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09-06-2007, 08:54 AM
We just found out we are going to be having a baby in May. I am hoping to save enough until then to be able to stay home with the baby and the stepkids through the summer. I would really like to stay home after that but I have some bills that are my responsibility so I need income of some kind. I was wondering what everyone does to make money from home. TIA

09-06-2007, 10:14 AM
LOL! I wish I could do it!

It's really hard - there are a lot of "work from home" things that sound legit but aren't. It depends on what field of work you did before - most people that have success working from home have the kid of jobs (a lot of comuputer related things) that the location doesn't matter, and they've been working for the same employer for a long time, so they're able to just move the location to their home. It's really hard to walk into a new employer and convince them that you are motivated and responsible enough to accomplish what they need from your living room. But if you've been working for this person for a long time and they know you, its easier to convince them, KWIM?
Also, unless you're working on a computer at night after the little one is sleeping, you'll still need someone to watch him or her. You can't exactly put in a full day working (or even 1/2 a day) and just plop the kid in front of the TV. Also, even if you're working from home, there are a lot of times when you'll have to go to a meeting or something that involves leaving the house, so like I said, you'lls till need a back up plan.
A few things I've heard about that work out are medical billing/medical transcription, home based sales (Avon, Pampered Chef, etc)
Good luck to you and the family!

09-06-2007, 12:08 PM
Good for you for wanting to stay home with your kids!

My husband works A LOT of hours at his job plus he commutes, so he is not here a lot. Even with all his overtime it is tight but we are making it on one income. We just really cut out some things that most people have. Like cable tv, newspaper delivery, expensive vehicles, cell phone, etc. DH has a cell, but I don't. We can live without those "extras". And it is well worth it to us for me to be able to be here with our kids.

Also, since I quit working I no longer have the clothing expense, gas, and eating out for lunches. Plus our tax refund nearly doubled since I don't work! (That's how we get to Disney!!) So I truely believe that anyone can do it, you just have to be committed to it and be willing to sacrifice a few things. And the little sacrifices are worth it considering what your children are gaining.

As far as working from home, I too wish I could find something to make a little money but wouldn't take up too much time. Especially considering that my youngest is now in half-day kindergarten. The only thing I have come across that has worked for me is expotv. I only found out about it about a month ago. You might want to check it out, it's an easy way to make a little extra money: www.expotv.com

Good luck with whatever you decide!!pixiedust:

09-07-2007, 10:23 AM
I would make a budget and see where the "extras" are. For us, there are always things that could be cut out. And don't forget, as the other poster mentioned, to exclude your work expenses and see how much money you are saving (gas, clothing, dry cleaning, day care for the baby, etc.) Both of our vehicles are paid off and old (one is 8 years old and the other is 13 years old). As the other poster mentioned, cable tv, cell phones, gym memberships, etc. can be eliminated or down sized (premium cable vs. basic cable). Also, I see a huge savings when I buy "real" food vs. processed food (and it is better for you).

I feel like part of my job as a stay at home mom is to find the best deals, ways to save money, etc. By staying at home, I have time to do this.

And sell stuff on ebay.

Good luck and I hope that it works out for you!

09-07-2007, 02:00 PM
I just thought of something else...you could work at a church preschool a couple or three days a week and your new baby would most likely be able to stay in the nursery. Or work at a church nursery on Sundays (some also need help during the weekday evenings, such as Wednesdays). If you worked at a church nursery, you could always bring your baby with you.

Good luck!