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Adam&Alex's Mom
08-12-2007, 02:57 AM
I learn so much from reading about other's experiences on this board I wanted to share mine as well. My adventure has been posted:


Our cast was myself... my DH... our twin boys DS4 and my mom DM58.

As a warning the TR is a little detailed... so here are some high/low lights if you want the reader's digest version:

We stayed the the DLH, concierage level, prem view from 8/6 to 8/10
We used the supershuttle - reserved an exclusive van - LOVED it and would do it again
The CM checking us in told us about the extra EE days for DLR guests so it was comforting to have the validation!
We did Goofy's Dinner / bfast and Minnies bfast. Character meals are great for meeting the characters!! The food is good but not great... but it saved us from lines in the park so I would do it again... maybe not three... but at least one
EE ROCKS!!! Follows the rules on this board and you are set. Arrive early!!! It is better to stay in line before the park opens then in the park waiting for rides.
We had a "loose plan"... I had the list of rides in the order we needed to approach them but the boys cried at the dark rides so we skipped them... no biggie... we still rode a ton of rides
The crowds get longer after EE but you are good for at least an hour .... get fast passes... ride some of the bigger attractions and then take in some shows... ride the train you'll be good!
It gets HOT... it was "only 85" but with the humidy these desert rats were feeling it!!! If you can, go back to the hotel and crash... or swim ... and save your sanity
Take your own Sharpie as an autograph pen... we searched and searched for one. The Compass Sundries stand is the only place we could find that had one
Take Ziploc bags... they come in very handy
The walk to the DLH gets LONGER every trip
Roll with the punches... it will all work out
Enjoy your stay!! It is a great experience!!

If you have any questions I amore than open to helping out! I received so many great tips on this board I want to pay it forward!

08-12-2007, 11:10 AM
Thank you! I love these, makes the time fly!!!! Congrats on twins too!

Adam&Alex's Mom
08-12-2007, 11:58 PM
Thanks! I love reading TR as well... you learn so much!

08-13-2007, 02:35 AM
Thanks for the digest version!

I think this sentence deserves a special, singled-out, spot: It is better to stay in line before the park opens then in the park waiting for rides.

Not sure if I've ever read it like that before, so if you thought of it, it was excellent! Heck, it was an excellent thought/idea/sentence no matter who thought of it. :)