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09-09-2007, 09:45 AM
I copied Oybolshoi's idea, and have started my own blog, details are in my last post.

Restaurants to Be Reviewed

Flame Tree BBQ - Day One - Page One - Post Nine
Boma - Day One - Page One - Post Ten
Everything Pop - Day Two - Page One - Post Eleven
Pecos Bill Cafe - Day Two - Page One - Post Twelve
Aloha Isle - Day Two - Page One - Post Fourteen
Chef Mickey's - Day Two - Page One - Post Fifteen
Everything Pop - Day Three - Page Two - Post Twenty
Sweet Sunday - Day Three - Page Two - Posts Twenty-Three & Twenty-Four
Food & Wine Festival Booths - Day Three - Page Two - Post Twenty-Seven
Le Cellier - Day Three - Page Two - Posts Twenty-Eight & Twenty-Nine
Everything Pop - Day Four - Page Three - Post Thirty-One
ABC Comissary - Day Four - Page Three - Post Thirty-Two
Brown Derby - Day Four - Page Three - Post Thirty-Six
Crystal Palace - Day Five - Page Three - Post Forty
Pinocchio Village Haus - Day Five - Page Three - Post Forty-One
Kona Cafe - Day Five - Page Four - Post Forty-Nine, Fifty, & Fifty-Two
Everything Pop - Day Six - Page Four - Post Sixty
Food & Wine Festival Booths - Day Six - Page Five - Post Sixty-One
Tangerine Cafe - Day Six - Page Five - Post Sixty-Two
Food & Wine Festival Cooking Demonstrations - Day Six - Page Five - Post Sixty-Three
Kringla Og Bakeri - Day Six - Page Five - Post Sixty-Four
Flying Fish - Day Six - Page Five - Post Seventy
Everything Pop - Day Seven - Page Five - Post Seventy-One
Food & Wine Festival Cooking Demonstrations - Day Seven - Page Five - Post Seventy-Two
Food & Wine Festival Booth - Day Seven - Page Five - Post Seventy-Three
Wolfgang Puck Cafe - Day Seven - Page Five - Post Seventy-Five
Everything Pop - Day Seven - Page Six - Post Seventy-Eight
Everything Pop - Day Eight - Page Six - Post Seventy-Nine
Flame Tree BBQ - Day Eight - Page Six - Post Eighty
Tambu Lounge - Day Eight - Page Six - Post Eighty-Five
Ohana - Day Eight - Page Six - Post Eighty-Six
Main Street Bakery - Day Nine - Page Six - Post Eighty-Nine
Cosmic Ray's - Day Nine - Page Seven - Post Ninety-Two
Party for the Senses - Day Nine - Page Seven - Posts Ninety-Three, Six, Seven, Eight, & One Hundred and Three
Everything Pop - Day Ten - Page Seven - Post One Hundred and Four
Writer's Stop - Day Ten - Page Seven - Post One Hundred and Five
Boulangerie Patisserie - Day Ten - Page Eight - Post One Hundred and Six
Food & Wine Festival Booths - Day Ten - Page Eight - Post One Hundred and Seven
Akershus - Day Ten - Page Eight - Posts One Hundred Fifteen & Eighteen
Food & Wine Festival Booths - Day Ten - Page Eight - Post One Hundred Nineteen
Everything Pop - Day Eleven


Okay, so I haven't actually left yet. But since I got the idea from the other pre-dining review thread, and since I really like writing my dining reviews, and since I already have my pre-TR started, I've decided to start my dining review thread early. Now, some of you may remember me from my previous dining review threads located here; http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1302533 (Dec 2006's reviews,) http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1360376 (Feb 2007's reviews,) http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=936658 (and Oct 2005's reviews, though I'm less proud of these reviews then the ones from Dec and Feb.)

Now, if you've read my reviews, (and if you haven't please feel free to do so, I'm very proud of them,) you know that I have a wide range of tastes. I'll go to everything from buffets and character meals to the signature restaurants, and I'll go solo. Now this trip is a little different. I'm still going to buffets, character meals, and signature restaurants, as well as two Food and Wine Festival events, and I'll also be eating at more CS then usual since I have the free DDP this time, (this is my first time using the DDP, and I'm very excited about it,) but no, the biggest change of all, is that this time I will not be solo, so some introductions are in order.

Me - Kind of obvious, but I am me. :wave: This will be my sixth trip to Disney, the fourth trip since I'm an adult, and my second trip during the Food and Wine Festival. I eat almost anything, the one notable exception being mushrooms. I also don't really like mussels, oysters, clams, sweetbreads, or foie gras. Things I do really like; crab, cheese (especially blue and cheddar,) berries, chocolate, caramel, peaches, bananas, coconut, and peanut butter. I also like a really good steak.

My mom - Pretty self explanitory of who she is. I don't want to give away her age, I'm afraid she wouldn't speak to me if I said, LOL, but in very good shape for her age, so she should be able to keep up with me in the parks, LOL. This is my mom's fourth trip to Disney, but the first in about ten years, and the first time she's going during the Food and Wine Festival. She does not really like lamb, rosemary, and that may be about it. Neither one of us are really picky eaters, and we'll both try almost anything. What she does like; crab, dark chocolate, wine, and she likes a lot of fruit. Her biggest worries are 1) we'll gain too much weight, and 2) we won't have enough fresh fruit and veggies or salads during this trip. Also my mom can be kind of critical, so there may be something "wrong" with every meal, even though whatever's "wrong" may not be that big of a deal.

We'll be going to ten table-service meals, which I'm 99.9% sure are not going to change, and I'm also 99% sure we'll make it to all of them. Something drastic would have to happen for me to miss a meal, LOL. Out of the ten table-service restaurants we're going to, I've been to all but two of them before. With my mom though it's completely the opposite, she hasn't been to any of them before, so I'll be anxious to hear her opinion on some of them, since they're all "old" for me.

The restaurants we're going to, in order, are; (all are dinner unless otherwise noted;

Chef Mickey's (New for Me)
Le Cellier
Brown Derby
Crystal Palace (Breakfast)
Kona Cafe
Flying Fish (New for Me)
Wolfgang Puck Cafe

We'll also both be going to Party for the Senses, and I'll be attending a Sweet Sunday, mom didn't want to go to that one. I have no idea why, she was saying something about "too much food," but whatever.

The counter-service locations I'm planning on, these may change, but this is what I'm planning on. (I would love any opinions on any of these locations thought.) These will all be for lunches.

Everything Pop
Pecos Bill's
Kringla og Bakeri
ABC Comissary
Pinocchio Village Haus
Tangerine Cafe
Earl of Sandwhich
Flame Tree BBQ
Cosmic Ray's
Boulangerie Patisserie
Columbia Harbor House

For breakfasts, expect a lot of reviews from Everything Pop, though you may also be seeing reviews from Main Street Bakery, Sunshine Seasons, and Starring Rolls.

Our snack credits will be mostly used at the Food and Wine Festival booths, if that's allowed this year, hopefully it will be. But we'll be using some on some of my favorites; Dole Whips and Figaro fries as well as a few others.

Well, I don't leave for another 19 days, but you can expect the reviews to start on 10/9. Which I just realized is a month away from today, so maybe I am starting this review a little too early, but whatever.

09-09-2007, 11:01 AM
I can't wait!!!

09-09-2007, 11:21 AM
Looking forward to reading more:thumbsup2

09-09-2007, 02:31 PM
Also, if anyone has any suggestions on what to order, I'm all ears. My mom and I will probably split everything we get, so we're going to have to pick two things we can both agree on at most restaurants.

The only things I have on my "must-list" to try is the red snapper at Flying Fish, as well as a few snack items, like school bread and some items I want to try from the Food and Wine booths.

09-09-2007, 07:00 PM
Have a great trip. Can't wait to hear your dinning reviews.

09-09-2007, 07:05 PM
Looking forward to your report:goodvibes
Have a wonderful trip:banana:

10-16-2007, 11:39 AM
Well, I'm back, and I got back a week ago, but our computer at home is on the fritz, so it's going to be a bit, about two weeks before I get around to the reviews.

The list of places we ate though is pretty accurate, we made it to every table-service meal, except my mom did not go to Wolfgang Puck, and we skipped a few counter service meals here and there, but we did use every single credit.

As soon as I can I will be posting all the reviews, and pictures, but it may be about two weeks.

11-22-2007, 05:29 PM
Well, we finally got a new computer, and internet service again, so I can finally start my dining reviews now, two months after my trip. I have most of the day tomorrow and Saturday to myself, and I plan to spend a lot of time devoted to them, since I really want to get to work on them.

In the meantime though, here is a list of all the places we ate, in the order we ate at them. I'll also be added the page and post number where that review is located as I add the reviews.

Flame Tree BBQ - Day One
Boma - Day One
Everything Pop - Day Two
Pecos Bill Cafe - Day Two
Aloha Isle - Day Two
Chef Mickey's - Day Two
Everything Pop - Day Three
Sweet Sunday - Day Three
Food & Wine Festival Booths - Day Three
Le Cellier - Day Three
Everything Pop - Day Four
ABC Comissary - Day Four
Brown Derby - Day Four
Crystal Palace - Day Five
Pinocchio Village Haus - Day Five
Kona Cafe - Day Five
Everything Pop - Day Six
Tangerine Cafe - Day Six
Food & Wine Festival Cooking Demonstrations - Day Six
Food & Wine Festival Booths - Day Six
Kringla Og Bakeri - Day Six
Flying Fish - Day Six
Everything Pop - Day Seven
Food & Wine Festival Cooking Demonstrations - Day Seven
Food & Wine Festival Booth - Day Seven
Wolfgang Puck Cafe - Day Seven
Everything Pop - Day Seven
Everything Pop - Day Eight
Flame Tree BBQ - Day Eight
Tambu Lounge - Day Eight
Ohana - Day Eight
Main Street Bakery - Day Nine
Cosmic Ray's - Day Nine
Party for the Senses - Day Nine
Everything Pop - Day Ten
Writer's Stop - Day Ten
Boulangerie Patisserie - Day Ten
Food & Wine Festival Booths - Day Ten
Akershus - Day Ten
Everything Pop - Day Eleven

Overall, the food was very good, so was the service. We were on the free dining plan, so we paid for very little out of pocket. I'll get to the actual reviews tomorrow, right now I am loading all of my pictures, so I'll be including them in my reviews.

11-23-2007, 08:34 AM
Day One - Flame Tree BBQ

We got to Disney at about 11:00 AM, and were at Animal Kingdom at about 1:30 PM. My mom had eaten breakfast, and then had snacked on the plane, so she wasn't really very hungry, and knew we had a buffet dinner coming, and I knew that I didn't want to eat a full CS meal on my own, since I knew I would eat plenty at Boma. I hadn't eaten anything all day though and needed something to hold me over for the next few hours, so I decided I'd get onion rings at Flame Tree BBQ.

I paid for them out-of-pocket, since I knew we'd agreed to share everything we got with the credits, and my mom wouldn't really be eating any of them. I did, however, have my Disney Dining Experience discount, which is used at the Animal Kingdom counter service locations.


The onion rings were very good, just as good as I remembered them to be. My mom tried them and thought they were very good too. This is definatly the place to get onion rings on Disney property.

Cost - Approx $3.17 With Tax & DDE Discount (Sorry, I lost my reciept for this.)

11-23-2007, 12:42 PM
Day One - Boma

We got to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, where Boma is located, at 5:00. We were early for our 5:45 dinner reservation, so we browsed the gift shop for a little while before checking in at 5:20. We were seated almost immediatly after checking in.

This was my third time dining at Boma, and my Mom's first. I was excited to be here again, since Boma is one of my favorites, even though I usually am not a big fan of buffets, but Boma, (and Crystal Palace,) are exceptions to the rule.

Our server for the evening was Paul, and he was excellant. He kept our drinks filled, and told us what his favorites were that evening.

I went up to the buffet first, while my mom waited at the table to keep an eye on our purses. This is what I came back with;


The soup in the bowl is she-crab bisque, which I'd had before, and it was just as good as before, very creamy, with a nice amount of crab, and just a hint of spices.

Going clockwise around the plate, is fufu, which are mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon and other spices, a favorite of mine, coconut-curried salmon, which was good, but not a stand-out, prime rib, which was excellant as always, Boma has the best prime rib of anywhere I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot of very nice restaurants, lentils in ginger juice, which I liked very much, which was a suprise to me, since I usually don't care for lentils that much, but I tried them since I do like ginger, and pork loin in a pineapple chutney that was excellant.

While I was eating my mom went up and got some food, she had a bowl of the coconut-curried seafood stew, which she loved, and some kind of jicama salad that she also enjoyed.

Here's a picture of the soup, sorry I don't have a picture of the salad.


My mom and I have different ways of going through buffets. She'll be more traditional, and start with soups and salads, before moving on to meats and things, while I'll grab whatever looks good when I see it, though I will save desserts for the end of the meal.

My mom finished her soup and salad before I finished my big plate of food, so she went up for seconds, while I was still eating my first plate. This is what she came back with;


She really liked the fufu, which she had gotten at my recommendation, and the pork with the pineapple chutney that I had also had. She liked the prime rib, but wasn't as thrilled with it as I was, and trying to be healthy, she also had some roasted vegeatables that she said were good. She also had some sort of lamb dish (bobotie?) that she didn't really care for, though she's never really liked lamb, so that was more a matter of personal taste, since I'd had that a different night I ate at Boma, and enjoyed it. She also didn't like the potatoes with afritude, which I had on a previous visit, and didn't care for that much either.

I went up for seconds then, but I was already getting pretty full so I didn't grab much;


I had another piece of prime rib, as well as a bowl of butternut squash soup, which I had before, and loved the last time, and this time I liked it just as much. Also contrary to things I've read, this is definatly not the same butternut squash soup Jiko, (Boma's neighbor,) has on their menu some nights, which I was not too thrilled by.

