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08-22-2007, 05:46 PM
This question may sound a little ridiculous, but I can't seem tofind an answer on the tsa site. My granddaughter takes those gummie bear vitamins each day and I'm trying to take all our vitamins and hard medicines in our carry on. Do you think that gummie bears are considered a solid and should be ok to travel in the carry on? Also for that matter how about snacks of tootsie rolls and marsh mellows? Silly I know but I'm stumped:confused3 We are leaving in three days :dance3: and I just want to be prepared. Thanks so much for any help you can give me. As always have a wonderful and magical :wizard: vacation.

08-22-2007, 07:00 PM
Just wanted to suggest calling your airline if you are unable to track it down on the TSA website.
Have a WONDERFUL time!

08-22-2007, 07:45 PM
The airline wouldn't know, or particularly care. It's government, not airline, restrictions.

The closest I could find is:
Yogurt or gel like food substances
. . . Carry-on: Yes - 3 oz. or smaller container
. . . Checked luggage: Yes

Tootsie Rolls would be allowed.

And since each person is allowed a one-quart bag, if she will need more than three ounces of vitamins on vacation you could divide them among the various passengers.