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09-07-2007, 07:33 PM
I have decided to post my introduction to my TR tonight. My new husband is asleep on the sofa, all that travelling really takes it's toll. To beat the post wedding blues I am going to go full force into my TR and relive the whole experience again. I warn you now that I am a stickler for details so I tend to report everything and anything, I can remember the most pointless of facts. So if you think I am rambling please be sure to tell me.

So lets begin... :hyper:

The cast:

Summer (me) 27yrs, first time at Disney World but been to Disneyland several time, self confessed theme park freak.
Steven (groom) 31yrs, first time at Disney World but been to Disneyland with me 5 years ago, was more of a supporter of my dream to get married at Disney World.
Mom (my mother, with us for a week) 55yrs, first time at Disney World but been to Disneyland before, fun loving and excitable.

The plan:

1 night at Holiday Inn Express in Glasgow, night prior to flight
3 nights at Caribbean Beach Resort
4 nights at Port Orleans French Quarter
7 nights at The Grand Floridian
3 nights on Disney Cruise Line
4 nights at Crown Plaza Universal

Pixie dust..., it took several days for us to find it, but when we did we were blinded by it. I have learned many things throughout this trip, there were many highs and scattered lows, unforgettable moments sprinkled with pure magic intertwined with some obstacles along the way.
Our Wedding Day however was truly magical, there are no other words to describe it, I became a Princess and Steven my Prince. We married on August 20th 2007 at Sea Breeze Point and this by far exceeded my expectation. The many months prior to the wedding I had envisioned this exact fairytale, from beginning to end, the whole experience was spectacular.
Not everything went to plan however with the honeymoon and we hit some rocky road the few days leading up to the wedding. The phrase 'What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger' resonated before the wedding.

I hope my TR can help other upcoming brides in some way. I read so many before my wedding and I only hope I can make my predecessors proud
I feel very lucky to have stumbled across such a helpful bunch of people who I now call my friends. I have went through it all with you and you have all become part of our special day.

Dreams may come and go, but this one, will last for eternity.

09-07-2007, 07:38 PM
i can't wait to hear more...you have me hooked! congratulations on your dream come true :)

09-07-2007, 07:45 PM
I can't wait to read this... I'm hoping that with four daughters I can talk at least one into getting married at Disney World!

09-07-2007, 08:00 PM
Oh goodie!! I can't want to hear it ALL!!!! You were an absolutely gorgeous bride, Summer! I LOVE the photo in your signature - spectacular! I'm ready and waiting for the next installment! :surfweb:

09-07-2007, 08:31 PM
I'm so excited for your Trip Report.

Can't wait for more. popcorn::

09-07-2007, 09:32 PM
i'm not a bride but an old married woman who celebrated her 30th anniversary in WDW this past may. i saw your pj and just loved it. i'm glad to see you're back reporting. thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

09-08-2007, 02:03 AM
cant wait to hear more!

Missy H
09-08-2007, 02:16 AM
Great Start Summer, are you still sleeping? We need to hear more of the fairytale!

09-08-2007, 02:17 AM
looking forward to hearing all about it

09-08-2007, 02:29 AM
Cant wait!!!

09-08-2007, 05:08 AM

Looking forward to hearing all about it Summer.:goodvibes

09-08-2007, 07:10 AM
I'm excited that you've started your tr so quickly! Looking forward to the next installment :yay:

09-08-2007, 07:35 AM
Great start so far!!! I can tell this is going to be a really good one! :goodvibes
I LOVE that pic in your signature!!!! Can't wait to see more! popcorn::

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! pixiedust:

09-08-2007, 07:41 AM
a wonderful start Summer !

Michelle :cloud9:

09-08-2007, 09:52 AM
Great Start!!! Can't wait to hear more about your wedding!

09-08-2007, 10:03 AM

I'm so glad you're back. Everything looked BEAUTIFUL (especially you ;) )

I can't wait to read all about it!!!!!

09-08-2007, 10:24 AM
Great start. I can't wait to hear the rest.

09-08-2007, 10:26 AM
Hi Summer!! Welcome back!!!! :goodvibes I happened to be able to preview your wedding video and everything looked AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to read more!!! popcorn:: Congrats!!!

dee slack
09-08-2007, 10:47 AM
wow, you were quick to start your TR! Looking forward to hearing all about it:)

09-08-2007, 11:14 AM
Welcome back Summer, can't wait to hear more. You looked so stunning in your wedding dress :goodvibes

09-08-2007, 11:16 AM
your picture looks so beautiful! i can't wait to hear more!!!

09-08-2007, 11:49 AM

Glad you started already. You probably will need to sleep for three days after a trip like that. Your picture in yourt sig is my favorite too. Can't wait for more.popcorn::

09-08-2007, 11:59 AM
CONGRATULATIONS! We just celebrated our 4 year anniversary at WDW a few weeks ago...so jealous about your Disney wedding and can't wait to see pics!!!

We were on the Wonder around the same time as you...did you meet up with any of the jellyfish?!?! :scared1:

09-08-2007, 01:31 PM
Congrats , Congrats ,,, the pictures are gorgeous ,, What a beautiful bride
you are.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful journey !!!!



The Charmed One
09-08-2007, 04:15 PM
Congratulations, can't wait to read all about your beautiful wedding.

09-08-2007, 04:19 PM

I can't wait to read more......popcorn::

09-08-2007, 06:09 PM

09-08-2007, 06:49 PM
Wow you definately know how to start off a report! You looked beautiful on your wedding day. I can't wait to hear all about it! Congratulations!

09-08-2007, 09:00 PM
Welcome back and congratulations! Love the new sig photo! Can't wait for all the details.

09-09-2007, 10:16 AM
Welcome back Summer!! Congrats!!

09-09-2007, 10:29 AM
congratulations Summer, you look stunning! and welcome back
cant wait to read more of your report ( hint hint )

D&R love Disney
09-09-2007, 07:24 PM
Congratulations Summer, I can't wait to read more. I was hoping to "stop by" and take a peek at your wedding but we were already out of the area by the time of your wedding.

09-09-2007, 07:50 PM
What a great start. You started so quickly. I will probably start like a year or so after my wedding :rotfl: Can't wait to hear more popcorn:: Keep it coming!

Anna Marie:bride:

09-10-2007, 08:08 AM
Can't wait to read more!! Great TR Summer. Kxx

09-10-2007, 12:09 PM
Congrats!!! Can't wait to

09-10-2007, 03:29 PM
CONGRATULATIONS!! I haven't been on for a while, so sorry it's a little delayed. BTW, I looked at your pics that Randy took, and I love them all. I especially like the one where you're both walking and your dress is billowing in the wind. I don't have a special reason as to why I like it so much, maybe becuase you look as if it's only you two on an island together? But it sure made me stop and stare :)

09-10-2007, 03:50 PM
Summer!! I was so addicted to your WJ . . . and like everyone else, I can't wait to hear more!!! I wasn't able to view your video, but I've seen your pictures. . . I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! It's a landslide - everyone's in love with your new signature. You truly inspire disney brides to be's and brides that have.

09-11-2007, 12:12 AM
Subscribing...can't wait for the details!

09-11-2007, 05:25 AM
Thank you everyone for the compliments on my photos and video. I know you all haven't seen all my photos from Randy yet, but in some I look down right exhausted and I'm sure you can see me sweating in some pics. Obviously these are not my favourites, but there are so many that are. Stan emailed me yesterday and has said that my finished DVD will likely be available mid October, no way, I have to wait that long!!! I am desperate to see the rest, I had my mom crying yesterday when she viewed it for the first time.

Anyway I think it is time for another instalment on my TR, I spent the majority of the last few days unpacking and cleaning the house, you'll be amazed how dusty a house can get after three weeks.

So on with the show...

09-11-2007, 07:13 AM
Day One...

We awoke at 6.00am, I had great difficulty getting to sleep that night so I was extremely tired. I jumped in the shower first as I had my make up and hair to do while Steven organised a few last minute things. I had given my mom explicit instructions to be at our house by 8.00am. I do not like rushing and I wanted to make sure she had all her documentation with her before we left for the train station. While Steven was in the shower I made sure all my documentation for my wedding vendors was in my travel wallet and we had all the tickets etc. Now I have doing my make up down to a fine art, I can do it in 10 minutes if pushed, but if I have time I spend about 30 minutes doing it, with absolutely no difference:) I could see Steven getting frustrated that I was taking so long:cutie: Anyway my mom called at 7.30am to tell me she was in a cab and she would be about 10 minutes, great, I wasn't even dressed yet! She arrived at 7.45am on the dot and I had ordered a cab for 8.30am to take us to the train station. As soon as she came through the door I started rifling through her documentation, passport, tickets, and travel insurance docs. I made sure she had her meds as she has to take certain tablets for the heart bypass she had 3 years ago. She also had to get extra travel insurance so she would be covered if she had any problems while away.
With that all checked I got dressed and we sat with the Disney DVD on in the background while we chatted about the adventure to come.
8.25am and we get a call that our cab is out front. I do one last check of my documents (yes, I'm obsessive that way) and we grab our bags and go outside. Now Morgan had been picked up the night before to go into the kennel, I found it weird that we closed the door without saying goodbye to him or giving him a hug, I hoped he was enjoying himself and was feeling good, the amount of guilt I felt by leaving him was huge, but the vet had said he was doing well so I didn't really have a choice.
The cab driver helped us with our luggage, my huge pink suitcase, and my mom's smaller pink suitcase, Steven had a huge black suitcase along with his backpack which we had stuffed with all our hand luggage stuff.
In 10 minutes we were at the train station, our train wasn't until 9.37am but I wanted to be there early to check the platform and have some breakfast, as far as I was concerned the holiday had began and I was ready to start eating out;)
We went to a cafe called The Lemon Tree in the station, I had a croissant and a huge Cappuccino, Steven just had Tea and my mom had the same as me. This cost us £9.74 (about $19.00) and I was mortified, I can't believe they charge so much here, I couldn't wait to get to the States where I knew I would get better value for money. Steven said he was feeling a bit nauseated, so I told him he was likely hungry and should eat something, not taking my advice, he sat quietly and drank his tea, men!
After breakfast we went to the FastTicket machine where you can collect train tickets you have ordered online. I swiped the Credit Card and put in the Ref number for mom's return tickets, received them, no problem. I swiped the Credit Card again to input our reference number and our card disappeared...WHAT, the machine stared blankly at me. I told Steven to wait there while I went to find someone. I began to panic slightly, I hoped this wasn't like an ATM where it swallowed your card and didn't give it back! I eventually found someone and she said it happens all the time and she would just switch off the machine and it would spit out my card, thank god. Card in hand I went to try again, this time the machine didn't even ask for my card, it just said Error, so I queued in the ticket line, 10 minutes later I received my tickets and we headed over to the platform. Mini drama over we sat and waited for the train, which appeared 5 minutes later.
Boarding the train was a hoot, these are trains that go to Glasgow which has a huge airport, one would assume the luggage holder would be pretty big, uh uh, it was tiny. I stared at it and laughed, there was no way our 3 suitcases were going to fit and there was no way we could put them in the over head or at our feet. A passenger came up to us and offered to remove his suitcase as it was quite small and was taking up alot of room, we thanked him and proceeded to try fitting our cases into the storage compartment. We ended up having to put our luggage on top of one another and cramming it in so it wouldn't move during transit.
The train journey was uneventful, mom and I chatted non stop, Steven watched the scenery mostly, we had a table seat which I had reserved so it was great to have the table to lean on, and put our coffee when the coffee cart came round;)
At 12.15 we arrived in Glasgow, I knew this station quite well as had often came down to Glasgow on business, so we headed straight for the cabs as I wanted to get to the hotel to drop off our bags. I asked the driver how much to get to The Holiday Inn Express and he quoted me £18.00 ($36.00) I actually thought this was pretty good, so we jumped in. I had never flown from Glasgow before but had specifically booked this hotel because of the close proximity to the airport. 15 minutes later we arrived and we were just 2 minutes walk from the airport, perfect!
I had booked a room with a double bed and double sofa bed, I figured there was no point booking seperate rooms for one night, plus the cost would have been much more than we budgeted for. So we checked in and went upstairs to our room
Here are some pics:

This is the bathroom, it had a great power shower:

Here is a view of our bed:

The sofa bed is in the background:

I was pretty happy with the room, it was small but it was only for one night. So after looking around I decided we should go to Braehead Shopping Mall as there were some things I wanted to pick up and mom wanted batteries for her camera. So we went over to the airport to catch the bus to the mall. Braehead Mall is pretty big and has loads of good stores, I however wasn't in the mood to shop much so I only wanted to pick up what I came for.
Here is a pic of the shopping mall:
We went into Boots which is a huge Pharmacy in the UK, I bought sunscreen, shaving gel for Steven, fake nails and my mom bought batteries and sunscreen.
We had a look round the mall, but we were really worried about our luggage allowance so I was too afraid to buy much more. As it was 2.30pm Steven said he was hungry so I agreed to us eating a snack at one of the counter services at the Food Court. Now I only wanted us to have a snack as I planned on us eating at Tony Romas. We ended up getting a Philly Steak Sandwich each with fries and cokes, so as you gathered we wouldn't be eating at Tony Romas that night.
After lunch we headed over to Xscape Centre which is just across the road from the shopping mall. This is an activity centre that has indoor skiing, wall climbing, mini golf etc. I didn't intend to do any of these things but I wanted to have a look anyway. We stayed for about an hour and then decided to just go back to the hotel and have dinner there later on.
Here is a picture of the outside of the hotel:
I was pretty tired so I decided to take a nap before dinner, Steven managed to snap a pic of me sleeping:
I awoke much more refreshed and we headed down to dinner. The menu was pretty bland so I ordered Carrot and Coriander soup and Sticky Toffee Pudding, Steven had Fish and Chips with Peas and my mom had Pasta Carbonara. My soup was gorgeous, I will say, but the portion was small. Stevens fish was greasy and the fries were undercooked, but mom loved her pasta. This was really expensive too, £30.00 ($58.00), I knew there was a reason I wanted to eat elsewhere:mad:
After dinner we headed up to the room and Steven jumped in the shower then fell asleep almost instantly, I had loads to do, I wanted another shower and had my toe nails to do and I wanted to go over my wedding stuff.
Mom and I chatted til about 12.30am, while we both did our nails, Steven was sound asleep. I pulled out mom's sofa bed while she was in the shower, which believe me was no easy feat. We ended up going to bed at 1.00am and we had to be up at 5.30am, the air con was really loud and I kept waking up through the night. At 3am I got up and switched it off as I was really cold. Steven didn't wake up once but I could hear my mom moving alot too. I think I was so nervous about the flight, I couldn't wait for it to be over. I settled down again and managed to drop off and dream about the fun that was instore.

Coming Up:

No way, we've been upgraded, the dreaded flight, and I never knew I had the attention span of a gnat.

09-11-2007, 07:28 AM
:dance3: oh yes, Summer, that's my happy dance!!! I've been waiting so long for this! :cheer2:

what a wonderful start - you sound like me: checking and double checking everything! the mall looked lovely and yes, isn't it a shame that when you travel, so many places take advantage and charge ridiculous prices??!!! I'm glad that everything started off on a great foot - so to speak! :rotfl:

aren't you just loving married life?? and how is Morgan? looking forward to your next segment ...:yay:

Michelle :cloud9:

09-11-2007, 07:39 AM
:dance3: oh yes, Summer, that's my happy dance!!! I've been waiting so long for this! :cheer2:

what a wonderful start - you sound like me: checking and double checking everything! the mall looked lovely and yes, isn't it a shame that when you travel, so many places take advantage and charge ridiculous prices??!!! I'm glad that everything started off on a great foot - so to speak! :rotfl:

aren't you just loving married life?? and how is Morgan? looking forward to your next segment ...:yay:

Michelle :cloud9:

Thanks Michelle, Yes married life is great, I'm still adjusting though I keep forgetting I'm a wife now, it feels so strange. Morgan is doing well, he was hoarse from barking so much when he was in the kennels but he seems to be doing much better now, he's still eating well and has had no bouts of vomiting since.

Thank you again for that hanky, my mom loved it, I gave it to her a few days before we left as I knew she would cry, I was right she did, buckets full!

To be honest, right now I am searching the internet for good prices to go back to WDW next year, we had such a great time as you will see from my TR that I deperately want to go back again, esp during free dining!!!

09-11-2007, 08:49 AM
I understand!! don't laugh, you have no idea how excited I was when I realized we still have 20 days of TR left to get to!! :rotfl2:

I know what you mean about looking to go back - we are already trying to plan our 1 year anniversary trip for next year! if you plan your's right Summer, maybe you can get the free dining! my boss just came back - he went 9/2 through 9/8 and had free planning. they offered him to book on the spot and he's going same time next year with free dining again - fabulous deal!!!

glad to hear Morgan is great!!!

Michelle :cloud9:

09-11-2007, 09:16 AM
Great start!! I can't wait to hear more :)

09-11-2007, 10:08 AM
I feel pretty guilty about my first day being only the travel to Glasgow so I have decided to put up some of Day two also.

Day two...

We awoke at 5.30am, luckily I had set the telephone for a wake up call as my mom's alarm didn't go off:confused3 My mom said she didn't sleep very well as the mattress was pretty hard, I had asked her the night before if she wanted the bed and Steven and I would take the sofa bed, but she said it was fine, I guess it was more uncomfortable the longer you lay down.
I got in the shower first and applied my make up carefully as I knew it would have to last all day. My mom went in after and Steven went last. We had everything packed and were ready to head over to the airport by 7.00am. Our flight wasn't until 10.00am but for International flights you have to be there 3 hours prior to your flight. So we grabbed our suitcases and headed out the door. We didn't check out as breakfast was included in our hotel stay so the plan was to check in and come back for breakfast. It was a quick 5 minute walk to the check in gate, it took slightly longer as our suitcases were heavy, even with the wheels. We walked up to the desk and checked my mother in first. Her luggage weighed 19.6kg, the limit was 20.0kg so she just made it, I couldn't believe her luggage weighed so much for one week:scared1: Next was Steven and I to check in, I handed her our passports and we went through the sppech of yes, having packed our luggage ourselves and no, it hasn't been out of our possession at any time. I put on my suitcase and was surprised to see my case weighed 18.9kg, phew, I thought we may have to pay extra. As a last ditch attempt to get my wedding dress as a carry on, I asked the check in woman if I could carry it on, she said
"Of course you can"
Me, "Really? I was told it may not be possible."
"Let me just check"
She toddled off to her superior and came back about 2 minutes later and apologised profusely.
"I'm so sorry, the rules must have changed, it has to go into the hold"
"Oh, okay then" I felt deflated, I had got my hopes up in that split second she wandered away, never mind, I was positive my dress would be fine.
So we continued with the check in process, Steven put on his bag and it weighed in at 24kg, oh, oh, looks like we have to pay. She informs us that the luggage is fine as our allocation is 30kg each for Steven and myself, huh?
I was told 20kg and 5kg for hand luggage, nope, again 30kg and 10kg for hand luggage! I ask why and she says, "Well you're first class" Huh again, WHAT?
"You are a Premiair Gold passenger, your allocation is 30kg, didn't you know?"
"Um no"
"Oh well, you are, you're luggage will be first off the plane in Sanford, hope you have a wonderful wedding and great trip"
I thanked her and Steven and I moved aside and looked at our boarding passes, right enough, it said 1st Class, but it also confirmed that mom was not with us, she was in Economy and we were right at the front of the plane. We asked her if she was okay with this. I really didn't want to pass up this huge upgrade, we had never flown 1st Class before and it seemed a wonderful amount of pixie dust to receive and this was before we even left Glasgow:yay: My mom was disappointed but agreed that we couldn't pass it up, she said she would likely sleep anyway. We looked into how much it would cost to upgrade my mom, but it would have been an extra £400 ($790) as you had to purchase it for both legs of the flight. There was no way we could have afforded that and I know my mom certainly couldn't. She seemed okay and I said I would come back and check in on her throughout the flight.
We walked back to the hotel and had our included continental breakfast.
It was pretty bland, croissants, danish, orange juice and coffee. I was too excited to eat much anyway. I was really hyper through nerves and excitement when I get like this I talk and talk, I can't remember what I talked about but I do remember Steven saying he hoped I wouldn't be like that for the whole flight:rotfl:
After breakfast we checked out and walked back over to the airport, we decided to head straight for the departure lounge as I wanted to buy some nail polish remover wipes and currency. We went through the metal detectors and had to remove our shoes, including my flip flops:confused3 Nothing out of the ordinary happened and we were waved through after I got randomly searched. The departure area was huge, I found Boots again and bought nail varnish remover and we bought $600 in cash as we already had $500 in checks. I also purchased travel sickness meds as Steven sometimes gets bothered by this. He took one immediately hoping it might make him drowsy on the plane.
Now I had purchased an Executive lounge pass which we had access to from 6am-9am, it was already 8.15am and it was decided that we didn't really have enough time to get there and actually enjoy it, so we chose to just go straight to the Gate. I was disappointed as I was really looking forward to the Exec lounge, but I didn't want to chance missing boarding so I put it down to bad timing.
We sat and looked at our plane through the window, it looked much bigger than I remember:
At 9.15am there was the announcement for all wheelchair assisted and stroller passengers to make their way to the Gate for boarding, 5 minutes later all 1st class passengers were called. I guess this was us:cheer2: I told mom she had to wait for her row to be called, she was row 18 and I told her they usually call rows 10 -20 together. She said if they didn't call her in 5 minutes then she would just board. We explained it doesn't work that way and you have to wait to be called. I already knew that this week was going to be quite difficult. I love my mom to pieces but she has a habit of following other people instead of finding out for herself. Throughout this vacation she did just that and it left me a bit frazzled to say the least.
So we were boarding, our seats were 1A and 1B, we were ushered right up to the front of the plane, the seats were leather and they had spongy headrests, the legroom was fantastic, put it this way, I could stretch out my legs and not touch the wall. We were offered a complimentary pre flight drink so we both took wine. Although we are not wine drinkers we were both nervous about the flight, we hadn't flown in a while and our last flight was pretty bad.
Steven had almost finished his wine when he remebered the travel meds, I checked the box and, yes, it advised not combining with alcohol, oops! So he stopped drinking and switched to water instead. I managed to get 3 alcoholic drinks in before we got ready for departure, 2 glasses of wine and 1 baileys. Yup, I was nervous.
The stewardess came round collecting glasses and the announcement came over that we had to watch the safety routine as we got ready for departure. We started to move and the emergency exits were being shown along with the lifejacket speech. I breathed deeply as I watched the crew sit down and belt themselves in.
We began hurtling down the runway and I quickly asked Steven for some gum. I have problems with my sinuses since my fall last September, so my ears sometimes cause me a problem. I chewed the gum frantically and grabbed on to the arm rests, I felt the lift off and started breathing faster, I looked out the window every so often, but declined when I saw we were turning. I used to be such a great flyer, now I am terrible, I hate any kind of turbulence even though I know it's normal.
I asked Steven about 5 times in the space of 10 minutes whether we were cruising yet, the answer was always "NO" with a variation of sighs tagged on to the end. It seemed to take forever for the stewardess to get out of her seat, when I saw her come down the aisle I calmed down a bit, I must admit to reading the crews faces intently now during any bouts of turbulence:eek:
The drinks came out pretty quickly and then the food about 11.30. As we were in first class we received better and more food. We were advised that the bar was complimentary so to ask for drinks as much as we liked. YAY!!!
We received a cold pasta side dish, which I didn't really care for but Steven liked, a chicken breast fillet done in red wine gravy with carrots and roast potatoes, a small bun (I always love these) Bannoffee Cream Pie (very sweet) Crackers and cheese, dried fruit (didn't eat these) and 2 chocolates (very nice) I also had coffee and a bottle of water. After lunch we were handed out these handheld TV's. I ended up trying to watch Music and Lyrics (Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant) but I couldn't get into it. I watched 10 minutes of a Friends episode I had seen dozens of times (Thanksgiving episode), Simpsons episodes again, why do they always show the same ones? So I started flicking through Radio Stations and noticed that I couldn't concentrate on anything. Steven was quite happily watching the TV. So I got up to look at the toilet. Thats right to look at it, I only used it once during the whole flight, but looked at it 7 times:laughing: It was a great source of distraction during times of minor turbulance. I then went to visit mom, and asked about the take off and food. She was fine and I stood there for about 10 min chatting.
I then went back to my seat and Steven could see me staring at him.
"I'm bored" It was only 2pm UK time, we had only been in the air for 4 hours and I was really unsettled. I couldn't see anything out the windows but clouds, the TV was a pain, and because Steven was content watching TV, I had no one to talk to:sad2:
Throughout the flight I chatted on and off to Steven, grabbed his hand when there was turbulance and although I will agree it was minor, I didn't like it one bit. The flight was long, boring and I didn't like the fact I was so nervous. I just wanted to be on the ground and for the flight to be over, I knew I would relax once I landed.
The Captain announced that we were flying over Iceland and I noticed some icebergs but that was all, then again later over Greenland, not much happening there either.
About 6 hours into the flight we encountered some turbulance, the seat belt sign went on and panic set in again, externally I looked very calm, but on the inside I was not doing so well. I would look out the window and say, "it's just clouds, that's why there's turbulance", or "we are over water and there is always more bump over water" yes, all that being true, it still didn't help me that much. After the main movies played it would show us where we were on the map, I remember cursing at 6 hours in, noting that we were still in Canada, "MY GOD, how big is Canada"?
Six and a half hours in I asked a crew member if he knew where we were, he checked with the cockpit and confirmed we were flying over Canada now, WHAT, STILL? I looked out the window and noticed land and lakes and I thought, but it looks like Maine or something like that. I badly wanted to be on US land as it would feel like we were so much closer to landing. The captain did not update us like I would have hoped 8 hours in our TV screen stated that we had 40 min flying time left. Hmmm, and I thought we were still in Canada;) As the time ticked down, we gradually descended and I saw the cluds over Florida, yikes that meant a bumpy landing. The captain announced that we were flying over Daytona Beach and it was a beautiful sight, I really wish we had taken pics of it. I had hoped I may have been able to see the spires of MK from the plane but I knew we were pretty far away from it.
The crew was told to get ready for landing, the collected our TV's and any rubbish and belted up. We went through some fluffy clouds which are always pretty bumpy, I didn't know though that we would have to turn quite steeply to land in Sanford, damn, I hate this. We seemed to be descending for such a long time, to be honest I think he was waiting for clearance but never said. We landed with no problems though and on time, I looked out the window to notice some rain droplets forming, I thought to myself that it was so typical, I brought the weather with me:rolleyes:

Coming Up...

YAY, we are in Orlando, where are my suitcases??? Our coach transfers are going to where? Will we make it to 'Ohanas?

09-11-2007, 10:13 AM
Yea! :cool1: I'm loving this TR. Great start...I can't wait to read more. This is getting me even more excited for my own wedding!

Anna Marie:bride:

09-11-2007, 10:21 AM
OMG!!! I'm loving this :goodvibes :banana: :yay: I'm off to read The Flight installment... :cheer2:

09-11-2007, 10:30 AM
Ooooo this is so good Summer - you are a brillant writer - I can't wait to read more for your TA. It is fabulous that you were upgraded to first class - what a great surprise. I'm so chuffed for you guys. :goodvibes Can we have the next installment very very soon purrrwwwweeeassse lol

09-11-2007, 10:44 AM
Lovin' it! Waiting for more.

09-11-2007, 10:47 AM
fabulous writing makes for intriguing reading - thanks!!! glad you and Steven were upgraded to First Class - that's a treat I've never had either!

very much waiting with anticipation for the next "leg" of your trip - popcorn::

Michelle :cloud9:

09-11-2007, 10:54 AM
Well because you guys asked so nicely I will go work on the next instalment now. At least it gets more interesting now that we're in Orlando, plus I have loads of pics coming up!

09-11-2007, 11:17 AM
Day two, Part two...

So we had arrived in Orlando, after months of planning I was here, it all seemed surreal at the moment and I was just eager to get off the plane and get my suitcase.
We had filled in the visa waiver forms on the plane so it was just a matter of going through security and collecting our bags. We gathered our stuff and exited the plane and immediately I felt that Orlando humidity, I grinned as I had been hoping that it would be hot. We had a terrible summer in Scotland so I was desperate to get some heat.
Going through security was pretty easy, we got called up to a window and was told to show our passports and forms that we had filled out. My mom looked blanky at me and I shown her the forms. She hadn't filled it out, even though I had told her too while on the plane:rolleyes: The security officer sent her back to the desk to fill it out while he processed our forms. We had to put our index finger on the plate and confirm that we were here on vacation. It was over pretty quickly and painlessly, except my mother was taking forever to fill out her form. Security waved us on and we tried to hold back for my mother but we were informed that we couldn't wait there. She was still writing and I said I had no idea how that little form could be taking so long! We were ushered in to collect our bags and noticed that nothing had came out yet. So we waited for both my mom and my bags. We waited and waited some more, still no sign, bags started coming out, but not ours, people were milling through the airport but not mom. Where was she? Where were my bags? I started to panic a bit, my suitcase was pretty bright so I knew it would be easily spotted, where on earth was my mom?
20 minutes went past and no more bags came out, my heart sank, my mom still hadn't arrived but I didn't want to leave, where was my bag?
A baggage handler jumped up on conveyor belt and said there was a blockage. A woman that had been sitting behind us asked whether we were told if our luggage would come out first? I told her yes and that my wedding dress was in there and I was now really worried. She tried to make me feel better and said she was sure our luggage was fine.
I turned around and saw my mom slowly walking in, why is she taking her time like that? Doesn't she know my wedding dress is missing?
I waved her over and I told her my suitcases were not out yet, but loads had been unloaded and ours weren't there. At that moment a pink suitcase fell on to the conveyor belt, it was my moms. But that means that all the Economy passengers are now getting their luggage what about 1st class? Have they all been unloaded? One by one I saw passengers collect their luggage, it became apparent that pink was very popular and my mom proceeded to tell me that every pink suitcase that appeared on the conveyor belt was mine, "No, no that's not mine, nope not mine either, mom, it's too small, it's a dark pink mine is light" this continued for about 15 minutes where I had almost ressigned myself to the fact that my dress was gone and I would be spending the next 4 days searching for a wedding dress. The area was almost empty and the luggage had slowed down, tears began to form as I realised how much I loved that dress.:scared:
Then through a band of light it fell on to the conveyor belt, I started jumping up and down, "my dress, my dress, it's my dress" Steven's suitcase followed and all was well once again.

