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09-04-2007, 10:31 AM
As many of you may have read, we have booked a 1-br villa at SSR.. My twins just turned two and still sleep in full size cribs. Are you cribs provided at Disney resorts large enough to accomodate them? They 35lbs and 36" tall as of Thurs and our trip is in December. Our nanny will be occupying the sofa bed so that isn't an option for us.

Any insight??


09-04-2007, 12:18 PM
Disney resorts provide Pack N Plays. My DS slept in one at OKW and AKL when he was two, but he was a little smaller than your guys are.

If you need full size cribs, I'd call the resort directly and see if they have any.

09-04-2007, 01:10 PM
We rented a full sized crib from A Baby's Best Friend ( http://www.abbf.com)for DS2 when we went in May. DS was only around 26lbs, but fairly tall, so we knew a PNP wouldn't cut it and he doesn't really like big boy beds yet.

We rented the crib from ABBF and it was all sealed and waiting for us on arrival (at bell services). It comes with a regular crib mattress, and Disney themed bedding and it was in great condition (and very clean-I'm a little OCD about having stuff clean, especially if it's for DS). We had bell services bring it up (third floor at OKW-DH said he didn't want to haul it!) and it took about 5 minutes to set up (no tools required). When we were ready to check out, we just took the crib apart and put it back in the box it came in, and called bell services to come pick it up and store it until ABBF came to collect it.

I will say that the money we spent to rent the crib was probably the best money we spent the whole trip. DS was able to sleep well for naps and nighttime so DH and I could also rest and recharge.

We also rented a single Graco stroller from them, rather than renting the hard strollers at the park or bringing our own (it was also extremely clean and in nice condition).

09-04-2007, 01:16 PM
We used the PnP well into the 3's for my dd's but my sil rented a fullsize from abbf as mentioned by the PP.

I was fine with the pack N play and always found them in excellent condition if not brand new, don't know the weight liimit though. My sil had excellent service with ABBF but I wonder if two full size cribs will fit into the bedroom? Perhaps a quesiton for the DVC board - your likely to find more folks who have stayed in the DVC unit.


09-04-2007, 02:20 PM
I would call the resort directly and ask for housekeeping. They may not put you through but let the operator know you are trying to find out if this specific resort has metal cribs, not just pnp's. If they do have metal cribs, ask what size they are and how abundant they are. I just called AKV yesterday and was told that they had metal cribs a year ago but they got rid of them and now they just have pnp's. I have heard this repeatedly, that they are phasing out real cribs. If you need a crib, renting is a great option. We have done so in the past and probably will do so again. As PP said, it is money well spent. DS will not sleep in a pnp and at this point, he is too large as well.

Good luck!

09-04-2007, 11:13 PM
a pallet on the floor.... My son (almost 3) loves "camping" indoors. We use a kids size areo bed when we visit relatives, and he enjoys it. He's been sleeping like that, since he was 12 months old. I have also seen the suggestion on this board to use a kids play tent on the floor, which allows for more privacy and light blocking if you want to watch tv.
have a great vacation!