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08-24-2007, 09:26 PM
My wife and I have pool view room for 2nd week in Dec. with annual pass rates. We wanted Savanah view but not available. Are there places to see the animals well if you do not have a savanah view? Should I try to keep calling to see if we could get a savannah view room? What special events are open to AKL guests that we should know about and should we get reservations before we go to WDW? Thanks for any help you can offer. I have learned so much from these boards and I appreciate all the info.

08-24-2007, 09:55 PM
When I was there in 2003, there were places to sit with rocking chairs inside the building that you could look out over the savanna from.....there were also places to go outside and see the savannas

08-25-2007, 06:13 AM
Tons of public places to view the animals at AKL. Go ahead and keep trying for the savanna view as it's what the resort is all about, but I think you'll enjoy the resort no matter what view you have.


08-25-2007, 10:18 AM
Several years ago we were at AKL, we had a pool view and no bunk beds (this was before you paid extra for bunkbeds and it was only a request item). We were slightly over a roof also w/ this pool view. I enjoyed the view and watching the people. Then a bunkbed savannah came open and we moved to it (upgrade). We were on an outer wing (can't remember the name) and we just didn't see that many animals. We saw a few giraffes - mostly when they called them in- and that was about it. I was disappointed. It may have been the location we were in. But for me, I don't think I'll ever pay to stay in anything more than a standard or pool view again. Maybe because I have done both in one trip and had the "experience". We found ourselves looking out the viewing areas to see if we saw any animals, since they weren't hanging out by our room. I guess we weren't in the "cool hang out" :cool2: location for all the "cool" animals. LOL:hippie:

Do what your gut tells you...this is your vacation and you know if it really matters to you to risk going for the savannah.....many people talk about how great the Savannah view is....ours just wasn't....maybe it was circumstances......Maybe the animals were off duty :coffee: or just on vacation while we were there. But for me, I'll take the pool view and watch the animals cooling themselves in that watering hole over savannah any day.:beach: However you did you say you were going in Dec.:cold: . hummm...

By the way, the AKL resort is a GREAT resort. We loved it. I think it is one of the best at WDW. Of course I like most any resort at WDW....just put me in one and I'm happy!!!:love:

08-25-2007, 11:10 AM
We stayed at AKL last December with a Savannah room. It was great, saw tons of animals - but I wouldn't pay the higher rate to stay there again. You can see just as much from the public viewing areas in the hallways & outside. We don't spend a lot of time in the room, so we really only peeked out at the animals a few times. If there's a big $$ difference, I'd say skip it.

AKL has incredible free activities every day. Check the activities board in the lobby - to your left as you're standing facing check-in. My favorite was the Culinary Tour at 4pm. You tour Jiko & Boma and are given free samples of appetizers. This is a must do if you're unsure about the flavors & foods of either restaraunt. Boma turned out to be my very favorite restaraunt in all of WDW.

08-25-2007, 08:51 PM
Thank you all for the responses. I think we will stay with the pool view and see what is available at check in time. Since my wife has some disabilities we want to stay near the front of the resort to be near the food court and the busses since she can walk but not great distances.:goodvibes