Mom went up for more then;


and came back with some crab soup, which I insisted she had too try since she loves crab, and a variety of hummus; sun-dried tomato, roasted red pepper, and olive. I tried the hummuses as well, and really liked the sun-dried tomato one, but could of passed on the other two, but my mom really liked all of them, though she agreed that the sun-dried tomato was the best.

I then had another bowl of soup. This time I tried the coconut-curried seafood stew, since my mom kept on saying how good it was. I loved it as well, though I made sure not to get any mussels in my bowl, since I really don't care for them.

Then, even though we were full, it was time for dessert.


I went up and got a plate full of just about everything there. My mom and I decided to just share everything on the plate I had just gotten, since 1) neither one of us could eat much more, and 2) I had gotten almost everything.

Neither one of us were too thrilled with any of the desserts, except I really liked the zebra domes. Everything else; banana bread pudding, the fruit tart, milk tart, and some kind of orange thing that was almost like cheesecake, were all right, but nothing that great.

My mom then went up to the buffet since she had seen peach cobbler earlier, and that was one of the few things I hadn't gotten on my plate, and I'm sorry, I also don't have a picture of that, but we both tried that as well, and like the other desserts, weren't blown away.

At some point while we were eating the chef had brought out a platter of deep fried oreos to the table sitting behind me. They were a very nice couple, who I believe were celebrating their anniversary. Anyway, they asked us if we'd like to try them, since there was no way they could eat them all, so me and my mom both had one.


Let me just say, it's a shame they don't have these on the buffet, because this was much better then any of the other desserts we had, with the excepetion of the zebra domes.

Cost - $64.72 (Used 2 TS Credits)

11-23-2007, 02:17 PM
Day Two - Everything Pop

This was our first of many breakfasts at the Everything Pop food court at Pop Century Resort, where we were staying. We decided for our first breakfast, and our first counter-service meal I might add, that we would get the breakfast wrap.

Since this was our first time using the dining plan for a counter service meal I wasn't 100% sure what was included. I knew a drink was, but dessert wasn't, so I just grabbed a bottle of water to go with the wrap. The cashier informed me I could get another drink, so I got another bottle of water.

Every morning we always got two bottles of water, so we each had our own bottle, that we saved for the parks, since we had our mugs to use at the food courts.


Anyway, the breakfast wrap was very good, and fresh. It was filled with eggs, cheese, and bacon, though it could of used a bit more bacon.

Cost - $9.85 (Used 1 CS Credit)

11-23-2007, 02:27 PM
Day Two - Pecos Bill's Cafe

We had spent the morning at the Magic Kingdom in Frontierland and Adventureland, so we decided to eat lunch at Pecos Bill's Cafe, since it was close by, and since I had been wanting to try it.

I ordered while my mom went to get napkins, utensils, and I asked her to get lettuce, tomatoes, and whatever else looked good from the condiment bar. Well, after I had gotten the food, and had found my mom, she hadn't gotten any toppings, because she hadn't found the toppings bar. I don't understand how she had missed it, since it's a pretty large bar in the main room, which she had been in.

So I went back to get tomatoes, onions, pickles, and lettuce, but I had left the tray at the table, so I had to put the toppings in napkins to take them back to the table. Some lady looked at me like I was being incredibly weird, but I didn't want to have to go back and get the tray, and then go all the way back to the topping bar.

For lunch we had a bacon double cheeseburger. I know we could have gotten an extra bun, but that didn't make any sense to me to spend an extra $1, instead of just cutting the burger in half, which is what we did.


The burger was good, and filling, so it's a good thing we got one to split instead of each getting our own.

For dessert we had the chocolate brownie with peanut butter icing.


This was excellant, and one of my favorite desserts all week. I'd go back here just for that brownie. My mom really liked it too. This is one thing I really didn't feel like sharing though, LOL.

Cost - $13.70 (Used 1 CS Credit)

Disney owl
11-23-2007, 02:36 PM
thanks for the reviews loved the photos

11-24-2007, 09:01 AM
Day Two - Aloha Isle

Before the parade we decided we wanted to get ice cream. I had a Dole whip float, which is pineapple soft-serve ice cream with pineapple juice;


And my mom had a dole whip, which is just the ice cream. Sorry, no picture of that.

My float was very tasty, and I try to get one of these every trip.

Cost - $7.33 (Used 2 Snack Credits)

11-27-2007, 10:55 AM
Day Two - Chef Mickey's

We had gotten to the Magic Kingdom for the 9:00 opening, and my mom was ready to leave right after the 3:00 parade, so we got to the Contemporary very early, at about 4:00.

Since we had an extra hour before our 5:00 dinner ADR, I decided to look and see if they had the earrings I wanted. Not only did they have them, but they rang up for $4 instead of $8. I don't know if that was a mistake, or if they were just on sale. I would have asked, but I didn't notice until I was going through my reciepts later that night, at Pop, and I didn't go to the Contemporary again during the trip, so I didn't worry about it.

We went to the check-in podium at about ten minutes to 5:00, and the line was already very long, and went past the Concourse Steakhouse, (which I am sad to learn is closing next year, and I won't get a chance to try.)

After checking-in we had our picture taken in front of the big plate, and later in the meal we did buy the picture, though I haven't seen it since that night, since my mom had it packed in her bag, and I have no idea what's happened to it since we've been home.

We were seated immediatly after having our picture taken, and as soon as we were seated we saw Donald, Goofy, and Mickey, in their cooks attire, who were already in the room. We were in a room that was up from the buffet area, so it was quieter then being in the main dining room, which I realized was a bit loud and crowded.

This was both mine and my mom's first time at Chef Mickey's, so I was anxious to try the food, since I've heard both very good and very bad things about it. The server, Lachen was very good, and said that both sides of the buffet were the same.

As we were getting ready to head up to the buffet Pluto stopped by our table to say hello. So before we had even eaten anything we had seen four of the five characters.

My mom went up to the buffet first, and this is what she came back with;


She had a roll, some seafood salad, (in the back, you can't see it in the picture past the green salad,) green salad, with I believe ranch dressing, tortellini salad, and peel and eat shrimp. She thought everything was good, and that the seafood salad was excellant.

After she came back, and had started eating, (and after I had gotten a picture, lol,) I went up to the buffet for my first plate. This is what I came back with;


I also had a roll, peel and eat shirmp, and tortellini salad, which I also thought was all good, especially the tortellini salad, as well as some carrot, pineapple, and coconut salad, though it wasn't anything special, (and they have a very similar salad at Boma, that is much better.)

While we were eating, we saw Minnie Mouse, who was very friendly, and this is also when the guy with the pictures came around and sold us ours.

My mom then went back up to the buffet, and this is what she came back with this time;


Going from the bbq ribs in the back, that she thought were excellant, and going clockwise, are chicken florentine penne, that she didn't like, mandarin-glazed carrots, that she didn't like either, more of the seafood salad she'd had on her previous plate, apparently she really liked this, because she rarely has seconds, unless she really likes something, and tamarind-glazed salmon that she liked.

Then I went back up to the buffet;


As you can see, I also had a bbq rib, which I agreed with my mom was good, but I had a pretty fatty piece, so I didn't enjoy it quite as much. I had the chicken florentine penne and mandarin-glazed carrots also, but unlike my mom I liked both of them, especially the penne. The macaroni and cheese was very good, probably the best I've had at Disney, except for Liberty Tree Tavern's. (Though I never actually order macaroni and cheese at restaurants because it's so ordinary, I will usually have a little at buffets, because I do like it. Does that make any sense?) I also had some stuffing, another favorite comfort food of mine, it was okay, but I've had much better, at home, and at Liberty Tree Tavern. The parmesan mashed potatoes were good, but nothing to rave about. The tamarind-glazed salmon was good, but not very hot, though that may have been because I am a slow eater, and I believe that's one of the last things I got around to eating. I also had a Mickey ravioli;


which honestly, I just grabbed because it was cute, and I wanted a picture of it, lol, but it was good, though nothing special.

This is what my mom had for dessert;


She was trying to be healthy, and had gotten an orange, and a banana, though she only ate the banana and took the orange back to Pop with her. She also had some German chocolate cake that she liked, and cheesecake that she thought was really great.

These were my desserts;


I had some chocolate mousse that was okay, but it was really cute with the Mickey ears, cheesecake that was very good, a key lime tart that was good, but the pastry wasn't that great, and banana bread pudding with caramel sauce that was excellant, and much better then the banana bread pudding I'd had at Boma the night before.

I also had some ice cream.


I had chocolate soft-serve with chocolate syrup, and Oreo cookie crumbs. (Can you tell I like chocolate.) It was good, but I would have rather had hot fudge, and I didn't see any up at the buffet.

Cost - $69.70 (Used 2 TS Credits)

11-27-2007, 11:12 AM
Great reviews so far! Those onion rings at FT BBQ look fantastic!

11-27-2007, 11:13 AM
Really enjoying your reviews. I am looking forward to hearing about Le Cellier and Wolfgang Puck since we are due to eat there again on our next trip.

John's Mom
11-27-2007, 11:58 AM
Thanks for sharing your interesting reviews and pictures!

11-27-2007, 12:14 PM
Great reviews so far! Those onion rings at FT BBQ look fantastic!They are really good. Ever since I tried them I've gotten them each trip.

11-27-2007, 12:20 PM
Day Three - Everything Pop

We had breakfast at Everything Pop this morning, I really didn't even want breakfast, since I had Sweet Sunday in a couple of hours, but my mom did, so we decided to get French toast, and share it. (We shared breakfast every morning except when we ate at Crystal Palace and Main Street Bakery.)


The French toast came with a piece of sausage and two pieces of bacon. We each had a piece of bacon, and we cut the sausage in half. The meats were good, but nothing special.

The French toast was very good. It came with powdered sugar and some kind of struesel on top, which I really liked, my mom thought it was too sweet though.

We got two waters with our meal again, but used our mugs and took the waters to the parks with us.

Meal Cost - $10.53 or 1 CS Credit

11-27-2007, 12:23 PM
Nice reviews so far...can't wait for more.

11-27-2007, 12:38 PM
I edited all of my reviews and added prices at the end, since I just found my little notebook where I was keeping track of all the costs.

We were on the dining plan so we didn't pay attention to costs, but I did keep track of the final bill when we paid so I could add the costs to my dining reviews, since I know some DISers like to know those kind of things, and I do like my reviews to be thorough.

Also, we didn't ever order things because they were worth more and to get a better value. My mom isn't a big steak eater, so we only had steak once I believe the whole trip, and that was at Le Cellier. We did eat a lot of seafood though, but that was because of our tastes, not getting it because it cost more.

11-27-2007, 01:50 PM
Day Three - Sweet Sunday

This was the first time I've attended a Sweet Sunday. It was the first Sweet Sunday of the 13th annual Internation Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, and even though it's not a restaurant, it was food, so I'm including it, (along with everything I ate that was part of the Food and Wine Festival,) in my dining reviews.

The event was scheduled from 10:30 to 12:30 on Sunday morning, (hence the name Sweet Sunday.) For those of you who don't know Sweet Sundays are held each Sunday during the Food and Wine Festival, and each week features a different chef who demonstrates how to make three different desserts, which you sample.

They were getting to a late start this morning, and we weren't seated until fifteen minutes after the start time, which wasn't a big deal, but then we did run late, and that made meeting up with my mom afterwards a bit trickier then it would have been if it had been on time.

Seating, as I've read in other reviews, seemed to be an issue, not for me, since I was solo, but it looked like there were groups getting seperated, and cast members were walking around looking for empty seats.

Before the demonstrations began we were allowed to go through a breakfast buffet. I had already had breakfast, though I hadn't eaten a lot, (one piece of French toast, see previous review,) that is still more then I'm used to eating in the morning, since my usual breakfast at home is diet Coke.

Anyway, I went through the buffet, since it was included, and I had paid a premium for this event. Here's my plate from the buffet;


In the front is some fresh fruit; pineapple, blackberries, some blueberries, and a strawberry. All of the fruit was nice and fresh, (and I believe it was the only fruit I ate the whole trip, (I'm not a very healthy eater in Disney.) Going around clockwise from the fruit is a piece of chicken-apple sausage that was very good, ham and white cheddar strata that was excellant, and potatoes o'brian that were good.

Also with breakfast we were given glasses of Martini and Rossi prosecco, which was good, but I'm not a big wine or champagne drinker, so even though I drank it all, it wasn't a real standout to me.

To Be Continued. . .

11-27-2007, 04:46 PM
Day Three - Sweet Sunday - Part Two

The chef for today's Sweet Sunday was Will Goldfarb, who has a dessert restaurant in New York City, Room 4 Dessert, as well as his own website where he sells speciality baking ingrediants; http://www.willpowder.net/

I did some research before going to Disney, and I was delighted that two of the items he'd be preparing that day were two that were featured in magazine articles I've read, campari meringues and kaocha squash cake. But the first thing he made was something so "basic," I was wondering why it was included in an event such as this; a chocolate chip cookie.

Even though I've made chocolate chip cookies many times, the demonstration kept me interested. He was a very good presenter, with a sense of humor, which I always enjoy, calling himself the king of all food, machines, and plastic wrap.

The cookie itself was delicious, it was served on a plate with a shot glass of milk, and a chocolate drizzle decoration, which was a quite beautiful set up.


This was probably one of the best cookies I've ever had, and I've eaten a lot of cookies, lol.

Next was the campari meringue, which was baked with raspberries and peaches, so had the same combination as a melba dessert, also very tasty, and probably the most formal of all the desserts served.


Last was the kabocha squash cake, which was my favorite of the three desserts. I love anything with pumpkin, sweet potato, or butternut squash, and this was very similar to those flavors. It was served with brown sugar cream, (that's what the sauce is on the plate.)


We were also served a glass of Martini and Rossi's asti spumante near the end, which I liked better then the first champagne that was served.

I enjoyed the event, but I wouldn't do it again. It is a glorified version of the free cooking demonstrations. And while I like the cooking demos, it makes no sense to me to pay that much money when I can see pretty much the same thing for free.

