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After scouring all of the food reviews on DisBoards, I've decided to give back and give my own reviews. I have to say that reading all of your food reviews have been a joy and helped me chose which restaurants to eat at during our vacation. My family and I are have been regularly going to Disneyland since I was one. Since we live in California, we only make it out to Disney World every 3-4 years. My sister graduated high school this year, so my parents treated her and our family to a Disney World vacation. So here's the cast:

Me - I love trying new food. I particularly like Thai and Japanese food. I also love love love burgers and french fries. I believe that french fries will one day be the death of me.

Lindsay (sister) - Loves meat, any steak, bbq, and chicken.

Mom - Also likes to try new food. Has very similar tastes as me

Dad - Loves meat, Italian, and Chinese food.

I will be reviewing the following restaurants:
Monster's Cafe
Comic Strip Cafe
International Food and Film Festival

Disney World
Wolfgang Puck Cafe
Chefs De France
Le Cellier
Coral Reef

Tusker House
Lottawatta Lodge
Backlot Express
Sunshine Seasons
Pepper Market

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Can't wait!!!

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I'm looking forward to your reviews. We've got ressies at 3 of your WDW TS's.

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We took a red eye out of California and arrived in Orlando around 10am. We spent Sat and Sun (8/11-8/12) at Universal Studios and IOA. We were not on the meal plan on Sat. We paid OOP.

Day 1
Monster Cafe
We weren't very hungry so we decided to share two spaghetti with bolognese sauce and a Caesar salad. The salad was average. The spaghetti portion was very small, and there was barely any meat in the bolognese sause. I do not reccomend eating here. You would be better off going to Louie's for spaghetti. For less than a dollar more, you can get spaghetti with two meatballs. This is a much better value.

Dinner was offsite

Day 2
Today we were on the meal plan. We bought two plans for the four of us to share. The plan cost $23.99 each and allows unlimited counter service meals at both Universal and IOA. Each time through the line you are allowed one counter service meal and one dessert. The desert options are the same at every place: cookie, jello parfait, chocolate mouse cake, lemon bunt cake. I don't think it is worth it to buy a meal plan for every single person in your party. It is a little bit a pain to stand in line mutliple times though. But we made it work by eating small meals throughout the day, which is actually better for you. We also stayed onsite at The Royal Pacific, so we had unlimited express pass access which saved a lot of time and allowed us to sit down multiple times for food. We also ate at odd hours which helped with the lines. We also bought a meal deal sipper cup for $8.99. This sipper cup allows for unlimited refills at the participating meal deal restaurants. This is a great deal! When refilling your cup, you don't have to wait in line, just go to the food pick up area and ask for a refill. Very convenient, especially in the hot Florida sun.

Comic Strip Cafe
For lunch my family shared fish and chips, chile dog platter, and a cheese burger platter. The fish and chips were just ok. The the seasoning on the fish was a little too salty for me. The fries were good though. The chile dog platter was yummy. The chile mixed well with the hotdog. The burger was your typical amusement park burger. It was good though.


Later on in the day we came back to the Comic Strip Cafe and had a two pepperoni pizzas and a chicken caesar salad. The pizza was soooo good. The crust on this pizza was chewy and bready, just the way I like it. The caesar salad was also good too. The croutons were really tasty. My only complaint is that it had little too much dressing on the salad.


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Thanks for all of your replies :goodvibes

In the evening we headed to Universal Studios to enjoy their firework show. After riding Jaws and Men in Black we headed over to the International Food and Film Festival.

Day 2 (cont)
International Food and Film Festival
My family and I shared two counter service entrees:
1. Combo - Szechwan Orange Chicken and Stir Fry Beef and Peppers with White or Fried Rice - $9.49. This was a large portion of food. I preferred the beef over the orange chicken. The stir fry beef tastes like a non spicy mongolian beef. It was very tasty.
2. Szechwan Orange Chicken - Served with White or Fried Rice and Stir Fry Vegetables - $8.29. I liked that this came with veggies. The orange chicken was thick and juicy and the sauce was not overpowering.

We ate our meals outside and watched the Universal's lagoon cinesphere firework show. It was a great way to end the night. Here's a good picture of the fireworks that I took.

