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08-25-2007, 05:13 PM
So I get that all the room credits are "pooled" so technically I can eat 14 TS meals and DH will have none, yes? :lmao: With that understanding, can we go in as a party of 6 (for arguments sake) and have *some* of us use the DDP and some pay OOP (even though we are all on the DDP, they wouldn't "know" that) . I'm assuming thats acceptable since in theory non-DDP people could meet up with friends staying on property with the DDP.

We made tons of ADR's and planned on paying OOP for about 5 character breakfasts, due to some unforseen family circumstances finances are a little tighter than expected :scared: so I need to really nail down whats coming OOP before we leave....

thanks in advance! maybe I'll win Powerball tonight and we'll upgrade big time :banana:

08-25-2007, 05:52 PM
is it possible to just use a child credit at a TS, and have the adults pay OOP? We're having a few adult only dinners and I don't want to pay OOP for breakfast for my DD if I can use a credit instead...

08-25-2007, 08:47 PM
Yes, you could use all fourteen Adult TS credits and not leave any for your DH.

Yes, if your entire party is on the DDP, you can choose to use the Plan to pay for some diners and pay out of pocket for others. PLEASE let your server know in advance, and please don't change your mind!. If some of you are on the DDP and some not, then, obviously, the DDPers can use the plan or not to pay for their meals - again, inform the server up front - and the non-DDPers must pay out of pocket.

Yes, you can use a Child Table Service credit for your daughter's breakfast and pay OOP for the adults, to save TS credits for the adults-only dinner.

Did I understand and answer all your questions?

08-25-2007, 10:15 PM
perfectly, and thank you...I think I have worked out a plan with our current ADR's which will leave us with no "extra" credits and we'll have to pay for 4 breakfasts OOP (not too bad!)...now, everyone has to stick to the plan, or else!

I can see it now my screaming at my hubby in the middle of downtown Disney he can't eat a CS meal now cause it will derail "the plan" :rotfl2:

08-26-2007, 11:07 PM
The credits are pooled for TS for Adults...you can use all the crdits if you want to...you can use one at a time or whatever you want to...you just need to tell the CS CM or the TS CM and always double check your receipt or bill...to make sure you are being deducted the credits how you want to be.