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08-27-2007, 01:30 PM
..... Hi All -
Figured I'd better start the dining reviews before the food memories fade and I get back to actually cooking now that we got home from 10 days just last night;) We had 10 days of the DDP for me, DS(15) and DD(11).

I always take the reviews here with a grain of salt, preferring to check things out personally and make my own decisions on restaurant choices. However - there are some things I have read here repeatedly that I will have to agree with:

1) San Angel, while in a beautiful and romantic setting, has poor lighting for menu-reading and eating for a REASON!! On our visit, the food was pretty much inedible and unidentifiable. It was sort of like a blind taste test. The margarita, however, was EXCELLENT!! I guessed that the only way the food could be good is if you were dining with friends, had a few of those cool, perfectly flavored slushy things and then didn't really care what you ate after that!!
* DD had a combination platter. I don't think that was what she ordered, but the waiter could not either hear or understand after several attempts, so we gave up, knowing we could always share. She was a good little trooper. Tried everything - one bite. The "flauta" I removed from her platter and tried to eat. Took one bite. Off taste, mystery contents, flavorless.
* DS had a "tenderloin". From what cow in what country, I don't know. He had been spoiled by previous dinners during the week. Ok, I told him - the guy gave you both rice AND mashed potatoes. Try them. Nope, even the mashed potatoes were no good.
* I had the shrimp and pasta. How could you screw up this? I eat pasta cold, al dente, mushy, sauced, unsauced. NOPE! Tried two forkfuls. Shrimp tasted metallic.
I can't even remember the appetizers. I don't want to remember the appetizers. DD said it was like a salad on top of an English muffin. DS did say the nachos were okay, but he rattled off several places at home (chains) that do better.
I took pictures. It WAS beautiful. The chairs were colorful and handpainted. It was very very noisy. We did not order dessert. I signed for my delicious Margarita and we did the boat ride, wishing we had stayed with the view from there!!
Up next... 9 awesome meals and some pretty good counter service....popcorn::

08-27-2007, 02:15 PM
ITA with you about San Angel. It used to be a "must-do" for us but after last year's trip - never again. We pretty much had the same experience that you had. Looking forward to some great reviews!

08-27-2007, 02:22 PM
Subbing, can't wait to hear more!

08-27-2007, 05:06 PM
I'm signing on for this one!!!! :)

08-27-2007, 05:28 PM
We arrived in Orlando just past lunchtime via ME and after checking in at YC, walked on over to BeachClub Marketplace. I had a turkey sandwich and a Mickey Bar, DS had New England clam chowder as a snack credit, and I got DD a kids' meal OOP (ham & cheese wrap, pudding & juice). Bought our refillable mugs.

Our first dinner reservation on DDP was Yachtsman Steakhouse. As with all but two of our ADR's, we were seated either early or on time - in this case 5:45 PM. Guests' dress ran the gamut from silk dresses and heels to muscle shirts, shorts and Tevas. Tables were set with white linen cloth and spread out so that there was no bumping into one another. Our server, whose name escapes me, was pleasant, told us he had been working for Disney since he was 19, and gained points in my book for not only teaching DS to use the crumb sweeper on the table, but actually giving him one to take home so he could be a hit at Thanksgiving! He said the word "cool" about 30 times during the course of the meal( the server, not DS) and I guessed he hadn't been outside the World too much!!LOL!

I ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio, and also paid OOP for DD's child's strip steak ($11), She ate the whole thing and said it was tasty.I had the Shrimp Cocktail as an appetizer, while DS ordered chicken soup. He didn't like it but I found it delicious! DS went on to enjoy the NY Strip and they were able to put the wine reduction sauce on the side. He loved the sauce and they brought more when he asked.

I enjoyed the filet mignon, which was rather plain, unadorned but well charred on the outside and pink in the middle as I had ordered. I did indeed use the steak knife provided.

DS and I both had the creme brulee - our first of many this trip, and DD had her vanilla ice cream. Total check signed off to DDP before gratuity was $145 - for two. Bless you, DDP!

Up next....Prime Time Pot Roast Served in B&W!!!!

08-27-2007, 05:57 PM
Great start! Thanks! :cool1:
Or should I say, "Cool!" ;)

08-28-2007, 02:00 AM
keep em coming :thumbsup2

08-28-2007, 08:50 AM
Saturday we took the boat over to MGM from YC. Hot, hot, hot.

Lunch at ABC Commissary. The food was awful here a few years ago when we visited, and not much has changed! I had a cuban sandwich which insulted Cuban cuisine and the kids had their burgers. DS complained the cheese was thrown on and unmelted. A plus - the strawberry dessert was yummy! A nice surprise!

Dinner ADR's at Prime Time at 5:10 PM. Hadn't been here in several years. We were seated about 10 minutes after we arrived - exactly at 5:10. Seated in the back room with only 3 other families, we met "cousins" from a nearby town and had some fun!

DD enjoyed her shrimp cocktail - the shrimp were huge and cold and she finished them all very quickly. DS had the onion rings, and found one to be soaked in a bunch of dried breadcrumbs. I had the fired cheese I'd read so much about, but did not like it at all. It was dry and the texture was odd. I had thought it would be a fried Boursin-type cheese that would have turned soft and melty but still cream-cheesy, but it was not.

DS had fried chicken and liked it just fine,while DD ordered pot roast, a dish she loves at home. I had the pork tenderloin in a wine glaze. It was just okay. DD tried some of the pot roast, didn't like it because she was having trouble finding the meat. When she passed it over to mommy to try, I could see why. I was stringy, fatty and awash in a sea of shredded root vegetables which made mining for the meat more impossible! Plus, there was a spice in there I don't like and don't use at home - probably thyme or fennel.

Dessert was s'mores for DD - which she finished, in spite of not finishing her dinner! DS was able to substitute a chocolate shake for his dessert and he took the end of it "to go". Because I had had a cocktail and no soft drink, I was able to order coffee with my apple cobbler a la mode. Perfect!

I'd probably skip this one next time and return to either Mama Melrose, Brown Derby, or H & V. The kitschy stuff and the antics are cute maybe once or twice, but the food just wasn't worth it anymore.

Coming up....Changing ADR's, resorts, and bonus ressies!

08-28-2007, 09:45 AM
Excellent, looking forward to reading more.

08-28-2007, 10:18 PM
Day 3 - Tonite we had ADR's at California Grill. Last fall we cancelled last minute, tearfully, at the chek-in desk during FDP because DS was in on of his Asperger's early meltdowns and I was not going to enjoy my dinner, nor would I dream of subjecting other guests to even the loud voice he usually has. Tried again this time and ended up calling Dining while I did some laundry and used the YC quiet pool. Explained the situation and asked if there was any availability - anywhere. I knew about the credit card hold, but neglected to pay attention to the "fine print" clause which stated I would be charged $20 per person for this cancellation at less than 24 hrs. I told the CM that while I understood the policy, and was willing to pay some penalty, that $60 for a table they would easily rebook on a Saturday night seemed a bit unreasonable to me. She spoke with a supervisor who waived the penalty and gave me a ressie at Biergarten at 8:40 PM. Perfect! Loud, noisy, German food - maybe just like Grandma used to make!

We ate lunch at Hurricane Hannah's right at Stormalong Bay. It was chaotic, disorganized, crowded at 2:15 PM and they kept running out of things. There is no indoor seating - it is a poolside snack shack. Had a chicken Caesar and kids had chicken fingers and the ubiquitous cheeseburger. Thank goodness Mickey Bars count as dessert!

It was right after this that I went into the lobby and spoke to a Guest Services Manager about switching resorts. Al could not have been kinder, more efficient or magical as he made arrangements for us to be moved to a Courtyard room at Wilderness Lodge the following day.

