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Hey All! We just got back and boy did we eat!!! Before anything, i just wanted to thank all of you who placed all the tips and reviews here, that really helped us to have our first vacation be awesome!! We chose really good places over all. We are a family of 4, My husband 29, my 2 girls 9 and 18months and Me .. still young. :lmao:
We stood at ALMov Resort from 8-14 to 20.
I will be reviewing ALMov Food Court, Cape May Cafe, Comic's Rays, Ohana's, Electric Umbrella, Wispering Canyon, DSO Aloha Dinner SHow, Tusker House, Crystal Palace, Cantina de San ANgel and a few more snack places, i'll add at the end of the review.
First Off Aug 14 ASMOV Food Court, We got to the hotel at lunch time, and hadn't eaten anything so , we decided to just eat at the Food court and then went straight to the pool.
My Husband had the Double Cheese burger with potato salad and it was very big not very juicy. He Ordered the chocolate cake for desert and his drink. I got The chicken fingers, w/ potato salad too, they were just ok, nothing to hoover about, not very large just the right size. I got and Iced tea, and a brownie for desert. My daughter also got the chicken fingers , with grapes and chocolate milk, she enjoyed it, Althought she could have eaten an extra pc of chicken, this portions was smaller than her usual meal. After Lunch we left our luggage in our room and headed to the pool area to relax a little. Then we headed for Epcot as we had reservations in Cape May Cafe... That's up coming. We luved it!!!:cloud9: :rotfl:

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Glad you had a great time. I can't wait to hear the rest. Specailly Cape May. We are trying it for the first time in 18 days!

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Our first Night we had reservations at Cape May Cafe .. Althought it was a little hard for us to find the place we had a blast, and even more important we loved the Food. This place had a good assortment of cold pasta salad, seafood, some veggies like Brocollini and green beans, and awesome mashed potatoes. We started witht the clambake, we had the traditional calms, mussels, shrimp, corm on the cob, mashes potatoes and bread we could eat. Sorry no pictures, they came out way too dar, But here are the rest of the plates.
Caesar Salad to start. Tasted good.. a lilttle to much dressing but good and crispy.
We Had some boiled shrimp, and ribs, the ribs were excellent, fall off the bone meat and the right amount of seasoning, not too sweet or spicy, just right. My husband ate the same plus some fried chicken which he said was very juicy and crunchy as well. We really enjoyed everything, but specially the ribs, clams and i really loved their garlic mashed potatoes, Very creamy.
For dessert....
We took a little of everything, they had Key lime tart, which was good, not too much lime. They had a Milky way cheesecake which was my fav out of all the had, it was creamy and had some caramel on top very tasty. My husband took the flan and the Milky way Mouse cheesecake, he didn't care for the flan but really like the cheesecake, he took seconds of those. Over all, we enjoyed their food a lot, and would go back there next time we visit. This is our second favorite buffet, out #1 is Ohana's.. this is coming in out second day review. Stay tu:thumbsup2 ned! :cheer2:

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So the second day at Disney we woke up late and ate cereal in our room(we did this everyday to same time and $$) Then Headed to MK after getting in a few rides, we ate lunch at Cosmic's Rays. This place was packed!! we waited in line about 20 min, but it was worth the wait. The only thing we didn't like about this place was that, this has 3 different places to order, 1 is for burgers only, 1 is for chicken and the other one is just for sandwiches and wraps. SO... i wanted a burger and my husband the chicken, so we lost about 30 min just doing the line to eat, and then we couldn't find a place to eat. We went around 2pm so next time i would advice, go just before 12 for lunch, there are much less crowds. Even with the wait we love their food as well as the topping stations for the sandwiches.
My husband order the 1/2 Chicken and ribs with mashed potatoes, it was moist and flavorfull and kept him full until dinner time.And for dessert he got the Chocolate cake. My daughter got the chicken fingers with fries again(the selection is kind of limited 4 kids ) with grapes and a drink. I orded the double cheese burger w/ bacon and fries and went to the topping station to add banana peppers, lettuce, pickles, cooked onions and mushrooms. I don't even feel guilty .. so good and moist!!! Lol:rotfl: Oh and i took the carrot cake for dessert. We didn't eat our dessert here, we took it for later in the night. Cosmic's get's a :thumbsup2 for the food!

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Hi Just posted cape may again.. hope you enjoy your trip! ;-)

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Great reviews so far! How did you like All Star Movies? We are supposed to stay there for 3 days at the end of our trip in March.

I can't wait to read the rest of your reviews!!!!:banana:

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Thanks for the reviews and pics - looks great - we're going in just a few days!

