View Full Version : Using Disney Dream Rewards Dollars along with DDP?

08-29-2007, 06:33 PM
Can I use my Disney Visa Rewards Dollars for extras (such as alcoholic beverages, paying OOP for sushi, extra tips, etc) when the rest of the meal is paid for on the DDP?

What about drinks and tips at resorts pool bars and lounges?

3 days and counting until 2 fabulous weeks of free dining at POR! :woohoo: :woohoo:


08-29-2007, 06:49 PM
Yes - another option though - Just charge those things to your room and use your reward card at the end during checkout against your room charges. May be easier that way.

08-29-2007, 09:15 PM
Defintely charge to the room and then use the rewards card to pay the balance before your check out day. If they accidently use your reward card to pay for the DDP meal part it would be really difficult to fix and they often seem to make mistakes (we-ve had 1 or 2 each trip).


08-30-2007, 10:13 AM
OOOHhhhh! I never thought of that! <smacks self upside the head> You guys are so smart--thank you!!

I love the Disboards! :love:


08-31-2007, 04:03 PM
Just remember (found this on the DIS). When you use the DDP and pay OOP for any part of your meal (drinks, extras, etc) there si an 18% gratuity added on automatically. We noticed this on our first check from the Brown Derby and checked it on every check from then on.