We hopped on over to Epcot and got to Biergarten a few minutes early and were seated with 2 other families. I loved the atmosphere - but boy was the oomph band loud!! The size of the place is enormous - the band was onstage and a huge dance floor in front was filled with kids and families doing the chicken dance. Tried in vain to make introductions at the table and give our drink orders but could barely be heard. This was TOO loud for DS. Luckily, when it came time to go up to the buffet, the band took a much-welcomed break!

Oh MY! Sauerbraten and rouladen and spaetzle and frikadellen and schnitzel and baked chicken and carved pork roast and bratwurst and two gravies, red cabbage and carrots and sauerkraut! Green salad,potato salad, macaroni salad. Followed by Bavarian cheesecake, vanilla pudding, black forest cake and strudel!

Not quite like Grandma's - or even mine:rotfl: - but VERY, very good! ALL of it!!! And so we rolled on out, taking a long walk back to our resort launch.

Up next - moving day, a missed ADR and a surprising treat!

08-29-2007, 03:21 AM
im glad you managed to sort out your ADR's to suit your ds :)

Dis Ohana
08-29-2007, 03:30 AM
I'm hooked, love your review so far! Can I ask why you decided to switch resorts?

08-29-2007, 06:03 AM
Enjoying your reviews so far and looking forward to more. :mickeybar

08-29-2007, 09:13 AM
DisOhana - Here's the thread about the switch:


Thanks, guys, for reading all this. I'm never really sure if anyone is really interested, but all thru this trip I was writing reviews for my DIS friends in my mind -

08-29-2007, 10:33 AM

Great trip report so far!

08-29-2007, 11:36 AM
Thanks, guys, for reading all this. I'm never really sure if anyone is really interested, but all thru this trip I was writing reviews for my DIS friends in my mind -

Thank YOU for sharing with us!:thumbsup2

08-31-2007, 12:49 PM
Oh no! Thread ended up on page 2 - I am too slow.;)

Sunday we switched to WL from YC. "Breakfast" was the Kitchen Sink @ Beaches and Cream, as soon as it opened. They took DD and DS behind the counter to add the toppings. It's a big production - they turn off the lights and make an announcement so you really feel like a hog!!!:lmao:

With only 7 or 8 scoops of ice cream and at least that many - and more toppings - it becomes a messy, ugly, unappetizing soup very quickly.

But.. it's something you just HAVE to do once...:banana:

WL checkin takes forever because they don't really know how to do it in the computer properly. Our luggage is there, the room isn't ready til 5. Meanwhile, somehow there is a window where the cards from YC are still active and they haven't switched over to WL yet, where new ones will be issued. CM tells us to go to Roaring Forks. DS has a pizza, DD has chicken fingers, I have a hand-mixed salad. Then, of course, the 4x normal sized frosted brownie, a Magic cookie Bar and a Mickey Bar. Yah. Time for a nap when the room is ready, and we nap right thru our Spoodles ADR.

In a panic that we should actually MISS a meal, I call Dining. She secures a 9:20 ressie at Kona Cafe, notices my missing Wednesday ressie for Tappan Edo, gives me Le Cellier for dinner on Wednesday,Alfredo's for Friday, cancels the existing ressie for lunch on Friday at LC, then tells me of my preferred viewing for Illuminations. I knew of all this Tappan Edo cancellation VIP stuff before we left but just let it go. Magical!!!:cloud9:

Have stopped in Kona's years ago and left, knowing back then my kids would not eat anything. By far, I have to say this was one of the very best meals EVER and a tie for the best the whole 10 days! Far superior to Yachtsman, 1 credit. The only difference was, obviously, the atmosphere and absence of tablecloths! But what could be bad about strolling thru the Poly??