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Great reviews and pics. I was glad to see how much you enjoyed Cape May Cafe. My family will be going to WDW next week and have ADR for Cape May on our first night! :banana: You mentioned having a little trouble finding the restaurant, any tips for us first timers on getting there? We plan on being in EPCOT before our dinner.

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I'm glad to see you enjoyed Cape May. We were just at the BC this week and ate at the Clam Bake and loved it also. We all agreed that the mashed potatoes were to die for. My husband devoured the ribs!!! I'm anxious to see what you say about Ohana's. It's our favorite for dinner and our 2nd favorite for breakfast. Although, 50's Prime Time is right up there with Ohana's for dinner followed next is Cape May.

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Oh man........ I backed out of Cape Mays 6 months ago. Now I wish I would have kept it. Oh well. I love the pics!!!! Can't wait to see more!!!!

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hi! We actually liked the resort really well. The beds were very nice and clean and not hard. We all luv the decor and took lots of pictures outside with the statues. But i have to say what we enjoyed the most out of the resort was the pool, it wasn't too crowded at the times we went and it's big. We did had to ask 3 times for extra toiletries , for some reason they kept leaving just 1 small bottle.

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Hi, If you plan to be in Epcot youll be just fine, we just didn't realize that Cape may is inside the Beach Club resort (all the way in front of the boardwalk). BUt it's pretty easy to find once u are in there. I think your going to enjoy it, they have a lot to choose from.

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Great reviews and pictures. Look forward to more.

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Milky Way Cheesecke???? OMG..that looks sooo good! Is it new? I have been there loads of times and have never seen this.

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Milky Way Cheesecke???? OMG..that looks sooo good! Is it new? I have been there loads of times and have never seen this.

Me too!!! We are going next month, hope it is still there!

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Not sure if it's new but we did enjoy it! Hope it's there when u go. :-)

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So the second night we were off to Ohana's. We had reservations at 7:30 and had to wait about 20 min for our table. No biggie we were told to seat around the bar.. had a drink (inside a pineapple), was good but in my opinion too much money and not enough liquour, it was about $14. We enjoyed the ambience , there were some good singers playing the guitar and made our waiting time seem faster. SO on to the food... We got a nice waitress which explained how the buffet works.. they bring all the food to you as much as you want... no need to get up. First thing to hit the table was these simple yet amazingly good cryspy wontons with a selections of dipping sauces. They had a chimichurri sauce, thai peanut sauce, and a more spicy one as well. My favorite was the peanut one and yes we did asked for seconds! Then the Salad arrived, a huge bowl with a lettuce mix which included green & red leaf & frizze with a tangy and sweet vinagrette, luv it!! then some awesome BBQ glazed chicken wings.:thumbsup2 Miss it already!
After the wings we received a large bowl of shrimp, fried variety of veggies, and oven scalloped cheese potatoes . The shrimp and veggies were cooked in a the wok, very nice flavor. Light smokey and sweet. Already getting a little full. The potatoes were excellent also.. but we didn't eat much of them because we we already getting full and the meat hadn't arrived. This is a lot of food! More than what we had gotten if we were at a regular buffet.
Then a huge rack of meat about 3 feet tall arrives at our table, they take it off the rack and put it in your plate, you can choose between, steak, pork,and sausage. Done very well, the steak is not over seasoned so the true meat flavor comes true... i wanted mine done well so i asked them to give one that was more done, my husband enjoys medium well so he was fine. They came too quick so couldn't take a picture of the rack.
We we so full we wasn't thinking about having dessert... that's until my husband heard they had his favorite.. Bread pudding ! With a twist, this one has some bananas. I dont care for either one dont like bananas or bread pudding. But this was sooooo Good I actually enjoyed it very well. My husband just went crazy for it. :thumbsup2
He says this is the best one he's ever had, he told the waiter how much we enjoyed and me about the wonton appetizer.. so she gave us the recipe. Awesome! This is our best buffet dinner EVER.. and the best Disney Restaurant in this visit. Hand's down! Highly recomend this place. I have read other reviews that say other wise, but this one really worked for us, and my husband and i have very diffrent take on what we like to eat. Thank you guys for viewing! More coming up!:coffee:

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Thank you for your wonderful reviews so far.
We can wait to go to O'hana's next month!!!

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We eat at Ohana on our arrival night, can't wait.. Thanks for all the reviews and pics..:banana:

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Great review. I love your pict. of Cosmic Rays as well as of Ohana. We are eating there this Sept. (FD rules!). Can not wait for your review of CP and WCC since we are going there also.

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Do they still serve turkey at 'Ohanas? You only mention steak, pork & sausage.