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The Maughan's
08-21-2007, 08:24 AM
Hello Everyone...
My DH and I are headed down Friday for the weekend and are scheduled to do the VIP tour Friday afternoon/evening. We are celebrating our Anniversary and wanted to make it an extra special weekend. Anyone have any tips on what to request on the tour? Has anyone done the tour lately?

Thanks for any help you can give!!!

08-21-2007, 10:12 PM
We do a VIP tour at WDW and love it. Just make a list of everything you must see and your guide will make sure it happens.

The Maughan's
08-22-2007, 06:45 PM
Anybody else have any ideas??

08-22-2007, 06:52 PM
I've never done the VIP, but I have read about others who have.

Ask for a ride in the Lilly Belle.
Ask to pilot the Mark Twain

I think you can get premium seating to F!, the parade or Fireworks. I'd take either the F! or RDTC premium seats.

Have fun and make sure you tell us all about it when you get back.

08-22-2007, 10:40 PM
Request reserved seats for all the shows and parades while you are there. They let us have them for a couple of days, not just the day of our tour.

If there is anywhere you want to eat, and havent made PS for, have them do it- even if you've been told there is no seating available.

If you want to meet characters or get autographs let them know. They'll help you get to the front of the line.

If you have kids with you, and want to do jedi training, let them know. They'll help the child get picked to participate.

Ride the Lilly Belle.

Have the guide be your fast pass runner.

The Maughan's
08-23-2007, 10:21 AM
Thanks for your suggestions. I can't wait til tomorrow.