View Full Version : WDW to DL ticket question

08-12-2007, 06:54 PM
We have a trip planned to WDW in Oct and a trip to DL planned in June of 08. :banana: :cool1:

Our plan is to buy the amount of tix we need (10) before our Oct. WDW trip as no expiration hoppers.

We know that we can exchange our tix in Cali. for DL hoppers but it has to be done EACH individual day because the ticket has to be used on the day of the exchange.

Here is the question....How hard is it to exchange the tickets each day? Can it be done at the concierge desk at the DLH (where we are staying) or does it have to be done at the park each day.....that would be bad.:scared:

Thank you so much in advance.

08-12-2007, 10:26 PM
I can't help you with the manner of exchanging, but have you checked the math with the new price increases? It looks to me like the difference between a 7 day PH w/expiration and a 10 day PH w/o is almost $200. I think you could get 4 day PH for less than this for both adults and kids.

-- Suzanne

08-13-2007, 03:11 PM
Before I bought our tix for our WDW June trip, i considered this strategy - until I called DL direct:

1) the official line is you must purchase (of course) Non-Expiring MYW Park Hopper tix...although i've read posts here where DISers report using non-PH

2) you must get in line @ park guest services each day; CM then calls WDW Tix Research Dept to verify your tix. They manually deduct a day from your MYW tix & give you a tix for DL. CM i spoke to said to expect very long lines in the summer.

Just for our stress level, decided to just buy the DL tix for the trip.