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10-12-2000, 02:18 PM
1. How to get to WDW.. plane, train and automobile.. how to talk to the airlines..(this was one of our biggest problems on this trip!!)

2. Where can we eat?

3. How do we get on rides etc?

I forsee eventually starting an outline with all our questions, then under that all our answers? Is that how you start a book RJs Mom?


10-12-2000, 02:38 PM
1 Accessiblity to Disney transportation. Which boat are accessible. Which use ramps. Not the standard Disney answer that they all are accessible as per ADA.
2 Accessibility of hotels. Not just the so called accessible rooms, but can an electric wheelchair manuever in a standard room etc.
3 Locations of wheelchair seating for parades and shows.


10-12-2000, 04:57 PM
A statement about the overall mission of the work... people with disabilities and special needs NEED vacations. Our lives are often stressful, we have work isues and family issues, we have doctors and therapy visits and insurance and financial burdens that average families do not share. We truly appreciate having a place where we can go that we know we will be welcomed and accomodated, and where the policy is clearly on the side of inclusion and accomodation. But there is still work to be done, there are still problems with the system, and sometimes these problems can interfere with our ability to enjoy the Parks and Resorts. We know that many of these problems can be addressed when people are made aware of the solutions that are available.

On a more down-to-earth point... I would like to see detail maps of the parks that indicted the location of exits and alternative entrances, plus an indication of where people are supposed to wait if they have one of the 4 qualifiers on the GAC. Seems like, a long time ago, somebody put together a long, long post about the locations of alternate entrances...

A discussion about hidden disabilities.
Wheelchair etiquette...
Wheelchair/special stroller tips and hints...
Dealing with staring and comments...
A discussion of pacing...
Tips for folks traveling with children with language delays, learning differences, ADD/ADHD, Autism/PDD, TS, visual impairments, hearing impairments...

more? brainstorm time!

10-12-2000, 05:01 PM
Hi folks, It would be lovely to see a page in a guidebook that would encourage the use of PS at resteraunts and a "HOW TO" to get the best table location for your needs. Also another page on "How to" use the CRO to get the rooms that you need for medical reasons. Also, a FAQ page re: refridgerators, medical waste containers, microwave warnings etc....
Also a little pull out section on HOW TO SAFELY DRIVE AN ECV IN WDW. /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif /infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif
Also a section dedicated to THE W/C Pusher, telling them where all the big hills are located!!

10-12-2000, 05:26 PM
places to change a diaper for incontinent young adults and older persons in need?

Best places to watch parades...not the awful "wheelchair seating' that affords you a lovely veiw of....not much!

10-12-2000, 05:26 PM
Excellent! The outline is starting to grow...

Teri - you are so right. As you all may know, I've only been back 5 days. I haven't written my Epcot trip report yet, but have for the first three days. At Epcot, Kevin and I were met with so much kindness I was crying a large portion of the day!! My boss (who is a wise man) tells me it's because I have so accepted the everyday challenge of life, that as soon as someone shows a little extra courtesy or kindness, I'm surprise. Well - that's what WDW is for us - a place where, for the most part, we are all cared about and accepted. I think that should be the opener! I will start the outline tomorrow on Excel and then share with anyone who cares...

Keep the ideas coming!

How to get around in the rain - be sure to get the wheel chair an adult size poncho.. (that's on the kid side, what about the adult side? Still work?)

Photo opportunities, planned and unplanned...

rj's mom
10-12-2000, 08:03 PM
I think this should definitly be a separate thread. Additionally, we need to divide the task up into small jobs. When the thread is established, let's make an exhaustive list of all the topics we would like to see covered. If you see a topic listed that you are willing to "chair", please indicate that.

I have a special interest in children who are medically involved, so I'm willing to chair that "chapter".
So many children and adults come on wish trips. There is a definite need for more info. My motto is that other people plan their trips. Those of us with fragile children choreograph them! My daughter and I tour 3-5 hours a day. Our next trip is coming up in two weeks. One of my plans is to keep a log on "wheelchair accessible bathrooms". The companion bathrooms are great when they're available. On RachelJoy's wish trip, it was obvious that some improvements could be made to the others.

I am somewhat new to the net and do not know how to start a thread so I'll leave that to someone else.

I'm excited to think that the Dis'ers of the world could make the Mouse's world even better!

SueM in MN
10-12-2000, 08:37 PM
Good start!
It sounds like the best way to go may be to establish some general ideas here and then have threads for each topic. Even if no published book comes out of this, we can get a good short book that could be shared as an internet file -or share the appropriate parts of it. It would also be great to make some short summaries to add to the disability pages (not this Board) on this website. An advantage to that (as opposed to the threads we start) is THAT information is safely stored on a server that isn't affected by softwear updates. Besides, I could keep a copy of it on my hard drive. I will talk to Pete about updating/adding to that info.P

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10-13-2000, 06:49 AM
I would like to see more information about how to manage the Disney transportation system: buses, monorails, boats, etc. Details about what to expect, what you need to ask for, what can and cannot be done to help you, and how to explain your needs when you don't have a standard wheelchair or scooter but still can't board the "normal" way.

