonade Slush - "I really liked it! :) "

Alice:Vanilla Soft Serve (boring if you ask me, but she liked it!)

The CM here was very nice. This was our 1st time using our cards for the dining and she nicely explained how the snacks worked and what was available. She also gave Bambi and Alice theirs for free (smaller servings) and only charged us 3 snack credits. While I was ordering these guys walked by and the boys really wanted to get their autograph.
They were very funny, taking the boys' hats and joking around with them. So, we ended up juggling our snacks along with our autograph books, cameras, etc. but we really enjoyed them and will definitely return to Enchanted Grove again.

By 1:00 we were tired so we headed back to POR and had lunch at Riverside Mill again.
Donald and I each had the Muffaletta, him with fries, me with pasta salad. We both got fruit bowls for dessert which we had another time back in the room. The Muffaletta's were good, although they had a very strong olive taste. So, if you don't like olives, stay away. Also, this station had a "create your own salad" which I wanted to try, but never had the chance to. It looked like a nice, light, healthy option though.

Donald2- Pepperoni pizza with a cookie for dessert. He liked this and ate it all. It was your standard Disney pizza.

Bambi- "Create your own Pasta" He picked penne, marinara sauce, shrimp and cheese. "This was good. Much better than the fish!" (They also had other proteins, sauces, and lots of fresh vegetables to choose from.) He chose a brownie for dessert which he ate later. "It was very good."
*Note- This was an adult choice but they let him get it. It was a big serving. Definitely enough for 2kids.

Alice - Mac & Cheese with grapes and cookie-again! She enjoyed it again.

Bottom Line- There are lots of choices here. Much more for kids than in the parks. I recommend the "create your own" stations for fresh ingredients tailored to your tastes.


10-07-2007, 10:18 PM
LOVE your review! Lovely family too.:goodvibes

10-08-2007, 08:56 AM
LOVE your review! Lovely family too.:goodvibes

Thank-you and welcome.:wave2:

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On Day 2 we were on hand at Epcot for the opening ceremonies.
The mandatory Spaceship Earth photo:
After hauling ourselves all over Future World and hitting the rides we headed over to WS for some culture and food. (A bowl of cereal in the hotel room doesn't go very far.)
Our 1st stop was Canada where the kids picked up their masks.
Donald also grabbed some kind of maple/ chocolate candy bar which we shared. Yummy, but didn't go very far.

We headed to Great Britain. By now, we were famished, but before we could get food we saw these guys come out and had to watch.
After the show, we got our famished selves 2 orders of fish 'n' chips w/ drinks and shortbread cookies from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop which we shared. I was lucky enough to snag some seating in the shade. On a scale of 1 to 5 we all rated this a 3. Perfectly edible, but nowhere near as good as my grandfather or Donald can make. We would get it again if that is where we happened to be, but we wouldn't go out of our way for it.

We continued around WS and stopped for Kaki Gori in Japan. The kids each got a rainbow flavored one. The green is honeydew, the orange is tangerine, and according to Allears, the red is strawberry but, Bambi says he thinks there was cherry as well. Bambi says these were very good on a hot summer day. I will caution you though, Alice made quite a mess with it as the shaved ice kept falling in her lap in the stroller. Here is Bambi with his Kaki Gori:

When we got to China, we spotted this guy all alone so we got to hang out for a while with him.
While we were gone, Donald got himself "some kind of Mongolian Beef Sandwich" at Lotus Blossom Cafe which he enjoyed. He also got some red bean ice cream for everyone to try which only Bambi and Donald2 enjoyed.

Our last food stop was in Norway at the Kringla Bakeri og Cafe where we tried the School Bread. Pretty good, but too sweet in our opinion and we only ate about 1/3 of it. (I also think the heat was hurting our appetites.) Donald also got a piece of Strawberry Cheesecake we he thought was great. I had a taste and liked it fine.
School Bread:
Strawberry Cheesecake:

We were a little disappointed that we didn't try more foods in World Showcase, but the heat was really getting to us. Hopefully, we'll get back to WS some day in less than 90 degree temps.:) We did have good appetites for Cinderella's Gala Feast though.

Here are the kids, happy to be in air conditioned Mexico:

Thanks to everyone who is still reading! Bambi and I appreciate your kind words.:goodvibes

10-13-2007, 07:33 PM
Your children are so cute! They have the most amazing eyes.

10-13-2007, 07:42 PM
Your children are so cute! They have the most amazing eyes.