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your photos made me very hungry !! that fish sure looks nice :)

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Great pics and reviews so far, i'll be at universal so its nice to find threads like this!

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Pictures and reviews look great! Can't wait to see more.

Thanks for the time and effort doing this.

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I had no idea Universal had fireworks. The food looks good too.

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are fireworks at Universal daily? :confused:

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I'm not sure if the fireworks are everyday. I was there Sat and Sun, and they had shows both of those nights.

Day 3
Tusker House
Monday morning we headed to Disney World. We went to AK, grabbed a fastpass for Mt. Everest, and headed for Tusker House.

We shared 3 cs entrees here:

1/2 Rotisserie Chicken served with garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables $7.99

Grilled Salmon served with jollof rice and seasonal vegetables $7.99

Turkey Wrap with corn chowder $7.29

The salmon was moist, flaky, and delicious. It was just the right portion. The green beans were seasoned with garlic.....so yummy! Green beans are my favorite type of veggies. The rice reminded me of spanish rice, it also was good.

The turkey wrap was my least favorite. There were some spices in their that made it taste a little weird. There also wasn't much meat in the wrap. The cucumber tomato salad with the tzatziki sauce was good. The best part of this meal was the corn chowder. Sorry no picture of that.

I didn't have much of the chicken because I'm not much a chicken fan. But my family all said it was yummy.


For dessert we had a chocolate cake, cheesecake, and a carrot cake. All those these were pre-packaged. The carrot cake and chocalate cake were both very moist. The cheesecake was not too rich and also was delicious. I'm sad to see the Tusker House go. I guess its good that I got to try it before it closes and turns into a sit down restaurant.

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i'm so upset tusker house will be closed when we go, i love that place!

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Yea, I keep looking at all this yummy food, knowing I won't be able to have it again. :sad1:

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Day 3 (cont)
Wolfgang Puck Cafe

For appetizers we got two orders of calamari, bbq chicken quesadilla, and a Caesar Salad.

Crispy Calamari - Served with marinated English cucumbers and sweet curry aioli. - $11.95. I've the calamari was ok. I like my calamari lightly battered, and I felt that there was a little too much batter on these calamari. I know I'm weird, but my favorite calamari are the ones with legs. These calamari were in rings. The sweet curry aioli was a nice change from the standard marinara sauce. It tasted like Indian curry. The portion was massive. We could not eat two orders of it. Next time, we will only buy one.

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla - Served with pico de gallo, guajillo chili sauce, and sour cream. - $11.95. I took a bite, and these are sooo delicious. You can taste the cheese, bbq sauce, and chicken. Its heavenly mixed all together. Its one of the best quesadillas I've ever tasted.

Classic Caesar Salad - Hearts of Romaine, croutons and freshly grated parmesan cheese. - $5.95. This was also very delicious.

For our entrees we had:

Me & Mom: Sushi Chef Sampler
Dad: Salmon
Sister: Macadadamia Nut Crusted Breast of Chicken

Chef's Sampler - 1/2 California roll, 1/2 Spicy tuna roll, 5 pieces of Nigiri Sushi, 3 pieces of Sashimi, Edamame and Miso soup. - $24.95. Everything was very fresh and was delicious. The five pieces of Nigiri I believe were shrimp, white tuna, red tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. Don't quote me on that though. I'm not a wasabi fan, so I like my Nigiri free from wasabi. Wolfgang puts a little bit of wasabi in between the fish and rice, so I had to scrape off the wasabi. But other than that the fish was fresh and tasty. I don't know if I would pay $24.95 OOP for this. That just seems steep. But I may be spoiled with cheap Japanese food prices because there are lots of Japanese restaurants around where I live, keeping the prices low.

Atlantic Salmon - Served with Saffron potato escalopes, asparagus and basil butter sauce. - $24.95. I tasted the salmon and it had very good flavor.

Macadamia Nut Crusted Breast of Chicken - Served with papaya marmalade, micro greens salad, and roasted garlic mashed potatoes. - $23.95. This dish was soo pretty. The chicken was moist and tender, and mixed well with the apaya marmalade.