10-13-2000, 03:33 PM
People need to know that the GAP is available. We were carrying our son in all the lines until we just could not do it any more, finally I tried to take our son in the stroller through the lines and I got into a conversation with a CM who told me about the GAP. Also, I don't know if it would be appropriate to post this here, but my friend's daughter was denied a wish from a foundation because she was non-verbal, they told her she needed the cognitive level of a 3yr old to be considered. Anyway, my friend was heart broken because she had not called them in the first place. Well, to make a long story short I got on the phone with Disney and they helped me find an organization in our area that would help them. They were just a bunch of business men who had spaghetti dinners and softball games to raise money to grant wishes, nicest guys I have ever met! Just wanted to share that, I had forgotten all about it. SueOkW-Great Thread!

'81CR, Poly

10-13-2000, 03:49 PM
A lot of times CRO or CMs think an attraction, transportation, or accomodation is handicapped accessible but it may not be depending upon your personnel situation.

I think they should take a wheel chair for a day at each of the parks, transportation modes, and on-site hotel rooms and collect digital images of the "accessible" ride features, locations of elevators and ramps, a fly through the rooms and then post them on their web site.

People can then access the degree of accessibility themselves and WDW can promote on how accessible they are, not with words, but actual visual documentation.

Many web sites give virtual tours of their facilities WDW could do the same.

10-13-2000, 03:55 PM
But I can't take all the credit for this - this a result of what these boards are good for - sharing info, brainstorming and the ideas that come from that.

For my area of expertise that I am willing to work on - I'll be happy to take on the airline transportation issues.

The only other thing I know a lot about is travelling with three kids where one is disabled - (NOT medically fragile) going as a family group, with one other adult to help... (so, see I have it kind of easy!)

RJs Mom - I'll find out airline info. Let me know if you are interested about the second topic. I know entrances etc., for about 1/5 of the rides. I am going again in March - Kev is getting a Make A Wish trip (and guess what, he is NON verbal too!) So, soon I can do some more reconnoitering.

I'll start with airlines, pluses and minuses - and perhaps post here to see horror stories and successes with travel to WDW. (Both here and on the transportation board.) I'll make it clear we are trying to get a succinct document together for WDWINFO and perhaps future publication. How's that, all????

rj's mom
10-13-2000, 10:07 PM
Sue - by all means, feel free to "chair" 2 different areas. What is the best way to collate all the info? Should I post my actual email address? I'm a little hesitant to do that. Once we have a good list of topics, I'd like to see people offer their questions, experiences and recommendations for as many of the topics as possible. I am excited about just guiding the process along and seeing where it goes. I don't have any set format or agenda for it. There are so many creative people on this board.

RachelJoy and I will leave our home 2 weeks from yesterday and arrive at WDW on Sun the 29th. She cannot tolerate the trip in one day, so we fly and rest and then fly again. We will be there for an extended stay and will be moving to 3 different resorts so I should have a fair amount of info to pass on when we get back.

Please pray for her as we are into the final 2 weeks of waiting. She took a fall in therapy yesterday and has had a few more seizures than she usually has. By tonight she seemed back to her old self again. Is there anyone else out there who walks this kind of tightrope? RachelJoy is adopted and i feel so blessed to be a part of her life, but there are times when it's quite stressful. I daily thank the Lord for His kindness to us.

I would recommend the Starlight Foundation for wishes for children who are non verbal or developmentally delayed. They were wonderful for us to work with. I sent a video so they could see that RachelJoy clearly could indicate what she wanted for her wish. They did a fabulous job.

Now, for some badly needed sleep...

SueM in MN
10-14-2000, 06:41 AM
This thread is moving along really nicely. I am willing to take a topic and help out anywhere. We've got lots of experience traveling to WDW ourselves and because of work experiences, I have information about disabilities I don't have personal experience with and I've got resources I can ask some "rehab" type questions about. I think some of our regulars who haven't posted on this thread may not be able to get so involved as to do a book project, but probably will help us out with specific questions in their area.
As for sharing info with each other: I think a couple of people on a topic would be helpful becasue you can bounce things off each other and then solicit info from the rest of us. Whoever is doing that topic could exchange email addresses. My email is public on the boards, so you can email me and I can get you in touch with each other.

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10-14-2000, 07:05 AM
I'm listed as well. Please feel free to e-mail me directly. RJs Mom, feel free to e-mail me too.