11-27-2007, 07:12 PM
your reviews are outstanding... thanks for sharing and i cannot wait for more :)

11-27-2007, 07:40 PM
Excellent reviews! I can't wait for the rest!:surfweb:

11-28-2007, 09:52 AM
Day Three - Food & Wine Festival Marketplace Booths

When my Sweet Sunday ended it was almost 1:00. I changed, (I always had an extra shirt in my bag,) and met up with my mom, who luckily wasn't that hard to find, since she had followed directions, and was near Mexico, like I'd told her to be.

I wasn't hungry, my mom was. She wasn't that hungry though, and we did have dinner in three hours, (we had early dinner times all week,) so instead of getting a counter-service meal, we decided to just get some snacks from the Food and Wine Festival booths.

Before we had left home we had decided that we would use most, if not all, of the plan's snack credits on the Food and Wine Festival booths, and we used all but three on the booths, (over four different days though.)

Today we sampled three different items;


This is the durban-spiced chicken skewer, from the South Africa booth. It was very good, and one of my favorites of all the items we tried at the booths throughout the course of the trip. My mom liked it too.

Cost - $3.50 (Used 1 Snack Credit)


This is meze from the Turkey booth. It was a little sampler of several small items. The white stuff in the cup is eggplant puree, then there's pita bread, olives, and cucumber and tomato salad. I liked everything except for the olives, but I've never really liked olives, except for black ones. My mom liked everything, but she's always really liked anything Meditteranian like that.

We also had the pistachio baklava, also from the Turkey booth. I can't seem to find the picture of it right now. I liked it, but my mom thought it tasted kind of stale.

Cost - $5.25 (Used 2 Snack Credits)

11-28-2007, 12:52 PM
Day Three - Le Cellier

We arrived at Le Cellier at about 3:50, a little early for our 4:00 dinner reservation. Before we were seated all of the hostesses and servers sang O Canada in the waiting area, since it was the begining of the dinner service. We were then seated immediatly.

Our server today was Zach, and I absolutly loved him. We were seated next to a solo diner, who we chatted with througout the meal, (and then by mere coiencidence (sp?) ended up at O Canada with right after the meal.) We were talking so much in fact, that Zach, gave her our DDE discount for her meal.

Zach told us that we were able to get smoothies on the plan, so I got a chocolate-raspberry one, since I've heard such good things about it. My mom didn't want a smoothie, since she thought it would be too much like dessert, and she doesn't like sweet things during the meal. I on the other hand, said that it was like getting an extra dessert, (I can never have to much chocolate,) and Zach said this way I could start and end with dessert. So I had the shake, and my mom had some kind of wine with dinner, though I have no idea what kind it was. (The only thing I didn't keep track of very well is what my mom was drinking.)


The shake was very good, very thick and creamy, with a rich chocolate flavore, and just a hint of raspberries.


We were also served the breadsticks with our drinks. Since this was my third time at Le Cellier I knew exactly what I wanted, so I grabbed a rather large piece of the pretzel bread, and a small piece of the multi-grain. I've never really cared about their sourdough though, so I didn't take any of that. This was my mom's first time at Le Cellier, so she tried a small piece of each bread. She liked the multi-grain the best, but she thought the pretzel bread was too salty.

Since we were on the dining plan we were able to each order an appetizer, entree, and dessert. We had decided that we would each get something different, and then split the two appetizers so that we could try more things, and we just agreed that we wouldn't order anything that didn't appeal to both of us, though we both eat just about anything, so this really wasn't an issue for us.

I ordered the duck confit appetizer.


This was wonderful! I've always liked duck, but I don't get it very often. I rarely cook it at home, (it's just not that easy to find quality duck meat at the stores where I live, I do believe we're having duck, (and turkey,) for Christmas dinner though,) so I like to order it when I'm out as much as possible.

It came with crispy prosciutto ham, frisee, and pomegranate molasses. It was a good combination, but I thought the pomegranate molasses was a bit bitter. My mom really liked it too, and in fact, said it was one of her favorite appetizers all week. I have to agree with her on that.

My mom ordered the shrimp cocktail, which I'd had on my last visit at Le Cellier.


She didn't really care for it. She thought it was a wierd combination with the chili sauce and wasabi slaw. I liked it, but I liked the duck a lot better, plus I couldn't get too excited about something I'd had before, since I really like trying new things.

For our entrees my mom ordered the salmon.


We both agreed that it was very good. It came with butternut squash risotto, but I didn't really think that had that much taste, but I did really like the maple butter and pecan vinaigrette that were served with it.

For our other entree I ordered the seven-ounce filet mignon.


I'd had this the first time I'd eaten at Le Cellier, and was craving another one. Plus I really like steak, and how often do I eat filet mignon? Not often. The steak has a maple-bbq glaze, which I like, and cream cheese mashed potatoes, that I love as well. My mom also liked it as well, and she is not even a big steak eater.

Also, a word about steaks, and this is for all over Disney property, not just Le Cellier, but I've found, more often then not, that steaks are always a bit under-cooked. This isn't really a problem for me, since I'm not at all picky, and neither is my mom, but at home I'll usually order steaks medium, and at Disney medium well, and they are usually never that well done.

Desserts coming up.

11-28-2007, 03:31 PM
Day Three - Le Cellier - Part Two

For dessert I ordered the creme brulee.


It is no longer the sampler. It is now vanilla, topped with berry preserves and a rolled cookie. The portion is unreasonably huge, but it is very good.

My mom ordered the chocolate "moose."


The presentation was very cute, but the taste was lacking. We both thought it wasn't chocolaty enough. And my mom thought the cookie crumbs were stale tasting.

Cost - $112.58 (Used 2 TS Credits)

11-28-2007, 09:07 PM
Enjoying your pictures and reviews and signing on for more.:goodvibes

11-29-2007, 12:49 PM
Day Four - Everything Pop

We had breakfast at Everything Pop again today. We got a breakfast crossiant this morning.


It was very good, and big enough to share. We also had two bottles of water with our sandwich.

Cost - $10.38 (Used 1 CS Credit)

11-29-2007, 12:58 PM
Day Four - ABC Comissary

I've read some reviews here that say ABC Comissary is the worst restaurant on Disney property, so I was a little hesitant to try it. But, I like the decor and theming there, so I decided to give it a try anyway.

We decided to get the fish and chips as our entree.


It was excellant, much better then I expected it to be. The fries were nice and hot, crispy on the outside, and soft on the outside. The fish was delicious as well, very crispy tasty coating, and perfectly cooked on the inside.

For dessert we had the chocolate mousse, not that we had much of a choice, since the only other dessert option there is a sugar-free strawberry parfait, and my mom does not eat artifically sweetened things.


It was okay, but nothing I'd have to eat again. The mousse part was good, but the cakey part it was sitting on had a kind of grainy feel to it.

Cost - $13.53 (Used 1 CS Credit)

11-29-2007, 01:00 PM
Glad to hear a positiveish ABC comissary review.

11-29-2007, 01:06 PM
Glad to hear a positiveish ABC comissary review.Yeah, I don't get why it gets so many negative reviews. Except we did get there right after it opened, so maybe that's why the food was so good? I'd definatly go there for the fish and chips again.

11-29-2007, 03:10 PM
Enjoying your reviews so far!

11-29-2007, 06:26 PM
Day Four - Brown Derby

I've always been so pleased with the quality of the food at Brown Derby that it's a must-do for me every trip, so this was my fourth time eating here, but it was only my mom's first. I also book it with the Fantasmic dinner package whenever I eat here, since I really think that's a good deal, especially with the dining plan, since it uses the same amount of credits to get the reserved seating as it does just to eat.

Our server was Jerry, and he was good, a little less engaging then some of the other servers we had, but he was pleasant and fast, so I have no complaints about him

Once again we decided to share all of our food. I ordered the sea scallop for my appetizer.


The scallop was excellant. It was served over a barbecue Kurabota pork belly and gingered butternut squash with crisp shallots. Though I've never understood the concept of putting scallop and pork together, it worked. This was my second time having this as an appetizer, though the last time I had it, (in February,) it was served slightly differently, with corn instead of butternut squash. I preferred this one.

My mom ordered the crab cake, (you'll start noticing a pattern here, with my mom ordering crab cakes.)


The crab cake had a potato crust and was served with savoy cabbage slaw, dijon mustard, and remoulade sauces, though you can't really see the slaw in the picture since the flash cut it out. This was very similar to their last crab cake as well, (that I had in December,) but again, not exactly the same.

My mom loved it, and I liked it, but my favorite crab cake that I've had at Brown Derby was the one I'd had in 2005, not that this one wasn't good.

For our entrees I ordered the grouper.


It was pan-fried, and served over balsamic-roasted asparagus, sweet onion marmalade and citrus juices. The grouper and the asparagus were both good, and my mom really liked both as well, but she did not like the onion marmalade. I liked it, but I found it very unmemorable compared to the other entrees I've had at Brown Derby in the past.

My mom ordered the duck breast and venison sausage for our other entree.


I really liked the presentation of this. Unfortunatly, that is the only part I really enjoyed. The duck was cooked well done, (as poultry should be,) but it was almost rubbery when chewing it. The sausage was all right, but not the best. The carrots that came with it were undercooked, and the celery root puree that it was also served with had a bitter taste to it. My mom didn't like it that much either.

So the entrees paled in comparision to ones I've had there in the past, (rack of lamb, tuna, and filet mignon.)

It was then time for dessert, which I was hoping would salvage the rest of the meal. We'd had great appetizers, but one decent entree, and another entree that I would never order again, (and I noticed is already off the "updated" menu on All Ears.)

For our first dessert I ordered the grapefruit cake.


It was good, and I'm glad I tried it, but it's not something I would order again, it just wasn't sweet enough for me. My mom really liked it though.

My mom ordered the flourless chocolate cake.


When it was brought out I had to take tons of pictures of it, since this was one of the prettiest plates I've seen in a long time. (The special "celebration" desserts always have the best platings IMO.) So my mom ate the grapefruit cake first, and it's a good thing too, because if she had started with this, she probably wouldn't of shared! LOL.

It was so good, very rich, (so I guess it's a good thing we did share,) and chocolaty. The only thing we didn't eat was the Sleeping Beauty decoration, since that was made of white chocolate, and neither of us really likes white, we like dark.

Brown Derby is still on my list of restaurants to eat at next year, but it used to be at the top of my list, and now it's behind Boma as well as a few others. It's also not the best deal dollar-wise on the dining plan, since it does use two credits a person.

Cost - $109.54 (Used 4 TS Credits)

11-29-2007, 07:10 PM
These are fabulous reviews!! Really enjoying them, great job and thanks for taking the time!

11-30-2007, 09:22 PM
I love all the pictures and the details about the F&WF. I was debating a trip to that in the fall (as a surprise, if the DBf likes WDW this trip).

Nice to see what all is out there to do!

12-01-2007, 03:52 AM
Loving your reviews.

12-03-2007, 11:13 AM
Day Five - Crystal Palace

Today we woke up extra early, and for a change, we did not eat breakfast at Everything Pop. Today was our special character breakfast with Pooh at Crystal Palace. I was very excited, I hadn't seen any of the Pooh characters yet this trip, (characters are a big deal to me,) and I loved the food at Crystal Palce, which is a must-do for me every trip, and this was my fourth time eating there.

My mom, who had never been there before, was looking foward to it as well, since I am always saying how this is one of my favorite restaurants.

We go to the Magic Kingdom a little after 7:00 for our 8:05 ADR. It was raining, but we were there so early that there was space under the covering that is over the turnstiles for us.

They let us in a little earlier then they usually do, (this was my third time with an pre-park opening ADR here, which I prefer over a late breakfast,) though I think it was probably to get us out of the rain.

We were seated right on time. Our server this morning was Karen, and she was very good. She brought me out a diet Coke right away, and my mom was delighted to have her own pot of coffee. My mom really liked the coffee, and said it was the best she had all trip.

My mom went up to the buffet first, and came back with a plate of food.


She had some fruit with cottage cheese, smoked salmon, vegetable frittata, and a croissant. She said all of the food was very good.

Before I went up to the buffet Pooh stopped by our table, and we each had our picture taken with him. Then I went up to the buffet.


I only grabbed three different things, breakfast lasagna, puffed French toast, and breakfast pizza, and didn't even going through the buffet line, since everything I like is on the center table, and the kid's buffet. Everything was as good as always, if not better.

While we were eating we saw Piglet, and my favorite Pooh character Eeyore, then my mom went back up to the buffet.


She got another croissant, chocolate this time, and she got some breakfast lasagna and a piece of the puffed French toast. She hadn't wanted a whole piece of the French toast, but I wasn't sharing, lol, so she had to get her own.

We then saw Tigger, before I went up to the buffet again.


I had another piece of breakfast pizza, as well as some oven-roasted potatoes, and some potatoes in cheese sauce, both were very good.

It took less then an hour to eat, because we were able to make it to rope-drop at the Liberty Square bridge that's near the castle.

We had a total of twenty table-service credits for theh trip. Since I had booked ten table-service restaurants, two of which were signature, we would be four credits short. My mom had made it clear before I even made the reservations, that she did not want to have to pay for any food. So I made this a very belated Mother's Day present, (I had given her an I.O.U. with her card,) and paid for this out of pocket, but it didn't actually cost me anything, because I had a $40 Disney gift card that I used for the meal.

Something I noticed this time was that there were a lot of child-free parties in the restaurant, or at least in the section we were seated in. I counted at least six adult-only tables.

Cost - $40 (Paid for with Disney Rewards Card)

12-04-2007, 02:30 PM
Day Five - Pinocchio Village Haus

After breakfast at Crystal Palace we spent the morning in Fantasyland, where we were able to do every ride there, and saw everything in Toontown, in less then three hours. By then it was lunch time, and even though we weren't really hungry, we had a lot of counter-service credits to use up, so we decided to go to Pinocchio's since we were in the area, and I wanted to eat there at some point in the trip anyway.

We decided to split a meal again. We agreed on ordering the turkey and bacon panini.


