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08-31-2007, 12:45 PM
We've just decided to do the deluxe dining plan for our trip in Feb, and I'm so excited to choose restaurants! I'd love some suggestions on "must-do's" or "don't bothers". I'm looking forward to trying some new places, since we'll have lots of credits. My DH will eat anything, and wants to have no part of planning, so I'm hoping you all will obsess with me! :banana:

We are traveling with DD 4 and DS 8mos, so unfortunately some of the signature restaurants may be out. My DD is very well behaved in restaurants, and we go out to eat a lot, so she is used to sitting through meals. We enjoy good food, and don't mind bringing kids to adult-type restaurants, but don't want to do it if people will be offended that we're carting in two young kids.

Our trip is 7 nights. We're planning 4 days in the parks, one day at Sea World and a day hanging out at the resort.

Already reserved:
CRT bfast
LeCellier dinner

Planning but not yet reserved:
Chef Mickey bfast
Raglan Road dinner
Kona Cafe dinner
Mama Melrose dinner (should we get Fantasmic pkg in early Feb?)

We've eaten at many of the WS restaurants in the past and enjoyed most, but I'm thinking of trying Biergarten or Chip n Dale Garden Fare to try something new. Also, would love feedback on Hoop De Doo, is it worth 2 credits?

Thanks to all for helping me plan!!

08-31-2007, 12:54 PM
It jsut is not a trip for me unless we do Liberty Tree Tavern and Crystal Palace!

We also have to go to Biergarten, but we are German Food lovers. It is different if you are not familiar with German Food. It is a buffet, so chances are you will find something you like. Lots of meats and cheeses and starches. A word of warning, and something I personally don't like about it (but overlook because I love the food) is that the schtick of the place is sitting you with other people at the same table when you eat. If the people are nice, it can be fun, but we have sat with some really non friendly people who do not like the fact that you have kids. Until this year we had a pretty young kid usually too.

08-31-2007, 01:03 PM
Oh, the Deluxe Plan! How wonderful. I like the new deluxe plan.

At WDW, others will not be offended if you bring well-behaved children to a signature restaurant. I think your kids would love the Luau and the HoopDeDoo. Baby would need to have the tempermant for them though since they are noisy and fast-paced. (My middle child would not have done well as an infant at a dinner show- or any restaurant).

If you still feel a little uncomfortable about bringing the little ones to a signature restaurant like Narcoossees, you could make an early dinner reservation, say before 6pm.

CRT and LeCellier are wonderful choices. If DD is a princess fan, then I would go with the Princess meal in Norway. The princesses were great. HoopDeDoo and Luau would also be on my list.

I have not been to Whispering Canyon Cafe (it is on my list for our November trip), but I hear it is a fun (and different) place to eat.