SueM - I think you should investigate entrances etc., while you are there? Also, experiences with your trip. And you know that great list you have of "things to remember". I may still have a print of that if you don't. I have my trip reports going right now, but didn't mention many access issues.

RJM - Your travel experiences will be very helpful to the "getting there" topic! So, hopefully you can find time to journal that. If you all e-mail me what ever you think of, I will be happy to be the secretary - and I will run spell check as that word doesn't look right!

Whatever I can do to help this thing get and stay moving, I will do. It took me so much time and work to get as far as I have, and I know there is so much more still to learn. Just think - if other people knew how great WDW is for disabled folks, that if they had a guide, maybe more would go! My sister in law is a flight attendant. From her I should get all the airline protocol for all types of disabilities - guide animals, kids, adults, etc.

Everyone had so many good suggestions I will go ahead with an outline to share with SueM and RJM. Anyone else interested, let me know. I'll put names next to the topic volunteers? And, can't each topic can have more than one volunteer? Teamwork can make every job lighter. I will start my outline on Monday. (Probably not in the correct outline style, but the gist will be there! I'll do it on Word.)

If there is something I missed, please let me know. Teri, your post on the general mission is inspirational - hopefully you can expand?

Looks like we need an ECV experienced person to give some input on the World from that aspect.

OK - let me know if I've over or under (highly unlikely for me) stated anything. If I get too gerneralissimo, let me know. I am really only trying to keep momentum, but can take criticism very easily, as I like to think I have little or no ego. (My boss sees to that!! /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif )


SueM in MN
10-14-2000, 08:17 AM
on our last trip, Katrina was on Barnstormer (her first roller coaster) and TOT, so she' now been on every ride except Space Mountain, Rock N Roller Coaster and BTMRR at one time or another. We won't be going again until March or April, but just got back, so things are fresh in my mind.
Someone who is not dealing with disabilities, but does read our board offered editing services. That might not be a bad idea, to get someone who is very objective (since she doesn't have any experience) involved.
Also, the husband of my secretarty at work is also a flight attendant. Once you have the travel issues done, I could see if he would be willing to read it and offer suggestions. The more eyes that see it to start with, the less info we will miss.

SueM in MN
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10-14-2000, 08:46 AM
How about wheelchar as a weapon. Just kidding.

Really, I would like to see detailed instructions on how to find the companion restrooms. The one in AK near the tusker house is very hard to find the first time. Even after asking we still had a long search.

Also including tid bits regarding what you miss if you don't transfer (and can) at attractions such as Tough to be a bug et al. Could help folks make informed decissions.

A discussion on various types of disabilities and while some attractions my be do able for some folk, we all need to make up our own minds as to what a body can stand. It would also be helpful to include definitions of Disney terms. For example the use the term "high speed turbulent ride" terms like hard unexpected jerks or bumps designed to make riders leave their seats. A TOT warning regarding really thin people riding under the same lap bar with folks of substantial girth you can really get some air time. This can mean the difference between a smooth drop and a bone crunching ride. This could be a general lap bar warning.

Looking forward to the finished product. /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

10-14-2000, 11:07 AM
Now why didnt we have this board when I was looking into what it takes to write a handi WDW book last yr?? I tried for months but every door I went to to get help/info to know how I could get a book published if i wrote it got slammed....SIGN ME UP!!! I wanna help....I really really do!!!!! /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Wheelsie Co-Moderator of disABILITIES (http://wdwinfo.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=frm&s=40009993&f=38009194)


If your gonna be in WDW December 5th (http://wdwinfo.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=tpc&s=40009993&f=55009194&m=50209739) then come to a DIS meet @ Spoodles on the BoardWal

10-14-2000, 04:23 PM
I hope LindaDVC sees this thread. Her experience as an OT is invaluable. The PTA in me is always thinking when I read the posts. My experiences since becoming "disabled" since the accident have allowed me to temper my therapist-based viewpoints. Is the book you are discussing for WDW only? Would you like to add the Disney Cruise line? I am hoping that accessability for island excursions will improve soon. It would be nice to hear from some of the visually/hearing impaired dis'ers re: their needs in the book. This thread is moving right along. /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

10-14-2000, 04:56 PM
I would like to see a separate listing that listed all the rides you don’t have to transfer to. I didn’t know that the Pooh ride had a car you could go on in your wheelchair and the CM didn’t offer me the chance to wait. It wasn’t until we got home and I really looked at the guide that I noticed it existed which really floored me since the CM apologized over and over again for moving my oldest DD’s chair so far down after he saw me struggle to carry her to her chair.

rj's mom
10-14-2000, 05:15 PM
I'm excited to watch this project take off! I will be doing an "investigative report" on the bathroom situation in the 4 major parks. I've named this our Thrones of the Kingdoms Tour!! Let's just keep pooling info and see what comes of it. Thank you to those of you who've offered to accept email. It would be great to get as much as possible on a hard drive. Everybody has such great ideas.