The sandwich was huge, so it was definatly a good thing we only got one. It also came with a bag of chips, which we didn't eat right away, and took back to Pop with us.

The bread was multi-grain, which my mom really liked, since she does not like white bread, (she thinks it's pasty.) (I can eat white or wheat bread, I don't really care.) It was filled with turkey, bacon, roasted red peppers, and tomato. It was very good, and very filling.

I also ordered an order of Figaro fries, which I must get at least once on every trip.


These are delicous, and this was the best I've had yet. The fries were fresh out of the fryer, (we had very good luck with getting fries right out of the fryer on this trip,) and were topped with bacon, cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, and ranch dressing. They were also very messy, so you must eat them with a fork.

For our dessert we had a cannoli.


It was very good also. The shell was crisp, and the filling was very rich and creamy.

Cost - $13.59 (Used 1 CS Credit)
$3.19 OOP (for the fries)

12-04-2007, 05:53 PM
Just started reading and I'm loving your reviews. I'll be eating at a lot of the places you and your mom tried on your trip so its great to hear most of the positive reviews!
Can't wait for more. Keep it coming.

12-04-2007, 06:42 PM
Excellent reviews!!

12-04-2007, 07:00 PM
Thanks for reviews. They're great. :thumbsup2 I love all the pictures of the food. Can't wait to try the figaro fries next week!!

12-04-2007, 07:09 PM
Great reviews.. Looking forward to more!:thumbsup2

12-04-2007, 07:36 PM
I'm so glad that so many of you are enjoying my reviews. I can't believe how long it's taking me to get them up though. I should get Kona Cafe's review up tomorrow, and possibly some from day six, but I know it's going to be awhile until I finish them all.

I have a couple more I'm really excited to be sharing though, including Party for the Senses, and my first time dining at Flying Fish.

12-04-2007, 08:25 PM
I am so enjoying your reviews!!!! Can't wait for the next installment. I also love Boma's, their soups are to die for. We have never been to Pinocchio Village Haus--Have to have the Figaro Fries as a snack when we go in January. Also have to try those onion rings, they looked wonderful--DH would love them. I always think we have eaten everything possible in the World, but then when I read reports like yours I find more things I'm missing and have to try when we go back.

Thanks for your reports!!


12-05-2007, 01:20 PM
I am so enjoying your reviews!!!! Can't wait for the next installment. I also love Boma's, their soups are to die for. We have never been to Pinocchio Village Haus--Have to have the Figaro Fries as a snack when we go in January. Also have to try those onion rings, they looked wonderful--DH would love them. I always think we have eaten everything possible in the World, but then when I read reports like yours I find more things I'm missing and have to try when we go back.

Thanks for your reports!!

CyndiI glad you're enjoying the reviews, I'm enjoying writing them, it's such a nice way to re-live the experience, I just have to make sure I'm not hungry when I write them, LOL.

Aren't the soups at Boma good? When I eat there next year I really want to try and get a reservation there for a Wednesday or Saturday, since that's the menu I haven't tried, and that's the night they're supposed to have ribs, and carrot-ginger soup. I know nothing's guaranteed to be on the buffet, but I realy want to try and go one of those nights to increase my chances of trying those two items inparticular.

The Figaro fries are definatly worth trying, that's my favorite Disney snack. The onion rings are very good too, but I like the fries better.

12-05-2007, 01:28 PM
Day Five - Kona Cafe

I had eaten at Kona Cafe twice before, but those times had both been for lunch, so I was excited to finally try dinner, since I knew the menu was somewhat different.

We arrived at the Polynesian a little early, about quarter of 5:00, for our 5:00 reservation. We checked in right away, and recieved a pager, but we weren't seated until 5:10, even though several parties of the same size had checked-in after us were seated before us. This also happened the last time I was at Kona, where we were seated later, I don't know if they just have some weird seating system, or if it was just a mistake both times, but I do keep track when I have to wait, and it did happen twice here, and both times I had checked-in early, and had the earliest possible reservation time, so I'm not sure why.

Anyway, after we were seated we were greeted by our server Jing, who was very pleasant, and gave very good recommendations. She told us that we could get smoothies as our beverage on the dining plan, and told us the different kinds there were.

Just like at Le Cellier, my mom decided she didn't want one, but I did, and I decided on the orange-passion fruit one, since that seemed to fit into the Polynesian theme.


To Be Continued

12-05-2007, 03:32 PM
Day Five - Kona Cafe - Part Two

I realize I didn't get very far in my last post, and I apologize for that, but I thought I'd have all afternoon to write, but then the mail arrived, and my dad announced that I had recieved several packages. I have ordered a lot of things online recently, including Christmas presernts, so I had to go down and get them, and with my dad being the snoop that he is, I decided to wrap them right away.

I also got my 2008 Pass Porter in the mail today, so of course I had to look through that too, since I have a twelve-night trip next year with the deluxe dining plan, and even though my trip isn't until September, it's never too early to start planning, but now, back to my review.

The smoothie was very good, it was lighter then the one I had at Le Cellier, probably because I'm assuming that this one was made with juice and ice cream, while I'm pretty sure the one at Le Cellier was milk and ice cream. Still, it was very good, and refreshing, it had gotten very hot this day.

We were then served pineapple bread with macadamia nut butter.


You can't see the butter very well in the picture, sorry. The bread was wonderful, it was a huge loaf, but we ate most of it. Actually, I take that back, I ate most of it. It was very soft, and just slightly sweet, and the butter was great as well. I'd go back to Kona just for the bread.

We once again split appetizers. For my mom's appetizer she got the crab cakes.


I'd had these once before, and they were better then I remembered them. They were served with a small green salad, which my mom ate most of, she was always trying to be healthy, and would eat the majority of the greens that came with our meals, while I never worried about it since we were on vacation. Funny thing is, she gained weight, while I lost weight.

The crab cakes were also served with a pineapple relish, (which is on top of the crab cakes,) and Asian tartar sauce, (which is on the plate, but you can't see it in the picture.) We both liked the Asian tartar sauce, and I liked the pineapple relish, but my mom thought that the pineapple relish was an odd accompiament, and didn't really go with the dish.

For our second appetizer I ordered the pot stickers.


I had also had these once before. They were good, the same as I'd remembered them. They were filled with a duck meat filling, and like I said in my Le Cellier review, I really like duck. They had a creamy ginger sauce that I also really liked, as well as a cucumber salad that was good. My mom really liked them as well.

For our entrees my mom ordered the shrimp and scallops.


It came with two different sauces, a brown one, that was very spicy, and a yellow one that I believe was pineapple, but I'm not really sure what either sauce was. We both really liked the yellow one, but agreed that the brown one was too spicy. Luckily for me I ended up with more of the yellow sauce, since that's what the shrimp was sitting in, (we split this one kind of weirdly, I had two shrimps and a scallop, while my mom had two scallops and a shrimp,) and the scallops were sitting in the brown sauce.

It also came with some rice which was good, and some sort of vegetable, which I think was some kind of squash, but I'm not really sure, but it was very tasty.

To Be Continued, sorry I really can't continue at the moment, I'm really going to try and have this done by the end of the night though.

12-05-2007, 04:48 PM
great reviews please keep them coming. Great pics

12-05-2007, 05:18 PM
Day Five - Kona Cafe - Part Three

Okay, let's see if I can get this done.

For our second entree I was going to get the coconut almond chicken, but when we were told about the specials I decided to get the pomegrante pork chop, (which is now on the dinner menu,) at Jing's high recommendation of it.


It was excellant! It came with roasted fingerling potatoes and swiss chard. The whole dish was just excellant, and I am so glad I got it, and definatly would order it again. My mom agreed that this was one of the best entrees we had the whole trip.

It was then time for dessert. My mom decided to get the special, a chocolate chip cake version of the kilauea torte.


It was very similar to the kilauea torte. In fact, the only difference was that it was a chocolate chip cake instead of a chocolate one. It was good, but I prefer the kilauea torte, which I had the first time I ate at Kona.

For our other dessert I ordered the chocolate macadamia nut tart.


It was very good. There were lots of nuts, though it wasn't very chocolaty, not that it needed that much chocolate. It also had some caramel sauce that complemented it very well, as well as some vanilla ice cream, which was covered with coconut, even though my mom said she didn't taste any coconut.

So our dinner at Kona was very good, and I will definatly be returning, probably for dinner, since I enjoy that more then lunch there. Not that their lunch is bad, I just found the food to be better at dinner.

12-05-2007, 08:13 PM
Oh, I'm just salivating over Kona, love that place!! The chocolate-chip Kileau looks interesting, I love the original, I'd like to try that one too. I think you're right about the smoothies - Choc-raspbery at LeCellier is a milkshake I think (and heavenly) and Kona's are actual smoothies - I think I had a raspberry one there. Very delicious, but definitely lighter (not a bad thing)

12 nights on DxDP, I'm jealous, LOL!!!

Dreaming of Kona in 2009...

12-06-2007, 09:19 AM
Ooohhh, we have an ADR for dinner at Kona on our next trip...it will be our first time. I have hear so many good reviews and a lot of suggestions on what is good there...now to figure out what I am going to want??? I guess we'll just have to wait and see what looks good that night!

And I too and jelous of your next trip...not the length because we are staying 12 nights this time but of the DDDP! Believe me I considered it and reviewed and tried to convince myself that it would be great but I just could not do it. Not with just me and the kids...maybe next time...it sounds wonderful!

26 more days!

12-06-2007, 10:37 AM
Ooohhh, we have an ADR for dinner at Kona on our next trip...it will be our first time. I have hear so many good reviews and a lot of suggestions on what is good there...now to figure out what I am going to want??? I guess we'll just have to wait and see what looks good that night!

And I too and jelous of your next trip...not the length because we are staying 12 nights this time but of the DDDP! Believe me I considered it and reviewed and tried to convince myself that it would be great but I just could not do it. Not with just me and the kids...maybe next time...it sounds wonderful!

26 more days!Well, I wasn't even going to go next year, but when I was there they were offering the bounce-back promo, and I was able to get the deluxe plan for $32 or something like that a night, and that was just too good a deal to pass up.

12-06-2007, 11:56 AM
Subscribing! Everything looks fantastic!

12-06-2007, 01:42 PM
Well, I wasn't even going to go next year, but when I was there they were offering the bounce-back promo, and I was able to get the deluxe plan for $32 or something like that a night, and that was just too good a deal to pass up.

Oh ya...you'd be crazy to pass that up! We always just seem to miss that promom in the past...in fact, the first time they did that we were there at POR but nothing anywhere reminded us about it and I completely forgot about it...and we did end up going back the next year without it!

BUT< now I am again figuring on the worth of the DDDP...I may just change my mind yet...a lot depends upon what kinds of ADRs are still available 26 days out! My travel agent must think I am the flightiest person ever!

12-06-2007, 05:03 PM
I am loving your reviews! Thank you!

12-06-2007, 06:00 PM
I love all your details! Your reviews are entertaining to read and very thorough!

12-07-2007, 08:44 AM
Day Six - Everything Pop

Today we ate breakfast at Everything Pop again. Mom wanted to try the vegetable fritatta, so we got that.


It came with breakfast potatoes, which were very good, the fritatta however, was not that good. First of all the piece we got was kind of dried out, and that had come from a "fresh" casserole of it, and had not been pre-plated.

Now, I'm picky when it comes to eggs, but my mom thought it was pretty bad too, so it wasn't just my pickyness. The filling, from what I remember, was spinach and mushrooms, and I really don't like mushrooms, so I picked them out, so I didn't care for it much at all, that you can blame on my pickyness. Not that I'm really a picky eater, it's just mushrooms I really don't like.

This was definatly my least favorite breakfast I'd had so far, and I would not get it again. I do recommend the breakfast potatoes though, but you can get them with many of the different breakfasts, as well as a seperate side.

12-08-2007, 11:36 AM
Day Six - Food & Wine Festival Booths

While waiting for the counter-service restaurant we wanted to eat lunch at to open up we went to the France Marketplace booth and got an order of escargot. I had never had escargot before, but wanted to try it, since I like trying new things, and then I could say I've had it before.


The Food and Wine Festival's portion of escargot was served in small hallowed-out pieces of brioche, which is a type of bread-like pastry. I liked the taste of the escargot, but not the texture. They were very garlicy, so garlicy, that that's all I tasted. So it was like eating a very oily-garlicy garlic bread, with a bite of tasteless rubber almost.

Cost - $4.50 (Used One Snack Credit)

Later that day, after a few cooking demonstrations, we stopped at the Ireland food booth and got a portion of boxty, which I thought sounded good, and wanted to try.


It was a potato pancake filled with bacon, garlic, and herbs, and topped with butter. I really liked it, my mom didn't think it was anything special though. I also thought the portion was too small, but we did share it.

Cost - $2.25 (Used One Snack Credit)

12-08-2007, 01:50 PM
Day Six - Tangierine Cafe

After spending the morning in Future World we went to Morocco in World Showcase to have lunch. We wanted to eat at Tangierine Cafe because my mom likes that type of food, and I'd read good things about it here on the DIS.

We decided to get the lamb wrap, even though my mom doesn't really like lamb, but it looked good, so we got that.


The wrap was filled with lamb, red onions, lettuce, and some kind of sauce. I'm not sure what kind of sauce it was, but it was very good. It also came with two sides; cous cous salad, (in the front,) and lentil salad, (in the back.) The cous cous was very good, but neither my mom or I cared for the lentil salad.

I would definatly get the wrap again, but next time I would ask for all cous cous and no lentils.

Since we were on the dining plan we also got a piece of baklava with our meal, which was very good.


Cost - $15.26 (Used One CS Credit)

12-09-2007, 10:44 AM
Day Six - Food & Wine Festival Cooking Demonstrations

Today we attended two of the free cooking demonstrations that are offered as part of the Food and Wine Festival.

We had looked at the schedule of events, and I had wanted to go to the one with the chef from Brown Derby, since that is one of my favorite restaurants, and my mom decided she'd like to go to a wine tasting.

We decided to check the menu that's posted outside the Odyssey building, to see what other things would be made that day. Well, it turns out that the chef from Brown Derby was making something with mushrooms in it, so I decided I wouldn't go to that one, and instead go to one that was not listed in the booklet, but was scheduled for the day. My mom decided it sounded good too, and decided she'd rather stay and see this demo, then walk all the way to the Wonders of Life pavillion for the wine tasting, especially after being told that we would get a taste of wine as well as our sample.

The presenter for this demo was Jason Wilson, who has a restaurant, Crush, in Seattle, Washington, and he would be making flat iron steak, with blue cheese spoonbread and smoked red onions.


It was a good demonstration, and everything was very tasty. I really like steak, and this was very good. I also really like blue cheese, and that was excellant, I may have to try making it, if I can ever find the recipe. My mom really liked it too.

After that, we got back in line for the next demonstration. This one was by Hope Fox, who has her own cookbook, Impress for Less. She made chicken with orange sauce and wild rice pancakes.


This was good too, and seemed very simple to make. As a matter of fact, after the demonstration we ended up going down to the Wonders of Life pavillion so I could buy a copy of her book, which is a compilation of restaurant recipes made easy.

12-09-2007, 10:52 AM
Day Six - Kringla Og Bakeri

I have to actually backtrack a little here. While we were eating the boxty from the Ireland booth, (see post sixty-one,) we sat at the tables that are by the Kringla Og Bakeri.

I mentioned to my mom that at some point in the next couple days I wanted to get a school bread, since that was something I had been meaning to try for the last couple trips.

Neither one of us were really hungry, but we decided to get it then anyway since we were there, and it was "just a snack." This was right after two cooking demos, and only about an hour before our dinner reservation.


It was like a very large cream-filled doughnut, with a coocnut topping. My mom and I both really like coconut, so that was good. We both loved it, but were not able to finish it, the thing was huge, and the size of four or so regular doughnuts, (at least compared to the doughnuts I'm used to.) I would get one again, but I don't know how I'd eat a whole one by myself.

12-09-2007, 02:17 PM
Brilliant reviews :)

12-09-2007, 03:09 PM
Thanks for the great reviews:goodvibes

12-09-2007, 03:18 PM
These are great reviews, thankyou for taking the time to do them. I am finding the information very useful as we are staying offsite on our trip and will eat most of our meals at the villa. I need to choose just a select few places to eat which is very hard given we are going on our first trip and I am relying on reviews instead of personal preferences. Think I have decided on Brown Derby so we can do the Fantasmic package plus the menu looks good.


12-09-2007, 05:14 PM
These are great reviews, thankyou for taking the time to do them. I am finding the information very useful as we are staying offsite on our trip and will eat most of our meals at the villa. I need to choose just a select few places to eat which is very hard given we are going on our first trip and I am relying on reviews instead of personal preferences. Think I have decided on Brown Derby so we can do the Fantasmic package plus the menu looks good.

KirstenBrown Derby is great. This is the one time I didn't 100% love my meal. I would recommend the tuna or filet mignon over the entrees I had this time.

12-09-2007, 08:20 PM
I'm really enjoying your pictures and reviews. Thanks for sharing them!

12-10-2007, 05:33 PM
Day Six - Flying Fish

This was my first time eating at Flying Fish, (and my mom's, but it was her first time everywhere we ate.) I was very excited to eat here, especially since I'd had a reservation here last year, but didn't get there since I got sick that trip.

We got to the Boardwalk early, after taking the boat over from Epcot. We were able to check-in right away, and look at the menu while waiting to be seated.

We were seated as soon as the restaurant opened, at 5:30, which was our reservation time. Our server for the meal was Clifford, and he was very good. He was fast, and switched the hot entree plates for me when I was taking pictures.

We were served bread first.


It was good, but nothing spectacular. It reminded me of the bread I'd had at Citricos the year before.

For our first entree my mom ordered the crab cake.


It was excellant, the best crab cake of the three we had all trip, (the other two being from Brown Derby and Kona, which were both very good, but this one was just better.)

It was served on savory vegetable slaw, with roasted red pepper coulis and ancho chili remoulade. I didn't really care for the sauces, but they were easy to avoid since they were just dotted along the plate. I liked the slaw though.

For our second appetizer I ordered the calamari.


These were very good as well, though a little chewy. They were however, the easiest thing to share all week, since we were both able to just eat half a plate, though my mom didn't eat all of hers, so I got extra. It came with an Asian dipping sauce, which I liked, but my mom thought they were better without the sauce.

For our first entree my mom ordered what appeared to be a new menu item, the barramundi, which I didn't remember seeing it on the All Ears menu. (The All Ears menu is now updated, and includes it.)


I had never had barramundi before, and I liked it. It came with a mix of watercress, jicama, and hearts of palm, which my mom really liked, but I didn't care for. It was also topped with a tropical salsa, which I did like, and a piece of fried plantain.

For our second entree I ordered the potato-wrapped red snapper.


This was excellant, or at least I thought so, my mom wasn't too excited by it. It came with creamed leek fondue that I loved, but my mom thought was too salty. The sauce was a red wine and butter sauce that I thought was very tasty, and I usually don't care that much for wine-based sauces.

For our first dessert my mom ordered the valrhona chocolate galette, (at least I'm pretty sure that's what it's called.)


It was good, similar to the flourless chocolate cake we'd had at Brown Derby, except lighter, (but just as rich.) It was served with chocolate sauce, and dark chocolate ice cream, as well as some raspberries.

For our second dessert I ordered us the cappuccino panna cotta, which is a special dessert for the Year of a Million Dreams.


It was served with three small cream-filled meringue cookies, one each of pistachio, chocolate, and I believe strawberry. This was excellant, and my mom and I agreed one of the best desserts all week.

Cost - $141.16 (Used Four TS Credits)

12-11-2007, 03:26 PM
Day Seven - Everything Pop

Today we woke up late, or at least later then we had been, it was around 8:00 when we woke up, but every other morning we had been waking up around 6:00 to be at the parks at opening. Anyway, I woke up only to discover that my camera was not working, (and this was only two days after my autograph book was destroyed by a rain storm.) Thankfully, my memory card, and all the pictures I had taken so far, were fine. I was distraught at the thought of not being able to take pictures so I ran to the hotel gift shop, and bought a Disney digital camera for $80, (only to find it on sale at Circuit City after I got home for $20.) I'm mentioning this because some of the food pictures from now on are kind of grainy and dark, and not as good as the previous ones in my dining report. I did get a new camera since coming home, a newer model of the one I'd had that broke, so my pictures next trip, September and October 2008, will be good. After buying the camera, which is decent, it's just more like a little kids camera, then the Power Shot ones I like, we ate breakfast at Everything Pop.

We decided to get chocolate chip pancakes today. I'd had them before, and enjoyed them. My mom didn't particularly want to order them, but she wasn't really hungry, and since I wasn't my usual cheerful self, (I am usually a happy person, and in Disney am usually always extremely happy,) but I was upset about my camera breaking, so we ordered what I wanted.


They were good, as good as I remembered them, and my mom thought they were okay. I didn't really eat much though, I just kind of picked them apart and moped about my camera. (I was really down this morning.)

Cost - $9.96 (Used One CS Credit)

12-11-2007, 03:36 PM
Day Seven - Culinary Demonstrations

We went to Epcot in time for the first culinary demonstration of the morning, which was a demonstration by Allen Susser from Chef Allen's which is a restaurant in Florida.

He prepared shrimp with a Caribbean ratatouille. I tried to take a picture of it, but my camera was not coporating. It was a very tasty dish however, and I especially liked the ratatouille part which was made from tropical fruits. So this was a sweet-savory dish, which I always like.

We also attended the following demonstration by Buddy Valastro, who is from Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop, which is in New Jersey. He made tiramisu.


Here's a picture, sorry, I know it's not very good, but like I said, it was taken with a new camera, that didn't take the best pictures.

I was expecting a small sample of the tiramisu, but as the picture shows, we were given full martini glasses of it. It was excellant, and I'm used to very good tiramisu, so that is definatly a compliment.

I should add that both of the chefs who we saw demonstrations from made dishes at the following Party for the Senses which we attended two days later. (I'll be writing a review of that as well.)

These were the last culinary demonstrations we attended, so we only made it to four total, which was slightly dissapointing. We meant to make it to more, but we always got distracted by other things. In fact we weren't even going to go to Epcot this day, we were planning on MGM instead, but we decided to just focus on the demonstrations that morning, and not do any rides.

12-11-2007, 03:44 PM
Day Seven - Food & Wine Festival Marketplace Booths

Neither my mom or I were hungry, but I was getting worried that we had too many snack credits left. We were on day seven of a ten-night trip, and we still had twelve out of twenty snack credits remaining. We had said at the begining of the trip that we were going to use all of our snack credits at the Food and Wine Festival, so I wanted to get some items today, since I knew we would only be at Epcot two more times, and one of those times being for Party for the Senses, and we would not want to snack then.

Since we had been watching the demonstrations at the Odyssey building, we decided to check our map and see if there was anything we wanted to try close by. The only thing that struck our interest nearby was the chiquila at the Mexico booth.


My mom liked it, I thought it was okay but too spicy. I probably would have really liked it if it hadn't been so spicy.

Cost - $3.75 (Used One Snack Credit)

12-11-2007, 03:48 PM
Loving your reviews :goodvibes

12-12-2007, 10:52 AM
Day Seven - Wolfgang Puck Cafe

For various reasons my mom decided to skip dinner tonight, which I thought was ironic, since out of all the restaurants we had reservations for the one she was most excited about was Wolfgang Puck. Having taken three trips solo, I had no problem going to dinner by myself, especialy considering that I had loved Wolfgang Puck so much the first time I had eaten there last December that there was no way I was going to miss it this trip just because my mom was being stubbron.

I arrived on time at 4:30, after spending the last two hours shopping at the Marketplace and walking to West Side. (My mom had gone back to Pop from Epcot earlier.)

I was seated on time, at a table for four, which I thought was a little odd, especially considering I was only one person, and it was too large of a table for just me, but whatever.

My server for the meal was Dale, and he was very good, and very fast. He asked for my room key right away, explaining that they ring up the meal before ordering when guests are on the dining plan. I thought that was odd, but knew that this wasn't technically a Disney restaurant, so didn't think that much of it, except I did not like not being able to keep track of my reciepts to the penny, though I did figure out a cost.

When Dale brought my card back out he brought along the bread with him.


I had loved the bread the last time I was there. There are two kinds, herb foccacia, and olive foccacia, (though I've heard that they have since replaced the olive with a sun-dried tomato one.) I absolutly love the bread here, though last time I was given oil with balsamic vinegar, and this time I was given just oil.

I was told I could have any appetizer on the menu, except for sushi, which if I wanted, I could have for my entree. For my entree I could choose from any of the regular entrees, except add-ons would cost extra, sushi, or pizza.

The menu had changed recently, and everything I'd been planning on ordering had been taken off the menu when it did.

For my appetizer I decided on the barbecue chicken quesadilla.


The quesadilla was huge, and if I had been paying out-of-pocket, would of been more then enough for a whole meal for me. It came with pico de gallo, guajillo chili sauce, and citrus sour cream. I thought the quesadilla and the sauces were a little on the spicy side, but it was good, though I couldn't detect any citrus flavor in the sour cream. I didn't eat all of the quesadilla, knowing I wouldn't be able to eat my entree if I did, and saved a third of it to take back to Pop with me.

For my entree I ordered the macadamia nut-crusted chicken.


The chicken was delicious, very moist and juicy. It came with papaya marmalade, that was good, and garlic mashed potatoes, which I thought didn't quite go, and it would of been better to just have plain mashed potatoes with this dish instead of garlic. I ate all of the potatoes, (they were good, they didn't just go that well with the chicken,) and the larger piece of chicken, (the smaller piece I saved and took back to the room.)

My mom ate the quesadilla and chicken I took back with me. She liked the quesadilla, but had the exact opposite reaction to the chicken I had, she hated it, she thought it was dry, (I thought it was really juicy.) I'm not sure if that's because it had been out for about two hours before her eating it, but whatever.

For my dessert I ordered the seasonal bread pudding, which today was apple.


It was very good, and I was given a very large portion of it, which I couldn't finish. It was good though.

The ladies at the table next to me said that they were also on the dining plan, and the food they recieved at one meal, would be enough for three meals for them at home. I have to agree with them there, the dining plan is a lot of food, and even though I've heard that Disney's portions have gotten slightly smaller in the past few years, it's still more then enough food.

Cost - Approx $54.17 (With Tax & Tip) (Used One TS Credit)

12-12-2007, 11:13 AM
Oh, isn't that bread pudding delicious!! I had the Peach in May and it was wonderful! I want to go back just for that!

12-12-2007, 01:14 PM
Oh, isn't that bread pudding delicious!! I had the Peach in May and it was wonderful! I want to go back just for that!I almost didn't order it, since I knew I'd be having bread pudding for dessert the next night, (at Ohana,) but I'm glad I did, it was really very good.

12-12-2007, 01:26 PM
Day Seven - Everything Pop

A little while after I got back from Downtown Disney, (I got back from dinner around 6:00,) my mom decided she was getting kind of hungry, (she skipped dinner remember.) We still had plenty of counter-service credits, so she decided to get a meal before Grey's Anatomy came on, since we both like that show, and it was a new episode that night.

So we went down to Everything Pop, my mom decided she wanted to get a salad, and I went over to pick up a dessert, since she always constantly forgot that dessert was included with the counter service meals. (I did the majority of the ordering while on this trip.) After getting our food, we went back to our room to eat.

My mom had gotten an Asian chicken salad;


I really liked the presentation of it, which was in a Chinese-styles take out container. The salad was good, I didn't eat much, but had a few bites since I wanted to try it, but from what I could tell there was lots of chicken and other veggies.

I had picked up a piece of carrot cake for our desset.


This was excellant, and if I hadn't known, I wouldn't of thought it was store bought.

