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08-14-2007, 02:21 PM
Just stayed here on July 27. Had won a Hotwire bid for $59(plus additional tax). At the time I bid and won, it was a 3.5* so that is what I thought I was bidding on and getting. About 6 days prior to my arrival date, Hotwire sends me an email saying they have downgraded the Rennaisance to a 3*.
When I got there, I could see why....in fact, I'd venture to give it a 2.5*. I most likely would not have bid on this resort had I known I was not getting a 3.5*.
Anyway.....we definitely saw construction going on in the lobby (plywood was up and traffic redirected to and makeshift lobby which appeared to normally be a satellite office or guest computer room). I will say the staff was friendly.
The shuttle ride over from the airport to the hotel was good. I think we waited only about 10 min for a shuttle.

We were assigned a room at the very end of the hall on the 3rd floor. Immediately upon getting off the elevators the smell hit us. Moldy/musty. My dh thinks there had to be a problem with the AC and he mentioned something about a condensation leak/problem. The staff had to high powered fans set up in the lobby to try and help with the smell. It was quite smelly. We held our breaths going into our room which was maybe 4 doors away from the fan, hoping our room would be ok. The smell was just very very faint of musty in there. Overall the room was clean, but appeared a little dated. Particularily the bathroom. Looked like something out of the 80's and I wondered how HW could have ever given it a 3.5* rating to begin with ?

Our view----in a word----BAD.

When we looked out of our window, our view was of dumpsters. We joked that it was because we were Hotwire customers. Between the smelly floor and the room view we were convincing ourselves this was the reason. :rolleyes1

There was a nice little mini frig in the room. There was a phone in the bathroom right next to the toilet :confused3 :rolleyes1

The most positive thing I can say about our stay was the staff. Very friendly. We ordered room service for breakfast and the food arrived on a rolling table hot. Very nice presentation.

Not sure we'd stay here again, though my experience (room and smelly/musty hallways), seems alot different than another recent review. I guess alot might depend on the condition of your hallway/room. But until this hotel gets totally rehabbed, I highly doubt we'll stay here again.

Some pics :




Hallway by elevator on our floor



Our room :












There was some rust (not showing real well) on the tissue dispenser :


dingy wallpaper (water stained ?)

Hallway carpet/wallpaper :

08-14-2007, 02:23 PM
Just wanted to add a few more pics :

Our VIEW from the window :

Room Serivce :

Dining room on main floor :


08-15-2007, 12:46 PM
Thank you for sharing. It looks like the rooms were okay, but all the other issue's are enough to put a damper on any stay.

08-15-2007, 01:19 PM
Yes, Kilee, the room/beds were ok.....carpet was in ok condition. The bathroom was very outdated and the mess in the hallway made me glad we didn't have to stay there any longer. The view was nothing to rave about either ;)

There is another report on this hotel from a day or so ago and that person seemed to have gotten a totally new rehab'd room. Ours was definitely not. From my pics you can see water stained and some peeling wall paper (in bathroom and in closet). Honestly, the staff were the most positive thing about this stay (for us). I would never pay more than the $59 we did (via HW) for it. On their website, our room would have cost $180+ a night :confused3