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08-30-2007, 03:15 PM
So, I'm creating this thread as from time to time people ask for info on good survey sites, reward sites, etc. This list will be sites that have been used by DIS members with success. I will break it down under Survey Sites and Reward/Offer Sites.

Survey Sites are sites in which the user is asked to complete surveys or focus groups based on their profile. Reward amounts typically range from $2-$20, more for focus groups.

Reward/Offer Sites are sites where the user is compensated primarily for signing up for offers, websites, purchasing things, etc. They may offer surveys as well.

Very Important DIS does NOT allow referalls. Please do not post on this thread asking for referalls or referral links. Aditionally, please do not post programs where the only way to really make money is with referrals.

The List

Survey Sites:

SurveySavvy.com - I generally get 1 or 2 suveys a week from them. It ads up to $10 or $15 a month. I have also been invited to two in person focus groups which paid $70 and $200.

Reward/Offer Sites:

Cash Crate - They offer two quick surveys EVERY day for $.80/ea. Many offers to complete that are 100% free! I've been a member 3 months and make about $400/month. Offers 5% DisneyShopping.com rebate, in addition to other coupons you may have!
Sunshine Rewards - Well respected on the DIS. Offers Disney themed rewards I believe.

Feel free to post and we'll get a master list going.

08-30-2007, 03:21 PM
Well I do

Survey Sites
I get maybe 7 surveys a month that I qualify for. they offer moe but after some initial questions I may not qualify. I have also been given some materials to test out and the payout on these are much higher.
I get maybe 4 surveys a month.
I get a lot of emails from them but I also check out their site daily as some surveys only show up there. You can cahout after you have $10.00. They also send out stuff to test. Right now I am testing shampoo and conditioner for them

08-30-2007, 03:26 PM
Reward Programs Sites

already mentioned. Tricia, the owner, is very hands on and runs a top notch site. SR's forum is a great way to figure out which offers credit well, where to start, she also has forum contests. I like to do all my shopping through this site. SR also has a daily scrtahc off game and occasional paid clicks
This is a very good site as well. Dmitry, the owner, is quick to help with any questions you may have. He has a daily trivia question and 3 guess the number games through the day.
This is one I don't really do more then just the daily trivia and clicks. It does add up over time.
I also just do the paid email clicks and this one adds up VERY fast.

08-30-2007, 04:11 PM
This topic really belongs on the Rewards Board, so I'm moving it over there. You'll get a lot more responses from people there who have experiences with a wide variety of GPTs.

08-30-2007, 04:18 PM
Too bad. I thought it was great having this at the budget board. When I started the DIS I only went to the budget board and that is where I learned of the reward programs and moved over to that forum. We all know about reward programs over there and want others to learn how to make extra money for Disney and the budget board is usually the type of people wanting some extra cash.