Thanks for the nice compliment.:goodvibes Bambi has very long eye lashes and when he was a baby many older ladies used to doubt me when I said he was a boy. One actually insisted I must be wrong! Sheesh! I was the one changing his diapers.:lmao:

10-13-2007, 07:50 PM
Thanks for the nice compliment.:goodvibes Bambi has very long eye lashes and when he was a baby many older ladies used to doubt me when I said he was a boy. One actually insisted I must be wrong! Sheesh! I was the one changing his diapers.:lmao:

You should have held him out and go you want to change his diaper :rotfl:

10-14-2007, 10:16 PM
You should have held him out and go you want to change his diaper :rotfl:

:rotfl2: :rotfl2: :rotfl2:

10-16-2007, 08:38 AM
Thanks for the nice compliment.:goodvibes Bambi has very long eye lashes and when he was a baby many older ladies used to doubt me when I said he was a boy. One actually insisted I must be wrong! Sheesh! I was the one changing his diapers.:lmao:


10-19-2007, 08:38 PM
This was the day we had our O.K. Sci-Fi lunch at a very crowded MGM. The plan was for CS for dinner. This was good because we arrived back at our hotel tired and cranky and probably could not have handled a table service. Anyway, after a nice long swim we were feeling much better and decided we had enough energy to head to Downtown Disney. We also had some relatives who were down visiting in another part of Florida and they drove over to POR to visit with us and then join us at Downtown Disney.
*Side Note - When I called the front desk to see if it was O.K. if we had visitors from out of town they said that was fine and they were able to park their car no problem at POR. I know this can be an issue at the deluxe resorts because of their close proximity to the parks.

Anyway, the weather was cooperating so we all decided to take the boat to Downtown Disney. Here are my kids on the boat with the couple's 8 year old daughter we'll call Daisy. You can see Alice with her thumb in her mouth. She only does this when she's exhausted. She really needed a nap, but there was no way she was going to let the "big" kids do stuff without her.
The boat ride was quite nice. It is a little long, but I have found the ride to DD to be long by bus from other resorts because of the traffic. This was a pleasant change.

I had suggested WP because I knew they had a good variety and I figured there would be something for everyone as I wasn't sure of what kinds of food our guests enjoyed. I took this picture on the way to the restaurant. DD is full of such fun photo ops.:upsidedow

On to the food. There were plenty of people there but we were able to give our orders quickly and had no trouble finding outside seating. One nice thing about WP is they give you a card with your # on it and bring your food to your table so there is not a lot of the standing in line. Instead you get to relax while eating.

Minnie and Daisy's mother - We each had the Chinois Salad which allears describes as "fresh Asian vegetables, sliced pan-roasted chicken breast, crispy wontons & Wolfgang's famous honey mustard dressing."
This was delicious! I was looking for something light after that burger and sundae earlier and this was the perfect choice. It was a huge portion also. It could have been a meal for 2 and neither one of us was able to finish ours.
Chinois Chicken Salad

Donald - Warm Barbecue Chicken Sandwich - "Sliced Chicken Breast in sweet & tangy bbq sauce with melted provolone, tomato and red onions."
He really liked this. He did not care for the chips that came with it, but thought the sandwich was delicious.

Donald2 - Spicy Chicken Pizza - He really enjoyed this. It had quite a kick to it but he ate every bite. *Side note - when he was little he used to shovel in the salsa and then cry because he didn't know why his tongue hurt.:rotfl:

Bambi and Alice - Both had the kids' cheese pizza. (I didn't tell Alice there was Mac&Cheese on the menu) Alice did a good job on this. Bambi says he liked it.

Daisy had chicken strips with fries. This was a huge portion and she shared it with her father. It was your standard fare and they both liked it.

Dessert - We got some cookies which we took to go. We also tried the Creme Brulee which was very good, but at this point we were all too full to eat much of it.

Bottom Line: This place had great food for a CS. We had 8 people and we all enjoyed our food. The portions were big and could probably be shared. We will definitely be back!

After shopping we headed to Goofy's Candy Co. where the kids got the create your own marshmallows. Although we used snack credits, they were not very expensive and the kids had fun deciding what to put on them. Here are pictures of Donald2 and Bambi's. I don't have a picture of Alice's.:confused3 Shh! Don't tell. The kids snacked on these for days.