09-11-2007, 12:16 PM
What a scare! I would have been freaking out! Glad to hear the dress, and the luggage, made it's appearance.

09-11-2007, 12:28 PM
heart stopping moments - after ALL the drama you had with your dress dilemma to begin with!! glad you all arrived in Florida ...so what's next?! :rotfl:

Michelle :cloud9:

Missy H
09-11-2007, 01:59 PM
What happened next? This is better than a book!

Great TR Summer, can't wait to read the next chapter!

09-11-2007, 04:06 PM

I don't think I can say enough how much I LOVE your sig pic - GORGEOUS!

OK, i haven't read the last installment yet, just caught up with the first two....my mom sounds veeeery similar to yours. you're so good with her...me and my mom, well lets just say I'm not as patient as you are, haha...

you were making me laugh with your impatience on the flight...I hate long flights too, and I had no idea Canada was that big! haha....

ok, i'm off to read the latest...I hope they didn't lose your luggage!


09-11-2007, 04:32 PM

OMG. I was tearing up of the thought that they lost your dress. I am so glad it came down with that ray of light :). Glad that you got bumped up to 1st class, too bad they didn't bump your mom up too. Can't wait for the next installment. :banana: popcorn::

PS I didn't know Canada was so big either (I'm in Connecticut)

09-11-2007, 05:07 PM
ok, you've totally inspired me to ship my dress to florida...i would have had a panic attack if i'd been you...but at least you handled it well!!!

09-11-2007, 05:43 PM
So much excitement and it's only day 2!!!

09-11-2007, 08:54 PM
Great TR, Summer! popcorn:: I'm hooked!! Oh my gosh! You must have been just dying waiting for your luggage and dress to show up! :scared1:

09-11-2007, 09:04 PM

What a fantastic start. I had to laugh about your Canada comments. Yes -- it is that big ;) In fact flying from Ontario to BC can cost as much as a ticket from Ontario to England :scared1:

Can't wait for the next installment popcorn::

09-11-2007, 09:57 PM
I have been a long time lurker on your PJ and I am loving your TR. Keep it coming!!!!popcorn::

09-11-2007, 10:07 PM
Great start to your TR! :goodvibes

You sound just like me when it comes to flying. The more I fly the more stressed out and scared I become. Just don't fly over Tokyo, Japan. I was flying back to the US from China last year and the turbulence over Tokyo was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. There were times that the plane would literally drop in the air and then begin to violently shake. :scared1: I was terrified and honestly thought that I was going to die!

09-12-2007, 06:26 AM
Thanks everyone for your comments, yes, it was a very nerve wracking time for me. I honestly thought my dress was gone for good. The first few days in Orlando had several hairy moments, but we got through them to have the best honeymoon ever. You will see why later on in the TR.
Now for the next instalment...

09-12-2007, 06:50 AM
aaww Summer, type faster -I have to get ready to go to work!! :lmao:

Michelle :cloud9:

09-12-2007, 07:04 AM
I'm on my lunch hour, sitting comfortably with soon potato, leek and rosemary soup - I'm so ready for the next installment :goodvibes

09-12-2007, 07:21 AM
Day two, Part three

So I had my luggage, I breathed a huge sigh of relief as we went to find our Coach that would be taking us to WDW:yay: Now I hadn't told my mom this as I didn't want to stress her out but there had been two seperate coaches booked. My mom would be leaving WDW after 1 week so her coach transfer was going to be with Mears and our transfer was to be with Coach USA. I had only found this out about 4 weeks before we were due to leave and I tried to fix it, but we were told we would be charged $50 for my mom to be on the same Coach as us. I figured it would be fine for us to go seperately as it was going to drop her right there.
Anyway it took a little time to find where we were supposed to go. I know Sanford airport is small but the directions weren't that clear. I went up to the Airtours desk and I asked if I was in the right place. I gave her my name and she handed me my Welcome Pack, or at least that's what it said on the envelope. She told me to go out and take a left where I would see our Coach transfers. So, we gathered our luggage again and I went to see them, telling my mom and Steven to hang back. I told them we were here for our Coach transfers. I gave them mom's name first and they said they had her and confirmed that she was going to CBR, that was correct, they would also be picking her up from CBR in a weeks time, not correct, I explained to them that we would be moving to POFQ after 3 nights so she would need to be picked up from there. She seemed a bit confused but changed the paperwork to reflect our move. She then went on to us and said we are taking you to Crowne Plaza, not correct, we were going to CBR with my mom! So she said we were getting picked up from POFQ, not correct again, we were getting picked up from Crowne Plaza. I shown her my most recent paperwork which detailed my transfers, she sighed and said that the agency had not notified them of these changes but she would change all the documentation for me. Strike one for our travel agency!:mad:
She advised me that we would all be travelling in the same coach. Really? I informed her that I had been advised otherwise but she said that if we are all going to the same place then we would be travelling in the same coach. Okay, it worked better for us so I didn't complain.
After all that we moved round the corner to catch our coach. I couldn't see any driver there anywhere, so we saw our coach and started loading our luggage. A few minutes later the driver came up to us and said we couldn't load it ourselves as all the bags are in order of drop off, oops, we didn't know that. So he unloaded and reloaded our luggage, oh well!
Here is a pic of our coach:
We gave him our transfer tickets and boarded. The welcome agent came on the coach along with several other passengers, she picked up her mike and started going on about the welcome meeting etc, I never go to these things, I lose too much precious time when we have a schedule to work from;)
Anyway she wishes us all a great trip and leaves the coach, then we're on our way:woohoo:
I decide to look at my welcome pack and open it to find one sheet of paper with telephone numbers to call if we have any problems or emergencies. Okay where were my tickets? Where were my other welcoming things? My travel agancy did not explain the 'key to the world' cards. I had never stayed on Disney property before so was unaware that my theme park tickets would be on my room key. I paniced, where were my tickets?, I needed them for that night, I knew I didn't have the energy to discuss all this with my ground agent. All I wanted to do was get to the hotel and relax.
I started getting agitated, the coach driver comes over the mic telling us that CBR would be his 4th stop, ETA, 5.30pm. WHAT??? I had 'Ohana reservations at 7pm, there is no way we could make it, not if I had another crisis on my hands with tickets. I wanted a shower, to change, I wanted a nap god dammit!!!! How is that possible? We arrived at 2.05 pm, I thought I had made my reservation in plenty of time, great, everything is falling apart.
My mini meltdown became apparent and Steven started saying we would never make it to 'Ohanas for 7pm. WHAT??? Don't be silly of course we will, even though I knew he was right, I didn't want to admit it. I tell them 'Ohanas is just a bus journey away from the hotel. My mom looks at me and says "but I thought you booked a restaurant at the hotel"
"No, when did I ever say that, I have told you all for months where we are eating"
"Oh but I'm too tired to go out of the hotel, I thought you would have booked one there, what posessed you to book one far away"?
My good manner was about to falter, I was tired and annoyed and my mom was acting like I hadn't told her squat. I had made sure everyone was well aware of the plans I had made and now all I could see was them getting flushed down the toilet. I wanted to scream:mad:
Calmly I said "It is not far away, it is one bus ride away, I have had this reservation for 180 days, I don't want to eat at the hotel as I've read that the restaurant there sux, okay?"
As an afterthought I said "Why don't you stay home then and Steven and I will go out to eat?"
I didn't mean to sound annoyed or say anything like that, but I felt like I was going to explode. All I could hear were all the conversations of the past four months or so circling in my head, all the conversations where I told my mom what we were doing, when we were doing it, and she looked at me as if I had roaches crawling out of my ears when I mentioned the restaurant.
I really wanted to go to 'Ohanas but I knew deep down that we wouldn't make it. I asked Steven if he thought I should try and call and we could make it for 8pm, he said I could if I really wanted too.
My mom said she was too tired to go anywhere and wanted to go back and sleep, so I relented and agreed that we wouldn't go to 'Ohanas. I said if we were hungry later on we would just grab something at CBR.
I went quiet, something I always do when I am fuming, I looked out the window at the scenery and houses passing by. We stopped off at AKL first, then All Star Sports then Pop Century. I was already disappointed and started to worry about what was to come when I arrived at CBR...

09-12-2007, 07:37 AM
Aw Summer I can imagine just what you were going through - my Mum has a nack of saying things that have me thinking banging my head off the nearest wall would be just as efficient! lol You did well to sit quiet on the bus. I think I'd have been fumming too Kxx

09-12-2007, 09:34 AM

I read you PJ and now I'm sooo wrapped up in you TR. I'm glad I've caught it from the begining.

I almost cried when you luggage didn't come out, and I was fuming right along with you when your Mom "played dumb."

Thank you for providing such entertaining, relevant reading material!!!!!

09-12-2007, 09:40 AM
aaww Summer, I feel so bad for you! I know how heartbreaking it is when you've everything set in stone and then it starts to unravel - just makes you want to scream, cry and tell everyone else to go to hell, right??!! :eek:

I'm waiting for the next installment and keeping my fingers crossed that things turned out better at the hotel than you've left us with....:hug:

Michelle :cloud9:

09-12-2007, 09:51 AM
Kirsteen - Yes, I did have some very stressful moments with my mom, but we got past them and we are probably closer now because of it.

MistressOfAllEvil - Thanks for reading my long PJ, my TR is going to be even longer but once I get day 2 out of the way I have loads of pics to break it up. I have over 1300 pics that we took alone, let alone wedding pics.

Michelle - Yes, it does get better but not yet, I'm afraid we are in for a bumpy ride...

09-12-2007, 09:54 AM
Ohmygoodness - you've had enough bumps - so pleased that you have had lots of happy endings too :goodvibes looking forward to your next installment and your photos too. :cheer2:

09-12-2007, 10:16 AM
Oh no, more bumps! Say it isn't so. Hope it's nothing too major.

09-12-2007, 10:36 AM
Day two, Part four

We arrived at CBR and we got out and tipped the driver $6.00, we didn't know the tipping suggestion so we tipped what we thought was okay. We ended up arriving at CBR at 5.45pm. I was exhausted as were Steven and my mom. We had been up since 05.30am UK time and it was the equivalent of 10.45pm UK time here.
We walked up to The Custom House and it looked beautiful, I smiled, very happy that I had chosen to stay at CBR. A Bell boy asked if we wanted our luggage to be taken to our room, totally surprised we agreed and said we hadn't even checked in yet. He explained that if we go and check in and come back with our room number he would then deliver our suitcases. Sure, I guess...
So we went into the Custom House, leaving behind our bags, and me constantly looking over my shoulder at them, not particularly wanting to leave my wedding dress yet again. We walked straight up to check in and I had all my vouchers at hand along with my mom's.
I immediately asked if my theme park tickets were here and she explained the 'key to the world' card to me, thank god, I relaxed a bit.
She then went on to explain the layout of the resort and gave us a map, EMH brochure and more info about the resort. She explained that we would have adjoining rooms, on a high floor, great, just what I had hoped for.
She handed me the key to my room and I looked at it and noticed that the check out date was wrong. It stated the 08/23, we were actually checking out on 08/19 and moving to POFQ. I knew I had to query this but Steven was standing right there and this was a major surprise I had planned, he had no idea we would be moving to POFQ, and I knew how badly he had wanted to go. So I bit the bullet and just decided to hell with it, I had to know why the check out date was wrong.
She looked up the computer and said "This is the funkiest thing, according to this you are checking out on the 19th but your key says the 23rd, huh..."
I asked her if she could possibly check my POFQ reservation to make sure it was there, she managed to do this and confirmed that, yes, it was there and we would be checking in there on the 19th, but there was a problem...
We had managed to secure 14nights DDP for our reservation, CBR had us down for 7 nights DDP, but only if we stayed there, POFQ had no note of our DDP but they did have a room reservation. This was the same for my mom aswell:confused3 I didn't know what to do or say, neither did the receptionist. She said to just go to our room and for me to call POFQ in the morning and see what they are saying at their end, she assured me that this would all get sorted out somehow.
Hmmm, not very reassured, I left, I was so tired and really just wanted to go to our room and have a shower. I really wanted to look around the grounds at least and maybe grab a bite to eat.
We went outside and gave the bell boy our room numbers. Steven and my mom wanted to catch the bus to the room, but I flat out refused, I wanted to see some of the grounds and I knew we would likely only be about 5 minutes from our room. We were given the Aruba section on the second floor, the resort looked so beautiful and although we had a bit of difficulty finding it to begin with, we did eventually find it, 15 minutes later:laughing:
So we finally got into our room and I immediately took some pics
This was a picture of the beds, I ran over to put the lights on first to make it cosy:
A view into the vanity area:
A view of our TV closet and table:
Another view of our beds from the vanity area:
A shot of the bathroom:

The room was huge, much bigger than I had imagined, it was very bright and cheerful, just what I needed after our long journey. We had adjoining rooms but the door could be locked for privacy. My mom was really impressed by it all and I could tell Steven really liked it too. We immediately went to the bed and was taken aback by how high they are, they were also really comfy. We both clambered on top of the bed and lay down, I wanted a shower asap so I decided not to fall asleep but to wait instead for my case.
So I waited...and waited, 30 minutes later and still no case, okay, where is it?
I decided to call down to reception and ask and she put me through to bell services. I gave them my room number and name and inquired about our luggage.
"Um, they have already been delivered" he said.
"Um, no they haven't, I haven't left this rrom since I checked in and they aren't here"
"Well it says here they have been"
"I think I would know if I had received my suitcases"
"Hmmm, I guess I'll have to go check then, I'm gonna have to call you back"

I hang up the phone and scream "MY SUITCASES ARE GONE, THEY SAY THEY'VE BEEN DELIVERED" I was very close to losing it at this point, I was shaking and I could feel myself going. My mom then comes through and starts to panic too, making it much worse for me.
"But you're wedding dress is in there"
This statement causes me to go.
I know this and stating it doesn't help at all, visions of me getting married in a sundress start floating in front of my eyes and I flop on the bed, my head is pounding and I can't see straight, white flashes appear and I feel very heavy all of a sudden. Everything fades to black...

09-12-2007, 10:41 AM
:scared1: :scared1: :scared1:

Michelle :cloud9:

09-12-2007, 10:56 AM
:eek: :scared1: :eek: :scared1: Nooo!! Kx

P.S. you are so good - you should publish this.

09-12-2007, 11:06 AM
Dont leave us in suspense Summer, we need the next installment!!!

but OMG you did have a bumpy start, I hope there aren't any more.

Your description of Sanford made me laugh, I remember being totally lost and confused looking for our transfer when we landed there on our first Disney trip. Oh, and our holiday rep had gone home.....LOL

09-12-2007, 11:07 AM
oh my goodness!! what a tough first day...

09-12-2007, 11:11 AM
:eek: Sorry to hear about your dramas with the luggage! And every problem is magnified when you're tired and just stepped off a looong transatlantic flight! Hope everything gets better soon!

The CBR is a beautiful resort isn't it? It was the first Disney resort we stayed at in 1997 (we stayed offsite on previous trips). We were in Aruba too, also in a room on the second floor! I don't remember the room number now, but it overlooked a courtyard I think.

I agree with everyone else, you're a great trip report author! I'll be checking for updates!:flower3:

Missy H
09-12-2007, 12:39 PM
This so not fair Summer! You can't do this to us. What happened? Was it the heat or the missing suitcase?????? Please tell!!!!!!!

I am loving your report I just can't cope with the suspense!

09-12-2007, 02:16 PM
:scared1: Summer did you faint? OMG. I can't wait until the next installment. I have to agree to with everyone you are a wonderful writer. popcorn::

09-12-2007, 02:38 PM
Summer, you tease! Hoping you didn't faint dead away. Yikes!

I love your CBR pics, makes me want to be there soooo badly.

09-12-2007, 03:42 PM
Summer, you have us hook, line, and sinker. I have been running to the computer at least every hour checking for updates.

Thanks for writing about your Disneymoon! It is so much fun to read, but now I am left hanging wanting to know what happened. :scared1:

09-12-2007, 04:34 PM
WOW! What an awful start! I feel like I'm reading a novel...this is great!!

09-12-2007, 04:34 PM
What a cliff hanger.. I can not wait to read more!!! :thumbsup2

09-12-2007, 05:21 PM
OMG!!! Here I am tring to get some last minute wedding stuff done (that has to be done in the next 2 weeks before I leave for my wedding) and I can't seem to get it done because I am glued to my computer! What a report! More please...we are waiting and I need to get some wedding work done :rotfl2:

Anna Marie:bride:

09-12-2007, 06:13 PM
I'm glad you loved the CBR. It's our favorite resort. I can't bring myself to venture out and try the others.

You have us on the edge of our seats with your TR. Can't wait to hear the rest.

09-13-2007, 10:20 AM
alright Summer, hands down, your TR is a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so when do we get more? pleassseeeeeeeeeeee...:lmao:

Michelle :cloud9:

09-13-2007, 10:33 AM
Summer, great trip report. I agree with Michelle...a winner. Guess what, I just finished my trip report too! Well, I have just the dessert party to add but its just about done. Check it out. I didn't want you to finishe before me:goodvibes since I have been married for almost 6 months!

09-13-2007, 11:22 AM
I must be very dumb-- This is such an exciting story --- Please tell me how to view the photo's ---- I'm confused --- Sorry ??????:idea:

09-13-2007, 11:25 AM
Summer - I have been enjoying your report! Some scary moments....and chuckling about your mom, all I talked about were the plans, sent news letters with the plans and had a book in there welcome bags and NO ONE knew what the hell was going on at my wedding either....hahaha so I COMPLETELY understand!

09-13-2007, 01:47 PM
Maddiesmum03 - Poor you, to be honest I don't even think we had an actual person as a rep, I had a name and a bit of paper, actually I think that was my rep:laughing:

jasonandlisa - Thanks for reading along, yes it was tough but it does get better eventually.

mcarthur205 - CBR is beautiful, I wouldn't mind staying there again and getting a better look around the resort, that place was huge!

Missy H - You'll just have to stay tuned to find out, I can't help writing like this, it's fun;)

DisneyLaura - All will be revealed in the next instalment...

oneyodafan - I know I'm terrible aren't I, but it makes for fun retelling.

desiab - Thanks for the compliments, I intend to update more regularly over the weekend and at least so I can start posting some holiday snaps!

MUDisneyCouple - You do realise that my TR is going to be the length of a novel don't you?

IloveChip - The next instalment will be up tonight!

dizneyfreak - I am so sorry, I don't mean to keep you from your wedding stuff, I know how it is though, you get immersed in peoples TR's, well I certainly did. Thanks for taking time out!

HarbinsMom - I tried 3 Disney Resorts but would have loved more time at CBR, it looked so beautiful especially at night and the rooms were huge!

Michelle - Thanks for keeping on me, today I was printing out some MK Bridal Shoot pics, so I was away all day, but I will get on it just now:)

Danielle - I will have to take a look at your TR this evening if I can, if not I promise to do so tomorrow, did you struggle to remember some of the details so far on? So glad you finished it!

gayles - Thanks for reading. How are the pictures appearing on your screen? You should just be able to view the pictures that I have posted, is it those you are talking about?

Alison - Didn't you just want to wring someones neck when they all play dumb? I got like that several times during the 1st week, it's like I had been talking to a brick wall for months.

Okay peoples, I know you have all been patiently waiting for the next instalment, so on with the show...

09-13-2007, 02:09 PM
I just read your last installment! I don't know if I can handle the suspense! I must know what happened :)

Awesome TR so far :yay:

09-13-2007, 02:20 PM
I love how you addressed each of your adoring fans, Summer. ;) We're all obsessed to see if a new installment has been put up.

09-13-2007, 02:58 PM
Day 2, part 5

I come round several minutes later, part of me thinks I may have just fallen asleep while the other part of me thinks I definately fainted. I have a habit of fainting if I get stressed or am in alot of pain, since I knew it wasn't the latter, I put it down to the stress. The worst thing was that neither my mom or Steven realised I had fainted:sad2: My mom had went back through to her room and Steven had went into the bathroom, I had only been out of it for a few minutes it seemed as my mom came through with the continuing conversation.
"So what are they doing about it"
Totally puzzled, I didn't answer but picked up the phone and dialled reception again to get through to Bell Services.
I get the same guy and he explains that they tried to deliver them but we weren't there to accept them. Really? How could I have not been here, I hadn't left. It dawned on me that we had taken about 15 minutes to find our room in the first place, could they have tried to deliver it then? Seemed probable.
"Well I'm here now"
"Okay we'll bring them up to you".
I hung up, feeling a tad better. My mom starts looking out the window and with every van that passes exclaims "Here's it" then sighs "No it's not" After about 30 minutes or so of this, I grow very tired and my impatience is beginning to wear very thin, I am getting hungry and am still peeved that I cannot go to 'Ohanas. I go out of the door and just lean on the railings of the walkway and take a deep breath, the air calms me and the beauty of the resort envelopes me. I inhale the scent of the flowers below and everything is well. Five minutes later I see the Bell Boy below with our bright pink suitcases and Steven's black one, we wait and wait and 10 minutes later he arrives at my moms door. Finally I can have my shower!
I grab my suitcase and weed out all my toiletries and make up, and clothes to wear for that evening.
I jump in the shower, which was very powerful, however it took about 5 minutes for me to get the temperature set. I like really hot showers but this one was either boiling or freezing. Eventually I fix it and would quite happily stand there all night but realised that it was an impossibility. My stomach was growling and I knew Steven was getting tired too. We had an early start in the morning so I wanted to get some food and go to bed.
I got changed into combat trousers and a top and touched up my make up. It was decided that we would head over to the food court area at CBR and maybe have a look at Shutters.
Now here is where I will apologise in advance. I took pictures of food initially but I ended up taking so many other pictures that I had to end up deleting them, I went through my 1300 pictures and the ones that we could let go were the food ones. I decided that nearly everyone has seen pictures of nearly everything there is to offer in the way of Disney food, and it was more important to us that we keep ones of us or other pictures in general. So again I apologise. However you all know by now how detailed I am so I can describe everything in detail for you, enough so, you can conjure up an image in your head hopefully:cutie:
So we left our rooms and took a slow walk over the bridge to the food court area. It was now approximately 8pm, it was getting dark so the lights on the bridge were on which made for a beautiful sight. There were lush trees and little lizards running across the wood, I loved it!
We walked past the main pool which looked great, it was pretty full, loads of kids and quite noisy too. The food court looked okay but I didn't fancy anything in particular. I guess I was still disapointed about 'Ohanas because nothing would do. We walked over to Shutters and asked about a table for 3, she said it would be about a 40 min wait, WHAT? I said no and walked away. Steven asked what I wanted and I pouted and said 'Ohanas:lmao: The adult in me came to kick my childish butt and I said "Okay then, we'll eat at Shutters"
I went back to the same woman and said I would wait for that table if it was still available. She said it would likely be before 40 min, took my name and gave me a beeper. While we waitied I figured we could look in the store and see if they sold Minnie Bridal Ears. I was determined to get these asap. I immediately started looking for them and found 2 high up on the hat rack. I spent 5 minutes trying to decide which one looked better. Were there sequins missing on that one, the bow seemed squint on that one, the veil was uber creased on both of them so that didn't help! Eventually I settled on one and went over to pay. Both queues were pretty bad, so I picked the longer one, I always seem to have better luck. It seemed everyone in the queue had questions to ask, god dammit, why can't anyone just pay and be done with it.
After 10 minutes there was one person in front of me just starting to get served, lo and behold my beeper goes off, some loud Caribbean music and everyone turns to stare, I try to muffle it with my chest and obviously did a good job, except Steven comes up to me and says we better go...but my ears! I tell him they will wait 5 minutes but he thinks they will give our table away if we don't go back straight away...but my ears! "You can get them tomorrow, anyway I'm hungry and I really want to eat"
"Fine, but they better have them tomorrow"
We find mom and tell her we've been beeped and we quickly walk to Shutters.
She takes my beeper and a hostess comes out and seats us at a table near the window.
Our waiter comes out to greet us and offers us drinks. We all take milkshakes. My mom and I get Chocolate and Steven gets Strawberry, these were delicious, they weren't too thick or too rich, it had loads of whipped cream and a cherry, which I promptly scooped out and shoved into Steven's milkshake. We all agreed that it was the best milkshake we had tasted in a while.
The waiter then comes out with the sourdough bread which again was beautiful, we all love our bread in this family and it was nice to have some warm slices with melted butter.
My mom decided to go for Caeser Salad and Herb Chicken.
I went for French Onion Soup and Herb Chicken and Steven went for the same.
Our Appetizers came very quickly, my mom looked at hers and said "where's the chicken?"
I asked if it said Chicken Caeser Salad and she said no. Well I guess that's why you didn't get any chicken I thought. I explained to her that caeser salad is just that, no chicken unless it says chicken.
"But I got chicken in another caeser salad"
"Well that must have been a Chicken Caeser Salad then" I sighed.
Steven rolled his eyes at me then smiled. I told my mom not to worry she could get a nice dessert, it felt like I was talking to my child:scared1:
Steven hated his French Onion Soup, declared it was way too greasy and he loves cheese so I was surprised. I initially thought I liked it but unfortunately agreed with Steven by the middle of it, there was way too much cheese and the bread had loads of cheese on it too, there wasn't actually much soup but what I did try of it was nice but defiantely not on my list of must have French Onion. Steven left over half and so did I. My mom did actually finish her salad.
We all had ordered Herb Chicken, which was 2 large legs and breasts of chicken, herbed:) It looked nice on the plate, but one of my legs was inedible really, it was so fatty and the skin was swimming in fat. The other piece I had was really nice and dry, exactly the way I like chicken to be, the herbs made it spicy but not overly so. Steven also complained that his was greasy, we both ate the Sweet potatoes on the side which I personally adore and cook all the time. Mom quite liked hers, I guess she had a fit chicken.
For dessert Steven and I ordered Cheesecake with berries and mom ordered the Baked Apples in phyllo pastry. Mom had looked at the menu for 5 minutes complaining and stated she doesn't eat stuff like that but decided to order anyway.
The desserts came within 5 minutes and the cheesecake was very nice, I scooped off the berries and added them to Steven's and let the cheesecake melt on my tongue, I love cheesecake and this was a very thick one that makes your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth, in other words it was perfect. Steven also thought it was good but was quite full so left some. My mom ate half of hers claiming it was too sweet.
We put it on my card and took all the DDP of of my one, it seemed alot easier than us handing over 3 keys.
The bill came to $100.49 which was on DDP but for our first night I was very disappointed. I hadn't wanted to eat at Shutters and hoped that our first dining experience was going to be a positive one, it made me even more upset I had missed 'Ohanas.
We got up and went to he food court to buy some milk for our coffee in the morning then took a slow stroll over the bridge and back to our rooms. My mom was very quiet and obviously grumpy, Steven looked exhausted and I felt sad. I had such high expectations and I worried that things couldn't possibly live up to it.
We said goodnight to my mom and told her we would leave her sleeping as we had to get up early to get to the courthouse. Steven had a shower before bed and I cosied up to the pillows and thought about the next day. My thoughts drifted to Morgan in his kennel and I hoped he was doing well and having a good time. Steven fell asleep almost immediately when he came to bed and I gazed up to the ceiling and prayed tomorrow would be a better day...

Coming up

Woo hoo our Marriage Licence, Animal Kingdom and Coral Reef and did I miss our diver?:scared1:

09-13-2007, 06:21 PM

I LOVE French Onion soup and when you have one that isn't yummy it's upsetting. Sorry you couldn't go to Ohana's, sorry you didn't get your ears (hopefully you got them the following day). I have been waiting all day for this installment. Will be patiently waiting the next one. popcorn::

09-13-2007, 07:12 PM
aaww, Summer, the best part of this story is that you and Steven are married- through all the bumps in the road getting there :groom: :bride: and while all these trials where frustrating to get through ( what a let down not being able to get at O'hana's - I would have been crying in my soup!!) , I am at peace knowing that somewhere in this story, there is a happy ending!! in fact, several if I presume correctly!! :goodvibes

as brides, we spend so much time worrying it will be perfect, and what will go wrong and then tearing apart 3x every little detail - it's our own fault woman!! we should be more like the grooms - they could care less about all the little stuff, they just want us to say I Do and be married! :hug:

your writing is beyond fabulous - I am LOVING every morsel you feed us! thanks Summer :yay:

Michelle :cloud9:

09-13-2007, 07:16 PM
Your Mom sounds more and more like mine! It is a riot!!! I'm so sorry that you didn't get to go to Ohanas...I hope you do some day!

09-13-2007, 07:29 PM
Great TR! I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment! :surfweb:

09-13-2007, 08:19 PM
Summer, your trip report is amazing!!!!:cool1: I was rethinking your trip report on the plane ride to the US....I fidget all the time and my husband ignores me or "entertains" me as he likes to call it!!! I felt like I was living the moment!! Your writing is wonderful and so colorful...I can not wait to read more!!

I am so glad I am not the only one who feels like I am the "Mom" to my Mom at times.....she is joining us for our Vow Renewal and I could not help but to laugh at the chicken ceasar salad...too funny!! I keep telling myself...patience, deep breaths. Moms definitely can be trying at times!!:flower3:

Please keep your report coming....I can't wait to read more!!


09-13-2007, 10:12 PM
More, more, more!!!!popcorn:: Please!

09-14-2007, 12:39 AM
i read your planning journal a few weeks ago, and i am loving your trip report!

can't wait to hear about the wedding and the wonderful disneymoon :goodvibes

thanks for sharing! :)

09-14-2007, 05:33 AM
Iluffyou - Thanks for reading, I will have the next instalment, possibly 2 or 3 up today.

oneyodafan - I love addressing people individually, you have all taken the time to read my report and I really appreciate it. Sorry my days are broken down into so many installments, but I think you will agree it is far too much to put up at one time, unless of course I skimp more on detail...

DisneyLaura - I know, I love French Onion Soup, but I've never had so much cheese in one before, it really was just swimming in it. I really did want my ears that day!

Michelle - It's hard to believe the turnaround this TR has, it's like Tinkerbell herself came over, waved her little wand and said "enough is enough, you deserve tons of pixie dust"

MUDisneyCouple - I can look back now with slightly fonder memories than I had at the time when it comes to the discussions I had with my mom. I was really upset about 'Ohanas, I think more so because it was the first night and everything was going wrong.

angel*lady - Thanks for reading along, I will get the next instalment up just now. At least there are loads of pics in this one.

seaprincess - It's good to hear that my writing entertains you all, I knew it would be a very long TR and because I'm so detailed I hoped it wouldn't be boring. Glad to hear I'm not the only nervous flyer out there either, I was much better coming back though!

dizneyfreak - Wish granted...