We also got a bottle of water, but didn't drink it since we both had our refillable mugs with us, and had used them. We ended up with several extra bottles of water that we got with counter-service meals at the resort, but we kept them in the ice bucket, and were always able to take them to the park with us.

Cost - $13.49 (Used One CS Credit)

12-15-2007, 02:03 PM
Day Eight - Everything Pop

Today we had breakfast at Everything Pop again. We decided to get the breakfast pizza this morning.


It was very good, almost as good as the one at Crystal Palace, but not quite. It was a thin crust, (thinner then the crust of Crystal Palace's pizza,) with a white sauce, and topped with eggs, cheese, and bacon. (Crystal Palace's breakfast pizza has no bacon.) I really liked the addition of bacon though.

My one complaint about the pizza though is that the crust was a little burnt on one half, so we ate around the burnt part, and ended up throwing the burnt crust out.

Cost $9.85 (Used One CS Credit)

12-15-2007, 02:10 PM
Day Eight - Flame Tree Barbecue

We spent the day at Animal Kingdom today. Since Tusker House was now closed, and my mom hates Pizzafaria, we really didn't have much choice then to eat lunch at Flame Tree BBQ.

We decided to get the bbq ribs.


The ribs were very good, and the portion was definatly large enough for two people. The ribs are smoked, and have their own special BBQ season rub on them. They came with a corn muffin, (it used to come with corn on the cob,) and baked beans. The baked beans, which I'd had once before, were better then I remembered them. The corn muffin was just okay, but an improvment over the corn on the cob I'd had on my first visit to Flame Tree BBQ.

For our dessert we got the key lime pie.


It was good, and a nice size portion for the two of us to split.

Cost - $15.63 (Used One CS Credit)

12-15-2007, 02:46 PM
More great reviews not sure about that breakfast pizza though!!!!

12-15-2007, 03:03 PM
More great reviews not sure about that breakfast pizza though!!!!It tasted better then it looks. Plus this picture was taken with my new camera, that was not taking the greatest pictures.

12-15-2007, 03:24 PM
It tasted better then it looks. Plus this picture was taken with my new camera, that was not taking the greatest pictures. It wasn't the photo just the description, I guess being British I'm a bit too traditional :rotfl2: DH would probably like it though!!! BTW I think your photos are great :thumbsup2

12-16-2007, 12:59 PM
It wasn't the photo just the description, I guess being British I'm a bit too traditional :rotfl2: DH would probably like it though!!! BTW I think your photos are great :thumbsup2Thank you, I am however, dissapointed with my photos after day six.

12-16-2007, 01:06 PM
Day Eight - Tambu Lounge

We had dinner reservations at Ohana that night at 5:00, but we got to the Polynesian early, at around 4:00, so we decided to get drinks at Tambu Lounge. I am not usually a drinker I do however like sweet mixed drinks, and I knew most of the drinks at Tambu were the tropically type I liked.

My mom got the pomegrante splash.


I believe that's what it was called anway. I know it was pomegrante something, but I'm not sure exactly what was in it. I did try a sip of it, but I didn't think it was that great, not sweet enough for me, and a little on the tart side, my mom liked it though.

I ordered myself an Island Sunset.


The island sunset was a blend of spiced rum, Malibu coconut rum, melon and peach, combined with guava passion fruit juice. It was very good, and I liked it better then the Lapu Lapu I had the last time I was there.

Cost - $16 (OOP, after DDE discount & tip)

12-16-2007, 04:35 PM
Day Eight - Ohana

I want to start this by saying that I was a little worried about eating here. I had recently read a lot of very negative reviews, and had debated changing my reservation to eat somewhere else. I decided not to however since I had really liked it the last time I had eaten here, and didn't want to change my ADR just based on some negative reviews.

I checked us in while we were enjoying our drinks from Tambu Lounge, and we were seated at 5:00 exactly. We were allowed to take our drinks into the restaurant with us.

Our server for dinner tonight was Brigid, and she was excellant. She had a very nice conversation with my mom, though I forget about what. I think it might have been about getting kids to try new foods, and about the food at Ohana.

We were served the appetizers right away;

the wonton chips and sauces,


the salad,


the shrimp,


and the chicken wings.


The wonton chips were very good, and better then the ones I had the last time I had eaten here. They were crisp and very addictive. The three sauces that came with the chips were peanut, harissa, and chimi-churri. I always forget which sauce is which in the picture, but I do know that the peanut sauce, which is my favorite, is in the front. The red one, (I'm not sure if that's the chimi-churri or the harissa,) is a red pepper sauce, and the one in the middle is an oil-based herb sauce, which I believe had thyme in it. Our assistant server, whose name I can't remember, and didn't write down, (Miguel maybe?) explained all of the appetizers to us very well.

The salad was good, but I could barely taste the dressing, which last time had a much stronger presence. That's a shame since I'm not really a big salad eater, but I do like Ohana's, mainly because of the dressing.

The shrimp were very good, and better then last time. They had a sweet and sour glaze, and had pieces of pineapple mixed in. They were peel and eat shrimp, which wasn't a problem exactly, but I probably would have eaten more of them if I didn't have to peel them myself. My mom really enjoyed them though.

The chicken wings had a honey and corianer glaze, and were topped with toasted sesame seeds. I know that a lot of people say they are the same ones that are served at Kona Cafe, but I've had Kona's once before, and these twice, and they just don't taste the same to me. Yes, they are similar, but I don't think they're the same. I'm not complaining though I prefer Ohana's to Kona's, and I ate several of these, they were very good. My mom, who usually does not like or eat chicken wings liked them, but only ate two.

We were also given hot damp washcloths to wipe our fingers with, which between the chicken wings and shrimp, were definatly needed. I've always thought that the cloths were a nice touch, and added to the quality of the service, which in my opinion, is not lacking.

We were then served the potatoes,


and the stir-fried vegetables.


The potatoes were just as good as I remembered them, and I ate most of the plate we were given of them myself. My mom liked them too, but she was trying to eat healthy, and she didn't eat many of them, something about starchy carbs and creamy cheese sauce, whatever.

The vegetables were much better then the last time I had eaten at Ohana. Before they had been bland, but this time they were crisp and very flavorful. By mom ate a lot of them, and I ate a quite generous amount too.

We were then served the meats.



The four different meats served at Ohana are marinated sirloin steak, which was my favorite of the evening, though my mom thought the steak we were served was too salty and rare, Asian-barbecued pork, which was okay, but had been better last time, Hawaiin sausage, which was okay, but I've never like Ohana's sausage, and mesquite-grilled turkey, which was good, but not as good as the last time, though it was still the best next to the steak. I especially like the turkey dipped in the peanut sauce.

Our dessert was bread pudding a la mode with banana fosters sauce, which has been the dessert at Ohana for years.


My mom is not a big fan of bread pudding or banana fosters, so she only had a little bit, but she thought it was good. I on the other hand, love bread pudding and bananas foster, so this was, and still is, one of my favorite desserts at Disney.

Cost - $64.72 (Used Two TS Credits)

12-16-2007, 06:18 PM
Glad you enjoyed 'Ohana.:goodvibes We went in August and loved it. I was a little worried too after some of the negative reviews, but my boys wanted to try it so we went. Our server was fantastic and the bread pudding was to die for.:love:

12-17-2007, 09:55 AM
Glad you enjoyed 'Ohana.:goodvibes We went in August and loved it. I was a little worried too after some of the negative reviews, but my boys wanted to try it so we went. Our server was fantastic and the bread pudding was to die for.:love:I would never not try a restaurant just based on other people's reviews. Every restaurant, in my opinion, deserves to be tried at least once. Though I will probably put off trying a new negativly reviewed restaurant to revisit a favorite.

12-17-2007, 10:10 AM
Day Nine - Main Street Bakery

Today we made it to the park at opening, but instead of going straight for the rides, like we had on other mornings, we decided to get breakfast at Main Street Bakery first. I knew that lines were always long there in the morning, and that there are also very few tables usually, though seating has improved a bit, there are still more patrons then seats.

Even though we went straight to the bakery there was still a short line when we got there, at about 9:05, five minutes after the rope drop.

We decided to use two counter-service credits this morning, since we only had two days left, and nine credits. So for those of you keeping track, we had started on day one with twenty credits, and on the first eight days of our vacation, only gone through half of those credits. We also still had eleven snack credits, though that's a story for day ten's review of the Food and Wine Festival's booth. The only credits we had basically used up were the table-service credits, of which we only had one left. Even though we had gotten the plan for free with the bounce-back promo I was very insistant that I didn't want to go home with unused credits, so my goal for the next two days was to use up as many as possible.

So anyway, we were told that we could get one savory item, one sweet item, and a drink for each counter-service credit.

My mom got the fruit and cheese plate for her savory item;


and I got the turkey and brie sandwhich.


My sandwhich was not very good, I thought it was dry, and had way too much arugula in it. I just picked out most of the turkey from the half of it I ate, and ate that. We saved the rest of the sandwhich, which my mom ate later, since she liked it better then me.

The fruit and cheese plate was a much better selection then the sandwhich, and I ate some grapes and walnuts from it.

For her sweet item my mom ordered what I believe was the almond bear claw;


and I ordered the apple charlotte.


Where my sandwhich was a complete dissapointment, (probably my least favorite thing all week,) I absolutly loved the charlotte. I ate the whole thing except for a small slice of it my mom tried. Her bear claw was very good too, which of course I also had to sample.

With breakfast my mom also had coffee, and I had a bottle of diet coke.

Cost - $24.10 (Used Two CS Credits)

12-17-2007, 10:35 AM
Enjoying your reviews. I can relate to using up those credits, we had a bunch left and ended up coming home with 2 boxes of goodies from Boardwalk Bakery.

12-17-2007, 06:48 PM
Enjoying your reviews. I can relate to using up those credits, we had a bunch left and ended up coming home with 2 boxes of goodies from Boardwalk Bakery.Yeah, we definatly had trouble using up the credits. The next day, day ten, we had twelve "snacks," which should have used up our credits, but twice they charged my credit card, which I had added on my room key, instead of the dining plan, so we still had a snack credit left the last day.

We also had four counter-service credits left the day we went home, but we had breakfast, and then three lunches between checking-out, and getting on the DME bus back to the airport.

More on that though in my reviews for days ten and eleven.

12-17-2007, 06:59 PM
Day Nine - Cosmic Ray's

After our breakfast at Main Street Bakery we spent the morning in Tomorrowland. We decided to have lunch at Cosmic Ray's since it was close by, and also since it was the only place at Magic Kingdom we hadn't been to yet that I really like.

We decided to use one counter-service credit and split a meal, since we had just eaten breakfast about two hours before that, and we did have Party for the Senses that night, so neither one of us wanted a big lunch.

We ended up getting a bacon double-cheeseburger.


Unlike when we had eaten at Pecos Bill's, my mom had successfully found the toppings bar while I ordered, (there is hope after all.) So we topped our burger with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and I added some fried onions to mine.

The burger was very good, I thought it was better then the one we had at Pecos Bill's, but it was probably about the same. The fries were also very good. I swear, we had the best luck with getting fires fresh out of the fryer this trip.

For dessert we got the carrot cake.


It was very good. It was very similar to the one at Pop Century, (perhaps they have the same cake,) except the packaging was different, and this one did have a lot more icing on, which my mom wasn't too fond of, but I like a lot of icing.

We got really good seats at lunch too. We sat out on a deck next to the water, with a view of Cinderella Castle, and we could hear Dream Along with Mickey, which was doing a show while we ate.

Cost - $13.70 (Used One CS Credit)

12-18-2007, 04:05 PM
Day Nine - Party for the Senses

Tonight was the night that I had been waiting for. Even with all of the food we had eaten up to that point, I was very excited to be going to Party for the Senses tonight.

We had spent the afternoon resting back at Pop, I had gone for a swim, which always makes me hungry, and napped, and my mom had napped for a few hours before we headed into Epcot.

We got to Epcot at about 5:00, but they were having some kind of problem with the turnstile and it took us awhile to get in to the park. When we did it was almost 5:30, but instead of heading to World Showplace first, where Party for the Senses is, we headed to the Odyssey to check the menus for the next days cooking demonstrations. (There was one I wanted to see, but we never did get to it.) So by the time we did get over to the World Showplace it was closer to 6:00.

We checked-in immediatly, and they did ask to see my ID, I'm not sure if it was to make sure I was the one who had booked, or because I look young. Let's say it was for both reasons since I do want to think that Disney won't just let anybody give them a name and let them check-in, though besides the person who made the reservation it would be very easy to take anyone else. For instance, they knew it was for me for two adults, but they didn't ask for my mom's name or anything, so if my mom hadn't been able to go it would of been possible for someone else to go instead. I also would like to think it's because I look younger then 21. I'm not, but the other day a seventeen year old called me "old," so I need to feel as young as possible right now.

Anyway, after checking-in we joined the mob, which at that point was quite large, and just getting larger. We found a small spot to stand by the coffe cart though.

At around 6:00 they let us in to the small holding area in the building with some tables and chairs, and we were able to get seats at a table with another couple while waiting for them to let us into the main area. My mom talked to them while waiting, but I was completely absorbed into reading what was being served tonight to pay much attention.

After my first Party for the Senses two years ago I wanted a stragedy of to how we were going to sample as much as possible. My goal for the evening was for us to try as much as possible. Looking through the menu I decided I'd like to start in the yellow section.

For those of you who don't know Party for the Senses is in a huge room divided into six different sections, pink, red, yellow, purple, green, and blue. In each section the lighting and tablecloths are different colors. I'm gald I decided on yellow since we stayed at the same table all night, and it was slightly easier to take pictures in the yellow lighting then it would of been in another section.

When the curtain opened we headed straight to a yellow table. We ended up getting one that had no seats, but that didn't matter to me, I just wanted to be able to have a base to return to. It was decided that one of us would stay there at all times, so we'd always have a place to eat. Some of you may consider that rude, but when I went to Party for the Senses two years ago solo it was very annoying to never have a place to eat for a moment. And it's not like we didn't share the table, we did, we met many, many, people throughout the night who would stop and eat at our table. We just wanted to be able to have a spot to return to.

At the begining of the night we took turns going for food and wine, but after about halfway through the night I was the only one who went looking for food, and my mom only left the table when she wanted to find wine.

I'm going to talk about the wines I tried first, before I talk about the food. I only drank two different wines all night. I'm really not a big wine drinker, so if I find one I like I'll stick to it. Well, turns out we had ended up at a table right next to the Mission Hill Winery's table, and I knew I liked their ice wine. You can see where this is going, can't you? I had three glasses of that, before deciding that I had enough and trying a different one. My next wine was also in the yellow section, this one was Piper Heidsieck's Rose Sauvage. Now, if you think I was bad with having three glasses of ice wine, by the time I drank this my mom had sampled all the wines from Piper Heidsieck, and she had told me that I'd probably like this one, so that's what I got. She was right, I did like it.

Now I don't remember what all my mom drank, she did make dashes in the program next to the ones she tried, which of course, I can't find. But I do know that I counted her dashes, and she had a grand total of thirteen different wines, and she may have had seconds of some.

But I don't go to Party for the Senses for the wine, I go for the food. Now I said that the yellow section was slightly better for pictures then the other sections, but in my opinion these pictures are still pretty bad, and dark, and blurry, but I spent so much time keeping track of the pictures as I was taking them I'm going to post them anyway.

These are not in the order we ate them, they are in the order the appeared in the program, except I am going to list all of the savory items first, and then the sweets. The picture will be first followed by the description. Oh, and we did manage to try everything that night.


Pumpkin amaretti ravioli with braised rainbow swiss chard, wild mushroom ragut, and sage beurre noisette. This was excellant, except I didn't try the mushroom ragut, I just kind of shoved that part over to my mom's side of the plate, (we shared every dish,) the rest of it was so good. It was made my Debra Valle, who is a chef at Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary resort.


Chicken samosas with afritude. This was okay, not one of my favorites. Actually compared to the other dishes of the night this was one of my least favorites. I wasn't suprised though, since I have never liked the potatoes with afritude at Boma, so I just don't like afritude. I have no idea what afritude is though, I did a search on it, but all that came up was links to information on Boma. This was made by Jenny Sly who is a chef at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.


Sizzle and spice rack of lamb with mango chutney and an Indian papadum crisp. This was excellant, but I really like lamb, my mom however, who doesn't really care for lamb, though will eat it if she "has" to, said it was good too, though I definatly liked it better then her, and ate much more of it then the bite she had. This was made by Allen Susser, who has a restaurant in Aventura, Florida; Chef Allen's. He also, if you remember, made a shrimp dish at a cooking demonstration my mom and I had attended on day seven that we had also liked.

12-18-2007, 04:30 PM
We liked O'Hanas too and had similar views as you re the sausage! I love your use of CS credits at the bakery your dessert did look nice, we also had the left over credit problem we were there 14 days and on about day 12 I let my DD's spend 7 SC's each in Goofy's they thought they were in heaven :rotfl:

12-18-2007, 04:50 PM
We liked O'Hanas too and had similar views as you re the sausage! I love your use of CS credits at the bakery your dessert did look nice, we also had the left over credit problem we were there 14 days and on about day 12 I let my DD's spend 7 SC's each in Goofy's they thought they were in heaven :rotfl:I heard Ohana's menu might me changing again. There's a thread on the main restaurant board that the skewered shrimp are coming back, as well as the wontons, and the sausage and potatoes are going. I'll be sad to see the potatoes go, but happy to see an end to the sausage. At least the bread pudding is safe, or so I've heard.

12-19-2007, 12:02 PM
Day Nine - Party for the Senses - Part Two


Louisiana crawfish etouffe. This was good, but not something that was that memorable to me. I thought it would be spicier then it was, but it wasn't, not that that was necessarly a bad thing, as I don't like overly-spicy foods. This was made by Jeff Tunks, who is a chef at DC Coast, which is in Washington DC.


Tangine of lamb with artichokes and peas. This was okay, it seemed very plain and basic compared to the other foods served this night. It tasted all right though. Visually it was also somewhat basic, since most of the other dishes had amazing set-ups to, and this seemed to just be kind of thrown on the plate. It was made by Lahsen Abrache who is from Restaurant Marrakesh, which is the Moroccan restaurant in World Showcase.


Moo yang pork with Japanese sticky rice, and stir-fried bok choy. This may have been my favorite thing all night. I do have a small regret though. This was served with a flower, and I know that just got thrown away. As an afterthought I should have tried it, since it may have been edible. This was made by Tim Creehan from Credhan's Copper Grill, which is a restaurant in Miramor Beach, Florida.


Grouper cheeks with micro arugula, fire-roasted red and yellow peppers, shaved fennel, citrus vinaigrette, and ice wine nectar. This was good, but I think it had just a bit too much going on flavor-wise. Still, the tastes worked together, but it was very difficult to pick out any individual flavor. This was made by Chris Epmer from Shutters, which is a restaurant at the Caribbean Beach Resort.

12-19-2007, 03:09 PM
Day Nine - Party for the Senses - Part Three

I wanted to add that looking through the menu for the first time I was very pleased to notice that there was a lot of meat being served the night, as well as some more unusual things like quail and buffalo, both of which I like, but rarely eat. I was also pleased to notice that everything on the menu sounded good. There were some dishes I was more excited to try then others, some I thought I would really like that I ended up not liking too much, and some that I did not make a priority to try, that I ended up really liking.


Boneless seared breast of quail, with eleven-root hash, and a carrot drizzle. This was excellant, one of my favorites of the night. It was made by Matthew Arbuthnot, from Crystal Palace, which is a must-do for me every trip for breakfast, at the Magic Kingdom.


Slow-braised pork belly with rustic lentil ragout and stone-ground mustard jus. This is one that I didn't try until closer to the end of the evening, when we were just trying to get what we hadn't tried yet. I didn't think I'd like it that much, since I'm big on neither lentils or mustardy things, but this was another favorite of mine from that night. Made by Daniel Sicila from California Grill at the Contemporary Resort.

I find it quite ironic that this dish, as well as one I had at the 2005 Party for the Senses I attended, that I both thought I wouldn't like due to certain ingrediants, both ended up being favorites of mine from both of the parties I attended. Both of those dishes were from chefs at California Grill, which unfortunatly we didn't get to this trip, but I do have it on my list for next year, I did eat there in 2006 though.


Pan-seared striped bass, with roasted corn and chive pudding, dugness crab relish, and sweet pea puree. The piece of bass I recieved was cold and bland, but the accompiaments, especially the crab relish, which was more like a small crab cake, were excellant. I was tempted to eat the whole crab thing myself, my mom would of never missed it, but I was good, and she did get her half of it. This was made by Wade Cramer from the Concourse Steakhouse at the Contemporary Resort, which I'm sad to learn is closing before I get a chance to try it.


Seared sea scallop with watermelon-mint chimichurri oil, ricotta salata, and smoked sea salt. This was excellant, it seemed on the menu like a very odd combination, but it all worked very well together. It was made by Sam Talbot who was a finalist on the TV show Top Chef. (Which is a show I really want to see, but we do not get Bravo at my house. Why can't they release a DVD?)


Duck breast with butternut squash gnocchi and pomegrante port sauce. This was very good, although my mom thought it was a little too salty. (She thinks a lot of things are too salty, but that don't seem salty to me, like frozen pizza.) It was made by Lorene Vanette, also from the Concourse Steakhouse at the Contemporary Resort.

Is it just me, or does it seem like there were a lot of chefs from the Contemporary Resort there that night.

12-20-2007, 11:49 AM
Day Nine - Party for the Senses - Part Four

I have to go to work soon, but I have a little time to try and get more of this posted.


Cocoa-rubbed lamb chop with Asian-inspired pickled root vegetables and espresso reduction. This was good, but a little on the bitter side. It was made by Peng Leoi who is the chef at August Moon Chinese Bistro in Lexington, Kentucky. This is the chef whose demo I wanted to see the next day, but we never got to.


Szechuan-seared beef filet with kimchi and sweet and sour glaze. This was good, but my mom and I agreed that it was a little too spicy. It was made by Keith Shockling who is a chef at Wolfgnag Puck Cafe at Downtown Disney.


Butternut squash gnocchi in a sage-cream sauce with Asiago cheese. This was the first thing we sampled at the event. I thought it was one of the best things all night, and since we were at a table right near it, I had quite a few servings of it. This was made by Mike Reitzler who is the chef at Garden Grill at Epcot.


Charred New York strip steak with a caramelized onion tart and orange marmalade. This is one of the things I thought I would really like, but it was probably my least favorite thing all night. It was very spicy, and I was not expecting it to be spicy at all. It was made by Albert Riviello who is a chef at Le Cellier, which is the Canadian restaurant in World Showcase. The chef from Le Cellier had made one of my favorite dishes at the 2005 Party for the Senses, and Le Cellier is one of my favorite restaurants, so that only added to my dissapointment with the dish. This is the only thing I ate all night that I remember truly disliking.


Smoked buffalo with cherry demi glace and a chipotle-onion potato pancake. I liked this, but my mom didn't, she said it left a bad aftertaste in her mouth. It was made by Wendy Welcovity from Animal Kingdom. This was not listed in the program, I think it was there to replace something else.


Crispy chicken and water chestnut lollipops with wasabi glaze and cilantro sauce. I thought this was good, but my mom really liked it. I thought it was better without the wasabi and cilantro sauces though. This was one of the funnest dishes to look at and eat though. It was made by Brooke Voshia from the Four Seasons hotel in Boston, Massachutes.


Seared dried angus beef with fall squash puree and porcini mushroom ragout. This was excellant, except I didn't try the mushroom ragout, but my mom said that part was good. This was made by Albert Youngman who is a chef at Yachtsman Steakhouse at the Yacht Club Resort.


Maryland crab, bay shrimp, and avocado salad. I thought it was good, but nothing spectacular, my mom on the other hand proclaimed this her favorite dish of the night. It was made by G. Garvin from the TV show Turn Up the Heat.

That's all of the savory items, I'll add the desserts in my next post, but right now I really have to go and get ready for work. Trust me, I'd rather be writing about the desserts.

12-20-2007, 01:06 PM
Wow I didn't realise there were so many dishes and that's just the savoury :faint: Can't wait to read about the best part, dessert :cloud9: :rotfl2:

12-21-2007, 01:50 PM
Great reviews :)

12-21-2007, 03:00 PM
Great reviews!

12-21-2007, 04:55 PM
Wow I didn't realise there were so many dishes and that's just the savoury :faint: Can't wait to read about the best part, dessert :cloud9: :rotfl2:Yes there are definatly a lot of dishes, I'd guess about two dozen at each Party, but they do change weekly. I had hoped to get the desserts posted today, but I got very distracted, a friend stopped by for cookies, and then there was present wrapping, etc. And I still have to go into work tonight, though I'm glad that I should only have "graveyard" shifts until the holiday, so I can at least keep my sanity, which I wouldn't be able to keep if I had to work the day shift.

I may get some more posted tomorrow afternoon, but I'm not sure.

12-22-2007, 12:17 PM
Party for the Senses - Day Nine - Part Five

We had seen a cooking demonstration on day seven by Buddy Valastro making tiramisu. He was at Party for the Senses that night, and had once again made tiramisu. It was the same as the day before, except a much smaller portion, which with everything else, was just the right amount. I didn't take a picture of this since I had one from days before.


Chocolate mousse cake. This was excellant, much better then the one that is served at Cinderella's Royal Table, though that one isn't bad. This was very chocolaty. It was, like the smoked buffalo, not listed in the menu that night, the chef however was, and I think this replaced a pumpkin dessert that had been printed in the menu. This was made by Kelly Smith from the Boardwalk Resort.


Bahama Bliss. I'm not really sure what all was in this, but it was very good. I'd guess it was some combination of mango, papayas, or some other tropical fruits. This was made by Ciril Hitz from Johnson and Wales University.


Citrus tiramisu. Think regular tiramisu, but lighter, and with oranges. This was excellant as well.


These are a bunch of assorted mini-desserts. All of them were very good, but I have no idea what anything is, except I know there was a grapefruit meringue, that was similar to the meringues served at Flying Fish. These, as well as the citrus tiramisu, were made by Antony Fernandez from the Ritz Carlton Lodge in Reynolds Plantation, Georgia.


There was a table set up with many different flavors of gelato. I forget who made these, or where they were from, but I do know that the first picture is a pumpkin cheesecake gelato, which I picked, and was very good, and the second is lemon-basil gelato, which is what my mom picked, but she didn't like it.


Orange and mango infused lemon marscapone cheesecake with raspberry dust and meringue topping. This was excellant, and arguably the best dessert of the evening. It was made by Andreas Born from Disney-MGM Studios.


Chocolate truffles. I missed where these were from too, but they were excellant chocolates.


They also had a few tables with assorted types of cheeses and accompiaments. I had pretty much no idea what any of the cheeses were then, let alone now, but I did find most of them quite tasty. There was one with cranberries I especially liked.

With the cheeses were, among other things, honey comb, and pistachios. I discovered that the pistachios were quite tasty with the honey, and ended up eating quite a few that way.

So that's it, the party lasted for two and a half hours, though we left right before the end to avoid the Illuminations crowd at the buses. There were acts performed by Cirque de Solei, but neither one of us paid much attention to them, I was too caught up in the food, and my mom was caught up in conversations.

Would I do it again? Yes, but with the prices getting higher every year, and my next trip extremely budgeted, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to attend one in 2008.

12-26-2007, 01:44 PM
Day Ten - Everything Pop

Someone had had too much wine at Party for the Senses, and decided she didn't want breakfast, or to go to a park this morning, so we decided that I'd go to MGM by myself, and we'd meet at Epcot at around 11:00.

So I had breakfast by myself at Everything Pop, where I got the breakfast croissiant again. I'm not posting a picture, since I reviewed it a few days ago, and it looked, and tasted exactly the same.

Once again I got two bottles of water, one of which I took to my mom since that was all she had wanted for breakfast. I didn't really need breakfast either, but thought it was best to get it to use up a credit.

Cost - $10.38 (Used One CS Credit)

12-26-2007, 01:50 PM
Day Ten - Writer's Stop

I had heard of the Writer's Stop having a carrot cake woopie pie, and decided that I'd see if they did in fact have it. They did.


The carrot cake cookie part was very good, but the cream cheese filling was a bit of a let down, and too dense. The thing was also too big for one person, and I ended up throwing away a decent amount.

But it was good, though I imagine I would of liked it more if I had actually been hungry when I'd ordered it.

Cost - I believe it was $3.50. I paid for it OOP, but I didn't keep track of the reciept.

01-03-2008, 04:18 PM
Day Ten - Boulangerie Patisserie

I took the boat from MGM to Epcot, and met my mom in France around 11:00. I was able to find her easily, and we decided to use a counter-service credit at Boulangerie Patisserie, since I had always wanted to try it, and there was a very short line, compared to the long one that's always there.

We were told that we could get one savory and one sweet item, or two sweet items, for a credit. Neither one of us was interested in the sandwiches, and we have very good quiche at home, so we decided to each pick out a sweet item, and share them.

This is what my mom picked.


I believe that this was called a marvelous. It was good, but I didn't think it was anything special.

I had hoped that my mom would pick the peach tart, since that looked good, (and she really likes peach things,) but she picked that "marvelous" thing instead, so I got the peach tart.


This was very good, much better then the other pastry. The peaches were fresh, and very sweet tasting. I would get it again, but there are so many tempting choices here, that it would be very hard for me to just get the same thing over and over again.

I also got a diet Coke with the meal, since at that point we had an abundance of bottled water.

Cost - $10.69 (Used One CS Credit)

01-03-2008, 04:44 PM
Day Ten - Food & Wine Festival Marketplace Booths

In this post I will be going over every item we tried before dinner this day. As I said several times already we had many, many, snack credits left. I believe eleven, but due to some CMs ringing it up wrong, even though I always said I wanted to use snack credits, they charged my credit card, (which was on my room key,) instead of taking a dining plan credit two of the times, so we ended up trying twelve different items today. (We used the last snack credit the next day.)

Our first stop, which I actually grabbed on the way back to France since I had to take a bathroom break, was at the Oklahoma Native American booth, where I got the seared buffalo with scalloped wild onions.


My mom actually didn't try this since she wasn't hungry, and she thought it looked to rare, that's what she said anyway. She didn't really feel like eating much at all today, and I think it had something to do with the thirteen glasses of wine from the night before.

I thought it was great. This was something I had said when the menus were first released that we must get this. The buffalo was very good, and the onions were a nice accompiament.

Cost $4.50 (Mistakenly charged to my Visa, it should have been one Snack Credit)

Next we stopped at the Australlia booth where we got two items. I must add that Australlia is the only booth where we really experienced any wait, and my mom for whatever reason gave some attitude to the guy behind us when we were waiting for our food when he asked us if he could just set his beer, (or was it wine,) down on the counter.

Anyway, we got the shrimp on the barbie;


and the grilled lamb chop with caramlized onions.


The shirmp, I thought, were rather tastless, and I didn't care for the vegetables they came with. The lamb chop however, I really enjoyed, and I had it all to myself, since my mom didn't want any of that either.

Cost - $9.00 (Used Two Snack Credits)

Next we stopped at the USA booth, where we got the lobster roll.


It was very good taste-wise, but there was hardly any filling at all. If I had paid for this out-of-pocket, I would have been very upset at the size of the portion. My mom didn't like it at all, she said the same as me, that it was definatly skimpy on the amount of filling, but the roll was huge, and "pasty" white bread, which she hates.

Cost $6.50 (Used One Snack Credit)

I should mention that while in America we attended a beer tasting. I believe that it was hosted by Sam Adams brewing company, but I'm not sure. I am definatly not a beer drinker, and even though I tried a sip of every beer, I didn't like any of them. My mom enjoyed it though, and she drank most of mine too.

Something I didn't like though was that they put the seats very close together, since they were apparently expecting a large crowd, and then they told us to fill in every available seat on the left side. That wouldn't of bothered me, except there were a lot of open seats on the right side during the presentation, and we were very cramped in together on the left side.

Our next stop was the Hops and Barley booth, which we did not get beer at, but the crab cake with lentil salad.


The crab cake was very good, but I did not like the lentil salad, but I've never liked lentils very much.

Cost $3.75 (Used One Snack Credit)

We then started walking towards Norway, since it was almost dinner time, (yes, we had a full table-service meal coming up,) and stopped at the South Africa booth on the way so we could try something that sounded good to me, the spice cake.


The spice cake was very good, with a topping of warm marinated fruit in Rooibos vanilla tea. I could of eaten a lot of these things if I had actually been hungry, but it was so good, and it was one of the cheaper items from the Festival too.

Cost $2.00 (Used One Snack Credit)

01-03-2008, 04:55 PM
Is anyone having trouble viewing my pictures. They aren't showing up except on the ones I just posted today for me. :confused3

01-03-2008, 05:17 PM
Is anyone having trouble viewing my pictures. They aren't showing up except on the ones I just posted today for me. :confused3

I only see today's too. :confused: :confused:

01-03-2008, 05:21 PM
Is anyone having trouble viewing my pictures. They aren't showing up except on the ones I just posted today for me. :confused3

I'm not seeing them either.:confused:

01-03-2008, 06:09 PM
I wonder why that is? :confused3 I know they were showing before. I'll have to mess with them later.

01-03-2008, 08:08 PM
I'll add that I don't see your pictures. I don't know why they aren't working though, that's weird.

I do have a question for you about Everything Pop. Like almost every day you ate breakfast there... what time did you usually get there and how busy was it? I hear stories that people wait in line forever to order their food and then have to wait again to cash out.

01-03-2008, 08:18 PM
I'll add that I don't see your pictures. I don't know why they aren't working though, that's weird.

I do have a question for you about Everything Pop. Like almost every day you ate breakfast there... what time did you usually get there and how busy was it? I hear stories that people wait in line forever to order their food and then have to wait again to cash out.We usually ate before 7:30, since we were always at the buses by 8:00. The one day, (day seven I believe,) we ate later, and it seemed more crowded. I think between 8:00 and 9:00 it was busy, (right about the time we were leaving.) We always ate early, so we never had a problem.

01-04-2008, 12:54 AM
no can't see pics either which is disapointing but the descriptions are great, its 6.00 am and am up feeding the baby and am now feeling very hungry


01-04-2008, 12:58 PM
Day Ten - Akershus Royal Benquet Hall

This was my third time eating at Akershus, but my first time having dinner there. The first time I ate there had been for lunch, and even though the princesses were lovely, I did not care much for any of the food, though I was very sunburned then, and I am very sensitive to sunburn. I had also eaten there for breakfast once, which I'd loved, so I decided to give dinner a try. I noticed while going through my past notes on meals that it had been two years to the day since I had eaten lunch there, not that important, just something I noticed that I thought was funny.

We arrived at Akershus early, but even so, there was a very long line waiting to check-in, and even after we checked in we had a short wait. We were the third party to be seated however, since we had the earliest dinner time possible, but something I though was stupid, is they had a party of at least twenty people, who they seated right before us. That wouldn't of made a difference if it were a regular meal, but they had to have their picture taken with Belle, who was the princess in the lobby today, and they took many pictures, with many different combinations of people. I wasn't annyoed by the group at all, they were paying for the meal, same as we were, so had every right to have that quality time with Belle, but I just thought it was odd, and kind of stupid, that they would of called them, (the party of twenty,) before a party of two, since my mom and I only took about ten seconds with Belle, just a quick hello, and a picture.

When we were seated, fifteen minutes after our ADR time, (and remember we had checked in early, and were some of the first ones seated,) we were greeted by our server, Brigitte. She asked us if we were on the dining plan, and I explained to her we were, but we only had one credit left, (we would have had no credits left, but my mom didn't go to dinner several days earlier when I ate at Wolfgang Puck Cafe.) So I told her that we would be using a credit for one of our meals, and then we would pay out-of-pocket, and use the Disney Dining Experience for the other meal. I thought that might be confusing, but it was not a problem at all.

I was worried that Ariel was not one of the princesses that night, since before she had been a greeter, and tonight the greeter was Belle, so I asked Brigitte who was here tonight, and she said Ariel! So I was relieved. She then told me that the other princesses for the night were Jasmine, (who is my favorite princess,) Cinderella, (who I had never seen at Akershus before, but was glad she was there since I had on my princess shirt, and she was the one in the front,) and Jane! I was surprised to learn that Jane was there, since she is not a princess, and I hadn't heard of her being there before. I would of been more excited, but I had seen her only two nights before at MNSSHP.

To Be Continued.

01-04-2008, 01:01 PM
I just started reading your looonnnnggg but excellent review. Unfortunately, from post #1 through post # 105 NONE of the pictures are showing.

01-05-2008, 12:37 PM
I posted my pics on the food "porn" thread, they are showing up there. They are on pages 576 through 580.

01-08-2008, 03:44 PM
Day Ten - Akershus - Part Two

I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to get around to finishing this, but I haven't been feeling very well the last couple of days. I had a very bad cold, and I just have been spending a lot of time in bed.

We were told that we cold help ourselves at the "fra koldtbord," the cold buffet full of salads, cheeses, and creamed herring.

This is what I had.


I had some greens with ranch dressing, since I had remembered liking the ranch dressing the last time I ate these, but this time it was nothing special. I also had some pasta salad, and potato salad with some kind of an oil dressing. I thought both of those were bland though.

I don't have a picture of what my mom had, but I know she did have some herring, and some smoked salmon, though she didn't think either of them was anything special.

We were also served a bread basket with three different types of bread.


Two were more traditional rolls, but one was a flat bread that was similar to a tortilla. I really liked the butter, which was sweet, that came with it.

For our first entree we had the traditional kjottkake.


It was a patty made from ground beef and pork, and it was very tasty. It was served with potatoes in a butter and parsley sauce, and braised red cabbage. Finally, a dish at Akershus I actually liked!

For our second entree we had a new menu item, braised pork shank.


I didn't like the pork that much, I found it to be a very fatty piece, (which is also my complaint with the lamb stew, fatty pieces of meat,) but I did like the mashed potatoes, and apple slaw that it was served with.

While we were eating our entrees we saw Ariel, Jasmine, Jane, and Cinderella, who were all very nice, though my mom thought Cinderella seemed a bit cold.

We were then served our dessert plate, which had changed since the last time I was there.


(Note - I took this picture with a disposable camera, not my digital one, so that's why this one is better then the others.)

The rice cream, (in the center,) with strawberry sauce, was very good, though my mom didn't think it was that great. She really isn't big on pudding and things though.

The new cappuccino-chocolate cheesecake, was good, and my mom really liked it.

We both agreed though that the best dessert was the "Princess" cake, which was a lemon sponge cake, with a raspberry filling.

The desserts were definatly an improvment over the ones I'd been served the last time, even the rice cream seemed better then before.

Cost - $60.00 (Approx) (One meal OOP, and Used One TS Credit)

01-10-2008, 02:13 PM
Day Ten - Food & Wine Festival Marketplace Booths - Part Two

After dinner we walked through Norway, back through China, all the way too the American Adventure, and almost into Morocco, until we got to the Oklahoma booths again, this time we went to the Route 66 booth, where we got a portion of the native peach buckle.


My mom hated it! I thought the filling was good, but did not care for the pastry.

Cost - $2.00 (OOP, should of been One Snack, but CM made a mistake ringing it through.)

Next we went to the New Zealand booth, which was inbetween Canada and the United Kingdom. There we got the lamb slider.


My mom didn't want any of this, (she really doesn't like lamb that much,) so I had it all to myself. The menu description did say it had a mustard sauce, but I didn't really taste any mustard flavor. It was very good, nice juicy meat, but it was very hot, and I burnt my tounge. I hate when that happens.

Cost - $4.50 (Used One Snack Credit)

Next up was the Canada booth, where we got a sample of the maple custard with an almond crumble.


This was very good! My mom tasted it first, and as soon as she did she said that I would really like it. She was right.

Cost - $1.75 (Used One Snack Credit)

We had a table then, and my mom would stay there when I went to get food, since all the rest of the items we wanted to try were close by. I stopped at the Greece booth next, where I picked up a piece of spanakopita.


For those of you who don't know spanakopita is a phyllo pastry filled with spinach and cheese. It was very good.

Cost - $3.00 (Used One Snack Credit)

Next I went to the Dominican Republic booth, where I got an order of monfongo, which was mashed yuca with pork cracklings and two shrimp.


I couldn't decide wether I liked it or not. It was a very odd dish, the shrimp were good though.

Cost - $3.75 (Used One Snack Credit)

Our last item was the causa de cangrejo from the Peru booth.


I had been looking foward to this, as it was described as yellow potato mash with crab salad, and both my mom and I really like crab, but this was a huge dissapointment, and my least favorite item of everything we had tried this trip, so our Food and Wine samples ended on a sour note.

Cost - $3.50 (Used One Snack Credit)

02-20-2008, 05:58 PM
I've taken Oybolshoi's idea, and have started my own blog of reviews of Disney food, though I'm sure I'll be posting about other things. I have it on restricted access, so I have to invite people to view it, since I am going to probably be including some personal information, but since it is mainly going to be a Disney food blog, I wanted to post about it here.

Right now I only have one post up, but I am planning on adding posts about my early trips to Disney, (when I was a teenager,) as well as my more recent food reviews. It will probably get more trip reporty then most of my dining reviews I've posted in the past have, and include more personal info, but it's my blog, so I can post whatever I want, LOL.

All I need, if any of you are at all interested, are e-mail addresses to e-mail the invite to. Also comments are welcome on my blog, since I've never done a blog before, and would love the input.