View Full Version : Anyone use the Baby Trend Deluxe Sit-n-Stand?

09-03-2007, 10:15 PM
Hi Stroller Parents!
My husband and I are in the process of purchasing a sit-n-stand stroller, and we're hoping it might work for our next Disney trip. Our kids are ages 3.5 and 11mo. We are considering the Baby Trend Deluxe Sit-n-Stand that acts as a regular double stroller but can convert to a Sit-n-Stand. I've really done my homework but still have a couple questions/reservations:

1. How easy is it to convert to the Sit-n-Stand? Can you do it on the go or do you have to set it up before leaving home?

2. Does the "jumpseat" have a cover? I've read reviews that older models just came with the plastic seat.

3. Will a 3.5 year old (average size) fit in either/both seats comfortably? I don't want to pay the extra for the deluxe and then end up only using it as a sit-n-stand.

4. Are both canopies removable?

Thanks for any info. you can provide!!

09-04-2007, 08:48 AM
How big is your 11mos old? The straps don't tighten tighten at all so unless you have one chunky baby, it won't keep the baby in very well. We had to get rid of ours b/c our 2yo would just take his straps off and hop out (he's only about 25#) and there's no way Ilana would fit in the straps any time soon either. It was a nice idea and would've been great except for that. IT's easy to convert it to a normal stroller/sit n stand, but at 3.5yo I'm not sure I'd bother w/ the Plus model personally unless your oldest is used to being in a normal double stroller regularly. Ours did not come w/ a cover for the jumpseat. Yes, both canopies are removable.

09-04-2007, 01:56 PM
I bought this stroller last summer when my DS had just turned 3 in April and I had a newborn DD. I like the stroller althougth I really don't use it as much as I thought I would for going to the park, walking to town or going to the mall. My son would rather ride his bike or walk at the mall. It is GREAT at the zoo because it is a lot of walking and he can jump on the stoller and then jump off when we wants to see the animals.

*My son has never sat in the seat part of the stoller, only the bench.
*There is not a canopy for him over the bench, sometimes he complains about the sun.
*It's pretty easy to fold and unfold.
*My now 15mo old daughther fits fine in the front seat (she weights 24lbs)

I don't think we are going to bring it to Disney at the end of this month. Like a double stoller, it's big and hard to steer. I think I'm going to bring a single stroller and let them switch off riding in it.


09-04-2007, 02:15 PM
Thank you for the replies! I'm still not sure what to do. Last time we went to Disney my youngest DD was only 4 months old, so she spent a LOT of time in the Bjorn, leaving the big stroller for my DD3 to ride (we also took an umbrella stroller for when they both needed to ride - most of the time we just parked it somewhere in the park & fetched it if needed). It worked out pretty well, but this time, DD1 will need to ride most of the time. We thought this stroller might work well even if it will be tough to push.

We leave in 3 weeks, I need to decide!!!

09-04-2007, 06:29 PM
Clare - If you are close to Arlington Heights, you can try out our Sit n Stand.

My DD is walking, so there is no way she will sit in her stroller all day. I think I'm actually going to buy the kid leash for her! I just bought the Playtex Hip Hammock so we can carry her around part of the time (since she is too big for the Bjorn). It might be a good option for you too.
We are staying at the Wilderness, are you going back there? This is our first family trip to Disney and we leave on the 25th.


09-05-2007, 05:11 PM
Just got back from the world with our deluxe sit and stand - we have a 6 month old and a 2.5yr old - he did sit in the back in the stroller seat sometimes - it was good for him to nap as it reclines some. And there is a good canopy (which tends to pop off sometimes but it is easy to fix). Our baby sat in her car seatwhich clicked in the front - a real pain to carry around the parks and most of the time we ended up just putting her in my ergo carrier as it seemed too hot for her in the car seat - but it was good for her to nap in if we were in a restaurant or in air conditioning. I still would buy the deluxe over the regular as it has great cupholders and also the canopy is real good on the back seat - it is real easy to unlatch the back seat and just push it forward a little so the jump seat is exposed - that seems large enough for my son without having to remove the actual back seat so we can change it quite quickly back and forth depending if we want to have him contained and strapped in a seat or mobile in the jump seat. It was handy to be able to use it like a regular double stroller at times and not have him so able to get off himself but at the same time allow him to "ride" on the jump seat at other times. The only pain was it is rather large when compared to a jeep side by side double stroller (the cheap $70 one) and I'd occasionally have stroller weight envy when we were on a bus and it was full! If you can try one out please do before you get one. I think we may try bringing our double maclaren next trip as our baby will be too big for the car seat but not big enough for the front seat I think...plus that does not recline too well.

09-05-2007, 09:06 PM
You are so sweet, but we're in Central Illinois. I'm thinking of getting a Hip Hammock - never tried one before, but thought it might be handy. We are actually staying off-site this trip for the first time because we're going with my in-laws who have Marriott points. You're going to love the Wilderness Lodge & we'll be there the same time as you!! We leave the 27th. Have a great trip!

Thanks for the review. I'm leaning towards the Deluxe just so we have the option of the regular seat as well as the jump seat. My only complaint is that on the Deluxe the jump seat doesn't have a pad/cover on it. I called Baby Trend and they said it could be purchased for approx. $10, which I realize isn't much, but the principle bugs me. Why not just include it in the first place since it comes standard on the regular Sit-n-Stand!! I wish I could try it before we go, but no stores around us carry the Deluxe, only the Regular. Oh, the decisions, decisions!!