FSUDisneyGirl - I know, I can't believe I still have the most important part to write about, the wedding and honeymoon, I'm still only on Day 2, AAAHHH!!!

09-14-2007, 06:05 AM
:hug: :flower3: :goodvibes

Michelle :cloud9:

09-14-2007, 06:52 AM
Day 3, Part 1

Steven and I awaken at 7.00am, we both had slept really well and it was obvious we really needed it. I jump out of bed and go to have my shower, I was filling with excitment, we were going to get our marriage licence, finally this time had arrived.
I showered and used some of the Mickey soap that had been left for us, but used my own shower gel, Curious by Britney Spears, she may be a bit crazy at the moment but the perfume and shower gel was fantastic!
I immediately went to the coffee perculator and started the coffee, Steven jumped in the shower while I started my make up. This was to be our first full day in Orlando, so I was kinda worried about how my make up would hold up, and worse yet my hair. I decided to do as I normally do, and wore my hair down and applied my make up carefully. The coffee was ready quickly and I got the cups ready and poured the milk. As soon as Steven was out of the shower, I poured us the coffee.
Now I know alot of people don't particularly like the coffee in WDW, but I was floored, it was the best coffee I had tasted in a long time. Over her we have the instant coffee, I used to have a perculator but it was way too strong for me so I got rid of it. This coffee however was smooth, and oh so tasty, I gulped it down and poured myself another cup of Joe! Steven agreed and said we must buy a perculator at home and have this every morning, it really woke us up!
Steven quickly got ready and I decided to wear my long yellow skirt and black vest top.
It was now nearing 8.00am and we were ready to go, I told Steven to grab the camera and we left and walked over to the Custom House to get a cab. It was a beautiful morning, the beach was so peaceful, Steven decided to get a few pics.

The guy was smoothing out the sand for the morning ahead, and I thought it was a nice touch.


This is a beautiful shot, it captures CBR perfectly that morning.


We walked along the path and all these cart with staff came out of nowhere, the first cart stopped and this Jamaican sounding woman, handed me 2 necklaces, one purple and one green and said "Welcome to the islands", I thanked her and they drove on, about 6 carts filled with about 15 staff each went past, all of them shouting out their welcomes. I felt so happy at that moment, I felt I had been transported to another world. This was the Disney I had been dreaming about!
We walked over the little bridge to the Custom House and Steven decided to get a few pics of me.

You can see the necklaces I was given by the staff.


Steven loves taking pics of me walking away...


Another beautiful shot


We arrived at Custom House and asked the Bell Services at the door about getting a cab, she whistled and a cab appeared from around the corner, how neat!
We told the driver we needed to be taken to the nearest Courthouse to obtain our marriage licence, he was from New York and I adore a New York accent. He wasn't sure which one was the closest, so he said he would make his way out of Disney and call through to his dispatch to find out. He radioed through and it seemed to take forever for him to be answered, we were driving slowly, making our way out of Disney. He knew of Orange County Couthouse, but I asked about Osceola, I had thought that one may be closer but I wasn't really sure. After 10 minutes or so of him bantering back and forth with dispatch, it was agreed that Osceola was closer, she gave him the address and directions and signed off. Great we were on our way!
He was a really nice cabbie, not too talkative but very polite. He asked about our wedding and I was only to willing to oblige. The cab journey probably took about 30 minutes and I was surprised to see that the far was only coming up to $30, had we been in the UK the fare would have easily been about £50 ($100). We bypassed loads of little stores, some boarded up and the streets became tiny, I wondered what area the courthouse was going to be in! We bypassed a sign but I think the cabbie missed it and I said to him
"I actually think it's over there, he did a u turn and went back slowly and yes, there it was, a beautiful building, an amazing courthouse! We stopped and the fare was $34.00, we gave him $40 and he handed us a card to call for a cab back and we went on our way.
I was in awe about the size of the building, Steven was stunned at how beautiful it looked. Over in Aberdeen, the buildings are all grey and granite, which I think looks depressing, I love colored buildings and I for one was used to them after living in Australia. Steven wanted to stop and take pics but I said he could do that after we got our licence.
We went up the stairs and entered the building. We had to go through security and Steven had to remove his belt, money and wallet. My purse had to go through too. We collected our things and I asked the woman on security if she knew how I could find the marriage licence dept. She did and gave me directions, she was so friendly!
We took the stairs and bounded up them. We saw a huge door on the left that said EXIT, but it also said the words Marriage and Passports, so I thought 'Oh well then'
We both slowly went through the door and everyone turned to stare, 'oh, oh wrong door I think' We decided we were almost in anyway, so we continued.
The place was packed, there was a bride and groom along with all their family and there were several other couples too, probably looking for their licence.
I joined the queue with Steven and waited patiently. I saw others come enter through another door and motioned to Steven that we had indeed entered through the wrong door. I looked around and noticed forms on the wall. I knew we had to fill out a form, but I assumed we would get one at the desk. Other people were taking forms so I told Steven to go and have a look and I would hold our place. He came back with a form and I realised that we were to have filled this out before. We left our place and went over to the desk to do so.
The form was simple enough and although I made the mistake of filling out the bit for 'ORLANDO RESIDENTS ONLY' (I wish) it was pretty easy.
We rejoined the queue and waited. We were called upon about 5 minutes later and at this time the bride and groom were called also, they were ushered in along with there family to another room. There was a couple next to us, he was from the US and she was from Croatia, they were also obtaining the licence, they seemed such a cute couple, they both worked in Iraq and that is how they met.
We were asked some questions and asked for our passports, it was all so simple, I can't believe I worried about it for so long. We heard whooping from the other room and I assumed the couple had just been married, several minutes later they exited and the bride was glowing, they ran out of the room and there families followed. I smiled and Steven said "You mean we could have got married here?" I rolled my eyes at him and he smirked!
Then the clerk came over and told us to raise our right hand, we swore and that was that. She printed off our licence told us we could marry today if we wanted and that was it. We had it:woohoo: We paid our $98 and left.
I found a payphone in the corridor and called the cab company to get one to CBR, he said he would get one asap, so we went to wait outside and get some pics.


and marriage licence obtained, I'm pretty happy:


We wait about 30 minutes and the sun is beating down on us, it's now almost 10.00am and we are both getting pretty hungry. The cab pulls up and we get in. We get into a conversation with him and he says "Not a great place to be starting out your vacation, did you guys get a parking ticket or something?"
"No we picked up our marriage licence"
"Oh, wow congratulations, I have to remember that sometimes you can be there for nice things too"
We smiled, settled back and gazed out the windows. He started to tell us about Disney, Seawold and Universal after he realised we were gonna be there for 3 weeks.
The journey was over quickly and it was $29 so we gave him $35. He wished us all the best for Monday and told us to have a magical time. We exited the cab and held eachother tightly, hopefully this would be where our luck turned around...

Coming up...

Animal Kingdom, and the heat gets to us and tempers fray.

09-14-2007, 07:34 AM
You are a fantastic writer and I have really enjoyed your TR so far... Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to reading more when you have a chance!! :thumbsup2

09-14-2007, 07:34 AM
Woop woop you have your licence :banana: Your photos are gorgeous - I'm definitely going to visit CBR while we are out there for some photos. So pleased things are starting to look up - can't believe you are only on your first full day in Orlando. :goodvibes Kxx

09-14-2007, 08:06 AM
Oh wow! I love the step by step TR. It's so good to know EXACTLY how things happen and what to expect. Too bad we'll have to get our license though the mail. BUT I'm really looking forward to all the wedding informations. I know you'll just describe everything in exact detail and take away any fear of the unknown!

As far as the coffee goes, I've never brewed my own in the room, but everything they sell on Disney grounds with the exception of a couple of places (Boma ~ french presses of Kenya coffee & the Kona Cafe) is too weak for me. Although I did work for Starbucks for almost 7 years. So, I guess I'm used to a stronger, darker coffee. I'm glad you liked it though.

And I must just be emotional for Disney because you were talking about the cast memebers giving you the necklaces and greeting you and how happy it made you feel and I started to tear up! It just makes me sooooo happy how special Disney makes people feel.

After living and working at Disney for six months, I've determined that DAK is not my favorite park, but I can't wait to hear what you have to say. Everyone says that it's 10 degrees hotter there (b/c of all the forrestry and rain forest like environment) than any of the parks. I don't know if it's true. But when DFi and I went in May, that did seem like our hottest day was at DAK. Can't wait to hear how it went for you, especially with your mom...

Keep up the great writing!!!!!

09-14-2007, 08:31 AM
i am so glad that the marriage license thing was so easy for you! that's the part that's making me so nervous!!!

i agree with mistressofallevil, dak IS the hottest park, my hair is always frizzy when i leave there!

can't wait to read more summer!!!

Missy H
09-14-2007, 08:45 AM
I'm glad you had good luck! I hope it continues!

Please don't make us wait toooooo long please!!!

09-14-2007, 09:15 AM
How fun that you were given 2 necklaces to start your day! I'm glad getting your license went so smoothly :)

09-14-2007, 09:27 AM
ILoveChip - Thank you for continuing to read along, I am putting up another instalment now. I think I may have to break up AK a bit more as I have a few pics.

Kirsteen - I think this TR will be an Epic, it is the longest TR I think in the history of Disney Brides. I hope I am keeping it entertaining for you all.

MistressOfAllEvil - Thank you, I thought doing a step by step might help future brides, I don't want to bore anyone but I know when I was planning I loved to read the detailed reports as it helped me so much. Animal Kingdom actually went pretty well but we missed alot with my mom, fear not Steven and I did go back again on our own and saw much more.

caryndisneydiva - Don't fret about the marriage licence it went so smoothly, all we needed were our passports and we had the licence within 10 minutes of applying. My hair did get frizzy at AK but it wasn't really the heat that did it.

Missy H - Thanks for reading, I won't keep you waiting too long, in fact here is the next instalment!

jasonandlisa - Yeah the licence was really easy, the necklaces were a cute touch, really sweet and it brought a smile to my face.

So next bit coming up...

09-14-2007, 09:35 AM
Day 3, Part 2

So we arrived back to the room and although we were supposed to eat at Old Port Royale for breakfast, it was nearing 11.00am and I really wanted to get to Animal Kingdom. I decided I didnít mind skipping breakfast and just grabbing lunch at AK. My mom had been awake for over 2 hours and was ready to go, I was grateful that she seemed to be in a better mood than yesterday and I thought that things were beginning to look up now.
We headed down to Barbados to catch the bus as we wanted to show mom some of the grounds. We waited at the bus stop and every bus came bar AK, it was over 20 minutes before our bus came but I had already heard that AK buses were less frequent so it didnít really bother me. The bus journey was fine, it was air conditioned so that was terrific. I started telling mom about our journey to the courthouse and she listened with interest.
The bus dropped off people at Typhoon Lagoon first before heading to AK. 20 minutes later and we were finally at our first Disney Park.
It was now past 12 and we still had to get into the park and find Flame Tree Barbecue. I was not willing to compromise on lunch here as I had heard fantastic things about the food. We did the fingerprint thing and inserted our keys into the machine and was greeted with ĎEnjoy your dayí displaying on the LED screen. ĎI sure intend toí I thought!
I grabbed a map when I entered and we looked at it and searched out Flame Tree. Located in Discovery Island we made a bee line for The Tree of Life as we knew we would find it easily form there. We bypassed the majority of the Oasis Exhibits as I figured we could come back and view them later.
We found Flame Tree, no problem and it seemed reasonably quiet. I already knew what I wanted to order. Pulled Pork Sandwich with Key Lime Pie, mmm!
I told Steven how much rave reviews the pork sandwich had so he agreed to go for the same, including the Key Lime Pie, we both love Key Lime Pie so it was an easy choice!
My mom ended up going for the Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich and we got a basket of fries to share between us. My mom also went for Key Lime Pie. The total bill was $40.66 we used 3 CS credits and 1 snack credit.
We grabbed our lunch and went to the seating area. We found a lovely little table set off to the side, under shade and enjoyed by many ducks. I thought this was so cute and proceeded to feed my new found friends, pork, bread, and even a little dessert. The Pork sandwich was really tasty, quite salty and packed with meat; the BBQ sauce was not overpowering and added just that perfect taste of sweetness, it really was tasty! Steven liked his but at this moment in time; he was more of a chicken man, it was only later on in the vacation that he would be a convert to meat! However he did eat most of it and fed the ducks his leftovers. My mom loved her Smoked Turkey Sandwich and said it tasted really fresh and was full of crispy salad.
We all devoured our Key Lime Pies; mom had never tasted this before but said it was really nice. I thought it was a bit tart, but as key Lime Pies go it was pretty good, albeit a bit warm for my liking. Steven picked the whipped cream off (he has never been a fan of cream) and I grabbed it and added it to mine. Share and share alike!
We finished our lunch and said goodbye to the ducks and decided to head over to Itís tough to be a Bug! Now Steven and I had seen this before in California and really loved it, I knew my mom would equally love it so I though this would be a good first attraction.
The queue was short and we didnít wait more than 5 minutes to get in. To get to the attraction you had to follow this long winding path which seemed to go on forever!!!
Well we got there and obtained our 3D glasses, I told mom she would have to put them on top of her glasses as otherwise she wouldnít be able to see! Steven did the same and although I do have glasses I didnít take them to Disney as I donít need to wear them much, only very long distance. We were seated quickly and we got the perfect row, about 5 rows back and right in the middle. I always hang back and quickly work out how many are going into each row so I know we will get the middle, silly to some Iím sure, but it works for me.
Anyway, the show didnít disappoint, it was every bit as funny as I had remembered it and my mom loved it. My mom screamed at the bit with the bugs running under the seats and that made me laugh even more.
Upon exiting my mom kept going on about how good it was and how much she loves 3D things, I told her there was plenty of them and we would see them all.
I had decided the next best thing would be to head over the bridge into Asia. We took a couple of pics:

I love this one Expedition Everest in the background:

We were all very hot by this time, it was nearing 1.30pm and it seemed a good idea to cool off, we agreed to do Kali River Rapids. The Stand By queue said 25 min, but I was quite willing to wait as it was under shade and I wanted to get soaked!
We snapped this pic while waiting in line:
The queue dispersed quickly and it was no longer than 15 minutes. My mom loves these rides so was excited about going on it. It was hilarious, we got pretty wet, not soaked as I had wanted but wet all the same. Steven was the worst, his shorts were completely drenched, he obviously sat on the right side of the boat, I was sitting next to my mom and we werenít too bad. I thought the ride was over quite quickly and it didnít go as fast as I had hoped, there werenít too many drops either, although Steven said there were enough for him!
Steven took this pic of me after the ride:
You can see that my skirt is pretty wet and my hair got soaked on one side, I wore my sunshades on the ride as I didnít want to mess up my eye make up, lol. Hey, it worked.
We then moved on to Maharajah Jungle Trek and managed to get a few pics:
Here is a Komodo Dragon I got, I quite like this pic:

Some cute frogs in a cubicle:

Some bats, and I absolutely hate bats so I gave Steven the camera for this one:

And a beautiful Tiger, it was sleeping but it was a beautiful shot I got all the same:

We really enjoyed the trek, but it was difficult to see some animals because they were in shade or sound asleep (donít blame them really) my mom seemed to enjoy it but was anxious to get on the Safari.

Coming upÖ

Kilimanjaro Safaris, loads more pics and back to CBR before heading to Coral Reef!

09-14-2007, 09:54 AM
We have been to AK 3 times and we have yet to brave Kali...you didn't seem too wet, so I think we may give it a go next time.

I have almost the same exact picture of that tiger sleeping...they were quite lazy the last time we were there and did nothing but sleep, but it is quite hot there.

Also, CBR looks beautiful! My DH hasn't seemed too interested in it, though. So, I showed DH your pics and he seemed to think that maybe he could rethink it too. Thanks for some good ammo! :thumbsup2

09-14-2007, 10:08 AM
We got soaked on Kali - we were still soaking by the time we got to Kilimanjaro (it was a very wet safari ride lol). I can't wait for the next installment - is it coming soon? :goodvibes :woohoo: I think I'm going to have to go visiting this evening so I can get online :rolleyes1 Hopefully DF has phoned Skiy to find out what is going on with our internet connection. Your photos are amazing! You've got me sold on CBR :cloud9:

09-14-2007, 10:29 AM
I love reading this. You are doing such a great job It puts me in such a good mood and I can't wait til I go in a few months. Even though I have been there a million times you make it more exciting then it already is. I find myself checking so often if you wrote more. Can't wait to read the next part.

09-14-2007, 11:24 AM
I can't believe how detailed your TR is!! Did you take notes or start to write it while you were still in Disney? Or do you just have an amazingly good memory? :)

09-14-2007, 12:26 PM
Love your animal photos. I have a secret love for the kimodo dragon. ;)

Kali is so much fun, glad your mom enjoyed it. And that she seems to be having a better day.

09-14-2007, 12:26 PM
obviously I'm LOVING your TR and :yay: there's photos!!!! awesome photos too! what kind of camera did you use?

oh and a bit of advice Summer - you need to take your TR ( when it's finished )! to a book binder and have copies made - maybe a coffee book version with big glossy photos - I need one for my house!!!!! :goodvibes

Michelle :cloud9:

09-14-2007, 01:00 PM
I'M LATE!!! :scared1:

How did I miss that you started your TR a week ago!!! I am now off to catch up!!! (I am at work and should be working, but your TR is MUCH more important!!! ;) )

09-14-2007, 01:52 PM
Ok...I'm all caught up. WHEW! :yay:

Now a few comments....
- I would have been worried about the dress too, considering you were told your luggage would be first off the plane! :eek:
-How could they not have realized you fainted??? Isn't it a little obvious when someone faints? :confused3
-I hope you ended up at Ohana's at some point during your trip. I feel bad you missed it when you had your heart set on it. :cloud9:
-Sounds like getting the marriage license was quite easy. Guess it has to be since so many people get married at Disney. :bride: :groom:
-AKL is proven to be the hottest park. :confused: Why???

:yay: Can't wait for the next installment.:yay:

09-14-2007, 02:34 PM
I agree...I fianlly got caught up here. Very enjoyable....you have definately had some adventures...and 3 weeks of Disney! YAY I am so excited to continue hearing about your report!

09-14-2007, 02:40 PM
Love the TR. My guys (hubby and 15 year old) don't like AK very much. They are very much action guys and like the thrill rides. We went to WDW for the first time in a few years in May and rode Expedition Everest!!! WOW. Loved it. Didn't try *Finding Nemo:The Musical*, though. The lines were long and we wanted to get to MGM. My son LOVES *Kali River Rapids*. It's the same ride as in California Adventure (*Grizzly River Run*). My son rides it over and over again.

09-14-2007, 02:55 PM
Summer I am absolutely loving all of the details in your trip report.

We have a trip planned for Jan. to celebrate our anniversary and your trip report is making me excited for our trip. Your pictures in DAK were so pretty. I just got a new camera, so I can't wait to take pictures on the Safari.

09-14-2007, 04:09 PM
Love all the pictures. CBR too. We are not going until Nov 2009 so seeing your pictures makes me feel a little better and anxious that it's so far away. Can't wait for more.

09-15-2007, 08:34 AM
MUDisneyCouple - Your welcome, I have some other pics of CBR (evening shots) that I will post in my next couple of instalments. It was a beautiful resort at night! Kali River Rapids is a very tame ride in comparison to other raft rides I have been on. Do it, it's a brilliant thing on a hot day.

Kirsteen - I will have my next istalment up today, I'm actually hoping to post a few. Hmmm, I definately didn't sit in the right seat then, unlike on Bluto in Universal...

Dream426 - Thanks for the compliments, I'm so jealous that you get to go back in a few months. My brother left for Orlando today and I'm in jealous mode!

Lisa - I took no notes at all during our trip, I just have a very good memory, comes in very handy while studying Law. I only started writing the TR on Friday, the day we arrived back, I know how sad am I?

oneyodafan - I love animals and we tend to visit zoos whenever we go on holiday. Yes, my mom had a much better day at AK, although we actually didn't manage to see that much with her. Luckily we went back on our own the week after and saw much more.

Michelle - We used a Fui S6500, we bought it specifically for the honeymoon and took over 1300 pictures, don't worry I won't post them all;) Awww, shucks, really?, a coffee table book?, Hmmm, I definately want to keep a copy for myself, maybe I should bind it though, so it keeps well. I would love to be able to read through all this in years to come and remember my thoughts and feelings of my first trip to WDW.

DisneyObsession - I have actually fainted loads in the past, mainly due to severe pain, but other times due to stress. I tend to only faint for very short periods of time, so no, it's not always that obvious:eek:
As for AKL being the hottest park, I can't say I felt it, in fact I felt the heat much more at other parks, mind you it also depends on what you wear every day to the parks.

Alison - Yup another 3 weeks of TR, my god it's gonna take forever to get through and write, lol, glad you're enjoying it.

HarbinsMom - Glad to hear that Kali River Rapids is the same in California Adventure. We never did try that one as Steven didn't like the look of that one (too rough) so I always regretted not trying it. AK was alright but I too expected more. Mind you I never did try EE, and I now kinda wish I did.

desiab - Yeah writing this TR is making me excited about going back and we haven't even decided if we can swing it yet. Can't wait to read your anniversary TR!

DisneyLaura - Nov 2009 will come quickly. I know it seems far away just now but it will pass. Thanks for the compliments on the pictures, I will post more in the next instalment.

So to all my avid readers I am working on my next instalments just now, so hopefully they should be up in the next couple of hours, with loads of new pictures!

09-15-2007, 10:30 AM
Sweetness!!! I'm ready already!!! Next installment please popcorn::

Anna Marie:bride:

09-15-2007, 12:31 PM
dizneyfreak - Wish granted, here you go...

09-15-2007, 12:48 PM
Summer -

Still loving your TR! :cheer2: You have a gift for writing and your photos are amazing! I agree with the others - when you are finished you need to have the text and photos bound. From what I have heard, there are great online services available.

I will be celebrating my 25th anniversary:bride: on Sept. 25th. (Where did the years go!?:scared1: ) I wish that I had written a TR or some kind of diary back then. It would be great to have it to read now. I did do an extensive scrapbook of our wedding and honeymoon for our 20th anniversary but I am sure that I did not remember all the wonderful details.

The only problem with your fantastic TR is that I am supposed to be studying instead! :rotfl: Oh well ... I feel a little bit like a naughty school girl! :surfweb:

09-15-2007, 01:01 PM
Day 3, Part 3

We walked over to another animal viewing location after leaving the trek; there were 3 monkeys and a cute baby one attached to its mother. We managed to get a few shots of these limber creatures before they quickly disappeared for feeding time:

We then moved on to Africa to go on the Kilimanjaro Safaris. I was really excited about seeing this, I had read some good reviews of this ride so I hoped it would live up to my expectations. We waited 10 minutes if that and boarded our open-air safari vehicle. Our driver was pretty funny and informative. We saw Hippos, Giraffes, Elephants, Zebra, Lions, Gazelles, Rhino and Ostrich. I was somewhat disappointed as many of the animals were far away and we didn’t ever stop so most of our viewing was in passing. We did manage to get a few pictures however, but I don’t think any were particularly great, we have managed to get better pictures in the past, and especially when we went to San Diego Zoo. We managed to rescue the baby Elephant from poachers as I’m sure everyone manages to do, and I must say that was the best part of the ride as it’s where it got a little bumpy and I really began to feel like I was on a Safari, bring it on…

My mom seemed to enjoy it but was upset that she didn’t get any clear pictures of the animals, her camera wasn’t as good as ours. We had spent months debating which camera to get for our Honeymoon, we both love taking pictures and we thought we should get a decent one for a 3-week trip. My mom had always used simple cameras before and we decided to buy her a digital one for Christmas, so she could take it on the holiday. She initially thought it was too complicated but eventually got used to it, however she still insisted on taking pictures of things at extreme distances and often commented at how when she printed them they would actually appear closer, “um no, that’s not the way it works mom”
We then moved on to the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. To be honest I can’t remember being that impressed with this either. The main attraction here was the gorilla, and Steven managed to get a good shot of him soaking up the attention:

Then we moved on to the Meerkats which are always willing to pose:

There were other things here like the Hippo underwater viewing area, but once you’ve seen one Hippo, well, I guess you’ve seen them all:

It was now nearing 4pm and we were all pretty thirsty, although we often stopped at drink fountains when we passed them by, I really wanted a frozen coke. We stopped at Dawa Bar and I got a frozen coke and Steven got a frozen raspberry Fanta. My mom has a love of soft serve ice cream so we continued on to Tamu Tamu Refreshments and she got herself an Ice Cream tub. We all enjoyed our snacks and I began to realise how hot and sticky I felt. As we would be dining at Coral Reef that evening I really wanted to go back to CBR and have a shower and change. I had planned a surprise for Steven with the personalised menu and diver plus the chocolate strawberries for mom. I couldn’t wait for this reservation!!!!
So we slowly walked back through Discovery Island to the front of the park. I saw Guest Relations and decided it would be a good time to go over and pick up our ‘Just Married’ pins, I wanted to be prepared to wear them as soon as we were married. I went in with my mom and the CM congratulated me and asked when the big day had been. I told her it wasn’t until Monday and she handed over the 2 pins and wished me all the best.
We walked towards our designated bus stop to get back to Caribbean Beach and only waited about 10 minutes; we boarded and stopped off at Typhoon Lagoon to pick up some wet passengers then continued on to CBR.
I showed Steven the pins while on the bus and he rolled his eyes. He would later come to realise how important these pins truly were and would eventually never want to take them off…

I have decided that at the end of every day where I have visited a park I would give some final thoughts. It is interesting to me how my thoughts have changed, as I visited these parks more than once throughout this trip. However after this particular visit, I had come away quite disappointed. I had very high expectations of Animal Kingdom and thought that past reviews had made both the Safari and Jungle Trek sound amazing. Granted we maybe visited these attractions at the wrong time of day and many animals were resting in the shade, but despite this, I still felt that we hadn’t seen much and although we had no intentions of trying Expedition Everest, the big headliner, we had seen the attractions we had hoped to see, and these were overrated in my opinion. Animal Kingdom is a huge park and requires a lot of walking, it is clearly laid out and we never had any problems finding things. There were plenty of Counter Service available but no Table Service, which I know will be rectified by the end of the year. I loved the added touch of having ducks and other tame birds wander about and there was a beauty at Animal Kingdom that wasn’t available at other parks. We didn’t have as much time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ as I would have liked, but Steven and I knew that we would be coming back again, alone, dedicating a whole day to Animal Kingdom. My mom was happy with the attractions she saw, but had hoped for more character interaction. Little did we know at this point, that we had missed Camp Minnie Mickey, which my mom would have loved Steven and I did however manage to go there a week later and felt guilty that we had not managed to see it with my mom.

Coming up…

Wait a minute… that’s not the menu I requested! Have I missed my diver? and Illuminations.

09-15-2007, 01:27 PM
Awesome TR Summer!!! I finally got all caught up!! You are such a great writer, such awesome detail, I feel like we are all right there with you!!!

And, I agree with Michelle. Make a book with lots of pictures, I think we'd all buy a copy!! awesome awesome report!!

And I just wanted to say how BEAUTIFUL you looked! I have seen the pictures and the video and you were STUNNING!! The video made me cry, it was so beautiful. You had a truly magical wedding. I don't want to ruin it for anyone else reading who hasnt seen them, just had to tell you that.

Can't wait to read more! :surfweb:

09-15-2007, 02:00 PM
On our first trip we were initially disappointed in AK, but since we've been able to go back and take our time it was much better - that place can get HOT, though (Kali next time:) ). Since we had a better outlook on AK after more slow time there, we were initially suppose to stay at AKL for our last vacation, but were moved due to construction. :sad2:

Can't wait to hear about Coral Reef...we've never been, was it good???

09-15-2007, 03:39 PM

I think I got the same pictures on the Safari too when we went there over 5 years ago.:lmao: The pictures you got were awesome. I thought AK was a lot of walking too, espcially because I was pushing a double stoller with two kids in it (ages 5 and 3). I liked the AK but it's not my favorite, I love MK. I didn't get to do some things when we were there because the kids were too little at the time but definately will go on Kali rapids next time. Can't wait for the diver.

09-15-2007, 04:43 PM
Wow girl. I really feel like I know you. It's kinda funny, and I know you can't tell from my tiny sig. picture, but we look a lot alike (and think a lot alike for that matter!) I am totally enjoying your report. I am disappointed that I havent seen the pictures or video that I keep hearing about from other people in their posts. :sad2: Can you tell me how to get to get to them so I'm not out in the dark:confused3 By the way, if you don't mind, how old are you? I'm thinking we are about the same age :goodvibes

Anna Marie:bride:

09-15-2007, 04:59 PM
Hi dizneyfreak

If you go to http://www.stvsweddings.com/sneakpeeks/sneakpeeks.html and I will message you the user name and password.

The photo links are http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/thumbpage.aspx?e=3091414

Let me know what you think.

Awww, what you said was really sweet, by the end of my TR, I'm sure you will all know me really well!

09-15-2007, 05:22 PM
Wonderful TR! Can't wait to read more!

09-15-2007, 05:25 PM
angel*lady - Thank you so much for the amazing compliment and congratulations on your upcoming 25th anniversary. I hop we have the same success that you have had. Any tips?
I must admit I am so glad I am doing this TR, it will be a wonderful thing to look back on, I am hoping to do this for every Disney vacation we have. I wish I had done it in 2001 when we visited Disneyland now. Sorry from keeping you from your studies but this TR is keeping me from mine too!

Hillary12.8.07 - Thank you for complimenting my video and photos, I am touched by the amount of praise I am getting. I also love that you are feeling you are right there, that is what I had hoped for everyone. I wanted all of you to be able to share this with me:grouphug:

MUDisneyCouple - I know exactly what you mean. We went back to AK a week later and we had a much better time, we took more time and enjoyed aspects we never even thought about. Wait til you read my next review of AK, you will see my opinion has changed.

DisneyLaura - Ooohh, I love MK and I did like AK, but more so the next visit. We were still quite tired and we got a late start so that kind of spoiled it. Definately do Kali next time!

disneyjunebug - Thanks for reading, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

So next instalment coming up...

09-15-2007, 05:29 PM
Summer! I'm actually worried that my writing (if I were to do a PJ or TR) would not even compare to yours (and some other's on this board.) I'm really enjoying your installments.

Can I get the user name and password to see the video?? I would looooooooove to see it!

09-15-2007, 05:29 PM
Day 3, Part 4

We arrived back at CBR and took some pictures of the walkway to our room and the view of our courtyard. It was so peaceful and pretty:


We entered our room and found a little friend had been left for us:

I donít really know what he is but I took him home with me all the same, lol.
I was glad to have a shower. My hair had curled completely by this point and I knew I didnít have enough time to wash and straighten it so I decided I would leave it the way it was. I changed into one of my favourite tops and my grey combats. My top albeit bright and multicoloured was so cool to wear and was pretty loose so it was really comfortable.
I redid my make up as it had been smudged from Kali and waited on Steven to shower and change. My mom was pretty much ready to go and I made sure everyone had their camera and room key before we left.
Our reservation was for 7pm and it was almost 6pm, as we had never taken the bus to Epcot before and we didnít know how far Coral Reef was, we decided to leave as soon as we were ready, just to be safe:

See, Steven taking more pics of me walking awayÖ

The bus to Epcot was quite crowded but we still scored a seat. The journey was quick, less than 10 minutes, so we were in Epcot by 6.30pm. I knew Coral Reef was in The Living Seas, so we just followed the signs and arrived at 6.45pm. I went up to the desk and gave my name and she told us to take a seat and we would be called for when our table was ready. I was really nervous by this point, I had planned the menu and diver about 6 months before but had touched base with Debbi about 1 month or so before we left with my confirmation. Loads of guests were being seated and at 7.10pm Steven asked me why we were waiting so long for a table. I assumed that we were waiting on an aquarium seat, but I just said that maybe they were waiting for a smaller table for the 3 of us.
At 7.15pm our host comes to get us and seats us at a large table right beside the aquarium. We have a great view of the whole restaurant, but more importantly the tank. She goes to hand Steven a menu, and then hands out the normal menus to the rest of us. I look down at the front cover of the menu Steven has and think, Ďthis doesnít look to specialí He opens it and on the left hand side it states ĎHappy Honeymoon from all at Coral Reefí, the date at the bottom says August 17th 2007 and on the right hand side is just the normal menu. I try not to show my disappointment and Steven asks if this is one of my many surprises I had planned for him. I say ďNot exactlyĒ and claim I need to use the restroom. Steven and my mom look at me suspiciously as I leave the table, but inside I am fuming. I had planned this for such a long time and now I was really worried about the diver and strawberries. I rush up to the desk and explain to the girl the problem. She confirms that on the reservation she has a note of the diver and strawberries but the menu isnít noted. I tell her that the menu says ĎHappy Honeymooní and that this embarrassed me because we werenít even married yet! She apologises and calls a manager down who I then have to repeat my story to. I tell him I had spoken with both Debbi and Alicia and have also sent countless emails to confirm my menu. I had sent 4 pictures and also planned on having the lyrics to our first dance printed on the menu along with a special message from me. I was completely gutted that this hadnít happened. He advised me that both Debbi and Alicia were off and he would see what he could do. I told him I needed to go back to my table, as I know the diver is at least booked and I didnít want to miss him.
I quickly leave and go back down the stairs towards my table. I see my mom motioning for me to come quickly. I look up towards the tank and see the diver pretending to sleep. My mom is pointing towards me to let the diver know I am this person. I quickly sit down and the diver shows the sign for the second time. I am disappointed that I didnít get to see Stevenís face when he first displayed it, but the sign was perfect and it was what I had asked for:


The diver throws confetti in the air and blows a huge kiss on the glass and everyone cheers. Steven is stunned and gives me a big kiss, and hey, he is not one for wanting attention, but he agreed that this was a really nice thing to do. He loved the sign and was touched by the words. He told me that just after I had left the diver appeared and had pointed to my mom and him and drew a big heart on the glass, my mom shook her head and motioned to the empty chair and the diver shrugged, then looked at his watch, tapped his foot then eventually pretended to sleep while he waited for me to come back. Steven had thought it pretty funny that the diver thought he may have been with my mom and I thought it was hilarious! I really had wished I had been there but it certainly makes for a funny memory for Steven when he looks back on it now. The diver stayed for another 5 minutes and was swimming round our tank while the waiter took our drinks order. The diver would now and again throw confetti and hold the sign up every so often. As he was going he waved goodbye to us and blew another kiss. It was definitely the best free surprise I had organised.
We all ordered diet cokes to drink along with some iced water and we began to scan the menu. I decided I would try the Creamy Lobster Soup, Steven ordered the New England Cod Cake and my mom ordered the Mixed Greens Salad.
The Creamy Lobster Soup was to die for; I love Lobster and hadnít eaten it in years. The soup was so creamy and there was just a touch of Brandy added. There were huge chunks of Lobster and if I could compare it to anything it, the texture was somewhat similar to a milkshake, very thick and oh so creamy. It was also quite sweet, which was surprising but definitely not overpowering.
The New England Cod Cake, well Steven devoured this. It was quite a large portion set on Micro Greens and Remoulade. Steven loved this, he finds it hard to describe the taste but from the small morsel I tried it was very meaty and the sauce that accompanied it really brought out the flavours. I am not a huge fish fan but it was some of the nicest fish I had tried, not dry at all with a slight nutty flavour somehow! It was presented well too.
My mom liked her Mixed Greens Salad but said that there wasnít enough of the bleu cheese dressing. Her salad looked pretty boring to me, but I hate bleu cheese and am not particularly fond of plain salads.
For our Entrťe I ordered Grilled New York Strip and my mom and Steven ordered Grilled Chicken Breast.
I ordered my steak medium-well thanks to the tip from Tiffany, and my steaks throughout my trip were always perfectly cooked. This one was no exception but the piece I received was very fatty. I also found that it was way too salty and I ended up leaving about half. Now the Potatoes Au Gratin were very creamy and very moreish but the portion was too small so I really could have been doing with more. A pet peeve or rather it became a pet peeve was the vegetables in nearly all of the restaurants I ate at were severely under cooked. Now I love vegetables and eat them all the time, but I can honestly say that for 3 whole weeks I hardly ate any at dinner, anywhere! The broccolini that I received with my steak was practically raw. I love firm broccolini but this was stuff you could chip a tooth on. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there any way I could combat this, like ask for my veg to be cooked longer? I know the longer you cook your veg the more nutrients are lost, but I would rather eat some than none at all, and that is how it was for the majority of my trip, NO VEG!!!
Stevenís Grilled Chicken Breast looked quite nice and he made the mistake of eating the chicken separate from the rice. At this point he labelled the food quite bland. However towards the end he tried the chicken and rice together and exclaimed it was lovely. Unfortunately he had eaten most of it so didnít have much left to do this with. My mom enjoyed her chicken but it was just that, chicken and I was hoping that both my mom and Steven would become more adventurous throughout our trip.
Our waiter cleared our plates and a few minutes later returned with a huge plate of chocolate covered Strawberries and 3 plates. He put it in front of mom who was very surprised. There was well over 30 Strawberries and I had only paid for 12, so I was happy that we had received much more. Stevens name had been spelt StePhAn which I chuckled at but all in all, the wording was correct. They looked gorgeous:

Unfortunately I donít like Strawberries so I had no intentions of eating any; all I wanted was my dessert!
Steven and my mom tucked in to them and my mom stated they were much better without the chocolate, hmph!!! Steven said they were the nicest Strawberries he had tasted, WITH the chocolate! I told them both to save room for dessert. I had been advised that the Strawberries would be served after dessert, which I would have preferred as I knew mom would be taking them back to the resort anyway and by this point I would have had my dessert.
15 minutes went by and I tried to get the waiterís attention. Eventually I managed and asked if we could have a box or something and the dessert menu. I think they served the Strawberries first hoping that we wouldnít want dessert, but uh, uh, no way, I wanted to try the Chocolate Wave!
Our dessert menu came with 2 boxes to put the strawberries in and we all decided to get The Chocolate Wave. I asked if we could have 2 sides of ice cream too though as I love the contrast between hot and cold with desserts, so even though I knew I would have to pay OOP for the ice cream I still thought it was worth it. Our desserts came out and we dug in. I left the brandied Cherries, as I hate Cherries and started in on the Wave. My first bite was quite dry but tasted okay, the second bite I plunged into the middle and got the gooey centre, but when I tasted it I thought it just tasted undercooked. I have had plenty of Soufflťs and melt in the middle cakes before, but this one tasted just okay. The chocolate was very rich but was better balanced with the Vanilla Ice Cream, but it looked like it had been severely overcooked, very runny, and not even that hot. I was disappointed again as I had heard rave reviews about this dessert. Steven ate all of his which surprised me as he isnít that much of a chocolate fan, my mom also finished her one but agreed that it was really rich and needed the ice cream. Maybe I received a bad one, who knows, but I would be willing to try another one.
We paid for this meal using our TS credits but were stunned to see we were charged $7.70 for 2 scoops of ice cream, WHAT??? Hmmm, my dessert wouldnít have even been edible in my opinion without the ice cream! We grabbed our Strawberries and passed the manager I had spoken to about the menu. I didnít know whether he had asked for extra Strawberries to be added to our plate as compensation or not as he had not come to talk to me again. We noticed it was 8.45pm, and I thought we might as well see if we can catch Illuminations while we were hereÖ

Coming upÖ

Illuminations and an evening stroll on a Caribbean Beach

09-15-2007, 08:18 PM
Great TR Summer! :)

09-15-2007, 09:22 PM
hi Summer, just got caught up now. first off, AKL is our favorite park but it took a couple of visits to really enjoy all the intriguing aspects. we LOVE the safari but try to do it first thing in the AM - most of the animals are out - last time, one of the baby giraffes stopped right in front of our truck and refused to move - hilarious!! and even though we are not coaster people, we absolutely love Expedition Everest. now, only being 3 hours away by plane, I admit we get to frequent Disney 2 or 3 times a year so we are very fortunate in that way...hopefully, when you and Steven come back next year, you'll have a bit more time to give it a second chance.

as for Coral Seas, the diver was a fantastic surprise!! we have only eaten there once and our meal was good but my chocolate wave was THE best dessert I have ever eaten!! so sorry you seemed to get a bum one...and the strawberries for your Mum was a lovely. lovely surprise!

and yes, if you made these up, I think I know a few people that would LOVE to have their own copy - for a price , of course! :flower3: hahaha, but whatever you decide to do - definitely have one bound for you - it will be a priceless keepsake of this most special time in your lives!

ok, so where's more????? :rotfl:

Michelle :cloud9:

09-15-2007, 09:36 PM
Your sign at the Coral Reef was too sweet. I am so sorry that your dinner and surprises didn't go off like you had planned, but I am sure that Steven and your mom appreciated your efforts.

I recently called the Coral Reef to see about setting up a similiar surprise and was informed that management is considering charging for these services. When I called the final decision hadn't been made and they are suppose to call me back once one is made. After reading about your experience with the manager, I think I better get on the horn and call them.

Thanks for an awesome trip report.

Is there a way that you could pm me the information so that I can view your video? Your photos were gorgeous, but the camera only records what it sees. Not to sound weird, but you are beautiful. My DH thought so too. ;)

09-16-2007, 12:16 AM
That was the coolest thing ever! I didn't know you could do that. Could you please tell me how you went about setting up both the diver and the strawberries and how much it cost you? I so want to do this for my DF and Mom to suprise them! Thanks again for the ideas and the info...and as usual, I'm already ready for more popcorn:: By the way, I'm going to look at your pictures now :goodvibes

Anna Marie:bride:

09-16-2007, 10:45 AM
I absolutely loved the diver!!! WOW! What a great thing to do!!! Thinking that we might need to try Coral Reef next time we go...I can't believe $7.70 for ice cream :eek: I think I'd be a little upset by that too. Did they ever figure out your menu stuff???

09-16-2007, 11:00 AM
Amy7979 - Thanks for reading

Michelle - How cool is that about the baby giraffe. Yeah, next time we will have to go earlier and do that ride first.
I was really expecting to love The Chocolate Wave and I would certainly order it again and still pay for the overpriced ice cream.
I am definately going to take your advice and bound up this TR, include loads of glossy photos and have it as a cherished memento. I will let you know when it's done if you like, LOL!

desiab - You are right Steven and my mom didn't know that my surprise had a few hitches. I told them later on when we came back to the UK. I contacted Debbi when I returned and she has apologised profusely and offered a free lunch on them when we return, so it's not all bad!
PM sent so you can view the video.

Anna Marie - If you call Coral Reef you can set this up, but as desiab said, they are considering charging for this now, so I would try and find out asap if you want to do this.

MUDisneyCouple - She never did find out what happened about the menu, she said she was off and had asked people to help in her absence. She thinks there was a breakdown in communication along the way. At least we will get a free lunch next time for their mishap though;)

I will now post a couple of sections just now. I have worked on a few and only a couple dont have pictures but from then on it is pictures galore!

09-16-2007, 11:19 AM
Day 3, Part 5

We rushed out of Coral Reef hoping that we would be able to catch the beginning of the show. I told Steven and mom that we would have to hurry if we planned on getting any spot to view the fireworks from. Steven realised but my mom said she wanted to go and use the restroom, WHAT??? Now??? We found one as we were exiting The Living Seas and I told her to hurry. She slowly walked over and stopped to take a drink from the water fountain.
ďMOM, you just had a drinkĒ
I start tapping my foot and she hurries into the restrooms. She appears a few minutes later and we resume our dash to World Showcase.
We enter at 5 minutes left to spare and head right for Showcase Plaza. I knew we werenít going to get a brilliant view, but I thought we had done pretty well considering this was only an afterthought. We secured a spot right at the front of Showcase Plaza, there were hundreds of people, some sitting, most standing. We heard the loudspeaker state in a few moments Illuminations, Reflections of Earth would begin. I began to get excited; this would be the first Disney fireworks show we had seen. At 9.00pm on the dot, it began. Fireworks lit up the sky and the lights went down. A spinning globe began to show pictures from around the world and flames seemed to come out of the water. The lights around the pavilions main buildings went on one by one and it was a beautiful sight. The sound of the fireworks echoed in my head and I began to feel the vibrations surge through my body. The heat from the flames hit me with great force and I felt boiling hot all of a sudden. The music screamed from the speakers and the fireworks ceased as everyone focused on the globe. Eventually the fireworks exploded in one huge finale and the sky was filled with sparks of light, illuminating everything below.
Suddenly it was silent and the lights came back up and people started to run.
I wasnít going to charge out of the park, I knew there was no point and that we would end up losing each other, or worse, getting hurt. So in an orderly fashion followed the less eager guests to make our way to the bus stop.
We stopped and snapped this beautiful sight:

Within 15 minutes we were out, we found our stop no problems and noticed our bus sitting there, waiting. Woo hoo!!!
We chatted about the show and all agreed it was a beautiful sight, we didnít have the best view so didnít get to appreciate the globe much, and after all arenít we all just there for the fireworks?
Our journey came to an end and we slowly walked back along the path. I noticed the hammocks were empty and had been desperate to try one out so I ran across to get in one. They were so comfy:

I convinced Steven to try it also and although it was simple enough to get in, it was pretty difficult getting out. The weather was beautiful, the humidity had subsided and all that was left was a warm breeze. I swear I could have fallen asleep, gently rocking in that hammock.
We were all tired and crossed the beach to get to our room. The resort looked beautiful all lit up but our photos didnít do it justice:

We collapsed in bed and said goodnight to mom, I wanted to be up early the next morning as I had an ADR booked at 8.30am for Kona Cafť. I couldnít wait to try that Tonga Toast! I set the telephone for 6.30am and switched on the TV. We fell asleep in each otherís arms while in the background the TV whispered through the night.

Coming upÖ
Kona Cafť and the long awaited Tonga Toast!

09-16-2007, 11:33 AM
Day 4, Part 1

We awoke at 6.30am; Stacey was still counting down her top 7 and the air conditioning droned on.
I was really looking forward to Kona, I had been waiting 11 months to taste this Tonga Toast and by Jo was I going to eat it all!
I made sure my mom was up and getting ready before I had my shower, then started up the percolator. I had decided to wear the same as I had worn the previous night as I thought the top would be cool.
I straightened my hair with my Maggie flat irons (thanks again Maggie!), which really took no time at all. I put in loads of product to try and combat the frizz that I was sure would consume my hair later on, applied my make up and I was ready. Meanwhile Steven had showered and changed and poured the French Roast Coffee that we both loved, mmm!
It was 7.40am and I knew we better leave. Mom was ready and we all headed down to the bus stop. The bus arrived in 5 minutes and we were on our way to the Magic Kingdom. I was slightly disappointed that we weren’t actually going to the Magic Kingdom and staying there, but I had planned to save that visit for my mom’s last day. I knew that would be her favourite park so I wanted to end things on a good note.

We were at MK in 15 minutes, pretty good I thought, why do people complain about these buses? I told Steven and my mom that we would need to catch the monorail over to The Poly, so we quickly headed that way. We saw a monorail was waiting and a conductor was ushering us shouting “Come on folks, we will get you to your resort hotel”.
We ran up the walkway, found an empty carriage and got in. The announcements over the loudspeaker telling us to ‘stand clear of the doors’ resonated in English and Spanish. These announcements began to feel like home after 3 weeks. We were informed that our next stop was The Contemporary then it would be the Ticket and Transportation Center, followed by The Polynesian, The Grand Floridian and finally The Magic Kingdom. We rode this monorail so much throughout our trip, I even remember the snippets of information that the loudspeaker volunteered while we rode.
I love the monorail, always have. I used to ride it in Sydney when we went into the city to shop. It really took me back. We entered The Contemporary Resort and I thought it was so cool that a monorail went through a hotel. I stood up to look for Chef Mickeys so I could point it out. We would be eating there for breakfast on my mom’s last day; it would be a great way to guarantee character interaction.
We continued on to The Ticket and Transportation Center where the loudspeaker announced that if this is where your vacation ends he hoped we had a wonderful time and a safe journey home, awww, I started to feel a pang of sadness as I realised eventually he would be referring to me. The place was pretty empty and we commenced our journey to The Poly.

I was looking forward to seeing this resort; this had been the resort that had plagued my daydreams. I had looked into staying here on many occasions, but when my TA told me it would cost me an extra £1600 ($3200) to do so, I quickly stuffed my mind with the thought of more moderate resorts. We arrived at 8.20am and we stepped off the monorail into a tropical paradise. I was immediately reminded of Hawaii, I had been there when I was younger, and boy did it look like that. There was a certain smell; I couldn’t put my finger on it, like a rainforest sort of smell. I could hear pools of water bubbling and I felt such humidity with all the foliage around. We didn’t have time to really look so we entered on the second floor and began to look for Kona. To the right was a couple of shopping carts and a few stores selling souvenirs and to the left were a small coffee stop and a cafť. I could see from where I stood it said Kona and I was quite surprised. From the pictures I had seen, the cafť looked much bigger and closed in. I wasn’t disappointed, just surprised.
We walked over and were greeted with a big “Aloha” and I gave her our name. She smiled and said “Congratulations” and said we would be seated shortly. I grinned; it was the first recognition we had had in a restaurant.

We were given a table way back in the corner. The restaurant was quiet but I figured it would fill up quickly. We perused the menus and I didn’t need to look very long. We ordered our drinks, mom and Steven took orange juice and I took a Cappuccino. Steven decided on ‘The Big Kahuna’, mom ordered the ‘Fruit Plate’ and of course I ordered the ‘Tonga Toast’.
The Cappuccino was really smooth, but definitely not big enough. I ended up ordering an apple juice because I had finished it before my breakfast came round.
The breakfast goes down in history as one of the best breakfasts ever! ‘The Big Kahuna’ consisted of French Toast, 2 pancakes, 2 eggs (sunny side up) fried potatoes, sausage, ham, pineapple and bacon. Steven LOVED this, everything was cooked to perfection, including the eggs which we find can be undercooked, you know what I mean? When you see that gooey white jelly sitting on the yolk, eeewww!!! Well these ones looked great. The French toast was sweet with just a light dusting of icing sugar; the sausage was not greasy and very tasty. The ham, which I tried, was slightly salty and sweet, not fatty, in fact was gorgeous, lightly griddled for a smoky flavor. The fried potatoes were beautiful, slightly spicy, well cooked, soft in the middle and crispy on the outside. I had one of his pancakes and they were perfectly fluffy. He devoured his pineapple and claimed it was sweet and juicy.
My mom’s ‘Fruit Plate’ looked amazing. This consisted of half a pineapple filled with melon (cantaloupe and yellow melon). On the side was half an orange sliced, half a kiwi, a huge bunch of red grapes, a whole banana, half a blueberry muffin and a slice of banana bread. My mom was so happy with this breakfast; I think she ate everything although I did get to taste the banana bread, which was beautiful. It had walnuts and mushed banana in it and it was slightly warm. It was melt in your mouth tasty! Sweet and fragrant, hands down the best banana bread I had tasted so far.
Now, the one I had been waiting for, it needs no introduction now does it? But for the readers I may have lost along the way, it’s ‘Tonga Toast’.
This was huge, I mean huge. It was sourdough bread with banana in the middle, deep-fried and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Now when I went to California, I fell in love with cinnamon and sugar anything, pretzels, churros, donuts, if you had done this to my sneakers, I probably would have loved them. I had agreed to give Steven some Tonga Toast as a trade for a pancake and some ham. I had ordered sausages with mine also but I only managed to eat one of them. I started cutting into this moist wedge; can something sound sweet when you cut it? I heard the granulated sugar crystals fall on my plate and my eyes glowed in anticipation. I saw the heated banana cocooned in the warm bread and my taste buds stood to attention.
I filled my fork and tasted the sweetness for the first time. WOW, oh wow, if anyone knows of the scene in the restaurant in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ then you know how I felt.
Steven tasted this, said it was nice but it didn’t ‘do it’ for him. He thinks banana goes a bit gooey when it is heated, as does my mom, but what do they know!
I managed to eat most of my piece of heaven but I was so full that I couldn’t possibly eat another bite. I began to feel the button of my trousers fight against my stomach and I knew I had gone too far.
We paid OOP for this breakfast, as I didn’t agree with using up valuable TS credits to pay for a breakfast. The bill came to $43.89.

We left highly satisfied and wandered over to pick up some postcards from the store and have a look around.
I have a love of unusual hats as you can see:

I tried to get Steven to join in:

and of course my mom:

We got some postcards and thought it best to catch the monorail and head to Epcot.
The monorail was waiting and we were at the Ticket and Transportation Center quickly. We swapped lines to get to Epcot and waited about 10 minutes. Throughout our journey we talked about our breakfast and the ride I couldn’t wait for my mom to try…‘Soarin’

Coming up…

Soarin, ooh a Dolphin, Sunshine Seasons and the old mom surfaces again.

09-16-2007, 12:57 PM
Mmmm...tonga toast! YUM!

Love that photo of Spaceship Earth, you really caught the vibrancy of the colors. And your shots of CBR at night are beautiful. Seeing those photos really makes me want to go back to WDW NOW!

Wonderful updates, Summer.

09-16-2007, 01:22 PM
:rotfl: I can't WAIT to eat at Kona!!!! we have reservations there during our honeymoon because I just have to try the Tonga Toast and after your description...well, need I say more??!! LOVE the photos of you trying on all those hats - Steven's not a hat person, I take it? :lmao:

3 weeks!! wow, Summer, I don't know how you get back into the swing of things after a honeymoon like that! JJ and I will be off for 2 1/2 weeks and I find it's hard to go to work on Mondays now after 2 days off - how will we ever manage??!!!

oh and I completely understand about your Mum - we took my MIL for a week last year to Disney with us and it's a totally different experience - however, she still lights up like a child at Christmas thinking about it so despite some of the trials and tribulations - all in all I'm glad we took her.

this is even better than the novel I'm reading! :thumbsup2

Michelle :cloud9:

09-16-2007, 02:22 PM
Summer -

My mouth is just watering reading about the Tonga Toast! Living nearby in Florida - I don't usually spend much time in the resorts. I am definately going to have to put the Tonga Toast on my Disney "To Do" list! YUMMY!!! I think that one of these days I am going to go to WDW and not do the parks and just hang out in the resorts and EAT! :rotfl:

I wish I had some magical advice about making it to your 25th anniversary. I was very fortunate that God found me a VERY PATIENT man! Lord knows I have been a challenge once or twice over these past 25 years! :rolleyes1 I think that the most important thing to remember is that no matter how "starry-eyed" in love you are :love: - there are going to be tough times. There may be times that you aren't even sure you like each other very much! But if your love is deep and your commitment is strong, you will ride out those rough spots and it will be the most WONDERFUL journey! :cloud9:

09-16-2007, 02:56 PM
summer, you have me wanting to go to Kona right now. Can't wait to get back there. This is a great trip report, so detailed . Love it.

09-16-2007, 03:06 PM
I think there should be a Tonga Toast fan club!!! My DH had a similar reaction as Steven did and you and I are on the same boat - I made that reference as well to my DH. "I could do a 'Sally' right now." He didn't find it near as funny as I did; however the lady sitting close to me was laughing a great deal! Can't wait to hear how your Mom liked Soarin'!!!

09-16-2007, 03:57 PM
oneyodafan - Yup that Tonga Toast is a phenomenon don't ya think? Thanks for keeping up with me, I know this is a long TR.

Michelle - No, Steven didn't even want me to post that pic of him, but I thought it was funny as he didn't even remove his baseball cap, lol. You must try the Tonga Toast when you are there, I said so!
I'm finding it difficult to get back to normal myself. We've been back over a week and I'm still in Disney mode I'm afraid, at least until I can start planning another trip...

angel*lady - I said exactly the same thing about just hanging out at the resorts, there are so many and they are all great especially the deluxe ones with their gorgeous restaurants.
Steven and I have already been together 9 years, and we have had some rough times. We have got through them all though and came out stronger for it. Thank you for your words.

Daniella - I love adding the details, it's make me feel as if I was back there again, always a good thing!

MUDisneyCouple - I don't think guys get it really, at least Steven doesn't understand my reaction to some wonderful food, oh well, he had his 'Sally' moment later on in the trip at 'Artist Point'...

09-16-2007, 04:00 PM
Day 4, Part 2

We arrive in Epcot and our first sight is the huge Spaceship Earth attraction. I knew this was closed for refurbishment and was kinda gutted. Body Wars was closed as was Cranium Command and The Making of Me.
You can see the crane is still there:

I took this pic of Steven before we went on:

We decided it would be best to head over to The Seas first but stopped to take a pic of the beautiful fountain:

Again it hardly does it justice.
We had just eaten and Steven didnít think it would be a good idea to immediately go on ĎSoariní plus it wasl already a 30 min wait.
I was curious about the attraction ĎThe Seas with Nemo and Friendsí and I thought my mom would like it, especially the ďclamobileĒ.
It was pretty hot already and it was only 10.15am, the queue was pretty big but fast moving, so we were in it for no longer than 10 minutes. Most of it was in air conditioning so we were relieved. I didnít know if a clam would hold all of us until we reached our clam, it was pretty clear that we would be way too squashed sitting together so I asked mom if she was okay going in her own clam, just ahead of us. She seemed fine with it, and I felt a pang of guilt as I sent her on ahead of us. I know, I know, she was clearly visible from our clam, but I felt she expected me to go with her, but I was adamant I wanted to go with Steven. After all this was our wedding/honeymoon trip and it didnít seem right to have Steven on his own for everything that was paired. I told mom not to bother taking any pictures and it stated no flash photography was allowed. I hang my head in shame when I report that throughout the ride there was intermittent flashing, and yup, it was my mom. Steven sighed and said to me that none of those pictures would come out and although I knew this, I wasnít exactly going to shout down to her clam and let her know this. We settled back and just enjoyed each others company, it was the first time other than during sleep we had been alone, it felt great and I was surprised at how drained I had been feeling with my mom always there.
Before we left for Florida, I had seen my mom every day for a week; we had shopped and been in each otherís company a lot. I think I was beginning to feel smothered and I desperately wanted some quality time alone with my husband to be. During the ride we barely paid attention to the screens, we lay back in our clam and remained quiet the rest of the ride; it was nice to just be peaceful.
Upon exiting the ride, my mom exclaimed that she managed to capture great
pics of Nemo and Dory, I just agreed as it seemed pointless to say otherwise.
We slowly walked around ĎThe Seas Main Tank and Exhibitsí saw the beauty of a dolphin, and visited many other tanks with assorted fish:

I love manatees and got this shot:

I tried to get a pic of a dolphin but it didnít come out well and decided I would wait for Seaworld to get up close and personal.
We spent half an hour or so doing this, before my mom stated she required the restroom. We had finished our viewing of the tanks so we all left to find one for her. While my mom was away I suggested to Steven that it might be better if we asked mom if she really wanted to go to Victoria and Alberts. My mom was not one for fancy food and I couldnít imagine her sitting for a 3-hour meal. We were due to get pictures taken with Randy after our meal so it would mean not getting back to the resort until midnight. As we would be up at 5.30am on the day of the wedding I thought my mom might be too tired to enjoy the meal anyway. On a side note the meal was costing us $160 per person and if my mom wouldnít enjoy it, it seemed silly for her to go. I felt guilty, as I knew I should want my mom to come, but we would be having a Wedding lunch at Citricos and my mom had already shown that she tired very easily and didnít eat fancy food. Steven agreed that it would be best to ask her and make it clear to her exactly what Victoria and Alberts was and how long she would have to be up for. I decided to wait until after lunch to broach the subject, it gave me time to figure out how I was going to do it.
We moved on to ĎHoney I Shrunk the Audienceí:

Steven and I had done this in Disneyland before and although I didnít think it was among the best 3D movies Disney had to offer, I knew mom would like it. We had to wait 5 minutes for the next show, but we only waited 2 before we got the pre show.
We picked up our 3D glasses and watched the pre show. I never have the patience for these things, I always just want to see the attraction, Iíve noticed I have become more impatient as I get older but people around me seemed to enjoy it, so maybe itís just me!
We entered the theater and again I held back to see where the best seats were. I settled on 6 rows back, and again managed to get the middle of the row by quickly scanning the crowd entering the row.
The show was as I remembered it, and I wasnít sure if I had received a bum pair of glasses but sometimes I saw 2 Rick Moranisís. I found myself squinting to make him become one and at times the 3D aspect was too small. My mom enjoyed it, which was the main thing, and we exited and headed straight to ĎSoariní.

It was nearing midday and I thought that as the World Showcase was open now, the queue for ĎSoariní might have depleted some. It stated a 25-minute wait, which seemed okay. I knew it had those queue games installed as a trial so I hoped to try them out. As we approached ĎSoariní a CM handed my mom a red card and asked her to hand it to the 3rd CM before she boarded the ride. The queuing area was very long and winding, it took several minutes to reach the end.
I had told mom about this ride dozens of times. As we were waiting in the queue, my mom asked if we really boarded a hang glider. Huh? I explained the concept again to her and she then asked if we actually went outside and in the air. Huh? Again I explained the concept.

The bird game appeared on the screen and it ran through the instructions. Telling us all we had to move left, right, back and forward to make the bird move in the direction we wanted him to. We started our training and I think some people in our section were too embarrassed to train our bird. Some stayed completely still while others, including our group joined in.
We started our race and the competition set in. Most moved left and right in unison, sometimes hitting rocks and trees and getting bashed back to the center of the screen. It was clear that our opponents were beating us to a pulp and many stragglers gave up in our section. We lost, badly, and my mom turned to me and said loudly, that we lost because of Steven and I not playing. Huh? WHAT? I informed her that we hardly lost because of 2 people not participating but for her information we were playing, and damn well too!!!
We moved on to the next section of the queue and the game commenced again, this time we had the winning bird from last time and I think everyone opted to participate this time. We all trained our bird well and he glided rather than jerked when we wanted him to change direction. We flew over rocks and around the fallen trees, dipped under icicles and above the snowy peaks, our bird was a winner and the loudspeaker confirmed this 10 minutes later. We all cheered and my mom cheered the loudest of all.

We passed the first CM and my mom told him she had to give him the red card because the woman at the beginning told her too. He told her to give it to the 2nd CM before she boarded. So not the next one but the next one, you see where Iím going with this?
It was time for our section to move on where there were no longer birds to keep our attention, woo hoo, we were almost on ĎSoariní.
The addition of the game is a brilliant idea. The queue in California was long for ĎSoariní and very boring. I didnít notice the wait at all because of the distraction.
We waited a few more minutes and we saw the next CM, she asked us how many were in our party and waved us through, not before my mom stopped her and relayed the info she had been given about the red card. She told her to pass it to the next CM she sees at the ride entrance.
My mom complained that no one wanted the card and she didnít know what she was supposed to do with it, that she was just going to give it to the next CM she saw, and they better take it!!!
I had to laugh, if I didnít I would have broken down in a fit of tears and began whacking myself over the head. Steven saw my reaction and I could see vessels I didnít know where even there, pop out all over his head. I grabbed his hand and he squeezed mine really tightly, I squeezed his right back, even tighter.

We eventually came across this long awaited CM and my mom briefed her on her mission. She accepted the red card and my mom seemed pleased she had performed her duty. Thank god!
We were told to move to row B on the first glider and we were way over to the left hand side. I was happy enough with our row but had hoped to be positioned in the center glider. Never mind, we would ride this again so hopefully we would have a better seat next time. The dude from Family Guy appeared on our screens and explained the procedure. This was the best pre show I saw before any other attraction. It helped that I love Family Guy but it was also entertaining.
We were ushered in, we found our seats and I removed my flip-flops as requested. Within minutes we lifted off and the screen began showing California in all its beauty. I loved this ride in California and it didnít disappoint. I canít seem to remember Disney appearing in it, the castle, fireworks and of course Tinkerbell, but if it wasnít there originally then it was a good addition to have. My favorite part is over the ocean and then the valleys. When you first come out over that beautiful scenery, the fall colors are stunning. The only down side is when you are positioned where we were you could see feet above you and you can see where the screen stops. To truly be immersed you must be in Row A and in the center glider. That aside though it was still an amazing ride and by far one of my favorites of all time. I wish it were longer cause it all seems over so quickly. We quickly descended and I collected my flip-flops, and as promised by Joe, they were exactly where I had left them.

My mom loved this ride and spoke about for a while after. I knew she would like it so was glad to hear her praise.
As most of you know I researched everything before we left. As my mom had had a heart bypass several years before I knew there would be many restrictions on the rides she could go on. Steven and I had decided in advance that we would only go on the rides my mom would like during her stay. We had 2 weeks alone when she departed so any other rides that would be too much for her would be left until then. It seemed a good idea as it meant she was never left standing on her own. The first week of our trip, as I think you may have already gathered is not very ride orientated. Steven and I did do loads more when my mom left.
We moved on to ĎLiving with the Landí, the queue was small so I thought Ďwhy not?í We boarded in 5 minutes and I was pleasantly surprised with this ride. It was much longer than I thought it would be and actually very informative. I loved seeing the huge vegetables but unfortunately there were no Mickey pumpkins on display, all were earning their ears!
We were hungry by the end of this ride and I had thought it best to eat at Sunshine Seasons:

I had read about the huge selection here so hoped there would be something for us all to enjoy.
We all wanted a sandwich so Steven and I decided on Salami on Rye with onions and a sauce. My mom liked the look of a Cuban vegetable sandwich. For dessert my mom chose a fruit cup as did Steven and I wanted the Peanut Butter Brownie Mousse. We all got diet cokes.
We paid for this using our CS credits and sat down to enjoy.
My sandwich looked really nice, it was a bit big, and so I cut it in half. I bit into it but immediately didnít like it. I had no idea what sauce was on the onions, but the sandwich tasted wet, the salami was wet, the bread was wet and it dripped down my arms as I held it, eeewww! Steven agreed and only ate half of his. I tried to scrape off the onions, but the bread was still soggy so I gave up. My mom tried her Cuban sandwich and said that she didnít like Cuban Veg, I asked her why she ordered it and she said that she thought it was normal veg. She looked at it and said that she couldnít recognize any of it. I told her that there was zucchini and avocados in there and she told me she disliked all of that. It had been clear from the picture that this is what the sandwich consisted of yet she ordered it anyway. I told her she needs to look more closely before she orders things or this would happen all the time. I offered her the second half of my sandwich; this is the way the conversation went.
ďHere, have the other half of my sandwich, I donít want itĒ
ďNo, you want it, Iím fineĒ
ďI donít want it, I will throw it out if you donít want itĒ
ďNo you want it, you ordered it, and youíre hungryĒ
ďNo, I have my dessert to have and I donít even like it, but you might, take itĒ
ďNo, you do want itĒ
ďIÖ doÖnotÖwantÖitÖhonestly, TAKE ITĒ
ďAre you sure you donít want it? I am hungryĒ
ďDo you want it?Ē
She nods her head quickly
ďHere then, I really donít want itĒ
ďWell if youíre sure, are you sure?Ē
I sigh
She dives into the sandwich as if I might change my mind and exclaims itís beautiful through muffled speech. Oh well then at least itís not wasted.
I continue on to my brownie, which is gorgeous, peanut butter and chocolate, what a combination! I am aware that I am getting married in a couple of days and worry overcomes me and I put down half of my brownie. I push it away and announce I wonít eat any more of it because of my wedding dress. I ask Steven if he thinks I could take it back to the resort and maybe have it later, you know, spread out the calories, but he says that it would melt during the day. I pout but know that heís right and do actually leave it, although send it longing looks as we leave the table.

Coming upÖ

Trekking round World Showcase, loads of pics, and my favorite flip flops break in Mexico.

09-16-2007, 05:02 PM
Summer after reading your description of Tonga Toast, I am ready to try it again! :thumbsup2 I had it on a past anniversary trip because of everything I had heard on the DIS. In the end I didn't enjoy the cooked bananas and DH did. He asked and received the recipe and makes it at home.

I am so enjoying your report. It is getting harder and harder to wait for each new installment.

09-16-2007, 05:19 PM
You sound like you are having loads of fun! Thank you for PMing me the info for your video and pics. I loved the video. I especially loved that the song playing in the background was Brad and my song too :goodvibes You are beautiful and you made an even more beautiful bride! Thanks for all the info. You are really giving me some good ideas for my trip. Also, you never told me about the strawberries you got your mom. Do you remember how much they were? Did you have to request them when you requested the diver?

Anna Marie:bride:

09-16-2007, 05:28 PM
You are not alone...I hate the preshows. Ok, hate is a strong word...dislike them. I know it's suppose to emerse you in the ride/attraction, but gesh some of them drag out.

Keep 'em coming...can't wait for the wedding day!!!

09-16-2007, 06:12 PM
I dont like the preshow for Honey I Shrunk The Audience either since it was changed from what it was when it first opened.

Your mother reminds me of how its going to be for me with Shaun's grandma when I go in Feb. Familys love doing that to you don't they.

09-16-2007, 07:08 PM
Hi Summer,

Whew! Finally I get a chance to post. I want you to know that I am reading along and loving every minute of it. I always get a chance to read your posts while I eat my shredded wheat at work (after my work out). However, I can't log in there and I can't see your pics. So I have to wait until the weekend (or Sunday night, rather) to fully appreciate all your hard work.

First I have to say WOW - the carribean resort is beautiful!!! Just beautiful. I'm a bit jealous I have to say. We're going back tp the POFQ mainly because it's so much smaller and of course, it's where it all started.

I also wish that I could find a way to squeeze in Kona, because the way you described that Tonga Toast.....whew.....

I'm sorry that AK didn't treat you as well as it could have on your first day. I just love it there, but I think it all depends on whether you get to the safari early. I wonder if I will like it as much next time when the Tusker house is a TS. I'll miss that kick butt CS stop.

I'm also sorry the chocolate wave was a dud. My chocoalte wave on my wedding trip was a dud too. The CR isn't my fav actually -- Simon really likes it. The first time we went my fish was really dry but the chocolate wave was good, and the second time it was he opposite. It really seems hit or miss. I LOVED the diver. How AWESOME!!!!

I love all your pics! They're FANTASTIC!!! I'm really enjoying reading all about your trip.

Until next sunday.....I'll be reading....popcorn::

09-16-2007, 07:56 PM
Ok. Where do I start. The diver was awesome, acutally brought tears to my eyes when I read it. Sorry that you didn't get to see Steven's reaction. The strawberries were nice too. I love chocolate covered strawberries and they loved yummy. The picture of the EPCOT spaceship earth was awesome. I would have that picture blown up and framed. Kona's is also one of stops for breakfast just because of reading on these boards. I laughed out loud when you described it as a Sally moment that was cute and I absolutely love that movie (one of my favs). Your next installment I am going to enjoy because I enjoy walking around the Showcase and going to the different countries. popcorn::

09-16-2007, 08:34 PM
Summer - every installement is better than the one before! :yay: I am so glad this is going to be a long TR - it is so much fun to read! :surfweb: We are going to have to start a support group once it is over - we will all be going through withdrawls!!! :eek:

Missy H
09-17-2007, 02:56 AM
I totally understand where you are coming from with your mom!
We are taking my mom in July, she sounds alot like your mom! I am going to need alot of ME time while she is with us. (we are staying for 3 weeks and she is coming for the middle week!) We live 450 miles apart and it is great but being in the next room is going to be bad!

I am loving your TR, keep it coming!

09-17-2007, 04:31 AM
desiab - I think you should give Tonga Toast another try. However I will admit to having it again at another point during our trip and they had put way too much sugar on it and not enough cinnamon. I ended up scraping off most of the sugar.

dizneyfreak - Thanks for the compliments on my photos and video. I forgot to mention the strawberries, I paid $35.00 for them and I made a seperate request for them. I specifically asked for chocolate strawberries and I was told there would be a dozen, but as you can see there was much more, but I don't know if that was due to there error with the menu. Just call Coral Reef and ask for Alicia or Debbi.

MUDisneyCouple - We are getting to the wedding day, I promise! I think I am beginning to hate the preshows, most are pointless, but again maybe I am in the minority.

yearbook50 - Oh god, I hope I haven't made my mother look like a Grandma. As I have said before I love her to pieces, just not with me all the time. She is adorable in a silly kind of way, and normally the little things she does doesn't bother me, but when these things happen everyday, well, I guess it begins to get on my last nerve.

Tiffany - YAY, I wondered where you were, must be working really hard? I am so glad you could stop by, your's and Maggie's TR are the ones that have inspired me the most, so I am glad to hear from you, am I doing well?
CBR, is beautiful and absolutely huge, but we loved POFQ, it is so cosy and such a beautiful and romantic resort. If we do get to go back we will go to POFQ, so thanks for turning me on to that.
I actually do go back to AK and it is much better the 2nd time, when we go back again I'll be sure to try the safari in the morning.
The thing about Coral Reef is, I thought I actually really liked it, then when I wrote my TR, I realised I didn't like most of the food, I remebered loving the diver so I just put it down to as great experience, yet addressing individual items made me realise I didn't care for it much at all.
There are loads more pics coming up and...we are nearing the wedding day so I will post my favs from then.

DisneyLaura - You really loved that pic of Spaceship Earth, hmmm, I thought it was good but not that good, I will have to have another look at it. The strawberries, I have been told by Steven, were the best strawberries he has ever had, really juicy!
Yes, Kona is a definate must do now from now on, breakfast, lunch and dinner, all were awesome!

angel*lady - Awww, thanks for that amazing compliment about my TR. I just write it how it happened so I'm glad it's entertaining.

Missy H - Oooh, I already feel for you. However at least you have 2 weeks alone, that is what salvaged our vacation, without it, it would have been a disappointment. Not that I didn't enjoy the week with my mom, but we did cater to her needs most of the week, so didn't get to do most of the things we wanted to do until later.

I want to thank everyone who is reading along with my TR, it is wonderful to be able to share this experience with you all and I really appreciate all of your support with this. I am being brutally honest in this TR as I think you all appreciate that, especially when it comes to reviewing the vendors. I say this as we will be coming up to the wedding day shortly and I have several vendors to review. This doesn't mean I have bad reviews to share, in fact the majority are positively glowing reviews, but good or bad, I will be honest.

As most of you know I have been off work all week so have managed to post several instalments per day. Unfortunately I am back at work now so although I will post, it may not be so much every day. I promise to post at least one section though every day, if not more. So please bear with me while I try and adjust.

09-17-2007, 08:03 AM
I am loving this summer and as we have just confirmed our date, its nice to hear another uk bride with their experiences

09-17-2007, 10:30 AM
Wow! I have finally caught up! - I was just thinking "I wonder if Summer is back yet" and then discover I have 11 pages to catch up on!

Now I really need to get on with some work.....

09-17-2007, 12:02 PM
Bummer having to go back to work! :sad1: It is always so hard to go back after a week off - I can't imagine after a month! Especially coming off of a Disney trip. At least you had some time at home readjusting before heading back.

I guess your boss wouldn't understand if you said - "So sorry, I can't come back to work yet - my readers need me!" :rotfl: Don't worry, we will be patient. Hey - maybe I'll get more studying done! :rotfl2: This whole school thing is tough! I have gone back to school after MANY years to finally finish my degree. I am working full time and carrying a full course load in the evening. What a juggling act! I am grateful that I have a supportive husband and my kids are in high school and college and require a little less attention. It will be worth it in the end but right now I am going a little bit crazy! :eek:

09-17-2007, 12:22 PM
Soarin' sounds like a lot of fun, however, I won't be going on it when I go in Nov. I get such bad motion sickness and I can't do simulator rides at all without being sick, so I'm skipping this. I know I'm missing something wonderful, but am willing to fore-go it. :sad1:

I give you alot of credit for traveling a week with your Mom. I love my Mom, but really don't think I could do Disney with her. Hope it gets a little better. ;)

Can't wait for more! :cool1:

09-17-2007, 12:45 PM
orangetiggs - Glad to hear that you have confirmed your date, and I'm pleased that this TR can help you out.

meryll83 - My god where have you been, I haven't seen you around in ages??? Glad you could stop by, I see you are going to WDW in 11 days? I am oh so jealous, I know I've just been but I really want to go back.

angel*lady - Yeah maybe I can get back to some study also, I have some Law papers that are calling me. I am putting up a mini instalment just now as I wasn't at my computor all day at work so it ruined my plan:sad2:

DisneyObsession - It's weird that motion sickness can affect people differently. Steven suffers from the same thing asnd finds it difficult to go on simulators, but has no problem at all on Soarin'.
Believe me Tinkerbell slams the pixie dust in our face from the wedding onwards.

09-17-2007, 12:49 PM
Day 4, Part 3

So, we decide itís time to move on and head to the World Showcase. I had been looking forward to this for months and I thought my mom would really enjoy this aspect of the park. Forget thrill rides, I knew my mom had always wanted to travel more so I thought this would be way up her street.
I look at the map and I decide it would be better to head in a clockwise direction. We had a reservation at Le Cellier in Canada at 6pm so it seemed wiser to try and hit all the lands before then and end in Canada. So going by the map our first stop would be Mexico.
I had wanted to visit Mexico since 2001. When Steven and I visited California, we had the opportunity to take a trip down to Mexico. For some reason we decided against it and never did go. So since then I have been regretting that decision. So, this was my opportunity to get a taste of Mexico without actually stepping off of Disney property, sounds good to me!
I would like people to step in at any point and tell me if I am coming across as dumb when I refer to these lands. I hate to assume, but I will assume that these lands are not necessarily spitting images of the majority of the country they represent, am I right?
Okay, so on to Mexico. I was happy that there was a ride here. Although my mom may not be into stuff like that, I certainly was and relished in the thought of a boat ride, woo hoo! First impressions of Mexico were good; I loved the little stalls as you can see:
and the structure that housed El Rio del Tiempo was beautiful:

We went in and I loved the look of the inside, it was so dark and intimate, definitely romantic. I tried to get some pics, but I donít think it really captured the magic:
and here was one of San Angel Inn, it looked beautiful with a great ambience, but it was so dark:
We continued on to ride El Rio del Tiempo, I knew it had been refurbished but had never been on the original so didnít know what to expect. It was cute, but didnít provide any insight into Mexico and its people. I hear that Donald is an addition? Can I say that I think that was a poor decision? I donít know, it just seemed tacked on. Do you regulars feel this was an improvement? I liked the other aspects of the ride even if it was a bit Ďsmall worldishí.
My mom enjoyed it and found it quite relaxing, no drops or anything like that and Steven thought it was just okay.
As I disembarked from my boat, I must have slipped on the water on the seat and my flip-flop surged backwards, breaking the strap. I was gutted, not only because they were the only pair I had with me (obviously) but also they were brand new and my favourite pair. They were so comfortable and I had only been wearing them for 4 days, what on earth was I supposed to do now? I tried to walk and keep it on my foot, but unless I clenched my toes really tightly, it was a losing battle. There was no way I could continue like this, so I had no alternative but to buy another pair. I looked in Mexico but there was nothing even remotely flip-flop like!
So I hoped to find something in the other lands as I went around.
Overall I thought Mexico was very small, especially in comparison to other lands. Iíll call it cosy though as I also thought it was cute. I do think there is room for more here, much more, and something that could really give it some oomph!
I stopped to have a Churro, remember my love for all things cinnamon and sugar? Even with my flip-flop fiasco I had been dreaming about Churros since California 2001. It was beautiful as usual and just as I remembered, crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar, perfect!

Guess itís time to move on to NorwayÖ

09-17-2007, 02:05 PM
Hope your day back at work went well. We'll miss the multiple daily updates. ;)

Ack, your shoe broke after only 4 days! That stinks.

I love the countries at WS, it's DH's & my fave park. But I agree that with Mexico, it could be...more. There just doesn't seem to be enough to fully entrance me there. I know there's only so much space, but I do wish there was more in each country, particularly a few. But, it's a wonderful way to learn about a different culture if you fully immerse yourself in it.

Can't wait for more!

09-17-2007, 03:02 PM
meryll83 - My god where have you been, I haven't seen you around in ages??? Glad you could stop by, I see you are going to WDW in 11 days? I am oh so jealous, I know I've just been but I really want to go back.

I know - I feel like I've deserted you! It's been really busy at work lately and I've been dancing in a Summer season show up until the other week, rehearsals for that started in about May I think, so that might be around the time I vanished!

I'm loving reading your report, it's really getting me in the mood to go - I really need to start packing, there might be room for you in my case?

Oh and Congratulations!!!!!!!:cheer2: You are now a married lady - how exciting!

Can't wait to read the rest, sounds like we're gonna hear some really magical things....

09-17-2007, 03:56 PM
I go to WDW once or twice a year, so I know all about all of the rides. My DF calls me the human Disney map. I don't even grab one when we head into the parks cause I don't need it:rotfl: So, n-e-ways, the mexico boat ride is a lot like it used to be. All Disney really did was replace some video of the mexican people with some video of Donald and his friends Joe Carioca & Panchito. (There by the way are the characters from the Disney movie The Three Caballeros. If you haven't seen it, this movie is very cute, but I am biased being a Donald fan and all.) I liked the ride both ways. It probably was more "ride-u-cational" before, but it is more kid friendly now. So, I guess what I'm tring to say is that I'm torn between the old ride and the new one, but you really didn't miss much.
As for the "lands" looking like the real thing, believe it or not they are all really authentic. I can tell you that Mexico, France, and Canada all really look like that in the origional authentic areas. I also know for a fact that Disney went into pain staking detail when building the lands. For example, the king of Moracco sent the same builders that built his palace to EPCOT to supervise and help with the building of the Morocco "land". I don't know if that helps you with your questions or not, but I am just full of useless information about Disney trivia:lmao: hence the title Dizneyfreak!
Sorry to hear that you are back to work. Make sure to steal away to post some more soon to help ease your dis-friends withdrawls:rotfl2:

Anna Marie:bride:

09-17-2007, 05:31 PM
Summer, I think adding Donald was an improvement, the ride had pictures from the 80s and looked really old, it really needed an update, I think it was a cute addition with Donald. BTW, you TR is awesome, sorry I haven't written anything yet, I am mostly a reader not a poster. CONGRATS!

09-17-2007, 06:41 PM
Back at work - what a bummer! Hope everything went well, well as good as it can be for work ;) I've been off since we returned from our WDW trip(broke a toe at Castaway Cay). I'm stir crazy, but your TR has certainly been a bright spot in my days!

09-17-2007, 07:00 PM
Great trip report Summer...thanks so more for sharing!

09-18-2007, 08:47 AM
Summer What a fantastic read so far...

The pics are great of you guys in the crazy hats I'm quite parcial myself! lol :rotfl:

Everything sounds great you have me hooked! Keep it coming!!!


09-18-2007, 02:02 PM
Summer, I will have to say I have not been on that ride since June 2004 and I can't remember seeing Donald and company. I thought it was a nice ride for the kids because my boys love boats and like dizneyfreak said it's educational. But just like dizneyfreak said the countries were built to resemble that country. And correct me if I am wrong but the structure that you were referring to in Mexico I believe is a famous structure in Mexico. If you get a tourbook about Disney says that I think. Again after having three kids my brain is not working like it used to. Maybe dizneyfreak can help me with that one. Sorry to hear about your flip flops. That stinks. I hope you find a pair soon. Waiting for the next installment especially your wedding day.


09-18-2007, 02:26 PM
oneyodafan - I know, I miss providing the multiple updates too. I hope I can try and fit in some time when I'm at work, especially during my lunch.
I loved WS when I went back again, this time taking more time to go from country to country and stopping for great photo opportunities.

meryll83 - I did wonder what had happened to you. Thanks for the congrats. If I could fit in your suitcase I may consider going, I want to go back already and I've only been away 10 days!

dizneyfreak - Thanks for the info. I did assume that Disney has tried to recreate the countries. I guess I was just surprised, and I'm only going by the UK pavillion, but I don't think it looks anything like the UK, well not exactly. Wait a minute, I guess it looks like the stereotypical version of a countryside in England with maybe an area like Kensington beside it. It's the best way I can describe it. Not that it's bad, but I did notice while trekking through other countries that some seem way more authentic than others, take Morocco for example, I swear I could have been there and even Italy, but others like the UK well, not so much.
I hope you're not offended by what I've said, it's just my opinion and I want to tell it from my point of view, it's not that I dislike WS, far from it, but some lands are by far better than others.

tlhbdm - Thanks for reading my TR, it does seem that Donald has improved the ride then, thanks for letting me know how badly it needed updating.

MUDisneyCouple - Oooh soory to hear about your toe, hope it heals quickly. Glad that I can help out while you're stuck at home.

misscmac - You're welcome, i enjoy reporting just as much as everyone seems to enjoy reading.

DisneyB2B - Thanks for commenting. I have more hat pics later on, I became obsessed but unfortunately Steven didn't get pictures of me all the time.

Laura - I hope I didn't offend you either about WS, I really do like it there but if you read my comment to Dizneyfreak, you will see what I'm saying. I hope I have worded myself correctly, it's very difficult to describe.

09-18-2007, 02:49 PM
So we moved on to Norway, I on the search of new flip-flops and a ride on Maelstrom, my mom on the search of a drink and Steven on the search of a seat.
My mom tells me that I will only find clogs in Norway, HUH? Whatever mom! Telling her that clogs were not the traditional footwear for Norway wouldn't have made any difference.
Steven up until this point had not been enjoying himself in Epcot. He was on the verge of wanting to just go home, and I don't just mean back to the resort. My mom was tiring him out much more than me, after all I was her daughter and I could accept all her quirks but Steven had been shoved full force into this situation and I didn't just expect him to roll over and take it.
I was still trying to figure out a way to broach the subject of Victoria and Alberts with my mom. I knew that Steven and I really deserved to spend that time alone, to be honest I think we really needed it. The time didn't seem right however so I left it and continued on to Maelstrom occassionally asking Steven if he was okay.
I found that Maelstrom had a 45 minute wait, WHAT? For a little boat ride? I couldn't justify waiting that long especially when I was growing more uncomfortable every second without appropriate footwear. So my search continued but Norway produced nothing, not even clogs as my mom had predicted!
I managed to get a few of pictures of Norway:


I loved the exterior of these buildings, they were so cute and I especially loved the waterfall beside Maelstrom. Unfortunately I can't really review here as I wasn't able to give Norway the attention it deserved due to my growing irritation at my flip-flop. I hoped that when I managed to come back next time I could devote more time here as it looked like a pleasant place to look around.

We moved on to China:


and my first stop was the store right at that back of the land. It looked huge so I thought it would be my best bet for some shoes:


I have always had a love for Chinese atire, culture and food so nearly everything in this store appealed...apart from the prices! I loved this Chinese ornament but it was $94.00, I couldn't guarantee that it would survive the journey home so it seemed a silly purchase.
We approached the back of the store and I noticed beautiful black satin, floral flip-flops. WOO HOO!!! The price was reasonable at $12.95 and luckily they were my size, well maybe slightly big but certainly useable. I tried it on and they were so comfortable, I immediately said to Steven I wanted, no, needed them.
He gladly paid for them as it would stop my complaining so I asked the sales clerk if she would cut the tags off as I intended to wear them straight away. She obliged and I slipped them on and immediately disposed of my useless ex flip-flops.
Finally I could quit walking like a duck and resume my journey around the world.
I really wanted to see Reflections of China and luckily for us it was a walk in. The show started in 5 minutes and we patiently waited. It was an amazing show, and I loved the cinesphere it was shown in, I think this was very educational and shown the true beauty of the Chinese people, their country and culture. I never really considered visiting China before as I never realised how beautiful there land was. This video made me see otherwise. I was so glad I saw it. Some points during the show I began to feel I was on Soarin', only a good thing, and I had no idea which way to look. I would definately recommend this show to everyone.

We made our way past the garden with the lilypads in them to move on to the Outpost, now can someone tell me what this is exactly? To me it looked like the old west, am I right? We wandered through and didn't stop to take any pics, on this trip of the Outpost, but we certainly did in our next trip!
I wanted to move on to Germany and see if there were any tasty Pretzels...

Coming up...

Germany, Italy and The American Adventure!

09-18-2007, 02:54 PM
The Outpost is suppose to be Africa. It isn't much though.'

Yay for flip flops!

09-18-2007, 03:04 PM
I've been lurking but I want to join in and say this is a great TR! You are such a great writer!

And I also wanted to add I feel your pain on the mom thing. I love my mom to death but sometimes she tries my last nerve, too. I'm close to your age (Ok, a little older, 29) and I while I love spending time with her (we still take tips together occasionally) after a certain point you just hit your limit of parental interaction. ;) I've been reading your TR chuckling to myself because so much of it sounds familiar. I'll explain something over and over only to find it was comepletely unhreard/ misunderstood.

And I'm convinced my mom is why TIVO was invented. Whenever my mom is over and we're watching TV, the conversation goes something like this:

Mom: Wait. What did he (some character in the show) just say? I didn't catch that?
I answer.
Mom: What's happening now? Why are they going there? Who is that guy? And on and on.
Pause the show. Explain, and 15 minutes later we actually get to watch TV again.
Later in the same show...Wait - who is that? Where did that guy come from (some character as before)?
Pause TIVO. And explain again.
She does this with the commercials too. :rotfl:

Anyway, back to your TR. Can't wait for more. :thumbsup2

09-18-2007, 03:11 PM
Currently, it serves as a DVC jumping point for the new AKL villas (so it's African themed). There are tons of speculations about what will fill the spot (sooner rather than later). Some say Spain, Argentina, Austraila...the list goes on. I'm not holding my breath. Loving the details about the different countries, I always feel as if I'm not seeing everything and this helps to see how much I did or didn't miss.

HURRAY for flip flops and BOO to mounting tension.

09-18-2007, 06:31 PM
Summer, you are an amazing writer!! :goodvibes I love your trip report! You make me feel like I'm right there with you. Can't wait for more!popcorn::

KC's Princess
09-18-2007, 08:53 PM
Summer, thank you so much for the detail you are putting into your TR! It is so much fun to read about your trip, especially since it is so recent. This is making me very excited to leave for my wedding in just a few days! I thought I was reading carefully, but I didn't see links to your photos and video. Can you tell me where I missed them? Thanks! I can't wait to read more...

09-18-2007, 10:21 PM
I agree that you report is wonderful! I come over now and again to get ideas for a vow renewal I hope to have in 2010. Hence why I don't come over all the time, its 3 years away! Your report caught my eye a few days vack and I am really enjoying it. I even look forward to your new posts. Congrats on your marriage - may you always have health, happiness and lots of love & patience.....and kids to take back to Disney! :goodvibes

09-18-2007, 11:24 PM
Currently, it serves as a DVC jumping point for the new AKL villas (so it's African themed). There are tons of speculations about what will fill the spot (sooner rather than later). Some say Spain, Argentina, Austraila...the list goes on. I'm not holding my breath. Loving the details about the different countries, I always feel as if I'm not seeing everything and this helps to see how much I did or didn't miss.

HURRAY for flip flops and BOO to mounting tension.

great report summer!!!

when i worked for the mouse, the rumor was that spot was going to be filled by russia or australia...

09-19-2007, 02:07 AM
No offense taken what so ever! :hug: I am well aware of the fact that some of the countries are how shall I say lacking while others are just perfect. I like to think that it's better than nothing since I will probably never get to all of these countries in my lifetime :upsidedow Won't stop me from tring though! I'm glad you found some flip flops and I can't wait to hear morepopcorn::

Anna Marie:bride:

09-19-2007, 06:38 AM
So pleased you found new flip flops - do you have a piccie - they sound lush? You deserve a medal for goingon holiday with your Mum - I'd have given mine to Mickey by now :rotfl2: Can't wait to read your next installment.


09-19-2007, 09:06 AM

I'm still hanging on every word. And your pictures are amazing... I can't wait for the next few installments to see what happens with your Mom. popcorn:: You love 'em, they're family, but it can get a little rough. I hope that you Steven got your much deserved break!

09-19-2007, 09:22 AM
Laura - I hope I didn't offend you either about WS, I really do like it there but if you read my comment to Dizneyfreak, you will see what I'm saying. I hope I have worded myself correctly, it's very difficult to describe.

Summer - Oh please do not think I was offended. I was not and sorry if I came across that way. I was just agreeing with you too. I think the USA needs a little work too just like some of the others. The other countries are so beautiful that you actually feel like you are walking down their streets in that country. I was just confirming that I did not think some of the countries were "all that". You worded yourself just fine. I am sorry that you felt that I was offended because I was not. Off to read Norway:hug:

09-19-2007, 09:27 AM
Summer...again another wonderful installment! Thanks!

One question..in your PJ you were having gown issues...did they ever get resolved with the bridal shop where you bought the first gown??:confused3
I hope you got your money back on that one. BTW...as much as I loved the first gown, this one is PERFECT!!! :bride: :thumbsup2

09-19-2007, 09:57 AM
I found that Maelstrom had a 45 minute wait, WHAT? For a little boat ride?

Summer. I hope when you got to go to EPCOT again that you got to go one this ride. I thought it was neat. Funny story, real quick, we brought the kids on this ride when they were 5 and almost 3 thinking that we would ease them into Disney fun with EPCOT, first up Malestrom. Guess what not a ride for kids who are afraid of the dark and with trolls and that big glowing eye. We told each other that we "ruined" Disney with that ride. Mexico's ride was closed so that's why this was the first one. Too funny.

I have always had a love for Chinese atire, culture and food so nearly everything in this store appealed...apart from the prices!

I agree with you on this one. But so glad you found flip flops. I am with Kirsteen, do you have a picture?

I really wanted to see Reflections of China and luckily for us it was a walk in.

I can't remember this one. That's why I need to go back but I have to wait until 2009. :sad:

Germany, Italy and The American Adventure!

Can't wait.

09-19-2007, 03:35 PM
yearbook50 - Thanks for the confirmation, I just didn't feel Africa there.

tigger536 - LOL on the TIVO thing, that is so my mom when we go to the movies, also she can't even remember watching the movie, every time it's like watching it for the very first time, how can that be???
Thanks for joining in on my TR, I love hearing from everyone that is reading, just chime in anytime.

MUDisneyCouple - I really hope that WS does get Australia, in fact it was something I really would have loved to see, especially since I grew uo there. It would be a great addition as I really think that the Southern Hemisphere has been forgotten about.

disneydreamgirl05 - Thanks for joining in, I hope that my next instalments can live up to the hype.

KC's Princess - I will Pm you the info. You will have a wonderful time at your Wedding and remember to enjoy it as it flies by so quickly. Come back and give us a report as we love reading them.

zalansky - Thank you so much, you could start a planning journal for your vow renewal, this board is filled with great ideas.

caryndisneydiva - Australia, as I said up there, would be wonderful, I so hope it happens.

dizneyfreak - Oh I agree, I will never get to visit all those countries so it's nice to even just get a taste of them, plus there is no flying involved and that is a very good thing!

Kirsteen - No, I don't think I have a pic, i don't know why, I may have to take a pic later on, but they are pretty beaten up by all the walking I did.

MistressOfAllEvil - Steven and I did get that well deserved break, but it really took place after my mom left. It get's worse before it get's better I'm afraid.

DisneyLaura - I just wanted to make myself clear, I hate to offend anyone but I want to be honest of my first impressions of everything I see. I did get on maelstrom, but I'll talk about that when I get there. Too funny about your kids going on the ride, I certainly agree that it's not really a ride for the young uns.

DisneyObsession - I haven't got the gown issues sorted yet. I'm still waiting on my deposit to come back to me. I have written a letter of intent thanks to Rasberry Bubbles so I guess I'll have to wait and see.

On with the show...

09-19-2007, 03:38 PM
Germany was right around the corner from, well I guess Africa, so you guys have told me! I found it very similar to Norway from the look of the buildings:


I went over to a little snack cart and was on the look out for a Pretzel, but the only type they had on sale, at both carts, might I add were Salted Pretzels. Now I love this kind but as you know by now, my love for Cinnamon and Sugar anything was what I really wanted. So I decided to wait as I knew that some country around World Showcase would have them.

I took some other pictures of the view from Germany:

A view of Canada across the water.

A view of Spaceship Earth and that horrid crane.

I managed to get some more pictures of the buildings in Germany:


You can see Oktoberfest in the background.

I thought the roof tops in Germany were very pretty.

Unfortunately I didnít look round Germany that much, in fact I would be hard pressed to say that I spent longer than 10 minutes here. I saw the entrance to Oktoberfest but didnít really go by that way. My mom wanted to use the restroom again so while we waited for her I walked further down and noticed this miniature train set and community:



I snapped this one as soon as I saw the train coming over the bridge.

It was so cute and I think it actually came out better in the pictures, if you look too closely when youíre there you notice things that young children wouldnít, itís kinda like the magic of Santa Claus, some things are better when you donít pry.

So basing my review on only what I did see of Germany, I would say it looks pretty good. I regret not going in any of the stores now and when I go back again I will definitely make a point of going in them. Germany seems to be among the larger of the countries at WS, you get the impression of a quaint old fashioned village while there and I assume this is what they were hoping for. I canít give a better review than that as this was probably the country I spent the least time in.

So we continue on to Italy and I hail my mom down as she exits the restroom. I LOVE Italy, not just the Epcot version but the country itself. Being from an Italian background I love the rich heritage it has. My motherís family have Sicilian roots (donít ever mess with the family!) and I just love the Mediterranean culture, languages and food.
So my expectations for Italy were quite high.

I absolutely adore this building and in our later trip we manage to get plenty of photo opps here:

I have no idea why I didnít stop and have a Cappuccino, my only excuse is being too hot. I am sure that Italy has wonderful chocolates too as I love Italian chocolate but again this didnít even cross my mind. Italy seemed rather crowded and there were loads of people sitting down at the cafť people watching, very chic!

I noticed this little bridge:


and the gondoliers drop off point:


It was a shame really as I had heard on the grapevine that it had originally been planned to have a canal where the gondoliers could go, and your escort would sing to you as he paddled the boat. This would have been a lovely addition as when I think of Italy, I think of romance and this is what strikes me as one of the most romantic things to do, especially in the evening.

I also love this picture but I did manage to get a better one later on in my trip:

So, Italy, quite small but it seemed to capture the essence of a village centre in Italy, the buildings were spot on as was the cafťís etc. Again Iím stupid for not going into any store in Italy, I donít know why I didnít bother, I think I was just clock watching and worried about seeing it all before our Le Cellier reservation. I would love to come back and take more time here as I think there is more to see, we didnít walk round the back of Italy and just kind of skimmed the surface. Definitely a do over.

So off to America, sorry I have no pics here, I thought I did but I think I ended up taking some on our final visit.
Anyway I was getting a bit thirsty and I was still on the lookout for a Pretzel, lo and behold my eyes fall upon a cute little cart and woman dressed like she belongs in Colonial Times, poor thing she must have been so hot. The cart has Pretzels on offer and of course it is Cinnamon and Sugar, mmm! They also sell Smoked Turkey Legs, these are somewhat of a fascination to me, not that I want one now, or ever would for that matter, but they are so huge and seeing someone attempt to eat one is just hilarious. A woman in front of me orders 3 and hands one to her son of about 6, I am totally surprised he can hold this without toppling over and am even more surprised when he bites into it with the eagerness of rabid dog.
Not for me though, no matter how tasty people say it is.
I order my Pretzel and a large diet coke to share with Steven. My mom just orders water and I say I will share my Pretzel with her. Now, note I am not hungry but the thought of passing up one of these is unheard of. I pay using my snack credits and wander off to the fountain where we find a seat in the shade.
I break off nearly half for Steven and let my mom taste it but she doesnít seem to enjoy it.
It wasnít the best pretzel I had tasted, the one in LA was better, but it was good, it tasted a bit chewy which made me think it may have been sitting there for a while and the cinnamon sugar topping fell off in chunks rather than granules, another indication it wasnít that fresh.
We polished off the pretzel between us and I noticed that we had just missed the next showing of The American Adventure, I didnít want to wait as we still had more than a few countries to get round and I figured there would always be next time.
Again itís hard to review America, we didnít spend a huge amount of time here and the time we did spend, we ate. HA, kind of like in real life too! It seemed a lovely area, very bright and clean; I regret not seeing the show and will have to see it next time. Liberty Inn looked nice from the outside too, and it was pretty busy as we passed it. I noticed Funnel Cakes here too and at that point in time had no idea what they were so didnít purchase one, now I know better and will be on a Funnel Cake mission next time.

Coming upÖ

Japan, Morocco where I finally get the guts to tell my mom about our Wedding Dinner and France.

09-19-2007, 04:45 PM
Another good installment.

I hope it all went well with the conversation with your mother.

09-19-2007, 11:48 PM
Oh man...you leave us in suspense!!! :scared1: :rotfl2:

I'm really hoping you guys get some alone time! :hug:

Thanks for the report. I've been keeping up with it! Oh, and if you get a chance Summer (or anyone who reads this) would you mind sending me the information so I can view the video? That would be wonderful! :cool1:

Can't wait to see how the talk goes! :rolleyes1

09-20-2007, 03:29 AM
Are we still only on about day 3?
I'm getting so immersed in your story telling I'm almost forgetting that there's a big ole wedding yet to come! Looking forward to hearing about the pixie dust.
Only 9 days to go 'til we're in WDW now and your trip report is seriously the perfect preparation! No wedding for me yet though, not even engaged yet, but you can never start thinking about a Disney wedding too early I say!
Have you settled back into work ok? It's such a come down isn't it - although some people say it's nice to be back - I think I could happily stay in Florida a whole lot longer, especially with the weather at the moment, it's gotten so cold the last few days!

09-20-2007, 07:42 AM
Great TR so far! I can not wait to read more, and I am very glad that you found some flip flops! I have never seen the movie and china and since you said how you really enjoyed it, maybe the FH and I will check it out on our honeymoon!

09-20-2007, 10:14 AM
MistressOfAllEvil - Steven and I did get that well deserved break, but it really took place after my mom left. It get's worse before it get's better I'm afraid.

Coming upÖ

Japan, Morocco where I finally get the guts to tell my mom about our Wedding Dinner and France.

OMG... edge of my seat, srsly. Can't wait to hear what happens next Summer. I guess I have a bit of a drama gene or something. I don't really like being directly involved in it. But I LOOOOVE hearing others'. Not that I wish bad times on you. I just enjoy the entertainment value (I guess you could call me honest, or just a bad person, lol.) I'm also somewhat invested in how things played out b/c my parents are 20 years younger than DFi's parents. So his parent's are nearly 70 and doing anything with them is a challenge. So, it's interesting to relate back and see how you handle similar situations. Keep up the amazing writing. You truely have a knack! :wizard:

09-20-2007, 12:35 PM
yearbook50 - I am putting up another instalment just now with the dreaded conversation.

FSUDisneyGirl - I don't leave you in suspense on purpose, it just happens to play out that way;) I have sent you the link to the video, let me know what you think!

meryll83 - I know, I still have one more full day to write about before the wedding. I swear you will have all read a novel by the time this TR has finished.
I am still struggling to settle back into work, I am finding it difficult now that the weather has changed too, I really miss the heat. 9 days to go huh? Lucky girl!

IloveChip - Ooh definatley check out the movie in China, it's well worth the stop. Glad you're enjoying the TR.

MistressOfAllEvil - Glad you're enjoying this, I'm partial to a bit of drama myself, have been called a drama queen a few times too, but I think drama just seems to follow me, kinda like I'm a magnet to the stuff. Certainly makes for an interesting TR though.

More to follow...

09-20-2007, 12:38 PM
Day 4, Part 6

Our crossover to Japan was smooth, one minute I was staring at a building reminiscent of colonial Philadelphia and the next a five story blue-roofed pagoda:


Since I was a child I have loved all things Japanese. My very first ornament, when I was only five years old, was of a Geisha that played traditional Japanese music. She was made of porcelain, was ghostly white and twirled gracefully to a haunting tune. I loved this ornament that my Grandmother had given me and had it for many years. Unfortunately on our trip back from Malta, my Geisha broke in my suitcase despite all of the overprotective packaging. I was heartbroken, I had grown up with her and although she was only an ornament to most she represented so much more to me. She was solace.
I would sit alone in my bedroom, turn the key, watch her dance, and listen. She was my entry to another world, and to me, she had been everything.
Upon entering Japan, the air filled with that haunting melody once again and I shed a lone tear for my Geisha.
We slowly walked through the Japanese hill garden, which has beautiful waterfalls and rustic bridges; we even found some Koi swimming amongst the rocks. I told my mom and Steven that all the plants in this garden had been imported from Japan but they didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm for the beauty of this place.
I have wanted to visit Japan since I was a little girl and my home now, even has some Japanese theming. From the Geisha doll and fans I own, to the wallpaper displaying Japanese symbols and my love for the rich dťcor of black, red and white, I had brought little bits of Japan to me. I do plan on visiting this beautiful country one day, I have a love for it that I can’t explain, but until that day I will happily tread the walkway of the ceremonial and coronation hall in the World Showcase.

Several years ago I read a touching book called Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Holden. It has now been made into a movie, which I am unsure that I will ever watch, as it could never live up to my expectations. Why mess with perfection? This book was beautiful, no word was wasted and I became completely immersed in her story. Since then, I have tried to read many books on Japanese culture as I find the world of the Geisha fascinating. None have come close to Memoirs, but they still all shine in their own way.
But I digress, my reason for this is, that I wanted to share a piece of me with you. This is why Japan in the World Showcase was my favourite country there and this is why I visited every store they had to offer and chose Japan as part of our Honeymoon shoot.
We entered into the Bijutsu-kan Gallery, which exhibits some authentic Geisha and Samurai costumes. The fabrics are beautiful and it took all my strength to not make a purchase. We came across some fans:


And we noticed beautiful swords, ornaments and jewellery on display. I swear I could have spent all my money here, but I refrained from taking out my purse as I was afraid it may never find it’s way back.
We must have spent about 40 minutes in this land and you can tell I loved it here.
Japan was beautiful, the buildings were magnificent and I felt Disney had gone out of their way to bring authenticity to this pavilion. I would highly recommend coming here, even if only for a short while, and just immerse yourself in the magic of Japan.

After my journey in Japan I wasn’t too excited about moving on to Morocco, but I knew I couldn’t stay forever so it had to be done.
Immediately I felt transported to Marrakesh with the markets and stall traders and the winding streets. The romance of this pavilion practically shouts. I didn’t expect to fall in love with this part, but it was stunning. The attention to detail was second to none and I felt like I could get lost among the many doorways and secret walkways I found. This was truly exceptional and although we didn’t visit Restaurant Marrakesh we came across a Belly dancer, dancing to traditional Middle Eastern music at the exit of the Morocco pavilion. I had wanted to get a bastila, but as I had chickened out of making a reservation here, I had to forget about it.
We visited the museum here and it was filled with exotic items and Moorish art. It seemed everywhere you turned there were more things to look at; it was like an Aladdin’s Cave.
We went into the area that can best be described as a Turkish Bath, really this is what it looks like, and stopped to take some pictures:




We were all getting really hot by this point and we all wanted a seat. I decided there was never going to be a right time to bring up the wedding meal to my mom, so I just had to go for it.
I hadn’t thought much about what I was going to say, but I began anyway…
“Mom, you know how we have our wedding meal booked at Victoria and Alberts?”
“Well you do realise it’s a very fancy menu, with loads of courses AND you will be out until at least midnight. Do you think it might be better if you stayed at the resort?”
“But I thought you wanted me to come”
I explained to her that it wasn’t that I didn’t want her to come, even putting my selfish needs aside, to be honest I didn’t think she would enjoy it. I had arranged to eat at V & A before Mom had decided to come to our Wedding. Initially it had just been Steven and I, and we were going to have the Intimate Ceremony just the two of us, but Mom had become very upset at the thought of missing her daughter marry and I didn’t want to be the one to deprive her of that. So we helped her come for the week of the Wedding. I had been looking into V & A for months before actually booking the wedding and I knew it was the place for us. It was the type of meal that would be so memorable and we would likely never do something so extravagant again. Steven and I were really looking forward to this, and after this week’s events, really wanted to do it alone.
I didn’t tell my mom this however as I knew this would hurt her feelings but I honestly thought it was in her best interest to stay at the resort. We would be waking up at 5.30am and it would be non stop until midnight that day, it would be a very long and tiring day for us all, but my mother would be standing around a lot as we would be getting our pictures taken after the ceremony and after the meal. I didn’t want her to not enjoy herself and I wanted her to look back fondly on the wedding day. The meal at V & A was definitely not to her taste, not that she wasn’t adventurous, but she wasn’t in to fancy food, I knew she would have felt out of place and I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable. I had catered to Steven and my tastes for our wedding meal and had specifically requested The Chefs Menu that night so we could sample all they had to offer; it was a once in a lifetime experience. Steven was never that adventurous with food, but he agreed it would be memorable.
I tell Mom all this and she says “but you knew I’d be tired and that I wouldn’t want to eat that much”
“I know but Steven and I really wanted to eat here for our Wedding meal, it’s supposed to be beautiful”
“So what am I supposed to do, I’ll miss your wedding, I mean that’s why I came”
I tell her that she won’t miss the wedding at all, everything else is still going ahead as planned, we will still have lunch at Citricos after the wedding, it just means after lunch we go back to the resort and she can stay there for the rest of the night. I explain to her that if she’s hungry later on she can go down to the Food Court, get something to eat and use one of her credits.
She seems disappointed and guilt overcomes me, I know deep down there are selfish reasons there but there are also kind reasons, thoughtful reasons that she doesn’t seem to understand. Steven jumps in to help me and tries to explain it more. She then says…
“Well I will be tired, but I thought you would be offended if I didn’t go? I’d quite happily sit in my room and read a book. Are you sure you wouldn’t be offended if I didn’t go?”
I feel relieved but also annoyed. For days I had been asking my mom’s opinion on what she wanted to do that day, where she wanted to go, what she wanted to eat, etc, etc. I had been asking this for months prior to the wedding so that I could arrange a schedule and we could do everything she wanted to do in a week. But at no point, not once during this vacation, had she ever made it clear to me of anything she wanted to do, it was always my suggestions, my decisions. This would be fine during the 2 weeks we had alone, but I wanted my mom to really enjoy her vacation and get everything she wanted out of it and sitting in her room, reading a book was not the right answer. She could do that anywhere, but she didn’t spend all that money and fly 9 hours to do that.
She always worried that she would disappoint me if she didn’t want to do something, but I had based all my decisions on her go ahead prior to us going to Florida. It just seemed that once we arrived, she had lost all knowledge of hers and our plans and we were right back at square one. The only time I was ever disappointed was when it was clear she wasn’t enjoying herself and didn’t say. I mean, I wanted her to express her opinion and make suggestions, geez, but she relied on me constantly for everything and I was nearing breaking point. Steven and I needed the alone time to be fair to all of us.
“Mom, I will not be offended if you don’t go, I think you would prefer to eat ‘normal’ food and I know how tired you will be, you said yourself you want to get to sleep at a decent hour and there is no way we will get home before 12am”.
“Well okay, I would prefer it anyway, I don’t want to eat 10 courses and it’s all fancy food. I’ll just get something to eat later and maybe look round the resort”.
“So are you okay with that? I mean I’ll show you where to go to get food”.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine, it’s better this way”.
Steven and I look at each other, both clearly surprised at her magical turnaround. I breathe a sigh of relief and make a mental note to call V & A to change the reservation to 2. Mom gets up and seems much happier so Steven and I take each other’s hands and sidle out of Morocco.

We escape into France, unsure if my mom will be able to maintain this faÁade. We bypass Les Chefs de France and I express my disappointment at not keeping our lunchtime reservation. I had originally booked to have lunch here at 12pm but as we would be paying OOP and eating at Le Cellier at 6.00pm I didn’t see the reason behind booking 2 TS restaurants so close to one another, so we skipped out on this one. The exterior of the restaurant was beautiful and the warm, smell of pastries drifted up through the air. It seemed extremely busy; it was obviously a very popular spot.
Although I missed out on our reservation this time I decided I would make another lunch booking for our next visit (hopefully next year). I had heard mixed reviews about the food so had no intentions of coming here for dinner but the set lunch menu sounded gorgeous and it was worth a try.
We walked on and saw a glorious fountain with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. Pillars were decorated with newspapers, just like in Paris and there was a little garden with decorative miniature hedgerows overlooking the International Gateway.
I had already decided not to view Impressions de France. It was 20-minute show and although this didn’t bother me, I didn’t think my mom or Steven would enjoy this attraction so it didn’t matter how long it was. We didn’t even go up near the Eiffel Tower; in fact we actually viewed it more from the bridge, as we didn’t spend much time in France or take any pictures.

We did however take these pictures from the bridge of Morocco, Japan and France:





I am hoping next time to spend more time here, I know, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record! Although I was enjoying World Showcase, I knew I wasn’t giving it the time it deserved. We planned on coming back so hoped to take more time and more photos. So on our third time round we did exactly that…

Coming up…

What, the UK already? Canada, and does dinner at Le Cellier meet our expectations?

09-20-2007, 01:35 PM
I know, I still have one more full day to write about before the wedding. I swear you will have all read a novel by the time this TR has finished.
I am still struggling to settle back into work, I am finding it difficult now that the weather has changed too, I really miss the heat. 9 days to go huh? Lucky girl!

The question is, will your trip report be completed by 9 days time?! I need to know everything that happens now!

Looking forward to your next section on Le Cellier, we have reservations here....

09-20-2007, 04:12 PM
Your pictures and your descriptions are fantastic. I am thoroughly enjoying reading your TR and check back a few times a day to read the next installment.

I completely understand about your mom. My dad died about 6 years ago and there is only my sister and I left. She has become utterly dependent on the 2 of us, sometimes to the point of utter frustration and anger. Case in point, she came up 2 weeks ago for a huge annual craft fair. I told her repeatedly we had to eat dinner around 5pm (she and my dad's idea of dinner time was/is around 8pm). My husband is on a *diet* and likes to eat early and our son had a 7pm soccer game, so he needed to eat early so he could play comfortably. We left the craft fair and stopped to get a snack. I told her again about dinner time and she ordered a chicken sandwich at 2pm. She's about 5'5" and weighs about 100 pounds soaking wet and doesn't eat alot. We get to the house to get the boy and go to dinner. Wonderful Italian restaurant, homemade garlic rolls(I could just eat those and be happy), homemade salad dressings and most importantly, homemade EVERYTHING. She says, when her lasagne gets there, *If I had known we were eating dinner this early, I wouldn't have ordered a sandwich*. I felt like reaching over the table and strangling her. I reminded her about the conversation in the car and she said *Well, I guess I just didn't understand*. Imagine this, 100 times a day with 100 different situations! I love her to death, but I don't know if I could handle WDW with her. Good for you you and Steven managed to hang in there.

09-20-2007, 05:42 PM
Summer, I'm really enjoying your report! World Showcase is my favorite part of WDW, and I was actually there the same day you were! We had lunch at Le Cellier and made our way around WS counterclockwise - but didn't see you!

One thing I thought you (and others) might be interested in, if you didn't know already - my understanding is that when WS was built, the decisions about which countries were represented were partially made by the countries themselves, and the actual national governments of the various nations paid for the design and construction of the buildings. In other words, the government of Morocco built the Morocco pavilion, Norway built the Norway pavilion, etc. That is at least partially why some are bigger/more detailed/have rides and some aren't. At least, that's what I've heard.

Anyway, great TR and can't wait for the rest!

09-20-2007, 05:56 PM
Summer...I also read Memoirs of a Geisha and then I did see the movie. There were many things not in the movie that I thought should have been, but I enjoyed it all the same. :hippie:

I am glad that "the talk" with Mom went well. I can't wait to hear about your fabulous wedding dinner! :banana: Sounds like it will be delicious!

09-20-2007, 09:00 PM
Once again, a great installment! :goodvibes

I have to tell you that you are probably better off not watching Memoirs of a Geisha - I loved the book and the movie disappointed me, JMO.

We are planning a fairly last minute trip to DL and my Mom is coming...I'm very worried that this very thing will happen...plan things around/with Mom and then temporary amnesia on her part. Can't wait to hear about Le Cellier!

09-21-2007, 02:35 AM
Oh and Summer, please can you PM me any passwords needed and links to your photo albums, videos etc? I think the end of your planning thread was rife with requests, but I seem to have missed out!

Thanks hun!

09-21-2007, 11:22 AM
meryll83 - I'm sorry but my TR will not be finished in 9 days time, it's pretty impossible when you consider that I'm having to break up every day into 4 or 5 parts at least, although I could cut down on the detail...
Think positive you're going to Disney and you'll have all my trippie to read when you get back, and write your own report of course!

HarbinsMom - LOL, you hit the nail on the head with that one. I had to repeat myself so much to my mom, it became unbearable. I was glad she came but I was just as glad to see her go.

KQAN - Thanks for reading along. I am so disappointed I didn't get to meet anyone from these boards:sad2: Definately some lands are way better than others. I do love World Showcase though, but I loved it much better the 3rd time round.

DisneyObsession - Hmmm, I may give Memoirs a chance then. My wedding dinner is just around the corner really and I will hopefully have some of my wedding up on the weekend.

MUDisneyCouple - I hope my review of Le Cellier is what you hoped for. Sorry again I have no pics, I will definately get a bigger storage card next time.

More to come...

09-21-2007, 11:24 AM
Day 4, Part 7

We walk over the bridge and I stop to take some pictures:


A pretty shot of the UK gardens


We entered the UK and although I thought it was really pretty. I didnít think it was that authentic. I mean this was an ideal UK, very pretty but more like the very rich areas of the UK, kinda like Kensington.

Steven and I stayed in Kensington several years ago, and it is a beautiful place, plenty of greenery, very tidy and well, posh! Rentals here are astronomical, but I can see why.
The UK pavilion which unfortunately on this day, I didnít take any pictures of, is sort of like that, itís representing only one place in the UK and the very rich part at that. Again, this is only my opinion and Iím sure there are others who feel differently.

There was a part in the UK pavilion that had some sort of tribute band playing to The Beatles. This area sort of reminded me of Hyde Park, which again is a beautiful area, but it seems that this pavilion is solely based on London or the surrounding countryside. I donít mean to sound down on it, and I know there is only limited space so they canít show everything. But the UK is so much more than London. I donít know if other pavilions are purely based on one city, but I didnít get that impression in Italy, France or Japan.

I donít really know how to say all this without sounding like I hated it, I guess Iím more critical of it because I live here, and I guess itís why we didnít hang around long.
We did return on another day and took some pics and I gave it more of a chance to entice me. There is one recommendation in the UK pavilion for you all, you must buy a Cadbury chocolate bar, they really are the best!

So moving on to Canada was pretty swift:


I really wanted to see ĎOh Canadaí but I knew before we left it was closed for refurbishment. I was pretty upset and hoped it may have been a misprint so I checked again, but it was correct and it was closed. We went into the store that they had and there were loads of Beavers on display and Moose, there were some cool hockey shirts but we didnít buy anything.
I thought Canada was beautiful but it seemed quite small, unlike the real thing then! Our dinner at Le Cellier wasnít until 6pm, it was only 5pm as we had managed to go round World Showcase quicker than I expected. There were some benches overlooking the water so we all sat down for a rest.

There were loads of ducks and those big white birds walking around. This one particular duck didnít leave me alone from the moment I sat down so it seemed only right that I had a memento of him. Now I donít want to shock you or make you drop whatever it is youíre eating, but while seated, I decided to photograph my new duck friend:


Is that not the best duck picture you have seen, itís so clear and all it took was that one shot??? I LOVE it, it captures his personality so well, he looks really cheeky and I thought he was adorable.
This is Steven trying to tempt him, even though he has no food for the little guy:


We sat and watched our new friends for a while before noticing this little dude:


He was cute but not as cute as my duck!

We spotted another store and decided to go in there to pass the time. We came across more hats, and you know my rule about hats:



Me leaving with no hat at allÖ


It was nearing 5.40pm so we decided to make our way to Le Cellier and hope that we might get seated early:


I had been looking forward to Le Cellier for months, it was probably my one and only reservation I didnít go back and forth about because I knew how highly thought of the food was.
We entered this dungeon or so it appeared, everything was so dark, but it was cool so it was a welcome relief. I told the CM of our reservation time and we were told we would be seated right away, YIPPEE!!!
Now I made a huge mistake while touring WS, I ate a few things and I wasnít actually that hungry. I thought with all the walking I would have worked up an appetite but that wasnít the case. I wanted to order what I had planned to order but I was afraid I wouldnít be able to eat much of anything.
Our host came through to lead us to our table. I know many people have said they found they were really squished when seated. Our table was fine, over in the corner and we had at least a meter between tables.

Our server came over and I wish I could remember her name cause she was so polite. She recommended some dishes after handing us our menus. We all ordered Diet Cokes again and explained we werenít wine drinkers. I donít know why I felt the need to explain every time that we didnít drink wine, but it seemed that in every restaurant, most adults drank alcohol and it was only the kids that ordered Coke.
I perused the menu but I had already decided on what I wanted to order.
I chose the Duck Two Ways for appetizer and the 7oz Filet Mignon. Steven chose the Beefsteak Tomato Stack and the Seared Free range Chicken. Mom ordered the Mixed Field Greens and the 7oz Filet Mignon.