DD spied the desserts as she came in, and asked for the Kona Kone for dessert. This was after she finished her soup, and very first Prime Rib, which she LOVED and finsihed entirely. DS had chicken wings and was making "yum" sounds as he was eating, and I enjoyed the crab cake appetizers - WOW!!! I had a perfect filet here - better than YS hands down and even... do I dare??....:rolleyes:

bettter than the filet at Le Cellier!!!! This was truly fork-cutting filet mignon, perfectly sauced and falling apart at a touch! DS had a strip steak and was happy. And of course the creme brulee was perfect!!! Crispy crust, flavorful..mmm. DD was thrilled with her volcano - her favorite thing is cotton candy and for her to find it wrapped around her ice cream just blew her away!

Between that dessert and her flashing Tink from her beverage, DD was totally pixiedusted and insisted that Kona will be a must do every future visit!

Next up..oooh Mama!!

08-31-2007, 03:29 PM
Thanks for the reviews, they are great! I agree that Kona is a great place, I am glad that you found it and enjoyed it so much!

It was interesting what you wrote about Biergarten as you seem to know German food. Being German myself I am always intrigued by this restaurant, but I guess for me there are so many more "exotic" restaurants that it will be some time until I actually get around to eat a meal there.

08-31-2007, 03:49 PM
Exactly! This was our 7th trip - I think I've cancelled 2 previous ADR's at Biergarten, but I was glad I finally tried it, and would probably do it again over some others - like Marrakesh or Nine Dragons?
Definitely worth checking out if you have room..

08-31-2007, 04:18 PM
Thanks for the reviews!

08-31-2007, 08:22 PM
Great reviews!!
Cant wait for more!!

09-01-2007, 09:46 AM
In all our trips, and 3 Fantasmic packages, we had never been to Mama Melrose. Right before I left, there was hollerin' on the DIS about taking away the bread and turning it into an appetizer option.

I have hesitated because of many negative reviews here - and now I can say that either the restaurant has off days or the expectation that the cooking is like Brooklyn Grandma's is over the top!

Got there 20 minutes early. Seated in 10. Enjoyed Hidden Mickey's at the podium. You pass the open brick-ovened kitchen as you walk in. DS' sensory issues were alive and well before dinner so we asked to be seated in a both and were moved from a center table. Walter was our server.

I love the decor/theming - old neighborhood Italian restaurant. Crayoned graffiti on the brick, wine bottles in the raffia bases on the ceiling, checkered tablecloths, etc. I ordered tomato/ fresh mozzarella appetizer, DD had the Caesar salad and DS ordered the Artisan bread selection. He wanted more pesto, more basil and less anchovy paste - YUK! DD loved her salad with the sliced Italian bread with melted parmesan. My salad was great!

Both kids ordered the penne pasta, a favorite at home, while I had the shrimp and pipette pasta in cream with articokes and peas. Ds's pasta was a tad undercooked from al dente and midway thru, he traded dishes with me after I removed the shrimp and the artichokes! DD's penne, meanwhile, was perfect, and I finished hers instead of DS'.

DD had her standard gelato for dessert, while DS and I had tiramisu. Not the greatest tiramisu - kind of dry, and the custard part was lacking in flavor. Presentation was lovely, tho! DD's vanilla gelato was exceptional!

Don't know why anyone rates MM as awful. Not the best, but certainly flavorful and not "bad" as it had been described. I think I might have chosen another dish and been more happy, but my dish was fine.

Up next...lol - go back up and read that awful San Angel review - that's where we suffered the next night! Next up - Le Cellier for our 2nd time - can they do it again????

09-02-2007, 10:10 AM
The good thing about San Angel on Tuesday was that we arrived at least 30 minutes early and were seated immediately.

Wednesday evening was our surprise ADR at Le Cellier. We waited outside for 5 minutes. One of the managers, Brandon, came over and welcomed us and gave us our Illuminations Priority Viewing Card to be used on Friday nite.

I ordered a lite beer and was surprised to hear they had no Molson's. No problem - LaBatt's did fine. DD ordered the Shrimp Cocktail, ate it all, and drank some water to handle the wasabi sauce. DS and I had the cheddar cheese soup and I confirmed what I had suspected the last time - I'm really not crazy about it, despite the grand reviews. For me, the texture is grainy in the soup part. DS dipped his pretzel bread in - he has been talking about more pretzel bread for about a year now! - and did not care for the combination.

Though my filet was definitely excellent on its bed of risotto, it was as good as the one at Kona's - not the "best" in the World necessarily. The fried parsnips on top are cute, but tasteless.The entrees appeared too quickly, before we finished the appetizers, and I held up my hands and asked the server to please wait til we were finished. Suddenly Brandon as well as our server came back. I told them that tho I appreciate the fact that they were busy, I can't be rushed during such a fine dining experience.

Both of the kids had the Strip steak, DS with his sauce on the side, which even he agreed was unnecessary on such a great piece of meat. Perfectly charred on the outside, pink in the middle as ordered, these were absolutely choice cuts of meat and they thoroughly enjoyed them. This time I couldn't even begin to help them out to finish their portions. One strip steak is definitely enough for 2.

DS and I had the Creme Brulee pair and DD had vanilla ice cream. DS liked the Maple Creme Brulee best of all.

This restaurant is definitely good, but I don't know why everyone goes so crazy for it. It's noisy and dark and this was the one place I was made to feel rushed. Far superior to Yachtsman, yes, but definitely equal to say, Kona Cafe food-wise. JMHO!

Next up...Wolfgang Puck Express and Chef Mickey

09-06-2007, 07:49 AM
So on a day it was at least 105, we get to DTD - DS insists on checking out some Japanese anime that the Japan pavilion did not have. Took the bus to the last available DTD stop by PH.

Walked into Wolfgang Puck's through the wrong door and was pointedly directed to the "Express" section, where CS entrees went up to a $15 value - talk about "bang for the buck"!

We chose Chicken Caesar salad, a wood-fired Margherita pizza, and fettucini pasta vodka with meat sauce. Wow! All superb!!! Between the three of us, refill your own beverages, the key-lime pie, the carrot cake and the giant cookie, I thought those 8:50 ressies at Chef Mickey's would come too soon.

We sat at the indoor counter and were served there when the food came up. This was the only CS I tipped for. We had the place to ourselves. Of course, it was 2:30 in the afternoon!

Chef Mickey's that evening was a disappointment food-wise. The entertainment as always, was great - with plenty of character interaction and all of them coming by multiple times. Of course, we were seated right opposite the buffet bar carving station, so it was hard to miss them!

The peel and eat shrimp were fine, as was the salad bar in general. But all of my old favorites that I loved are either dumbed down, cheaped out or simply tasteless. Pasta and chicken Alfredo with shiitakes is now an overcooked penne with microscopic ham pieces and peas. The Mickey ravioli continues its swim in waaay too much sauce. The parmesan mashed potatoes were lacking flavor. Pork loin and Prime Rib at the Carving station were okay, pork tending to be dry.

As always, the dessert bar stands out with the mini cheesecakes, mini-carrotcake, cherry cobbler and bread pudding and the make-your-own sundaes. Cleanup management of that area was much better than on previous visits - perhaps because of our late ressies. Our server clearly wanted to end his shift, as did the carver. Nonetheless, exactly as expected and DD cannot live without the characters that she enjoys at CM's every visit!!

Up next - and coming into the home stretch...Alfredo's and Le Concourse!!!LOL

09-09-2007, 10:00 AM
Just read the "Last Supper" post on Alfredo's and felt very sad. We landed at Alfredo's last minute while on our trip due to the Teppanaki VIP stuff, getting into Le Cellier last minute and ended up with "extra" TS somehow.

We did MK in the AM, went back to WL, swam, rested, etc., and then the first rain in 24 days came. Torrentially. Thunder and lightening.Stopped for a brief window of time, during which we did NOT make it to Epcot. Climbed about a bus finally and walked through to the WS in our crocs mercifully, ponchos and many major puddles to Alfredo's. The host passed out linen napkins all around the lobby. Every person looked the same, so we didn't feel too self-conscious with our drowned rat appearance. The manager said he had a letter for me. It was yet another VIP card for preferred Illuminations viewing. Now I had two!

We were seated in the back dining room after about 15 minutes. I ordered a much needed glass of wine. DD ordered a salad appetizer, I had tomato and mozzarella, and DS tried the appetizer portion of fettucini. The kids both tried the fettucini and said they liked the "jar" better!!!:rotfl2: Fine - more for me! It was homemade the real Italian way and I suspect that that may be the reason many folks say they don't care for it. Not me - there's too much fake fettucini floating around out there in the real world - Alfredo's had the real thing!

DD made me almost fall off the chair when she ordered the Osso Bucco, while DS asked for lasagna and I had the shrimp Fettucini A la Vodka. DD tried so many new foods this trip, and I was thrilled - that was part of my thinking in getting the DDp and booking the restaurants we did. DS usually picks apart his lasagna to remove offending items - he can't take too much ricotta or meat, and in the olden days, I had been known to make him plain lasagna noodles with sauce.

Meanwhile, I saw excellent service in that all the servers helped each other out. If another server went by our table, the empty glass was picked up and refilled. Another server stopped by to discuss the alfredo sauce. Extra napkins, a dropped fork - everything was taken care of before you even knew it was a problem. My kids decided they wanted to "play" the wineglass rims and one server said he would come back and help them after dinner. And he did!!!

The pasta was perfectly cooked al dente, the shrimp were large and tender, and the sauce was delicious. DD ate into the Osso Bucco and declared it amazing! And DS...well - the entire lasagna disappeared and I had to threaten him to even try a forkful! While I am not crazy about the nutmeg in there - he was and it apparently made all the difference!

DD had her vanilla gelato and DS and I had the tiramisu. Wowee! Far superior to Mama Melrose's. Also enjoyed coffee as my "free" beverage since I had had wine OOP.

I left the largest cash tip I had left all week and spoke with the manager on the way out to let him know that he had a top-notch staff and a kitchen to match. I am so sorry that Alfredo's is closing, and also that I never got there previously. It is true Italian cooking and hospitality and will be a loss to the Epcot diners.

Up next.. Concourse..worth the wait????

09-09-2007, 12:30 PM
I am excited to hear your review of Concourse, We have reservations there this October and it is the one I am most nervous about!! Loving your reports so far!!

09-09-2007, 08:45 PM
Great so far! I can't wait to hear about Concourse!:)

09-10-2007, 09:48 AM
The last night of our trip I tried to move the Concourse ADR up so we could get in a last few hours at MK. No luck. We showed up 20 minutes early. No beepers. Was told to come back in 10 minutes for a beeper. No beeper. 20 minutes later, we got a beeper. Three host/type CM's were sitting around the podium area. Seemed disorganized and chaotic.

After another 20 minutes past the ADR time, DS hangs over the wine showcase and asks a female CM if he can possibly get a table because he is very hungry.(Remeber, this is my Aspie DS - he speaks his mind) There are three empty tables that we can see - and they've been empty for awhile. The CM he had grabbed sprung to action, started moving around and we were seated in 5 minutes!

Once seated, all was well, but there were still 3 empty tables and many waiting outside. We were seated in a half booth. DS ordered a smoothie. I ordered a lite beer, DD coke. We enjoyed our appetizers of Onion Rings, Honey chicken wings for DD, and yet another tomato mozzarella salad.Wonderful soft fresh mozzarella..mmmm. They brought DS a different sauce for his onion rings. For our entrees, I ordered the filet mignon. It was served with Mediteranean bread salad, which was croutons soaked in a tomato/vinegarette. Not very good. The filet was fine - on a par with the one at Le Cellier and Kona's, but that bread salad next to it really did not blend too well, flavor-wise. DS had the strip steak, and oredered the red wine reduction on the side, but loved it and added more. DD ordered the Chicken and Penne Pasta, but we asked if they could leave off the mushrooms and olives. This was a mistake, as the dish arrived with dry pasta, chicken, a few chopped fresh tomatoes and a dab of spinach.

However - and I will give great praise for this - when they came over to check on how the dinners were, I asked if there were any sauce available for DD. In a few minutes, a large, freshly-made bowl of Alfredo sauce arrived at her place. It had just been whipped up right then and there.

Concourse is a la carte, so a baked potato is a separate order not included on the dining plan - thus the Mediteranean bread salad. In retrospect, I just should have ordered and paid for the potato OOP, or maybe the server would've let it slide.

Dessert was creme brulee vanilla bean for me and DS, while DD scooped out her 7th bowl of vanilla gelato this trip.

Overall, Concourse was good, but the seating plans and hostessing need some changes. Again, it was more than adequate but didn't blow me away.

This concludes the Dining Review portion of our trip as far as TS restaurants.

We ate CS at Peco's Bill's, Sunshine Seasons, Roaring Forks, Beach Club Marketplace,DTD - Wolfgang Puck's Express -( which I included here) and proabably one other spot that has faded already.

This was our 2nd time w/ DDP - alas, not free like last year - but it works well for our family the way we eat now. Still, it felt like too much food. Lots of CS beverages and desserts went in our room, we used CS for breakfasts and lunches and worked like mad sometimes to use the snack credits - but how many Dole Whips can a family eat???:rotfl:

We will be using DDP on our January trip for DS' 16th and I just made the ADR's yesterday. We are repeating LeCellier and Kona.Adding Spoodles, Brown Derby, Ohana Breakfast, HDDR, and CP. DS is also requesting Flying Fish and Hollywood and Vine. We'll see. I will not return to PTC or San Angel anytime soon. Wish Alfredo's was still open.

So for the voting: Best Meals: Kona Cafe(DD and me), Le Cellier(DS)
Best Service: Alfredo's
Worst Meal: San Angel
Best Steak: tie - Kona or LeCellier

Questions? Comments? More Info? Feel free to ask!!:love:

Disney Ron
09-10-2007, 11:17 AM
You have me looking forward to our upcoming ressie at Mama Melrose. Thanks for taking time and writing such detailed reviews!

7 days till the magic starts!!!:cool1:
Mrs. Disney Ron

09-14-2007, 09:33 PM
thanks for the great reviews! It's cool to read them for places we didn't eat and also to see how much I agreed with your reviews of the places we did eat in common! LOL

Thanks so much for writing them!


09-14-2007, 09:57 PM
Thanks for the great reviews! :thumbsup2

09-15-2007, 01:28 PM
Thanks for the detailed restaurant reviews!

I'm a newbie, and was wondering if you could explain how you secured the preferred viewing reservation (two nonetheless!) for Illuminations. Is there a way to snag a preferred viewing reservation on my Magic Your Way base package?

13 days until I'm there!

09-15-2007, 02:02 PM
Hi Jess -

Welcome to the DIS and good you are asking questions!!

I didn't even KNOW there was preferred Illuminations viewing until all this arose on the trip. What had happened is that I had made an ADR for the opening of the new -/refurbished restaurant in Japan, Teppan Edo, back in July for an anticipated late August opening during our trip.

Since the opening was pushed back a few months, Disney Dining called back people with ADR's. Some got these VIP offers and Le Cellier ressies (=impossible!) on the phone - I just got a call and had already known it from here anyway.

Happened to call Dining on another matter while there and they noticed the original ressie at Tappan Edo and offered me LC and the Preferred Viewing in consideration of my flexibility and understanding!:woohoo:

While I received two cards, I was told w/ the first it was only good for two days. I turned them both in when we checked in at the viewing spot.

So while there are ways, many, I'm sure, to secure preferred viewing, this was a one time thing for us and we were just very "lucky".

All that said - I am hoping I was disappointed in Illuminations because it was a rainy night - because I was absolutely unimpressed!! Next time!!

09-15-2007, 03:11 PM
I'm going to inquire about preferred viewing the nex time I call the dining hotline.