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08-29-2007, 01:28 PM
Hello first off I will explain who was in the cast. It was my myself, dd (14), my dd's aunt and her dd (12). I planned this trip for almost a year so off we went from 8/21 through 8/27. We stayed in the Dolphin for the first 5 days and therefore ate a few breakfast's 1 lunch & 1 dinner @ Picabu's. I will say that my dd hated it there and I was not impressed either. The food was very expensive and not alot of variety. It was cafeteria style type of thing. An example of the prices is a small garden salad was like $7.00 and like a previous poster mentioned a breakfast sandwich with potatoes was $9.45 or so :eek: I did have a fantastic buffalo chicken salad at the fountain one evening and it was soooooo yummy and well worth the $10.00 or so it was.

Ok onto the reviews . . . .

Sunshine Seasons - we ate here twice once for a snack around lunch time and once for breakfast and both times the food was fresh and did not disappoint. My dd had a plain croissant and I had a croissant breakfast sandwich which was sooooo good with bacon, egg & cheese and the other time we had california rolls and they were standard fare. My friend and her dd got muffins which looked good.

Prime Time Cafe - A little history here; I had planned for a year or more to have the yummy pot roast which I had tasted from someone's plate before and I ruined it by having a much too late snack @ Picabu's of nachos and wings and then a Pina Colada @ the bar prior to the dinner and guess what I couldn't eat a thing but a small dish of mashed potatoes :sad2: My dd got the salmon which she deemed okay, my friend got the fried chicken but didn't eat the fried part :rolleyes: her dd got the kids hot dog and both girls loved their shared dessert of smores which I pesonally tasted a tiny little bit of and they were yummy!!

Le Cellier - Well I soooooo wanted to taste that mushroom filet again and I ordered it along with the cheese soup. My dd ordered the filet with cream cheese mashed potatoes and the bbq sauce on the side, my friend ordered the same thing and her dd a hot dog. The soup was good and a bit salty and the pretzel bread was soft and yummy as usual. The filet was tender and good and I ordered it Med Well as did my daughter and although it was good it was not as good as I remembered from 2 years ago. My dd and friend both enjoyed their filets but I tasted theirs and they weren't even as good as before so I don't know what's up with that. Anyway it was still a good meal.

Mama Melrose - We had dinner here one evening and I ordered the Pasta Vodka, my dd and her cuz the chicken parm and my friend had the pepperoni flatbread. I had a salad and my friend and her dd split a salad as well. I was not too crazy for the vodka sauce as it's not what I was used to but I was hungry so I ate most of it anyway and it was not terrible. My dd again did not enjoy her food but she's picky but ate her chicken anyway, my friend and her dd seemed to enjoy their food but I tasted the flatbread and thought it was not at all good. It tasted like cardboard to me. Anyway we ordered the chocolate lava type of dessert and I thought that was very good but of course dd did not like it. Oh yes I ordered 1/2 carafe of Sangria and enjoyed that very much!!

La Cantina Counter Svc - We had not eaten that night and were starved and everyone wanted Mexican food. There were no seats to be had b/c Illuminations was starting so we sat on the steps @ the Mexican pavillion. My dd was majorly upset b/c the quesidillas were 2 small halves that looked like the pb&j uncrustables :confused: I got the combination platter and it was so dark I don't know what I ate but I liked the beans and everything else is a blur as I stuffed it down as we were over tired and starved. My friend got the same thing and her dd the same as mine and I guess they were okay with theirs but we did not enjoy this food at all.

Casey's - We all got hot dogs and fries our first day in the MK and they were good and hit the spot.

Cosmic Ray's - dd and I got cheeseburgers and fries the last night in MK and they were good standard burgers. Nothing spectacular but good.

Ohana's Lilo & Stitch Breakfast - I had so looked forward to this breakfast and we waited like 1/2 hour to be seated and Lilo had passed our table and stitch was there but my friend had to go get a camera and missed him as we forgot ours (we were going to typhoon that day) Anyway, the food was the bread which was okay, fruit which was fruit and then the skillet and my dd did not like the eggs but she's rather picky and she didn't like the bacon/sausage either or the potatoes but to be honest I didn't think they were the usual good disney breakfast I have had everywhere in the past. The breakfast somehow tasted stale and I didn't even really enjoy the Mickey waffles I so looked forward to. I wished we went to Kona's for Macadamia pancakes instead and I was supposed to go but didn't make it the next day. Oh well live and learn.