For dessert we had: creme brulee, white chocalate cheesecake, and two carrot cakes (we packed one togo)

The best dessert was the carrot cake. Oh my goodness, that icing was to die for. And the spices in the cake were just right. (sorry no picture of that). We thought the creme brulee was pretty good until we tasted the maple creme brulee at Le Cellier. But the creme brulee at Wolfgang also tastes good. The cheesecake was rich and creamy, although I couldn't really taste the white chocalate.

White Chocalate Cheesecake

Overall we found the food and service at WPC great. I liked that there is a lot of variety in the menu, allowing people with all tastes to find something they enjoy.

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I have had the BBQ chicken quesadilla from WPE and it was awesome! I agree with you regarding the calimari, I like it in a thin, light batter too. We ordered it at Mama Melrose and it was way to heavy on the breading and none with "legs"

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to read about coral reef and the others!! yum!

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Day 4
We spent the morning at AK. I walked the Maharajah Jungle Trek, and took this awesome picture of a tiger.

Lottawatta Lodge
After AK, we headed over to Blizzard Beach and ate at Lottawatta lodge. I don't have any pictures of the food I ate. My family shared two cheesburgers and a turkey sandwich. The food here was not good. The buns for the cheeseburgers were stale and did not come with any lettuce or tomatoes. The turkey sandwich was only ok. It was pre-pakaged and the bread was on the hard side. I recommend you eat lunch at another place before you come to Blizzard Beach.
Chefs De France
Our disappointing lunch was made up by the wonderful meal we had at Chefs De France. Here's a picture I took of the French Pavillion.


Tartare de Saumon legerement fume, sauce moutarde - Tartare of raw salmon lightly smoked with cucumber dill and honey mustard sauce. - $10.50. I had this. This was one of the best appetizers of the whole trip. If you like raw salmon, you will definitely love this dish. Its raw salmon with a twist, because it also has a smoked flavor. SOOOOO delicious. It literally melts in your mouth. It was soo good that I didn't even realize that this dish came with a bread roll. I guess you're suppose to spread the salmon over bread. It tasted good by itself to me though.

Cassolette d'escargots de Bourgogne au beurre persille - Casserole of Burgundian escargots baked in parsley and garlic butter. - $9.95. My dad had this. I had one and it was delicious. The sauce that the snail was swimming ing was heavenly.

Tarte a la flamme Alsacienne - Alsace specialty. Flat bread baked with cream fraiche, onion and bacon. - $8.50. The onions on this flat bread were so sweet and tasty. Everything mixed well together.

Ratatouille et calamars, sauce tomate - Fried calamari and ratatouille, spicy tomato sauce. - $10.75. This was my least favorite appetizer. I did not care for the tomato sauce.

Noix de Saint Jacques et gambas sautees Flan d'epinards, sauce a l'oseille - Sauteed scallops and black tiger shrimp served with spinach flan and sorrel sauce. - $27.95. My dad and I both got this. We are both seafood lovers. This was also one of the best dishes that I ordered on the trip. The seafood was tasty and fresh. And the sorrel sauce was delicious. I don't even know that a sorrel sauce is, but I like it.

Canard au miel, haricots vert et pommes de terre douce - Roasted breast of duck and leg confit, French green beans and sweet potato, spiced honey sauce. - $26.95. My sister had this. The breast was very moist and tender but the leg was a little dry. It was nice to taste duck cooked in a different way than I am used to. I've only had duck Chinese style.

We were so excited to eat our food, we forgot to take a picture of my mom's dish. She had the pork chops. It came with two larger pieces. My mom said it was very tender and that she enjoyed the dish.


Profiterolles a la vanille - Puffs with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and dried fruit. - $6.95

Tarte au chocolat - Chocolate tart with chantilly vanilla cream and praline sauce. - $6.95.

Salade de fruits infusee au the Earl Grey, sorbet mangue - fruit salad infused with Earl Grey tea syrup and served with mango sorbet - $6.95. This was a light and refreshing dessert. I could not taste the Earl Grey though. The mango sorbet had great mango flavor.

Cinnamon-Apple Crepe with Caramel Sauce. This was the BEST dessert that I had all trip. It was too die for. I think the picture speaks for itself

The meal of Chefs was one of the best of of the trip. I would definitely return. Especially for that crepe!