Bambi says that there is lots of different kinds of candy here and that every kid should go!:love:

10-20-2007, 06:20 PM
These are some awesome reviews and the pics really make it!! Keep it up Smallworld71 :wizard:

10-20-2007, 06:52 PM
These are some awesome reviews and the pics really make it!! Keep it up Smallworld71 :wizard:

:thanks: and thank-you to everyone who is still with us. Hopefully we will get this report wrapped up this week. I didn't mean for it to take so long. Ah, the best laid plans...... Sadly, I don't have any more food pics so I will continue to throw in other pics that are somewhat relavant. I think pictures really help break up the text. I always thought that reading text books in college would be much better with pretty pictures.:rotfl2:

10-26-2007, 07:23 PM
Although it wasn't in our original plans, we headed back to MGM this day. The kids were disappointed that they hadn't had the chance to meet some of the characters they had been hoping to see here. It was the day after an eveningEMH so the crowds were much lighter, less than 1/2, what they had been the day before.:banana: Live and learn I guess!

When we got hungry we decided to head to Pizza Planet for lunch.

Donald had the Junkyard Meal Deal (veggie pizza and salad)
Donald2 had the Woody's Meal Deal (pepperoni pizza and salad)
Bambi, Alice and I shared a Buzz's Meal Deal (cheese pizza and salad) as well as an additional cheese pizza
We all had cookies for dessert (Chocolate chip and sugar)

Even though it was only 4CS, we had more than enough food and ended up taking most of the cookies to go.

Bottom Line:
Minnie - I've eaten her several times over the years and although it is only pizza, the quality is consistent. It's a great CS if you have Toy Story fans with you. While Donald2 and I ordered the food, Donald, Alice and Bambi found us some seats upstairs with a nice window view. The nice thing about eating upstairs is that you can eat without the kids being distracted by all the video games.;) The bathrooms are also upstairs. I'm sure we'll be back.

Bambi - The pizza was good at Pizza Planet. I liked that it looked like the Pizza Planet from Toy Story.

Some of the reasons we were back at MGM: (Thrown in for good measure.)




Left to do:
Day5 - Animal Kingdom: Frozen treats and Pizzafari
Day6- Breakfast from Riverside Mill and using up all those snack credits!

10-27-2007, 01:41 PM
Great update! Nice pics! It sounds like a nice day, your children are cute! That sandwich sounds good at WP. :) Linda

10-27-2007, 02:17 PM
Great reviews!! Nice job!!

I know what you mean about Bambi. My son has very long eyelashes, too, is quite petite with kind of delicate features and has naturally curly hair (that is now always buzzed, he's 5 now). When he was a baby, people constantly thought he was a girl. The worst was about 10 months old. No hair cut yet and his curls were starting to get a little long in back. DH took him to the feed store, the little guy was wearing a "Daddy's Little Boy" t-shirt. Cashier actually ARGUED with DH that he had to be a girl. He thought the same thing- what, do I need to open his diaper to show you???!!!! Needless to say, by 10 1/2 months he had his first haircut!

I'm really enjoying your report, sounds like you had a blast!!

10-30-2007, 11:48 AM
Great reviews. I like that you added a kid's point of view. Appreciate your detail and pics. We leave in 2 weeks. I can't wait. After reading several reviews and seeing pics., I MUST go to Goofy's Candy CO. this trip. I just can't decide what I want smothered in chocolate.

10-30-2007, 12:13 PM
Just got all caught up with your reviews - I seem to have missed loads :confused3

Great pics and may I also congratulate you on your cute-looking kids :)

11-07-2007, 07:09 PM
Thank- you to everyone for their nice comments.:grouphug: For anyone still out there, we thank-you too! I've learned a valuable lesson - finish your dining report before the baseball playoffs and Halloween. Now that we are back to a normal schedule, Bambi and I are going to try to finish this tonight.

Day 5 - Another quick in room breakfast then we headed over to AK and got there not too long after rope drope. After a morning filled with roller coasters and dinosaurs
we found ourselves hungry mid-morning in Asia. So we used some snack credits at one of the little ice-cream carts. Donald2 and I got a Nestle Crunch bar. Alice got the classic Mickey Head Chocolate cover bar. They were just what you would expect. Bambi got the frozen banana covered with chocolate and nuts. I don't like nuts but Bambi says he "loved it!"

A while later we found ourselves in Africa with safari fast passes, time to kill and very hungry bellies. Since Tusker House is gone:sad1: there is no good place in Africa for lunch. We thought we would head on over to Flame Tree but we were so hot and tired that as we passed Pizzafari we decided to try there instead. Bonus - there is plenty of inside seating here! Nice on a hot summer day.
Alice and Bambi shared an adult cheese pizza meal.
Donald2 had the pepperoni pizza meal.
Donald had the Caesar Salad with chicken.
I had the Hot Italian Style Sandwich with chips.
We had 4 frozen lemonades for dessert.

Bambi - The pizza was good. About the same as Pizza Planet's. The frozen lemonade was really good. Sometimes it seemed really sour.

Minnie-The Italian sandwich was O.K. I ate it but wasn't overly impressed. Donald really enjoyed his salad and I was kind of wishing I got that too.
The lemonades were good, but we were not able to finish them.
Although it is not the best CS ever, I think Pizzafari is a good option when you are at AK. Also, even though pizza was not on the kids menu, the cashier said it was fine if the kids ordered it. Don't know if that is true for all the cashiers or if we just got lucky.

*Side note: We went on the safari after this and were seated in the back. I was a little disappointed at 1st but it turned out to be a great seat. This guy kept following us:

Continued in next post.....

11-07-2007, 07:33 PM
Our last full day was our P&P party day so we slept in. Donald got 2 create your own omelet meals (1 swiss, 1 sausage) from the Riverside Mill food court and brought them back to the room. They each came with potatoes and 2 juices and we shared them along with other food we had left in the room. The omelets were delicious, the poatoes O.K.

It was our last day and we still had a lot of snack credits left (12 I believe!) so after breakfast and packing we headed to the gift shop to use some of them up. We got:
2 boxes of "Mickey Roni & Cheese" to bring home.
2 boxes of Entemman's muffins, some which we ate on the plane the next day, the rest we brought home
2 bags of Goofy's Candy Co. candy (jelly beans and sprees) which we gave as gifts
2 boxes of Minnie's Bake shop cookies (peanut butter and white chocolate macadamia nut) of which we kept one box and gave the other as a gift
I thought that it was great that they let you get all these things with the snack credits and that we didn't have to waste them!

Goofing around at the gift shop:


Later that evening at MK, we finally were able to try a dole whip float.:love: We were pretty full from our dinner at CP, but Bambi had been wanting one all week and this was our last chance so we got him one and we all liked it so much that we kept trying to take some from him.

Much later that evening,while waiting for the second parade, Bambi, Alice and I used up our last 3 snack credits by getting ice cream from the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor. Bambi and I each had a rainbow sherbert with sprinkles. We both enjoyed them. Alice had a Mickey Mouse cone with vanilla ice cream with chocolate ears. It was very cute and she enjoyed it although she made a mess.

A couple of P&P party pics:


A few final thoughts: We really enjoyed the Disney dining. I thought that we had great service even though it was free dining. With a few exceptions, the food was much better than I thought it would be. We would gladly return to any of the restaurants again, although we would limit our choices at Sci-Fi. Also, I really thought that it was helpful choosing places that had some kind of entertainment for the kids. Another thing, even though I had read some mixed reviews here on the DIS, I approached each place with an open mind and positive attitude. To those of you with upcoming vacations, I hope you enjoy yourselves - we can't wait to go back!
Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about any of the places Bambi and I would be happy to try and answer them.
Bon Appetit!popcorn::

11-07-2007, 08:03 PM
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your reviews with us!:goodvibes

11-08-2007, 04:42 AM
Thank you so much for finishing your reviews - I really enjoyed them :)

11-08-2007, 10:27 AM
I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Your report was very helpful to me! We will be leaving very soon!!! Can't wait to have that afternoon treat at Sci-fi! ;)

03-03-2008, 06:06 AM
Bottom Line: This place was fantastic! I wish they were keeping the character meal here instead of moving it back to Park Faire. Anyway, a trip to the Grand Floridian is always a nice addition to a vacation.

What do you mean by, moving back to PF? I want to ressies here for Cinderella in Sept. I thought PF was at the GF.

BTW, love your report!:lovestruc

03-04-2008, 09:03 PM
Great reviews! I loved getting your DS's perspective too!

03-05-2008, 09:46 PM
What do you mean by, moving back to PF? I want to ressies here for Cinderella in Sept. I thought PF was at the GF.

BTW, love your report!:lovestruc

PF is at the GF. When we were there PF was being refurbished and the meal was moved to the Grand Floridian CAFE, a different restaurant at the GF. What I loved about the GFC was that it was small (since it was not intended for character dining) so the characters all made it around 2-3 times in the course of our meal even though the place was full. Park Faire is great too though. I hope I was clearer the second time around.:goodvibes

Great reviews! I loved getting your DS's perspective too!

Thanks! He is a definite Disney fanatical planner like me and has already chosen dining spots for our next trip.:thumbsup2

03-06-2008, 05:00 AM
Thanks very much for sharing your reviews with us, I have really enjoyed reading them.

Laur's princess:

03-06-2008, 09:49 PM
Thanks very much for sharing your reviews with us, I have really enjoyed reading them.

Laur's princess:


03-17-2008, 03:49 PM
Thanks for a great report :goodvibes

03-22-2008, 06:46 PM
Thanks for a great report :goodvibes

You're :welcome: