View Full Version : Non-cake options for someone's birthday?

08-16-2007, 12:31 PM
I was wondering if anyone knew if I could order a different kind of birthday dessert to surprise my boyfriend during dinner at Steakhouse 55. I know you can order special birthday cakes, but there will only be 2 of us, so that's a LOT of cake for 2, plus neither of us are big cake fans. Do they do birthday pies? Cupcakes (at least it would be a lot smaller)? Decked out ice cream sundays?

08-16-2007, 12:38 PM
Here's the dessert menu from Steakhouse 55. I'm assuming you could order anything off the menu for his birthday dessert?

"Bonita" Velvet Chocolate Bar - Flourless Chocolate Cake with Port Wine Reduction. $9.00

Classic Grand Marnier Souffle - With Grand Marnier Creme Anglaise. $10.00

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee - With Demerara Sugar and Chocolate, Orange Lace Cookie. $8.00

Seasonal Berries Marinated in Chambord - With Mascarpone Sorbet and Brittany Cookie. $10.00

Free-Form Seasonal Tart - Topped with Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. $8.00

08-16-2007, 12:46 PM
Thanks. :)

I had read that, too, but he's a picky eater. He doesn't like chocolate (:scared1: ), and just from talking casually to him about some of the desserts there, he seems to think they're all too fancy sounding, and therefore he wouldn't want to try them. lol Basically if he doesn't know what something is, there's a good chance he thinks it's weird and is turned off by it. :laughing:

As a backup plan, I'll just get something nice for our hotel room and surprise him there, but I was hoping I could find some alternative for our dinner.

08-16-2007, 12:54 PM
I think the descriptions are written to sound fancy, however, the desserts themselves aren't anything out of the ordinary.

For instance, the seasonal tart would be like berry pie with vanilla ice cream.

If all else fails, you could have a Twinkie sitting on his pillow back at the hotel! :laughing: ;)

08-16-2007, 01:11 PM
I wouldn't be completely against that. :thumbsup2 I've cooked surprises for him before, only to find out he won't even taste it! It can be so frustrating! I could just spell out Happy Birthday in Twinkies and be done with it. :cheer2: