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09-04-2007, 07:29 PM
Too much food for three light(er) eaters. I would not pay for the dining plan - especially not in the hot summertime. It is just way too much food for us. We normally eat just twice a day at WDW, usually CS and occasionally a buffet or two. Here are my reviews:

Table Service/Buffets

1. 8/27 Cape May Cafe Clam Bake Buffet at Beach Club
7:00pm ADR, arrived at Beach Club at 6:30pm and were seated shortly before 7pm. We sampled clams, salmon, clam chowder, prime rib, red-skinned mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, peel & eat shrimp and the Oreo bon bon (one was plenty!)





2. 8/28 'Ohana at Polynesian Resort
Arrived at the podium at 5:01pm for a 5:10 ADR, or so I thought (It pays to call and confirm before you arrive). CM couldn't find our ressie by name, so we gave him the confo #...which was made for 5:10pm on 7/28/07! - one month prior to the date requested! We were given a pager, walked towards the shop opposite the restaurant and were beeped almost immediately. :woohoo: We were at a table on the aisle and by the time I returned from the restroom our food was already being served. We all really liked the marinated sirloin, barbecue pork, and grilled turkey. I wasn't crazy about the sausage. We also liked the honey-lemon (lime?) salad dressing. It was very light on top of the salad, just a hint of additional flavor on the greens. The scalloped potatoes were good, as were the vegetables. We split the bread pudding-bananas foster - it was soooo gooood! :love:



3. 8/29 Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge
We arrived at AKL at 8:30pm, taking the bus from AK, which closed at 8pm for EMH. Our ADR was for 9:20pm so we had some time to kill before returning to the podium 20 minutes before our ressie. We walked around the lobby and pool, and even got to see a couple giraffes on the resort's savanna. It was very peaceful throughout the resort. We sat a spell in the lounge waiting to get a table. It was late and we were starving and tired from a very long day. About 9:15 we were seated, just across from the buffet. Our server was training a new CM, but we didn't see him (the new CM) after the first encounter. The line to get sliced meats was incredibly long, so we started with the sides. I tried the couscous, sweet potato/white potato dish, DH tried the watermelon rind salad but didn't like it too much. DH settled for the kids buffet - chicken tenders, spaghetti, mac & cheese as the seasoning here are really different than what we are used to eating. We finally made it to the carving station. I think we had the prime rib, which was good. We had fresh fruit (strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes) and desserts - zebra domes, blueberry tarts, strawberry tarts and more bite size treats.
(notice there are no photos of the food.?? this simply wasn't a good choice for our tastes.)

4. 8/30 Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge
We had a 12:20pm lunch ADR and arrived in the lobby about Noon. The restaurant was not yet open, so DH ducked outside for a quick smoke while DD and I headed to the restroom. I no sooner left the lavatory when our name was hollered. I tried DH on his cell and the hostess promptly told me that I should hang up so I would hear our name being called (:rolleyes1 )
Our server was not boisterous like a few of the others were - there were others entertaining tables nearby. We each ordered an appetizer - DH and DD got the nachos, while I chose the chicken quesadilla. Honestly, the appetizers would have been enough of a lunch for us. They were generous portions. DH ordered the rainbow trout entree, DD the stack sandwich and I had the pulled pork sandwich. Again, more than enough food, especially after only eating some of the appetizer. For dessert DH went with the apple caramel pie, DD the S'more cheesecake and I had Banana Dust Bowl (cinnamon tortilla w/ice cream).




5. 8/31 Princess Storybook Breakfast at Akershus/Norway
8:40am ADR, arrived at Epcot's gates at 8:10, making it to Norway before 8:30. A number of other guests had just arrived and were waiting to be seated. We were called inside to get a photo with Belle and directed to our table. There was fresh fruit (bananas, grapes, cantaloupe) and pastries (cheese or fruit danish, muffins, and more) on the buffet. We were served a platter of scrambled eggs, potato casserole, bacon and sausage. We cleaned up the eggs and bacon....I misunderstood Trine's question about ordering a refill, which we would have only ordered additional eggs. Since I didn't hear the question properly I ended up getting a full refill. :guilty: Other than meeting with four princesses at the table, the menu is not worthy of the $23 price tag.Maybe we're just not big breakfast eaters?:confused3

6. 9/1 Sci-Fi Dine In at Disney Studios
I changed this from 5pm to 8:30pm when I ran it to a tight scheduling conflict with Mears Transportation returning from Universal Studios. It would have been very rushed to make the 5:00 ADR. Unfortunately we missed out on seeing Fantasmic. We made our way to Sci-Fi when the park-closing announcement was made. We arrived at the podium just after 8pm and checked in. We were asked if we had a table preference, if we wanted to wait for a car, the table or best available. We said best available and were seated quickly in a car near the kitchen. Our server was very nice. We ordered the BLT soup, onion rings and spinach and artichoke dip for our appetizers. Our entrees included the Reuben for DH and me and the baby back ribs for DD. The reubens were good, although 1/2 was enough of a meal for me. DD has this thing about eating in bright lighting, so this was not a feel-good situation for her - plus we were exhausted from a week of parks, partying (P&PP), bus riding and eating! DH and I each ordered the apple-pecan crisp to go, but never did get around to tasting it as I began packing the room and getting ready for check-out the next morning, while DH went to the trading post to collect a package.

09-04-2007, 07:39 PM
Great reveiw. Thankyou for posting.

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Counter Service

1. 8/27 lunch: Toluca Legs Turkey Company/Rosie's All American Cafe at Disney Studios
DH has been wanting to try a WDW turkey leg since our trip in 1999. Last year when we returned we just never got around to getting one, so I wanted it to be the first thing we sought when arriving in the parks on this trip. I had a cheeseburger and fries from Rosie's. These were the first two credits we used on the DDP, and I didn't realize I was entitled to dessert and stumbled when asked if I wanted anything else (the CM didn't offer me additional choices, which would have been helpful at that moment)

2. 8/28 lunch: Leaning Palms at Typhoon Lagoon
I had the pulled pork sandwich and fries, DD the bacon cheeseburger and DH the pizza. DH and I had the fruit cup and DD picked an Itzakadoozie frozen treat for dessert, which we picked up when we had finished eating.

3. 8/29 late lunch: Pizzafari at Animal Kingdom
We shared two personal pizzas. DH had the apple blossom for dessert, while DD picked the frozen strawberry lemonade.

4. 8/30 dinner: Casey's Corner at Magic Kingdom
This place was packed! about 30-45 minutes before Spectromagic. DH had the corn dog nuggets and I got the hot dog combo. DD wasn't hungry but did nibble on the corn dogs and fries. We each got a brownie, which I ate some time later.

5. 8/31 dinner: Old Port Royale at Caribbean Beach Resort
We were beat after morning and afternoon at Epcot. We went back to our resort for a nap, and assumed Illuminations would be canceled and did not return for EMH. I don't know if DH and DD had anything for dinner. I ate after 9 o'clock, (Illuminations woke me!) a grilled chicken sandwich that was dry as they were out of mayo and only one dispenser was open at the time.

6. 9/1 breakfast: Old Port Royale at Caribbean Beach Resort
Our check out day - 4 CS credits remained. DD has the bacon and egg croissant, DH the adult platter and I had the French toast w/bacon. I think we left WDW without having spent that last CS credit. :teacher:

09-04-2007, 07:52 PM
All in all, we got our "money's worth" in terms of value for the cost of the DDP. We would have spent about $750 for the 6 nights. Paying for the DDP would have been about $685. Of course, we would never have had all of the TS options if we had to pay OOP.

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Thanks for the reviews!:thumbsup2

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Thanks so much.

Do you have any great snack ideas anyone? OR some breakfast options that are fast?

09-04-2007, 09:10 PM
Snacks (which were included in the $$ total above)

20oz Coke
chocolate chunk cookie
apple turnover (Main Street Bakery)
orange juice
Mickey ice cream bar
strawberry fruit juice bar
bottled water

They were a few occasions when CM's used CS credits if we had a combination of a "snack" item and a beverage. They would ask which credit we wanted to use before ringing us through.

10-14-2007, 10:41 AM
Hey thanks for the posting the reviews. We have 8:35 AM Akershus reservation and I'm kind of wondering what is going on back in World Showcase that time of morning. Did you notice if Maelstrom or Rio del Tiempo were running earlier than the 11:00 AM official open for World Showcase? Or generally, is anything going on back on that side of World Showcase that time of morning?

10-15-2007, 04:38 AM
Enjoyed reading your reviews, thanks for posting.