Our Appetizers came quickly. My Duck Two Ways was presented beautifully, a medium size portion, cooked perfectly. The Duck Confit was so tender it fell right off the bone. It was slightly salted and herbed to perfection, I may think these guys are really cute but boy are they tasty too! I let Steven try some and he thought it was alright, but I was very happy with my choice. I moved on to the seared smoked duck breast with Chambord Syrup, this was beautiful, alone, the duck was smoky and salty, cut into bite size little chunks. Together, it was heaven on a plate, sweet and honeyed to perfection. I didnít even offer Steven any of this as I wanted it all to myself. It was served with greens but I see that as decoration and left it alone, plus I was trying to save room for my Entrťe.

Stevenís appetizer looked really nice; I do not particularly like tomatoes so didnít want to try this. He described it as being a bit wet; he doesnít like the texture of cooked tomatoes so maybe this was a bad choice. The caramelised onions as always were beautiful, I always cook these! It had a slightly nutty flavour and although he finished it, I donít think he would order it again.

My mom had her usual Mixed Greens and she seemed to like it, she especially liked the vinaigrette, which I think was shallot, which was served with it but complained that there wasnít enough. There isnít that much you can say about a salad, even if it is a Le Cellier salad!

We received our Entrees very quickly. All the time I spent planning our trip I noticed on the menus that most Entrees werenít served with sides, I thought I would be hungry without these but I was seriously mistaken. We so didnít need any sides, with the Appetizers and Desserts we never wanted for anything.
So I had been debating whether I should have ordered the Mushroom Filet Mignon as I had heard wonderful things about it. I had hoped that my mom would order it so we could share but she wanted the 7oz all to herself. So I settled on that myself.

It was presented well, a glistening Filet Mignon glazed with Maple BBQ sauce, nestled in a bed of Cream Cheese Mash potatoes. It looked beautiful. The mash was the creamiest mash I had tasted in a long time, almost as if it had been blended. It had the texture of whipped cream and I could taste a hint of Cream Cheese, great, I hoped it wouldnít be too strong.
The Filet was cooked perfectly, medium-well and it cut like butter with a butter knife, I tried it! It was gorgeous, slightly salty but sweet at the same time, the sauce did not smother it and emphasised the flavour of the Filet rather than fighting against it. The Filet itself was thickly cut, beautiful, with no waste. I loved this Entrťe, but I was beginning to feel full. I tempted Steven to try it as I didnít want to leave any and he agreed that it was a tasty bit of meat! He would likely order it if we were to come back again.

Stevenís Entrťe looked really nice, he divulged it was the best piece of Chicken he had tasted but I think he was slightly disappointed he hadnít ordered the Filet. The chicken was juicy and salted well. Steven likes his chicken salty but even he didnít have to add any more. I gave him some of my mash as I know how much he loves mash potatoes!
My mom also loved her Filet, she actually managed to eat it all, and she agreed that it was the best meat she had eaten. I had urged her to try a Filet as she had never tried one before, she said it was so tender and loved the addition of the glaze. Woo hoo, I was really pleased she enjoyed it.
I had to leave some of my Filet which I was gutted about; I had to try the dessert so I had no choice. Even though I really was full, I thought if I could at least manage a few bites, I could at least say I tried it.
So I ordered the Chocolate Whiskey Cake and Steven ordered the Cherry Shortcake. Mom decided to leave dessert as she was way too full.

The Chocolate Whiskey Cake was huge, much bigger than pictures let on. It was served with tarragon anglaise. I took one bite without the cream and it was way too strong for me, all I could taste was the whiskey. I smothered it in cream and tried again but it was still really strong. I normally love cakes with alcohol, especially Rum or Amaretto, but this one just didnít do it for me, the mix of strong chocolate and strong whiskey was too much. I know most people love this but I donít think I would order it again.

Stevenís Cherry Shortcake looked so cute; it was a little round cherry-almond cake, served with homemade lavender ice-cream. He really liked this, the ice-cream was apparently gorgeous but he couldnít really pinpoint it was lavender, cherry and almond work really well together so he ate all of the cake too. He messed about with the brittle and ate most of it cause he said it was beautiful. I informed him it was pure sugar so that could be why he left the rest, lol.
Our dinner at le Cellier was wonderful, service and atmosphere was great. I was surprised at how knowledgeable the staff was about wines. The food exceeded my expectations for the main part and I would definitely order the duck and Filet again. I would highly recommend obtaining a reservation for here. Our bill totalled $123.92 which I thought was very reasonable. We used our 3 TS for this meal. This is a very worthy 1TS restaurant.

So our trip to Epcot was finished for the day, we decided not to stay for Illuminations as we were tired and really just wanted to get back to the resort.

Epcot excelled in some areas and disappointed me in others. While I had only been on a few things during this particular trip and pretty much skimmed the countries, I felt I had seen most of what Epcot had to offer. I knew we would be returning, where we would go on other rides like Mission Space and Test Track etc, but I thought we would likely do this in half a day. I didnít see any reason to really go round World Showcase again but it did happen on our last dayÖ
Epcot was huge and involved a lot of walking. My mom didnít like it as much as I thought she would and Steven was bored with most of the things there. I think at this point in time we were all eager for the wedding to take place, and Steven and I were eager to explore the parks alone.
I donít want to sound negative towards Epcot as this was the park I was looking forward to the most so I had high expectations of it. Our next visit was better and the one after that was excellent. Yes, we did visit Epcot 3 times, a tie with MK, my favourite park.
I think when you read my other reviews of Epcot you will be surprised about the different experiences we had, especially after the wedding.

Speaking of which

Coming upÖ

Moving to POFQ, disaster strikes the day before the wedding, Steven and I fall out and our hopes of visiting MGM are trashed.

09-21-2007, 11:37 AM
You have me on pins and needles again. A disaster...you must explain. I do hope you managed to make it to MGM, though. I know some people have mixed emotions about it, but I really like it.

09-21-2007, 11:42 AM
Le Cellier sounds wonderful!!! I'm glad it met all your expectations! :cutie: I don't think I'll be able to eat there this year, but maybe next year when DH & I go to celebrate our 25th Anniversary!

Sorry to hear you & Steven have a fall out. However, with the stress of the week, it's bound to happen to the best of us! :confused3 I hope it didn't last too long.

Can't wait until the next installment! popcorn::

09-21-2007, 12:06 PM
Glad you enjoyed LeCellier! Its one of my favorites!

But, oh no! Not another cliffhanger! You keep leaving us in suspense! :)

09-21-2007, 12:21 PM
You have me on pins and needles again. A disaster...you must explain. I do hope you managed to make it to MGM, though. I know some people have mixed emotions about it, but I really like it.

+1 :thumbsup2

Summer~ I'm sooo glad you enjoyed Le Cellier. I had an opportunity to eat there for free while I was on my college program, as some friends from home were honeymooning at Disney. As a thanks for me taking them to some off site areas (the Premium Outlets) and some cast exclusive places for shopping, they used what they considered an extra table service credit for me to dine with them. (shhhh... this is a bit illegal, lol) It was absolutely amazing and I was very disappointed when I couldn't get reservations for my return trip this past May with DF.

Eeyore's Tailfinder
09-21-2007, 12:24 PM
YAY Summer!! I love reading your TRs and I can't wait for the next one - hope your wedding went okay! You are waaay ahead of me!!

Glad you enjoyed Le Cellier - We also loved the filet, and you must try the chocolate moose next time... it was awesome!!

09-21-2007, 01:02 PM
Hayley~ I absolutely loooooove your screen name!! (sorry, had to throw that in here.)

09-21-2007, 01:13 PM
Summer, I'm loving you TR. Don't worry about taking too long to write it. I personally would rather have a detailed story than one that was rushed through just so you can get done.

My only request: Just add to it regularly (not like mine that I haven't worked on in a month... well, the weekend starts tonight).

09-21-2007, 01:47 PM
I agree with you that the buildings are quite nice in Germany. But like you I do love the ones in Italy. I agree it probably would have been too hot to have a Cappuccino. I agree with you that it's very funny to watch people eat those turkey legs. To give one to a 6 year old, that's silly. My 6 year old would eat two bites and say "I'm done". So glad you found your preztel. Ok now I am off to read Japan, Morocco (one of my favorites because of the architecture) bitting my nails about telling your mom.

09-21-2007, 02:20 PM
Summer, I'm loving you TR. Don't worry about taking too long to write it. I personally would rather have a detailed story than one that was rushed through just so you can get done.

I agree with this one. I love that your TR is so detailed. It almost seems like I am there with you guys. Bitting nails again waiting for more.

I'm a Divaaaaa
09-21-2007, 05:31 PM
I am supposed to be writing a 5-page paper and here I am reading this. It's just so enticing! I can't wait for more.

09-21-2007, 06:41 PM
I can't believe I've missed this TR so far! Congratulations on your marriage!

I just caught up on all 15 pages and I love it! You are a fantastic writer and I can't wait to read more!

I loved following your planning journal (and watching your video sneak peek linked there) and I'm so excited about your TR. You have great detail and your pictures are lovely. I especially love your signature pictures-- they are breathtaking! You were a gorgeous bride!

Your review of Le Cellier made me hungry! Mmmm! I'm so glad it met your expectations.

That is a heck of a cliffhanger you left us with! I hope things got better from that point. Can't wait for the next installment!

09-22-2007, 12:25 AM
I'm so glad that you liked Le Cellier - it was one of our favorites too. My DH had the Smores dessert and loved it. I would agree with you that the whiskey cake was mainly whiskey and not much cake...I didn't finish mine. I love the atmosphere there with the candle lights!!!

Now, you've got me worried a fall out - yikes!!! I'm on the edge of my seat!

09-22-2007, 09:18 AM
HarbinsMom - Glad you're still enjoying my TR, hope you like the next instalment.

DisneyObsession - Le Cellier was wonderful and I would definitley make another reservation if I were to go next year.
The stress of the wedding was getting to all of us so our fall out was inevitable.

tigger536 - Yeah, I love these cliffhangers don't I?

MistressOfAllEvil - Most of the meals we ate at Disney were amazing, so we were really lucky in that respect. Unfortunately I was way to full to enjoy Le Cellier as much as I would have liked so next time I'll know better.

Hayley - YAY, I wondered where you were, where is the update on your TR? I want more pics and more details girl;) Glad you can follow along with my adventures for now though!

mla1977 - I'm glad you said that, as to be honest I don't think I could cut my writing down if I tried. I am definitely adding at least one instalment per day, if not more at the weekend.

Laura - Glad you're enjoying this. Morocco was one of my favourites, but Japan was the best. I will not have one of those turkey legs no matter how many people say they are nice, they look way too fatty for my liking.

I'm a Divaaaaa - Hmmm, I think you probably should be writing your paper, but who am I to object if you really want to read my TR? I will try and keep it just as enticing just for you!

AuroraBorealis - Thanks so much for the Congrats, and don't worry about missing it so far, we are only at the very early stages. I haven't even written about the wedding yet and you can guess how much detail and pics will be in that one!

MUDisneyCouple - The Smores, I think I may order them next time, I love Smores. As requested I will put up another instalment, you may get lucky and get two today...

09-22-2007, 09:23 AM
I apologise in advance that there are no pictures in this section; you will see that during this time, I was in no mood to pick up the camera, unless of course it was to use it as a weaponÖ

Day 5, Part 1

We awoke at the Caribbean Beach Resort for the last time. Our 3 nights here had been wonderful. This resort had a beauty that I think sometimes goes unnoticed. Although we hadnít looked around here as much as we should have, the parts we had seen were gorgeous. Steven and I had taken a stroll alone, along the beach when we came back from Le Cellier. We ended up curled up on the hammock, talking about the vacation so far and the vacation yet to come. Looking out towards the moonlit sky, it was so peaceful. To be honest I think we fell asleep there for 30 minutes or so, the gentle rocking of the hammock, the ripple of the water and the sweet Caribbean air all had sleep inducing qualities.

I found that Mousekeeping was great; they always provided everything I needed, the room was always clean, they stocked up the coffee with more than required and bothered to make us 2 towel animals for our 3 night stay. Sorry, I didnít take a pic of this last little guy; he was made to hold the pen! So, I have no complaints with Mousekeeping:goodvibes
I didnít get the chance to try Old Port Royale and I definitely should have as I heard they did decent breakfasts. Shutters was very disappointing and I definitely would not eat here again, it really was a waste of a TS credit.

We did not try out the pool, but from what I had seen it looked beautiful. The main pool looked like it would always be busy but the advantage of this resort is that it had a pool for each section, e.g staying in Aruba, we had our own pool, Barbados had their own pool, etc, etc.

The staff at CBR are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and seem to go out of their way to make you feel at home. Every time I passed a staff member while at CBR, I was always greeted with a smile and a hello, these little things are called the extra Disney touch, it may not be much but itís always appreciated.
The grounds of CBR are outstanding, there are loads of hidden walkways, romantic settings, lush foliage, and it seems to go on forever.:cloud9:

I would easily recommend this resort to anyone. Even if you choose not to walk around the resort, you can catch this handy resort bus that takes you from area to area. I never utilised this service as I found the grounds so enticing, I WANTED to walk through them.

It was disappointing to be leaving here but I was excited to move on to Port Orleans French Quarter:hyper:
I had decided several months ago to change my booking and split my CBR stay, 3 nights here and 4 nights at POFQ. Originally Steven wanted to stay at Port Orleans but I had decided to book CBR as it looked more my thing. I felt guilty about doing this and after looking into POFQ and getting glowing recommendations from Emily and Tiffany, I decided to go for it.
I wanted to surprise Steven with this on the day of the move, but when we arrived at CBR, the surprise was ruined as he overheard the conversation I had with the receptionist.
It didnít matter really; I just really wanted to surprise him.

So, it was nearing 8am and I was almost ready. I had suggested we all be ready for 8.30am, as I wanted to move over to POFQ as early as possible. We were going to taxi across, with our luggage, as I didnít want Disney to move and possibly lose my luggage. It was the day before the wedding and I wasnít taking any chances.
We left our room for the last time at 8.25am and with our suitcases we walked slowly to Custom House. We had Express Check-Out, which was great so as soon as we arrived we asked the Bell Boy for a taxi to POFQ. One was hailed and by 8.40am we were on our way.

We pulled up at POFQ at 8.50am, grabbed our luggage and paid the taxi driver $10, our fare was $5. We entered the lobby area and saw a beautiful fountain, we turned right to get to the check-in area and I got my documents ready. We all went up to the check in desk and I told mom to look out her vouchers.
She stared at me blankly and asked, ďWhat vouchers?Ē
I showed her mine.
ďBut they are in my suitcaseĒ
ďI told you to keep them on you as you would need them to check inĒ.
ďI canít remember you saying thatĒ.
ďOf course I did, I told you this morningĒ.
ďWell I canít rememberĒ.
I started to get annoyed and Steven said she would definitely need them, like I didnít know that!:mad:
I tell mom to go over to the seating area, open her suitcase and find her vouchers.
She sighs but goes back to get them.

Steven and I make our way up to the receptionist as we are called straight away.
She confirms our check in and check out dates, which are correct; we were due to check out on August 23rd to move to The Grand Floridian! She looks through our reservation and tells us our room isnít ready yet, but they will try their best to hurry it along. No problem.
I ask her to confirm that my reservation had the Disney Dining Plan attached; she looks confused and states that there is no Dining Plan at all, on either my momís or ours.
I show her my voucher, which clearly states that we have Dining Plan for 15 days, and she agrees that it does say that, but as a Travel Agent in the UK booked it, there isnít anything she can change.
I show her my cards from CBR that show we have Dining Plan; I ask her if we can use these until the 23rd. She says that our Dining Plan credits will expire midnight of that night, even though our old cards show the 23rd the computer knows that we have checked out of CBR, and will automatically reset our dining credits.
I ask her to check my GF reservation to make sure there is dining attached. She confirms that there is dining on that reservation, but that is because it is over 5 nights. HUH?:confused3

She explains to me that Disney Dining only works if you stay in one Disney resort for 5 days or more. As I only stayed in CBR for 3 nights and would be at POFQ for 4 nights, we wouldnít be entitled to the Disney Dining. Really?
This had never been explained to me in the UK and I was fuming. I had specifically asked this very question to my Travel Agent a couple of months before I left the UK. I thought that my dining might expire every time I check out of a hotel. My TA confirmed this WASNíT the case and the way that my reservation was linked, this wouldnít happen. I would have 15 days continuous dining.

They were obviously wrong. They had also never shared with me that I had to stay at one Disney resort for 5 days or more for the Dining to work. Apparently the reason I managed to get dining at CBR was because my cards were printed accidentally with a 7-night stay, as this is what had originally been booked. The computer knew we were only staying 3 nights but doesnít communicate this with the card. Our CBR room keys had 7 nights of dining on them, but as we had checked out of CBR, they would vanish by midnight tonight. I was starting to feel like a real Cinderella!

She advises me that until this problem is solved she cannot issue us our room. Unless of course we want to pay for our dining for the 4 nights we are here, keep the receipts and get reimbursed by our TA upon our return home.
NO WAY, I was not happy with this, as there was no guarantee that they would give us our money back.
I had reservations totalling approximately $700 over the next 4 nights; I couldnít see my TA stepping up to pay these charges.
I tell the receptionist, today is the day before our wedding, I know itís not her fault but isnít there something they can do? I canít be this stressed the day before my wedding and I need access to my room to make phone calls to all my vendors.
She suggests I call my TA in the UK to try and get this sorted; she apologises profusely and says she would be really mad if this happened the day before her wedding.
She says that she can give me my momís room only, her room is ready and if we do get it sorted she can issue her a new card for the room.

We tell mom we have her room and we need to make a few phone calls once we get there. Steven gives her the low down as we walk and I follow with heavy feet.
Mom is in building 5 on the second floor, she gets a beautiful view of the courtyard and a corner view of the river. Although I can see this place is beautiful, I canít really take any of it in; I am so worried about the dining. I start thinking of all my reservations over the next 4 nights that I so donít want to cancel.:sad1:
We enter her room and it is really pretty, spacious and light, very similar to the CBR layout, but with more muted tones.
I donít spend long looking around and head for the telephone.

I first try to call the ground agent that I had left several messages with. I call and find that our ground agent is off and wonít be back until tomorrow, our wedding day. I ask if there is anyone else I can talk to, as my query is urgent.
I am put through to another woman who although isnít in the same company, works in the same office.
She tells me she knows of my problem as our ground agent has been trying to solve the problem for days. She doesnít know what has been done but obviously, it hasnít been fixed. She says my best bet would be to call the UK and get them to sort it for me. She apologises and says she wish she could help but doesnít know what else to do. I hang up and look out the paperwork to call my tour operator.

My first call long distance and although I grudge doing it, I donít see what other choice I have. I get through to a woman in the UK and I briefly explain my problem. She puts me on hold, 2 minutes later the line goes dead.
I try again and I hear hold music for 1 minute, someone picks up and the line immediately goes dead.

I try again for the 3rd time, getting more and more peeved, that I am wasting precious time and money. :mad: I get through to a guy and I explain my problem. I tell him not to put me on hold as I am calling from the States and this is costing me a lot of money. He tells me that it is Disneyís fault even though I explain to him that I have booked everything through a TA, Disney canít do anything nor is it their responsibility to do so.
He says that he will get it sorted for me. He GUARANTEES that it will be sorted before my Wedding. He PROMISES to call me, in my momís room, the morning of my wedding, to say it has been fixed. He says even if they have to add on another nightís accommodation to bring it up to the 5 nights required to get the Disney dining, they will fix it.
I hang up, feeling positive that they will sort it and they will call.:thumbsup2

I turn to find my mom crying and shouting that my wedding is ruined. WHAT?
I donít understand why she is so upset, itís me that is really upset and although I donít show it, I feel myself breaking down. I am ready to punch something, so I grab a pillow and start laying into it.
Steven goes over to hug my mother and tells her everything will be okay, we will still get the dining somehow.

I feel myself getting angry with my mom because she is making me feel worse than I already do. I had planned this vacation for months, I spent hundreds of hours researching, planning, calling etc and I am the one getting jip. I do not need my mother to say things like my wedding is ruined, the day before my wedding. I do not need to have to try and make her feel better when I really need to try and calm down myself. I do not need to be reminded that my dining plans are hanging by a very fine thread indeed and it may mean I have to rearrange, or worse cancel them all together.

She continues on, mentioning that I am crying and itís a shame for me. WHAT? I am not crying, I wouldnít give them the satisfaction. I tell her exactly that, but she argues that I am. Oh well, if you say I am, I guess it must be true!:scared:
She says that the wedding will have to be rearranged. WHY? She doesnít know but it will have to be!
I breathe very deeply and tell her that the dining and ONLY the dining has been affected. The wedding will still take place as planned, and they have told me it should be sorted, no WILL be sorted by tomorrow. The UK is 5 hours ahead, so 7am US time is midday there; they have plenty of time to fix this!

I look at my watch and see it is now nearly midday here and we had planned on being at MGM by now. I wanted to have lunch at Backlot Express but we hadnít even had breakfast yet.
We go down to reception and I speak to the same girl and tell her at the moment we will have to pay for our dining as the UK are trying to sort it out. She tells me that our room still isnít ready but as soon as it is, she will give us a call.
I tell her we had wanted to go to MGM but as it is getting on now, we really want to get something to eat.
She points us in the direction of Sassagoula Floatworks and suggests eating there. I am in no mood to travel for food, so I just go with it.

We go through and I order a hot dog and fries, Steven gets chicken strips and fries and my mom gets a chicken salad and fruit cup. Steven and my mom get Orange Juice and I get a diet coke.
We use our CS credits, knowing that this may be our last ones for 4 more nights. We find a table and start to eat.

My hot dog is fine, there isnít that much you can say about hot dogs, it was tasty, although it would have been better with onions, I had smothered it with ketchup and mustard which made it much better. The fries were beautiful, very crispy, not greasy and salty without having to add extra salt. We came to notice that these were the fries served throughout the whole of Disney. We ended up ordering fries all the time!

Steven loved his chicken strips, very tender with a slightly spiced breaded coating and big portions; he received 4 chicken strips with loads of fries.
Mom liked her salad, but again, it was a salad albeit a big one. This one did have chicken in it, so I think she was happier with that.

While we ate we obviously talked about the incompetence of our UK TAís. I mentioned the dining and said that even if we had to put the dining on our Credit Card we should and I could just reclaim it when we returned.
Steven flat out refused. He said we had already gone way over budget with this vacation (not the wedding) and he didnít see why we should have to shell out any more.

I told him if we didnít I would have to cancel all my reservations and I didnít want to do that and have to eat burgers every night.:scared1:
He said that unless our TA fixes the problem we would have to do exactly that. He didnít want to put it on our Credit Card as there was no guarantee they would give us the money back, also he would get loads of interest for every purchase he made
I lost it, my temper tantrum took over and all I could see was red. I knew in a way he was making sense but this ruined my plans, in a big way. I had some wonderful restaurants planned, Jiko, Kona, Raglan Road. I didnít want to give them up! I refused to give them up!
I told him he was being stupid, that we would have to pay either way for our food if this didnít get sorted and why should we have to resort to having burgers every night when it is them thatís at fault, They would have to reimburse us as I have proof that we have the Dining Plan, itís not my fault they screwed up.

He said he was putting his foot down this time, this one and only time, but No, if it didnít get sorted then I would have to miss the reservations.
He didnít understand, this was a big deal. He didnít know how long I had spent pouring over menus, pictures and reviews before booking the restaurants. He also didnít know that this made our vacation extra special because I had bothered to find places, we would all hopefully love.
But he was happy to disregard all these things, all my planning, because of money, money that I would get back. I didnít want to have any regrets on my honeymoon and I thought he felt the same. We were obviously on different pages this time so I mumbled something to him, and leftÖ

Coming upÖ

Do Steven and I make up? Do we get to MGM?

09-22-2007, 09:46 AM
I love how you end us with cliffhangers every time.

But I hope it gets all worked out at POFQ with the dining plan!

09-22-2007, 10:47 AM
YIKES!!!!:scared1: I feel like I am right there with you, Summer!!! I hope that it got sorted out! Don't leave us hanging on that cliff too long! :surfweb:

09-22-2007, 10:47 AM
What a nightmare!
I would be sooooooo annoyed at the TA's!

09-22-2007, 11:09 AM
Summer - how aweful:sad1: I hope everything works out with the dining plan and you get to go to your resturants that you picked to go to. I know I would feel the same as you, you deserve to go.

09-22-2007, 01:10 PM
yearbook50 - I do want to keep you all interested so I always look for good places to end it, to keep you coming back...

angel*lady - Wish granted, more to follow...

meryll83 - I'm still trying to get my money back right now for the phone calls I made to the TA while I was there!

Laura - The answer to that will be in tomorrows instalment I'm afraid...

Next up...

09-22-2007, 01:12 PM
Day 5, Part 2

I walk into the store and search for my bridal ears, I wasnít feeling very bridal but I thought this might cheer me up. I come across a pile of them and went through the routine of checking all the sequins, the veil for tears etc. I finally came across the one I wanted and made my way over to the cash register to pay.

I obviously didnít look like a glowing bride as she asked if these were for me. I looked at her and said I was getting married tomorrow. I was in no mood for small talk. She seemed to get the message and bagged my ears.
I intended to wear these all day today, it was the day before my wedding and I wanted some god damn pixie dust. Even if I had to find Tinkerbell herself and shake it out of her, I was going to get some.

I walked over to the receptionist and told her that we would be going out so she could just leave a message on the phone to let me know that our room was ready. I didnít want to call any of my vendors right now, as I wasnít excited in the slightest and I thought it would be heard through the telephone.
Steven and my mom saw me in the lobby and I told them we should just go back to her room. When we arrived, Steven got some pictures of the room:






The red light on the telephone was flashing and the message was telling us that our room was ready.
I called Victoria and Alberts to change the reservation to 2 instead of 3 for the following day.

Steven suggested calling my vendors now, even though I wasnít in the mood. I agreed as by the time we got back from dinner at Raglan Road it would be about 9pm and it wouldnít be polite to call so late.

I called Randy first and got his answer phone, as expected. I left a message giving him my momís room number and confirming the time he was to come over. If he needed to contact me he could call me back and I would get back to him.
I dialled Stan from STVS and again I got the answer phone. I relayed the same message to him and hung up.
I called Carolyn Allens, Tanis and finally Rev Miller and had to leave messages for them all.
My last call was to Beauty Speciale and Ana actually picked up, I was taken by surprise and lost my train of thought. Eventually I remembered why I was calling and gave her my momís room number, as itís where I would be getting ready on the day of the wedding. She agreed to come round at 6.30am and I hung up feeling happy that I had at least spoken to someone.

All of my vendors had been called so Steven and I decided to go and get our room key so we could move our cases. We left Mom in her room and told her we would be back shortly. On the way down, Steven apologised to me and I to him. We hugged and said how we both didnít want to argue, especially the day before our wedding. I told him how much planning had went into this and he should know by now how much of a perfectionist I am; this was bound to affect me. I told him I didnít wish to spend my honeymoon eating burgers and I wanted proper sit down meals, as itís something we rarely did.
He said he understood that this meant a lot to me but I must understand that money has to play a part. We had spent so much on this wedding and honeymoon and even more to get my mom to come along, that we couldnít just fork out $700 with no guarantee that we would get it back. I knew he was right but I didnít want to see all my planning go down the toilet. He agreed that we would have to play it by ear and I didnít need to cancel anything just now. We just hoped that our UK TA would come through.

Steven told me that while I had been away my mom had said that she was worried that we would cancel the wedding because we were arguing. I had to laugh, as if we would come all this way and cancel it because of a disagreement. Steven had told her that this had been our biggest disagreement in about a year, this seemed to put her mind at ease and he assured her that we would still be getting married, despite these complications.

We got to reception and collected our keys and found that we were not next to my mom. I was pretty happy about this, as I really wanted a bit more privacy. We were on the top floor of the same building as my mom so we decided to stop in, get our luggage and pick up my mom.

We took some more pics of the resort on our way up to our room:


This is the view my mom had from her room:


We got some more pics as we continued on:



A beautiful shot of the palm tree lined path:




to be continuedÖ

09-22-2007, 01:41 PM
Glad to know that things are slowly working out. I'm surprises about the dining plan. I thought is was a 3-night minimum for the dining plan, but that may only refer to the free dining going on now.

09-22-2007, 01:42 PM
We had a beautiful view of The Sassagoula River AND we had a corner room.
This immediately brightened my outlook and I could feel that everything would work out, somehow!
It was almost 2pm and going to MGM was obviously a bust. Our dinner reservations were for 5.30pm at Raglan Road so it seemed the best thing to do would be to head over to Downtown Disney.
I announced that I would be wearing my ears today, as it was the eve of my wedding after all, Steven and my mom thought I should wait until after the wedding and they were greeted with this:



I was eager to have a look around the resort so I suggested that we walk down to Port Orleans Riverside and take the boat to Downtown Disney. I knew this would mean we would likely not get to DTD until 3pm or later but I thought the boat ride might be nice. So it was agreed, we grabbed our keys and set off.

This resort was beautiful; it had an old town charm to it. I loved the ornate railings and the multicoloured buildings. The pool looked fantastic with its dragon slide and small yet lovely waterfall. We walked down the path towards POR and Steven took some pictures along the way:


Me walking away againÖ

Steven hated this top I was wearing as he thought it was too airyÖcode for fat!





The walk was beautiful, the views were stunning, and although I knew POFQ was the smallest of the moderates, it seemed big enough. I loved the little cobbled streets, the courtyards and the streetlamps. It all seemed to shout romance!
We soon entered POR and this resort looked beautiful too.
I had been struggling to decide which resort to book at, POR and POFQ both looked really nice but in the end POFQ won, due to high recommendations and the color and pattern of the bedspreads. I know, Iím weird but I just canít stay somewhere that has ugly bedspreads!
We saw the Mansions of Port Orleans across the water, and they did look stunning, they had beautiful gardens and it all looked so quiet:



Fed up of getting my pic taken:


Do you see a pattern here? Walking away againÖ:


We saw SeaRaycers approach and we both said how much we would love to rent one, I thought it would be so cool to drive one and I was eager to find out the cost.
We came across the boat and bike rental cabin a few minutes later and noticed it was about $40 including tax to hire the boat for an hour. Mom didnít particularly like the idea of boating so we decided to postpone this until we were alone.
We went further down until we found the boat stop to get to Downtown Disney.

It was really hot and although the veil was helping to keep the sun off my shoulders, it was also acting like a blanket to my hair. I could feel my hair curling and beads of sweat appearing on my brow.
There wasnít any seating as the seats that were there said ĎWET PAINTí my mom wasnít happy standing around so she checked the seats to see if they were wet.
They seemed to be okay, so she sat down. I didnít want to take the chance so I remained standing.
A guy came up to her and pointed out the sign, but she said they must have forgotten to take it off, as the seat was indeed dry. The guy said he just didnít want her to find she had paint on her when she got up and I laughed at this and got visions of my mom having to walk about with black stripes all down her trousers!

We waited about 15 minutes for the boat and I was glad to get a seat. It was a beautiful journey and we stopped off at POFQ to pick up other passengers and my mom asked why we hadnít taken it from here. I told her that I wanted to see some of POR and I didnít think that the walk would do us any harm!
We had a warm breeze throughout our trip, but it was cool enough under the shade of the fabric roof to enjoy it. It took about 25 minutes to get there but it was a change from getting the bus everywhere.

We exited the boat and as it was almost 3.00pm, I thought we could look in some stores while heading in the right direction of Pleasure Island.
My mission was to find a toe ring and anklet for my wedding day. My mom mentioned she wanted an ice cream, but not just any kind, the soft kind. So I said we could see what the queue was like at Ghiardelliís. The queue was way too long and Steven said he wasnít willing to wait for a small ice cream. We came across a small cart and they served frozen drinks. Mom settled for frozen lemonade and Steven and I got a frozen coke. We found some seats and sat down to enjoy.
My coke was good and it was a welcome relief from the heat, I noticed the Christmas Store across from my seat so I said that I wanted to look in there.

For those of you that donít know me that well, I am obsessed by Christmas. I always buy a real tree, between 2.5meters and 3.5 meters in size. I spend hours decorating it and no one is allowed to help. I color coordinate everything and at present my theme is blue, white and silver. I love everything about Christmas and I go out of my way each year to find the perfect present for everyone. Last year I got Steven a personalised autographed book from one of his favorite authors Jack Ketchum. I contacted the author himself and corresponded with him on a weekly basis to get this done. Jack wrote him an inspirational message that brought tears to his eyes; this is my idea of Christmas.
So back to the TRÖ

Steven knew that would be a dangerous road to travel down for his wallet, so he declined going in, my mom was happy to stay there so I went in myself. It was beautiful, the smell of cinnamon, pinecones and cloves, it was dreamy!
I browsed the many shelves of items and loved so many things. It was hard to pick just one thing to buy. I actually made a mental note to come back again, with Steven, even if he did put up a struggle, and buy a few things then.
I had been in the store about 15minutes and by the time I returned Steven and my mom had finished their drinks.

We continued on and we came across the ĎWorld of Disneyí store and I knew we had to go in. I found a sterling silver Mickey anklet for $12 and a sterling silver Mickey toe ring for $18, I didnít even discuss it with Steven, I paid for it with Steven by my side and Stevenís reply was ďHOW MUCH?Ē He obviously didnít see the value of these items!

We headed down towards Pleasure Island but stopped to take a pic of these:



We continued down the path and made our way towards Planet Hollywood. It was too early to just hang about Pleasure Island so I thought we might be able to have a look at Disney Quest.

I love this pic:


As we approached Planet Hollywood I noticed the handprints of some action heroes on the wall:



Downtown Disney seemed like a great place to visit and I fully intended to come back again at some point during our trip but as I was eager to go to Disney Quest we bypassed most of the stores.

We entered the building and I was telling mom that it was all air conditioned so she would be happy, she had been moaning that she was hot most of the day.
We got in the elevator and I loved the little intro you got while you climbed the floors. Those elevators seemed fast though, I donít know if itís just the sensation that weíre going fast or not, or the imagery in the mirrorÖ

We arrived and started to look around. I noticed Buzz Lightyears AstroBlaster hardly had anyone waiting so I urged Steven to try it with me. Mom said she would wait for us so we said we would go on this and we would then make our way back to Raglan Road.

We waited about 5 minutes as the CM went through the list of instructions. I wanted to be the gunner as I always was the sniper in war games on the console, no tank operator here, that was Stevenís job!
We found our vehicle and they guy collecting the balls noticed my ears, threw me a ball and said it was a wedding present from him.
I was all excited. I am so competitive when it comes to games, so I was getting an adrenaline rush at the mere thought of blasting these strangers.

The area was dark and immediately Steven and I talked tactics. We noticed we were pointing towards a spaceship directly in front of us, it was clear we had to hit the stars on the window to make them spin. I tried out my gun for size and although it was heavy, manoeuvrability was good. I suggested blasting the ship several times before moving on to our next target.

We waited with baited breath while the CM continued to collect balls, I was ready, gun poised and in position. Steven had his hands on the wheel and was ready to turn at my instruction. We surveyed the ships around us and became aware that we would soon be under attack ourselves; we were out in the open with no cover and no distraction. We were a sitting duck.
Panic set in, what could we do? We were about to be sent in to battle fully exposed. The area was quite small but covered with enemies and our ammunition was quite low.
Tactics had to be changed, I needed ammo, and fast.
The lights went down, engines revved and the battle commencedÖ

Coming upÖ

Do we defeat our enemy and dinner at Raglan Road.

09-22-2007, 01:42 PM
Day 5, Part 2
I intended to wear these all day today, it was the day before my wedding and I wanted some god damn pixie dust. Even if I had to find Tinkerbell herself and shake it out of her, I was going to get some.

Too funny.

On the way down, Steven apologised to me and I to him. We hugged and said how we both didnít want to argue, especially the day before our wedding.

Yeah. :hug:

I hope everything works out. You are such a wonderful story teller.

If Tinkerbell doesn't give you any, here's some from me pixiedust:

09-22-2007, 02:02 PM
I announced that I would be wearing my ears today, as it was the eve of my wedding after all

Yeah for you. I would of worn them too.

I was eager to have a look around the resort so I suggested that we walk down to Port Orleans Riverside and take the boat to Downtown Disney.

This is where we stayed the last time we went. In Florida in June they have thunder storms everyday around 3ish. Well, everytime we got on that boat to go to DD it started with the lightening and we had to get off and walk back to our resort, we would get to POFQ and then the weather would start. It was kind of funny because it took us three days to ride the boat to DD. The boys loved it though. I was hoping maybe next time to stay at the Mansions.

Steven hated this top I was wearing as he thought it was too airyÖcode for fat!

Not a chance that you looked fat.

For those of you that donít know me that well, I am obsessed by Christmas. I always buy a real tree, between 2.5meters and 3.5 meters in size. I spend hours decorating it and no one is allowed to help. I color coordinate everything and at present my theme is blue, white and silver. I love everything about Christmas and I go out of my way each year to find the perfect present for everyone. Last year I got Steven a personalised autographed book from one of his favorite authors Jack Ketchum. I contacted the author himself and corresponded with him on a weekly basis to get this done. Jack wrote him an inspirational message that brought tears to his eyes; this is my idea of Christmas.

That's awesome. I love Christmas too. I love that store too. I bought a Tinkerbell angel for my tree last time we were there. It cost me $50 but we had some Disney dollars I used on it. I think DH would of let me get it though because I too have a theme for my tree, it's Disney, so Tinkerbell was perfect. Her wings light up and everything. The kids love it.

I never went to DisneyQuest. Is that extra, in cost I mean. The boys would probably like that when we go in 2009.

Waiting for more.popcorn::

09-22-2007, 02:07 PM
Excellent as always Summer, you have a true flair for this. Can wait to hear what you thought of Raglan Road, we have made some ADR's for this as well.

09-22-2007, 03:59 PM
Summer...I'm glad you and Steven didn't stay mad at each other too long. And it sounds like you had a good time at Disney Quest. Can't wait for more! :banana:

09-22-2007, 07:53 PM
Day 5, Part 2

I intended to wear these all day today, it was the day before my wedding and I wanted some god damn pixie dust. Even if I had to find Tinkerbell herself and shake it out of her, I was going to get some.

:rotfl2: I love it!!! Summer - you are too funny!!!! I can just picture you holding Tinkerbell upside down shaking the "you know what" pixiedust: out of her!!! I would have felt the same way!!! :lmao:

09-23-2007, 03:43 AM
I'm loving this summer. I glad you posted pics of POFQ as this is where we will be staying for our two week holiday. I think we made the right choice.

I know where your coming from with the ADRs you had me in fits of giggles. I don't know how you held it together as you did I'm sure I would have gone into a full blown melt down.

09-23-2007, 10:27 AM
I cant wait to read more.....

09-23-2007, 12:52 PM
mla1977 - Things get much better from here on out. I really don't know the minimums any more re the dining plan, I am hearing different things from everyone.

Laura - Disney Quest doesn't cost anything extra if you buy the ultimate ticket, or I thik the 14 day Premium ticket. All the arcade games are free when you get there so I think it's great.
Christmas is by far my favourite time of year, glad I'm not the only one slightly loopy about it.
Because I'm slightly paranoid about my weight, I tend to wear loose fitting clothes if I can, this top was maybe slightly too loose around the stomach.

poohface - Glad you're liking it. My instalment with Raglan Road is up now...

DisneyObsession - The weird thing was is the Steven and I had little tiffs more in the 1st week of Disney than we normally do, I think it was the stress.

angel*lady - Tinkerbell more than made up for it during the rest of our stay at Disney, so she is forgiven.

B2B-2008 - POFQ is a beautiful resort, you definitley made a good choice there, but CBR is also beautiful, in fact I think all of the moderates are.

Suzyq9241 - Next instalment is up just now, perfect timing...

09-23-2007, 12:54 PM
Day 5, Part 3

The klaxon went off and I attempted to shoot our opponents. Nothing, I fired again. Nothing. I looked down at my firearm and checked my ammo, the barrel was still full, and it wasn’t firing. I took out the ammo, looked it over, reloaded and shot, still nothing! What was going on here? “We’re hit,” I shouted. We spun, everything was blurring and it was difficult to see our target. We eventually stopped and Steven decided to drive, we had to get out, we had to figure out why we couldn’t fire. We were hit again, this time on the side, the windows shook with the force of the shot and the noise was deafening. Spinning resumed and I tried to sort my gun. Communication was difficult, we both had to shout to be heard. Steven was yelling that I should have figured out how to use my gun before we set off and I was yelling that it would have been impossible, as without the engine being on I couldn’t practice fire!

I fiddled with the gun and I noticed a sliding object over the ammo holder that I hadn’t noticed before. I moved it and fired, my shot hit the wall, but at least it worked. Steven and I looked at each other and shouted “LETS MOVE”.
We found our targets, I aimed, I fired, they shook and spun, and we drove.
It was tiring, I was constantly bending to reload and it was difficult to reposition so quickly. Our range was great but unless you hit right on target your shot was wasted and it would take 10 seconds to line up another. Our space was limited and manoeuvring our ship was difficult as there were so many other ships in your path. There was also a black hole that we were warned to not go in as you would be trapped and your comrades would not come to save you. This black hole was quite a large area so most people stayed away from that section all together.

We were battling for only 5 minutes and it was over, we surveyed the damage and the battlefield was covered with wasted ammo. I think that the instruction should have been better as it seemed that most people struggled with firing, it wasn’t clear how to use the gun. It was enjoyable but it was way too short and the area really needs to be larger.

We exited and I saw that my hands were black; they must have got dirty when I picked up the ammo. It was now 5.10pm so we went to find a restroom so I could wash my hands before dinner.

It took us 5 minutes to walk back to Pleasure Island, notice the walking away shot:


We reach Pleasure Island:


We entered Raglan Road and she said we could be seated straight away. We followed our hostess and she seated us right at the back of the restaurant. It was a nice quiet area and although I knew there would be no Irish Dancing or singing at this time of day, I was glad to be seated here, away from the main area.

Our waitress gave us our menu and offered us something to drink. We got our usual of 3 Diet Cokes after she informed us that they don’t do Smoothies or Milkshakes.
She congratulated me on my nuptials but I informed her that we weren’t getting married until tomorrow. She wished us luck for tomorrow and started asking about the wedding. It was great to be able to talk about it and it began to feel so close.
I was really looking forward to this restaurant as the menu looked fantastic. Steven was really struggling to choose something for his Entrťe, I couldn’t understand why, as there was plenty to choose from. It was traditional food, definitely more in line with what he likes to eat.
I chose the ‘Drunk Chicken’ for my appetizer and ‘Kevin’s Heavenly Ham’ for my Entrťe. My mom chose exactly the same as me. Steven finally settled on ‘Italian Irish, Capiche?’ and the ‘Pan Fried Lemon Sole and Chips’

Our appetizers came and we dug in. The ‘Drunk Chicken’ was served on a bed of lettuce. It consisted of 3 glazed skewers accompanied by a honeyed dipping sauce. This was beautiful, absolutely outstanding. The chicken was so tender and moist, the whiskey glaze sweetened the chicken perfectly and the honeyed sauce was pure bliss. I had very fat pieces of chicken, griddled to perfection and the lime and whiskey mix was terrific. I could have happily had this as an Entrťe if I could get another 3. My mom said it was the best chicken she had tasted and practically licked her plate clean.
Steven had a good size portion, and it was presented well enough, but it said it just tasted like Macaroni Cheese, very bland and nothing to write home about. He finished the majority of it but started to feel a bit sickly with all the cheese.

Our Entrees arrived in good time. Our cokes were refilled without having to ask, this happened 4 times during our meal.
‘Kevin’s Heavenly Ham’ what can I say? The word beautiful doesn’t seem to capture it, the word outstanding doesn’t come close, but the word super-cali-fradgil-istic-espi-ali-docious is right on the money!
4 hand carved, oven roasted slices of Ham with an Irish Mist glaze served in a bed of creamy mash potatoes and braised cabbage.
The ham cut like butter, and tasted like the sweetest thing you could imagine, think candy floss and you’re almost there. I swear it was everything I could have wanted, the ham glowed. The Irish Mist glaze bubbled ever so slightly as it cooled and the steam tried to escape from its bed. I tried my mash and it was smooth, nothing fancy, but so, so creamy. Salted and buttered extraordinarily well. The braised cabbage was cooked until tender; finally I could eat some vegetables, YAY!!! I let Steven try some of the Ham and he agreed that it was beautiful, uh uh uh! Remember that word doesn’t cut it! Super-cali-fradgil-istic-espi-ali-docious, perfect!
My mom was on cloud 9, she hadn’t expected it to be that nice, she claimed she was full about half way through, but refused to leave any of it as it was that good. She lay back, utterly defeated, but 5 minutes later got back to work.

Steven had his Lemon Sole. Now I had wondered about this. I love Lemon Sole, and judging by the price I thought this piece must be good. Presentation was excellent there were 2 huge pieces of golden pan-fried fish, which had been sautťed in lemon parsley butter. The chips were served on the side in a roll of newspaper, and these were proper chunky chips! I mean I love fries but when chunky chips are doused in salt and vinegar, they are beautiful.
Steven thought the Sole was really nice for what it was, but was slightly disappointed that it didn’t have the WOW factor like ours did. I had tried to urge him to go for the Ham as I know how much he loves my Honey Glazed Gammon and I thought this would be similar.
I tried the fish and it was very meaty and flaky, it was cooked and seasoned well and although I understood what he was saying, I don’t think a fish lover would be disappointed. He also had peas on his plate and I HATE peas, I mean loathe them.

When I was younger my mom and dad would make me eat those little green boogers as I affectionately call them. Back then we had carrots and peas as our staple vegetables, and although I loved carrots, peas were my mortal enemy. I would do everything I could to not eat them. Feed the dog, drop them on the floor, hide them in my napkin, ping them at my brother etc, etc. My mom discovered my tricks so I would then try to disguise the taste of them by putting them in between slices of bread and making a pea sandwich, this still didn’t work and it would result in me retching and moments later I would be running to the bathroom and praying to the porcelain god. Years went by and I think my parents gave up on getting me to like peas. I’ve read somewhere that if you expose yourself 13 times to a food you dislike; you will grow to like it! Bull Crap!
To this day I can’t stand peas and it’s the only vegetable I have such a dislike for.

Anyway, Steven adored his chips, as I said, when you get a good batch, they can be the best things ever, too bad Fish and Chips weren’t like this over here. I tasted the chips, purely for rating purposes, of course and they were so moreish. The outside was crispy and the inside was like fluffy pillows. I don’t know why but I think chips always taste better when served in newspaper.

Mom and I did our best to clear our plates and Steven shot us disapproving looks. Jealousy I tell ya! The waitress returned with the dessert menu and cleared our plates. I realised that we had not been offered bread with our meal and I was really disappointed, I had heard that the bread was great here. I noted to myself that I would ask for it next time if we weren’t offered it. I had another reservation here a week later; maybe you had to request the bread?

I had decided in advance to order the ‘Gers Bread and Butter Pudding’, this dessert had been an icon on the Disboards and although I had never tried Bread and Butter Pudding I was eager to give it a go. Steven chose the same and my mom went for ‘Me Ma’s Apple Pie’

It looked great when it arrived; the pudding was crispy on the top and moist in the middle. There were 2 sauces, one was butterscotch and the other was cream. We were given instructions as how to heat it, told to make a hole in the pudding and pour equal amounts of butterscotch and cream and stir it around. Sounds good! Now I don’t particularly like puddings with sultanas, I knew in advance that this one had them, but I hoped the sauce would disguise the taste.
We plunged our spoon deep and pulled out a mountain of bread and pooling sauce. I tasted it and went “Oh, is that it?”
The sauce was beautiful, but I have come to realise that I don’t like Bread and Butter Pudding. I should have known, as I don’t like soggy bread and this is exactly what it tasted like to me. The top part of the pudding was really nice as it was crispy but the deeper you went the soggier it became and it began tasting more and more like baby food, i.e mush!
To be honest it was the texture and not the taste that had me so disappointed, it tasted okay, nothing brilliant like I had been led to believe, but the texture, was gross. This is my opinion, well Steven’s and mine because he agreed with my review wholeheartedly, and I know there are hundreds of people on the Dis that claim this dessert is the bomb. But for me, it didn’t work and I wouldn’t rush to order this again.

My mom’s dessert on the other hand looked cute and tasted great apparently. The apples had been cooked until tender, and the pastry was ever so flaky and had that soft crunching sound, like freshly stepped on snow. The ice-cream was plain vanilla and there was some sort of caramel sauce on top. She highly approved off this apple pie and would have loved seconds if she could have squeezed it in.

All in all, this meal was terrific for my mom and I. Steven unfortunately didn’t have luck with his choices and agreed to order what I had ordered next time. We both said we would definitely order a different dessert next time. We paid for this using our TS credits, as our card was still valid until midnight. Our bill came up to $98.00, which I thought was fantastic.

It was nearing 7pm and we all thought it best that we go back to the resort, as we had to get up at 5.30am. I was hoping that some of my vendors had responded and I wanted to get everything ready for the morning.

We decided to catch the boat back, as it was a beautiful evening. We walked slowly to the dock and didn’t have to wait as the boat was already there:


Fultons from the boat:


We settled in for our journey. It was so peaceful, the boat was practically empty and Steven decided to stay at the back of the boat to get some pictures.
He snapped several of me in a thoughtful mood. I wasn’t aware that he was taking any of me:

Steven loves this one, he is very proud of this photo. He just thinks it’ a beautiful picture. Eat your heart out Randy, he says, quasi jokingly!


These are a few more of his favourites:



He loved the reflection on the boat in this one:



We returned to POFQ, I was going to get my dress and take it to mom’s room. It would save me taking it in the morning. I noticed our telephone light flashing and I listened to the 3 messages I had been left. The first one was from reception saying I had left my voucher booklet at the desk, they have given it to Concierge and I should collect it from there. The second one was Randy, asking me to call him back and the third one was from Stan confirming the time for the morning. Mom called me and told me that Carolyn Allens had left a message confirming the appt for 6.00am.

I got my dress organized first and took my tiara, veil, shoes and jewellery down to my mom’s room. I told her that Steven was going to try on his suit later as he wasn’t sure how to tie the Cravat and wanted to make sure he knew in advance. He also was panicking about the handkerchief that would go in his pocket; neither of us was sure how to fold it so we were going to figure it out together.

Steven and I went down to Concierge to pick up our vouchers and the woman immediately congratulated us. We spoke briefly about the wedding tomorrow before we asked about our vouchers, she found them and also handed us room keys. I was confused as I already had room keys and told her so. I also explained the situation with the Dining Plan and showed her our CBR room keys, which were dated until the 23rd. She told us to give her a moment and she could see what she could do.
She returned and picked up the phone, called someone and asked for the overwrite code. She began typing and picked up our cards.
Steven and I looked at each other, not sure if we should be getting our hopes up or not.

She told us that as we had cards originally that were dated the 23rd she was able to transfer all our dining and tickets to a new room key. She admitted lying to the computer, telling it we checked out of CBR as we didn’t like it and checked in to POFQ as a direct swap. She would not normally be able to do this for any outsider booking (TA or anything besides Disney) but she managed to convince Disney to give her the overwrite code after explaining our predicament. She felt terrible that this was happening the day before our wedding and as we weren’t getting anywhere with our TA, she wanted to help.
Where are ya Tinkerbell? I could kiss ya!

Steven and I were so grateful to this angel, she had saved us a lot of problems and money and it felt wonderful to have this problem sorted before our wedding.
She destroyed our original cards from CBR and told us our 21-day Ultimate Disney ticket was now on our new keys along with 4 days of Disney Dining. She also issued my mom with a new room key too and they all said Disney Dining at the bottom. I was deliriously happy.
She said that we still needed to get in touch with our TA when we got home and complain about this mess they created, we also planned on getting them to reimburse us for our telephone calls to the UK.

She wished us all the best for the wedding the next day and said she was really glad she could help. I was so happy I felt like crying.
We stopped in to mom’s room and gave her the good news and her new room key. She was really happy that things were finally getting sorted.

Steven and I returned to our own room so he could try on his suit. I debated calling Randy as it was now 9.30pm. I thought back to an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Cheryl and Larry are arguing over the cut off time to call someone. Larry thought it was 10.00pm and Cheryl said it was 9.30pm, 9.00pm if you have kids. I knew Randy had kids so I didn’t know what to do. Steven said, as I would be calling his cell, the cut off time doesn’t count. I agreed with this reasoning and called Randy, but ended up leaving another message.

Steven got dressed and I helped him with his Cravat and tightened his waistcoat. He looked wonderful, very handsome, it was the first time I had seen him in his complete outfit.
I had a mad dash to get him an antique white Cravat and shirt on the final days before we left the UK. My new wedding dress was now antique white instead of white and there was a clear difference in color. I ended up having to purchase a new veil, shoes, shirt and Cravat and leaving my gloves behind. I was glad in the end though, as the dress I purchased was perfect for me, perfectly fairytale.

I called my mom and asked if she would come up to see him in his suit, as he wasn’t sure about the shoes. She was up in 5 minutes and was almost speechless, she had never seen Steven so dressed up and thought he looked amazing.
The phone went and it was Randy, it was the first time I had spoken to him as we had only emailed in the past.
Randy asked how I was and I told him we were trying to figure out how to position the handkerchief in his pocket. Randy explained the procedure to me and I relayed the information to Steven. I didn’t intend asking him, but I thought he would probably know.
Randy was very easy to talk to and he asked if I had any questions or concerns. I completely trusted him and had seen hundreds of examples of his work so I knew he was more than capable. He reminded me that he had all my emails, and he did emphasise the ALL, and we both laughed. He knew what kind of shots I wanted, so on the day I was just going to leave him to it.

We hung up and immediately Tanis called. She advised me that she would be there for our wedding and that put me at ease. I asked her about the limo pick up time and where we should wait and she confirmed that we would both wait in our rooms and we would be called. We confirmed the room numbers and the times. She told me to get a good sleep, as it would be a hectic day in the morning.

Steven, my mom and I ironed the handkerchief several times into shape before we were happy with it. We placed it in the pocket and my mom took the suit down with her so it could be steamed in the morning.

I realised how tired I was and how nervous I was becoming. Initially I had considered sleeping in my mom’s room but it would have felt strange leaving Steven alone the night before our wedding. It seemed only right that we spend this night together. We got ready for bed and snuggled up with the TV on. We were asleep within minutes. Tomorrow we would become husband and wife, in other words, our journey was just beginning…

Coming up…

Behind the scenes of Our Fairytale Wedding

09-23-2007, 01:57 PM
Another great installment! Those pictures Steven took of you are so beautiful!

I think Tinkerbell must have been posing as Concierge staff. That is so awesome that the CM was able to override the computer and fix it all for you! I do hope you gave your UK TA a good verbal smackdown for all the trouble they caused you!

Can't wait to read about the wedding day!

Eeyore's Tailfinder
09-23-2007, 03:46 PM
GREAT TR Summer - I am really into it! I love hearing about POFQ so far (we've booked to stay there next year, we might bump into you!) and about your wedding! I loved your final installment, it was really romantic! I'm sorry to hear about all your problems, but glad they are getting sorted out!

Steven's shots of you on the boat are beautiful - I swear they look professional! You should frame them, certainly!!

You Xmas gift to Steven reminded me so much of a gift Els got for me for Xmas last year - He emailed Philip Pullman, one of my favourite authors, and put together a set of autographs, all different addressed to me from Philip Pullman and framed them... it cost nothing except the frame price for him, but the thought meant the world to me :D

I think we are really similar, I wish we lived closer to Scotland :D

09-23-2007, 03:50 PM
Are we still only on about day 3?
Only 9 days to go 'til we're in WDW now and your trip report is seriously the perfect preparation! !

Sorry to hijack your thread Summer:angel: , but I just had to say this. Meryll83, you will be at WDW during my wedding! You'll have to look for us on October 1st. Our reception is on the French Pavilion at 7:00pm. You might also see our party (about 30 of us) on Saturday, September the 29th in the evening at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival (we will be the ones in the white t-shirts with the teal Mickey heads on them!) Or you might see us Sunday the 30th at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween (we are going as Pirates of the Caribbean). If ya see me please stop and say hi. I'd love to meet a fellow diser at the world. Any of you out there reading this that are at the parks during our events please give me a shout out! I'd love to meet you!!!

Anna Marie:bride:

09-23-2007, 06:10 PM
I HATE peas, I mean loathe them. Iíve read somewhere that if you expose yourself 13 times to a food you dislike; you will grow to like it! Bull Crap! To this day I canít stand peas and itís the only vegetable I have such a dislike for.

I don't like peas either, I can't even stand the smell of them. My DH and kids eat them but I won't. No way. We ate at Fultons. Very yummy, but costly. It was the most expensive grilled cheese I ever paid for (my son loves grilled cheese and that's all he eats when we are out). The pictures of you on the boat are beautiful.

YEAH for the Dining Plan being fixed. I know what I relief that was for you, both fianacially and emotionally.

Can't wait until the next installment, wedding day.:yay:

09-23-2007, 08:14 PM
I love reading this...

Those pictures are wonderful... as in Wonderful World of Disney...

Anyway cant wait to read the next one....

09-24-2007, 12:26 AM
Summer I am so glad that things were worked out with the Dining Plan. You definitely did not need that kind of stress the day before your wedding.

Your DH took really nice pictures on the boat.

09-24-2007, 02:58 AM
Summer, I'm so glad at least someone took ownership of your problem and sorted the dining plan out for you, things could've been messy otherwise, and resulted in you have to make a lot more phonecalls, hurrah for that lady!

At least it looks like I should get to read the wedding section before we leave on Friday night!

Sorry to hijack your thread Summer:angel: , but I just had to say this. Meryll83, you will be at WDW during my wedding! You'll have to look for us on October 1st. Our reception is on the French Pavilion at 7:00pm. You might also see our party (about 30 of us) on Saturday, September the 29th in the evening at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival (we will be the ones in the white t-shirts with the teal Mickey heads on them!) Or you might see us Sunday the 30th at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween (we are going as Pirates of the Caribbean). If ya see me please stop and say hi. I'd love to meet a fellow diser at the world. Any of you out there reading this that are at the parks during our events please give me a shout out! I'd love to meet you!!!

Anna Marie:bride:
We are going to the MK on the Saturday afternoon we arrive, we want to make sure we get on BTMRR before it closes the next day, and we have a trip planned to the Florida Mall on the Sunday, but we will probably go back to the MK that evening before MNSSHP (we have that planned for another night). We may still cross paths though, I think we may have to wander past France on the evening of the 1st!

09-24-2007, 06:13 AM
More, more, more :goodvibes

09-24-2007, 06:59 AM
good morning Summer!! I've been away so long you've been around the world and back! :lmao: so I caught up with you in Germany. I absolutely agree, you MUST go into the shops there - simply wonderful! JJ and I bought our cuckoo clock there a few years ago - well worth every penny. It has been fascinating to read about the countries through someone else's eyes.. Japan is lovely, I can spend hours there. Never having been to the UK, we enjoy this plaza but I do love the Totem poles in Canada... I hope next go round, you'll be able to spend more time in the world.

your photos are simply lovely - they do great justice to the resorts. and that picture of you that Steven is so proud of? he should be - it's perfect!! speaking of pictures, Steven hasn't smiled much yet - not a camera guy, eh?:rotfl:

traveling with your Mom sounds a bit taxing but the two of you seem to be holding up well so far :thumbsup2 keeping it brief, I am truly glad that Disney's pixiedust: finally found you!! your TA should really be disgraced at how poorly they have botched this. these trials and tribulations should not have been a part of your trip. I understand the months of planning every little detail - bottom line, if you guys do decide to move to Canada, my tip is call Disney direct to book everything next trip! I want to go shake your TA -ggrrrr !!!!!!

ok, venting over! looking forward to the wedding!!!!

Michelle :cloud9:

The Charmed One
09-24-2007, 08:44 AM
I'm enjoying ready your wedding trip report Summer, glad everything is now working out, you've had some bridge's to cross on the way haven't you, can't wait for the next day and to see you in your wedding dress, look forward to reading more.

Love Wendy xxx

Just a little question if you don't mind, we stayed at POFQ last year after our wedding, next year we want to stay at disney for our last week, dh like's the look of CBR, which did you like best.

Thank you. x