View Full Version : Proud of myself

08-16-2007, 03:32 PM
My DH just doesn't get it (even though I just went through photos he ordered and he totally could have paired down). Short story.... So I went to my hubby the other night and said outof 244 personal photos from our last trip what is an acceptable and what is a great number of photos to pair down to (he said something like 100... crazy) well anyhow I got 244 and 172 photopass photos thats 416 total down to 239. I am SOOOO PROUD of myself in the past I just would have ordered them all rejected some in the scrapbook process, but probably not as many as I should. Now with babino on way I thought I'd take the time to sort before ordering and I think I did a good job. Too bad DH just doesn't understand! :rotfl2: