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08-15-2007, 12:30 AM
We ate at 50's Prime Time Cafe on 8/6. We had a 1:25 ADR and checked in to the podium (after about a 10 Min wait in line) around 1:15. We ended up waiting about 15 mins for a table. I didn't mind the wait because I was sitting (or should I say lounging) in this really cool lounge chair in the corner! The kids didn't really appreciate the 50's theme and the old TV shows. I thought they were very cool. ;)
When our name was called we were taken to a nice little room and seated in the corner. There were 4 other parties in the room with us. I don't remember the name of our "babysitter" (who seated us) but our brother (waiter) was Loukili from Morrocco. These two waiters played very well off each other. The "babysitters" table had a family of 3 with the dd celebrating her 16th birthday. Just after we sat down and were told to take our hats off and oh ya, our elbows off the table, the babysitter announces that he has a 16 yr old looking for a boyfriend. ;) He then spotted my son!
"How old are you, Sparky?" And my son answered...16! :lmao: The room burst out laughing. This went on and on..."Princess is waiting over here, Sparky" :love: "Hey, get a look at your future in-laws". After about 15 mins of this, Princesses dad pipes up and says, "PRINCESS GOES TO CATHOLIC SCHOOL!!!" Dh and I look at each other and then I said, "SO DOES SPARKY!!"" The room ROARED!!! :rotfl2:
Our "brother" saw my dd14 roll her eyes:rolleyes: at me at one point and he decided SHE was going to be his target! She is the most shy of all my kids. He told her not to give Mom that look. When he came to take our order, he sat next to her and gave her a hard time. She was smiling but I know inside she just wanted to crawl under a rock. :confused: I had told her to just go along with it and it would be fun...but the teens are just too cool for that. :cool1:
At one point during the meal, "our brother" sat next to our dd14 and just sang songs about her. :rolleyes1 He had asked her name so he just kept saying it and singing it. One time he walked through the room to go to another table and he said, "Shaaaaaannnon! Did you miss me, Shannon?":laughing:
Our other two kids were teased a bit but nothing like our teens!:) The younger two really enjoyed the restaurant whereas the teens really hated it!:sad2: They didn't like being made fun of... I just think they needed to lighten up and go with the flow. :confused3
As for meals...
Me - Pot Roast...YUM!!!
Dh - Split Fried Chicken with DS...they didn't really care for it.
DD14 - Chicken Sandwich...nothing special
DD11 - Fried Chicken ...didn't like the potatoes but the chicken was ok.
DD7 - Mac-n-cheese

Dh got a strawberry smoothie...it was good.
DS got a vanilla malt...he liked it
DD14 got a chocolate shake..she loved it
DD11 got a chocolate shake...she loved it
DD7 got a Mickey Bop with glowing ice cube..fine for a Shirley Temple

Oh, Dh and DS shared fried cheese appetizer too.

Dh was skeptical about not ordering a meal. He was really concerned that there wouldn't be enough food to fill us. Well, we had MORE than enough food! We were so full, we didn't have room for dessert. DD7 made a comment like "awwwwww" or something when I said no to dessert and "brother" said, "be quiet, Sunshine, you got a $6 drink!" :rotfl: Unfortunately, since we didn't want to order dessert, we didn't get to see the viewmasters. :sad2:

Later in the week I offered to take the kids in to Prime Time to get dessert! DS said he'd go for the shake but didn't want to be made fun of...DD14 told me I couldn't PAY her enough to go back in there!!:scared1:

Next time I have to go with people who appreciate the atmosphere! I loved it! Dh liked the banter but didn't really care for the food. (he had to eat dd's spinach so "brother" wouldn't make her eat it ;) . )

I highly recommend this restaurant, as long as you have kids who can take a joke! It was a lot of fun! :yay:

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08-15-2007, 06:44 AM
great review - thanks!

08-15-2007, 07:20 AM
Yes, thanks for the review...that sounds like a hoot! :rotfl:

08-15-2007, 08:03 AM
Sounds like fun we have a lunch ADR I hope the food is good..

08-15-2007, 08:17 AM
We couldn't wait to get back to PT last week from our trip 2 years ago. We had thought it was the best meal ever. Well, to our surprise, this trip we thought it was the worst.

DH and I both ordered the fried chicken---they have definitely changed the recipe of it. First of all, there was no meat on my chicken--I'm still not quite sure what part of the chicken I had, maybe the back? But there was nothing on it. Secondly, the coating tasted like flour with no other seasoning. I have pics that I will be posting at a later time once I get my Disney stuff all organized (I've been home 2 days).

The service was excellent though--we had Cousin Mendhi and my DS (7) was soooo intimidated by him once Cuz told him to take his elbows off the table. Everytime Cuz walked by, DS's elbows flew off the table and he sat straight up. DS was also afraid to take a taste of my DH's rootbeer float because he thought Cuz would yell at him. :rotfl:

My DH told Cuz that he didn't like southern greens and Cuz's remark was "Just try em, you'll like em, they're good." Which they weren't, and neither one of us ate them.

I had the Fried Cheese Appetizer which I thought wasn't very good. The cheese was gritty and I'm not even sure what kind it was supposed to be. It wasn't stringy like a mozzarella would be, it was a soft, gritty cheese. The grapes were good though. DH ordered onion rings which he said were extremely greasy. DS had chicken noodle soup and mac n cheese--not much that can be screwed up there, although he even said the mac n cheese tasted funny.

For dessert, I had the brownie sundae, DH had a caramel sundae and DS had a build a sundae. These were all ok, but I wouldn't order them again. The peanut butter and jelly milkshake was very good though!

Don't want to be a downer here about the place, but we won't be going back for awhile. We are still surprised at how this place ended up at the bottom of our TS list this past week, we had higher expectations.

It is a fun place to be at though :)

08-15-2007, 10:33 AM
Enjoyed reading your review ~ Thanx for posting.

08-15-2007, 01:18 PM
We had wanted to go to 50's on our trip in 2006, but they were closed for refurb. We did make an ADR for our upcoming Nov. trip however, for the night of our arrival. We're not expecting gourmet food and really want to go for the experience more than the food. It's just hubby and I and I think hubby will really get into it. He can really have fun with people like that...not that I'm not fun, but he just gets into it a little easier than I do.

Thanks for the review. We're looking forward to it. I keep hearing raves about the pot roast and while it's not normally at the top of my list of dining options, I may just have to go for it anyway.

08-15-2007, 01:47 PM
I would highly recommend the Pot Roast!!:thumbsup2 It was very tender and full of flavor! I even enjoyed the julienned (sp) vegetables that were on top. Of all the entrees at our table, I'd say the Pot Roast was the ONLY one that was worth the trip. ;)
The shakes were also worth the trip! :woohoo: Everything else was only average or below average.:rolleyes:

The entertainment, on the other hand, was WELL worth the trip! :happytv: (at least for me!)

Familyof6 :grouphug:

08-15-2007, 08:42 PM
How can I insert a picture in here? Can someone explain? :confused3

08-15-2007, 08:52 PM
I use Photobucket.com If you go there, sign up for an account, then you can upload your pics. It will give you a link that you can use to insert on here by using the yellow envelope Insert Image button.

08-15-2007, 09:23 PM
I was thinking about skipping 50's PT during our next trip in OCt...but now you have got me wanting to go back again. Glad you had a great time...I think our teenagers must be just alike! My soon to be 14 yr old DD tries to hide the entire time were there.

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08-16-2007, 12:42 AM

Our waiter is the one sitting next to my dd14.

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08-17-2007, 06:37 AM
Oh I dont know about this ADR now! Maybe we will all just go for the Pot Roast?
Sounds like you did have great waiters:goodvibes My DH will probably get into the schtick (if there is any) and I thought my DM would get a kick out of the set up as she was born in 1950.

I am a little scared though with these not so hot reviews.....

Thank you for sharing, love the pics.

08-17-2007, 08:02 PM

He is my "brother" from our trip there this past March. We really had a blast with him too!

08-17-2007, 08:16 PM
Great review. Glad you had such a great time.;)

08-18-2007, 06:57 AM
great review. i think DW and i will choose Prime Time. looks like fun and that's what a vacation is all about.

08-18-2007, 08:46 AM
If you have to wait for a table, go into the "livingroom" all the way to the wall on the left. (or straight ahead when you enter the livingroom) Right by that little grouping of chairs and couches is this wonderful little hideaway. There is a funky lounger. It's hidden behind the wall of glass bricks. It's sort of like the shape of a wave. It is so comfortable when you've been on your feet all day! You can see several of the TV's :happytv: and the rest of your family can sit in the other chairs or the couches nearby.
I'm not sure how a 6' guy might fit in it but it's perfect for a 5'2" woman (with a child lounging on top ;) )!

I mentioned this in my review but I didn't tell you where it was. :cloud9:

Just one more little hint.:idea:

Familyof6 :grouphug: