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09-09-2007, 01:11 PM
Oh, Boy! I was so diligent about making all my ADRs way in advance and was fortunate to get everything I wanted. Now our plans have changed! We were planning Typhoon Lagoon for Sun. 9/16, then EC for dinner and Illuminations. And 9/17 we were planning our last (1/2 day) at MK. Now it looks like we won't be doing a water park and, although I already have an nice ADR for EC, I really don't want to spend a second full day there after already having a full there (no park hoppers). Instead I think we should go into MK for a second day, and leave our last (1/2 day) for EC. Sooo...
I am looking for:

Dinner ADR in or near MK for 9/16 (preferably before 6:30, so we can catch Wishes at 8). I can trade Coral Reef dinner at 5:30.

Lunch ADR at Coral Reef or Le Cellier 9/17 (I think I would need before 12:30). I can trade LTT lunch at 11:35.

My ADRs are for a party of 4, and I will need a party of 4, as well. Please PM me if you can help! Thanks! :thumbsup2

09-09-2007, 01:42 PM
If you were planning for 4 to go to a water park and now you're skipping that you are saving about $150. It would cost $180 to park hop are you sure you don't want hoppers?

09-12-2007, 06:48 AM
We leave for WDW this afternoon! Yay!!!!

I am still looking for:

ANY dinner in or around MK 9/16
....I have Coral Reef at 5:30 that I can trade

OR HDDR, 5:00 or 7:15 show

EARLY lunch at EC 9/17 (must be before 12:30)
....I have lunch at LTT at 11:35 to trade

All for party of 4, need party of 4. Can anyone help??? Thanks!!!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Septbaby: No we really don't want park hoppers as we don't need to hop at all, just need to get one dinner. And we would rather SAVE the money than pay more just to hop over to another park for dinner one night. Thanks for the reply. ;)