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Great reviews! I agree with you about calamari, the ones with the legs are the best! :goodvibes I'm glad you enjoyed Chefs, I debated on changing our ADR but now I'm anxious to go! Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for the great Chefs review, I just canceled a Le Cellier ressie for Chef's De France :)

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Thanks for the Chefs review, I can't wait to go!!!!!

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Great reviews. Chefs looks yummy and the sushi at Wolfgangs looks really good.

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I love the pics from Chefs de France. I hope they still have that crepe when we go in January, it looks great!

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Great reviews! Can I ask how the profiteroles were at Chefs? They are one of my all time favorite desserts and I almost never hear about people getting them on these boards. Thanks!

08-28-2007, 12:51 PM
Great reviews! Can I ask how the profiteroles were at Chefs? They are one of my all time favorite desserts and I almost never hear about people getting them on these boards. Thanks!

I only had a couple of bits, because my sister ate most of it. She liked it. She's a big chocolate lover, and loved the chocolate sauce that it came with. I remember it being tasty but not the best dessert I had on the trip. I hope this helps, my memory is a little foggy.

08-28-2007, 12:56 PM
I only had a couple of bits, because my sister ate most of it. She liked it. She's a big chocolate lover, and loved the chocolate sauce that it came with. I remember it being tasty but not the best dessert I had on the trip. I hope this helps, my memory is a little foggy.


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That escargot looks wonderful. I've never had them, but booked Chef's just so I can try them out. Were they good?

09-03-2007, 11:28 PM
That escargot looks wonderful. I've never had them, but booked Chef's just so I can try them out. Were they good?

The escargot was really good. The snails reminded me of clams. The sauce that the snails were in was garlicly delicious. You should definitely try them.

Sunshine Seasons

We had a late lunch here. It was busy, but it did not take us long to find a seat. We were so hungry that I only took a picture of my dessert, an Asian spice cake. Its like a gingerbread cake with stronger spices. It was ok.

My sister and I shared the smoked ham and salami grinder. This sandwich is big enough to fill two people. It was delicious. I particularly liked that they put vinaigrette dressing in the sandwich to make it more tasty and moist. We also ordered a ceasar salad and a two item Asian platter. I don't remember them standing out. They were just average.

Le Cellier

For appetizers we had:

Prince Edward Island Mussels - Served "chowder" style with applewood smoked bacon and potatoes. - $9.99 . I can't say again how good this dish was. My dad said its like two meals in one, the mussels, and the soup. I don't usually care for mussels, but the chowder that they were in made them taste soo good. This is a must have.

Seared Rare Tuna - Served with watercress salad, house-made cracker, and wasabi foam. - $10.99. I didn't have any of this. But my mom said it was good.


Duck Two Ways - Duck confit and seared smoked duck breast with Chambord syrup. - $11.99. I think this was a better duck dish than the one my sister had in Chefs De France. The duck leg was tender, moist, and very tasty.

We also had a caesar salad, but I can't seem to find the picture of it. But from what I remember, it was just an average caesar salad.

I'll try to post the rest of Le Cellier soon! Thanks for reading.

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Great pictures, looking forward to the next installment. :thumbsup2

Cindy B
09-04-2007, 07:26 AM
I am a Universal annual passholder and my literature states no sharing of meal deals.

At first I remember people policing the food line making sure that some people were not sharing.

And because someone asked the Universal fireworks ended on August 18th. I know this because I arrived 8/20.

09-04-2007, 11:20 AM
The mussels at Le Cellier are my favorite dish anywhere!!!!!:thumbsup2

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Thanks for the Chefs review! We're eating there next month and now you've given me some new ideas to think about. It all looked very yummy (except for the escargots - sorry! :eek: ).

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i'm so upset tusker house will be closed when we go, i love that place!

Doesn't it kind of seem like good (and bargain) places are being reallocated to high priced buffets left and right? I can't help but notice that a $27.99 price tag for a 10 yr old's "buffet" is a bit steep. Also, with the Norway princess meal the price is that of a buffet but the food is only one choice for an entree... it's a scary slope (facing downhill).

I know this will not be a popular opinion. Just wondering if anybody else noticed.

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