View Full Version : Jeep Liberty 3 wheeled stroller/steering toy ???

09-04-2007, 10:50 PM
Does anyone have experience with these??? I found them online and got my DMIL to get one for me. I won't get to see it until I"m swinging through her town (ONTHE WAY TO DISNEY" next week. I've read that they are BIG and I mean BIG! But, I've heard that they are so WONDERFUL!!! The MP3/I-POD hook up with speakers in the stroller sounds AWESOME and the fact that DS will have a little toy lights and sounds steering wheel to play with is great. I also loved that it had 3 wheels and they were aired up (for a cushy ride). Can anyone give me info on whether we're going to be able to get this thing in the trunk of my car??? I have a 2004 Grand Prix...the trunk is huge with a really big/low opening. Here's hoping that I haven't screwed up LOL!!! :rotfl:

09-04-2007, 11:43 PM
We have the first "no frills" version of this stroller. Actually I found a pic in my photobucket: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v71/jnccamp/Brennaninstrollerweb.jpg. That blue thing draped on top is a Kiddopotamus Baby Shade (http://www.kiddopotamus.com/p_bshade.php)which we used when he napped in the stroller at WDW. He took great naps in it! We got lots of use out of it and even took it to WDW a couple of times. The stroller was gifted to us from a couple of very dear friends. We couldn't fit in the back of either car when first got it! One is a '98 Nissan Altima - the trunk was big enough but the opening was too small. The other was a Mustang so only a small stroller would have fit in that anyway. The stroller has a very bulky fold. Eventually we did trade the Mustang for a bigger family vehicle (SUV) so it ceased to be a big problem. It was a pain on vacation though since it took up so much room in the car getting it AND the luggage in a rental car was a challenge, so eventually we bought an umbrella style stroller to travel with just to make things a little easier. (just in case you were planning on traveling w/it).

Besides the size (and weight - that thing is heavy) being an issue another thing I didn't like about ours was the fact the seat cover wasn't removable so you can't take it off to wash it.

The canopy was nice and big though, and the basket is HUGE. All the little storage places on the stroller came in really handy at WDW. I missed that when we switched to the umbrella. I also missed the parent tray w/cupholders. That was a nice feature too. I think overall with strollers you get what you pay for and this one is fine for walks around the neighborhood (or WDW :)) but it may not hold up thru more than one kid. I know ours definitely is showing its age. But for what they cost, I think even if we had paid for ours I would have felt we got our value out of it.


Princess Roo
09-05-2007, 03:45 PM
We love ours, too, but it does have a VERY bulky fold. We can barely maneuver it into our Saturn L-series trunk and there is definitely no room left over for luggage. We use it almost exclusively for walks around the neighborhood, so hardly every fold it. I only used it in the mall once, and it took up way too much space in the stores. We travel with an umbrella.

09-06-2007, 01:01 AM
Oh Lordy!!! Then I've probably done a bad thing by buying it just for Disney. I've now heard the words too big about 2 dozen times in reading all about them. Are they really too big to move around in stores???

BTW, I bought a monkey backpack/harness for DS for when he wants "out" of the monsterous stroller and he LOVES it!!! He thinks he's Mr. Bigpants getting to run around like his big sister. Sad to say, if I can fit the stroller in the car we may be the ones you see hauling our luggage on top of the car like the clampett's ... I can hear the banjos now :P

09-06-2007, 09:36 AM
I love ours but it does take up quite a bit of space. We have a Ford Explorer and it's fine in there but in our Dodge Magnum, it takes up most of the trunk (hatch) space. If you have to, strap it to the top of the car - whatever works! I think it manuevers pretty well. It's hard to get thru tight spaces in stores (the Children's Place is the worst!) but no more so than any other stroller we've used....

Hope you have a great trip!:cool1: