View Full Version : Officially DONE! with CR - Embarrassment update on post #3

09-03-2007, 08:40 PM
After the survey reversal debits or whatever they were called, I e-mailed CR three times to dispute the number of points they said I had. I went into my account history and added up all the points, taking out the points for the two surveys they said I didn't qualify for (although I would still continue to say I did the wine one!, but I subtracted those points). Anyway, it is absolutely clear from my account history that I should have 480 points just from sign-ups, etc. (not mention the old daily clicks and trivia). They said I have 36.4 points. I got two e-mails back from them that appeared to be just a repeat of the e-mail when they credited me back for the double reversal. After my 3rd e-mail to them, I finally got a different answer:

I have reviewed your account history and show the point balance displayed is correct for your account."

What bovine scatology!!!!! I never did much with them anyway, but now I'll save a couple of minutes a day.

M 'n C
09-03-2007, 09:30 PM
I never heard back from them but I did see that my account was credited back for the double debiting they did the other night. I have severly limited what I do over there and it is not the money maker it once was for me. I love SR too much to fool with CR anymore.

09-03-2007, 10:32 PM
ARGGGGHHHHH! These people are so stupid:sad2: I got another e-mail back from them. They are trying to explain to me in an "oh, so simple" way that they cannot re-credit me for the two surveys that I was inadvertently (not their word... because, of course, I'm so ignorant that I surely would have NO IDEA what that word means) credited for. I &*)*)*) KNOW that!:mad: That is exactly what I've been telling them for the last 5 e-mails.... I don't expect to be credited for them!!! I just want the 460 points that I had BEFORE these two surveys. I've fired one more e-mail off to 'em.

Edited: FINALLY, they're making some sense. One of the surveys was done way back the first of August. I thought it was a recent one. Sorry for all the ranting and raving! I am now officially embarrassed!!!!! I'd say something further, but I'm trying to get this crow out of my mouth.