To be honest this trip the food was subpar to our other trips but we had so much fun it didn't matter. Oh yeah I did have some snacks along the way.

Egg Rolls in China - very good and fresh
Potstickers & white rice in China - potstickers okay rice just rice.
Bellinni in Italy - yum
Choc Mousse in Italy - good and cold
Choc Croissant in France - Very good and not too rich.
Margarita in Mexico - the best thing they offer I believe
Choc Chip Ice Cream Bar from Cart - good.

Hope you enjoyed my little report and if you have any questions ask away. I enjoy reading everyone's reports myself and will definitely be choosing some new spots for my next trip.

08-29-2007, 04:23 PM
Wow did no one like my report?? :confused3

08-29-2007, 04:57 PM
Thanks for the report. We're heading down in November. We like reports but some times it takes a little time to report.

08-30-2007, 03:09 AM
Enjoyed reading your report ~ Thanx for posting.

08-30-2007, 11:21 AM
I think I will have to try sunshine seasons for breakfast now!!! Thanks:)

08-30-2007, 11:26 AM
Yes do try Sunshine Seasons it was very good there. I already have a mental list of where I want to eat next time hahaha. Next time I will take pics too but this time it just didn't happen except for my dd taking a pic of her chocolate mousse in Le Cellier.

08-30-2007, 01:14 PM
Good reviews. A few of these places are ones that we plan on hitting on our upcoming trip.

So the cheddar cheese soup was salty? I've been debating whether I want to try it as there are a number of appetizers that appeal to me. I hear so many raves about it, but if it's salty, I don't think I'll enjoy it.

08-30-2007, 01:45 PM
It was a bit salty to me but delicious nonetheless. One of the kids thought the flavor was too strong but I think it's very unique as far as flavors go and it's very yummy. My friend got the salad greens and enjoyed that very much but it's just a salad with balsamic and crumbled blue cheese really.

08-30-2007, 02:06 PM
I am just a newbie, but I have been lurking. Thank you for your review, wish you had made it to Kona that is on my list for my next trip this fall. Please tell me how was the prime time's atmosphere? did they do any tricks on you? did you order the pot roast and only eat the mash potatoes or just order the potatoes? sounds like you had fun. thank you again for your report, did you do a trip report too?

08-30-2007, 02:18 PM
Hi BoogieMonster and welcome to the Disboards!!! I actually ordered a chicken caesar salad which was dry and yucky and sent it back and asked for just mashed potatoes. I really, really wanted to order the pot roast b/c I had tried a bite before and it was soooo good but alas I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it so I didn't order it. I was very thirsty and just not feeling hungry for once. What a time to not be hungry right? Well I actually had Kona on the list originally and didn't make it there but next time it's definitely on the to do list especially breakfast. I think we would have enjoyed the breakfast there more than Ohana's. It was very rushed there if I didn't report that before and not a relaxing morning type of meal.

08-30-2007, 02:27 PM
Oh that sounds wonderful, and my daughter and I love breakfast, most important meal of the day right? We will have to put it into our plans. Thank you for the warm welcome. I don't know why I have never posted before I just haven't, I have just gathered all the information I have needed from everyone elses comments. So this wasn't your first trip I gather. This will be our third and I am one of the lucky ones my daughter isn't picky although I can be. So how was your trip otherwise? are you posting a trip report I looked for one and didn't find one. Thank you again for sharing.

08-30-2007, 02:35 PM
Hello again Boogiemonster - I am planning on posting a small trip report but I will tell you we had the best trip ever. It ranked as on of the best notwithstanding my dd's first trip when she was 6. That was special b/c none of us had ever gone before and we went with my parents. Of course it was so sweet eating with the princesses and meeting the characters although it's easier now as we don't wait in too many lines to see them or get autographs usually b/c we have most of them. We still meet some characters though when we feel like it but it's more of a liberating experience not to have to wait in line all the time. I do miss her being little though. I have been only 5times but I lurk these boards and every other disney site known to man :rotfl2:

08-30-2007, 08:17 PM
Good reviews :) Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for the reviews!:thumbsup2

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Great reviews! Thanks!:goodvibes

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I was just wondering if you ever wrote a review of your trip? thank you!

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Thanks for the review.

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Thanks for posting your reviews :thumbsup2