I was suggesting the 1 person in charge idea only to organize that chapter, but the more the merrier.

Additionally, I have made up a form to evaluate the rides and attractions for accessibility and as someone else mentioned, the details missed if you do not go thru the standard que, or if you remain in your wheelchair in some of the theaters.
If you see someone sitting on a bench with a green ribbon looking like she's in another world, it will probably be me filling out the forms!! I know that my daughter will not allow me to forget our primary mission which is to enjoy a vacation together.

2 Weeks from tomorrow we will actually arrive with our green ribbons flying in the breeze.

I feel a poem coming on:

Only 2 more weeks to wait,
sure hope I find that Delta gate.
I'll be the one who's running late.

Soon it will be time to pack.
God only knows what I'll lack.
Gotta fit it in to the overhead rack.

When we arrive, look out Pooh.
My daughter can't wait to meet with you.
In her halloween finery she'll shout "boo".

Hoping the weather will be great.
Those summer showers we want to escape.
But we travel ready with boots and rain cape.

Medical supplies, all packed tight.
Oh, but our hearts will be very, very light.
Leaving here tomorrow sounds just about right!

Priority seatings all in place.
I sure hope I guessed right about our pace.
Now I'm becoming a basket case.

Just get our plane up in the air.
Nothing about the plane fare is fair.
Oh well, I'll pretend that I just don't care.

To the daily routine I return.
But it's for Walt Disney World that I truly yearn.
Waiting patiently is not a skill I've learned.

You are a great group of folks to hang out with.

10-14-2000, 06:06 PM
We're only as good as the company we keep! I can't wait to start the outline on Monday. I will be happy to be the keeper of the outline. And even typing up the responses.. then I will leave it in the hands of the professionals to format the actual sentences, etc.

I was thinking tonight that this could be really neat!Just let me know if you are interested in the outline and I will e-mail it to you - along with the names of people who have volunteered for topics.

I agree re: Linda DVC - I wonder where she is?

10-14-2000, 07:06 PM
My experience over the last 4 years has been using an electric mobility vehicle and not an electric wheekchair. Would be glad to help all I can. Will be going to WDW Nov 13-15 and Dec 18-26. All my experience is also as a disabled adult.


rj's mom
10-15-2000, 03:47 PM
Oh this just gets better everytime I check the board!!

About the cruise lines: I think we should make it as extensive as we have man, woman and child power to make it.

Please sign me up for the outline.

Regarding accessible attractions: I'm actually taking a tape measure on our trip to accurately record some distances. My pet peeve: lifting my daughter off the Splash Mountain ride, which is her all time favorite. The official guides for the disabled do not distinguish between rides that are easily entered from a wheelchair, and those that are royal pains. I saved my back last time by looking for a friendly looking family while we were in line, and would then ask if the father was willing to left RachelJoy out of the boat. A yes answer gained the whole family access to the ride thru the wheelchair entrance, because yes, we were all in the same party.

I'm willing to work on the editing part of this project.

Two weeks from today, Lord willing, we will be at Mickey's. It is very hard to wait. How do the rest of you stay sane while waitingj?!?!

10-15-2000, 05:06 PM
Hi RJs Mom!

SM is Kevin's favorite too!! I love buying the pictures as they catch him at JUST the right moment. This year's is priceless.

DH is still able to lift Kevin in and out, but the day will soon come that he might not be able to. But, come he** or high water, we are getting him on that ride. Just like you did.

re: outline - got it. I plan on getting to it tomorrow - that is if I make it to the office. I fell on my tailbone Wed - bruised or cracked it - don't know which, but it hurts. So, I may not go in tomorrow. But will for sure on Tuesday!

So - plan on being able to receive the "outline" Monday or Tuesday night. Ok all?

SueM in MN
10-15-2000, 07:23 PM
I've already got some ride info written up from emails I sent to people before this board got started. Here's some about shows. I've got boarding things too, but that's not stored on my laptop and that's what I'm using now:

Stay in the wheelchair rides:
These are marked on the guidemap with a wheelchair symbol. The CMs at the rides are very good about addressing the person in the wheelchair. This can be a problem if they ask your son something and you don’t hear it, so be alert as you reach the boarding area.
They will usually ask “Can you transfer?” at these rides. They asked Katrina at the Great Movie ride and she said “yes” without us noticing. All of a sudden, she was following the CM to the front of the car. We knew from experience that’s where they put people who can walk and leave or fold up their wheelchairs. We asked her why she said she can transfer and she signed “Daddy help”. We explained they meant “Can you do it ALONE?” and told her to answer “no” if anyone asked again. If you want your son to stay in the chair, make sure to let the CMs know he wants to do that.
For these rides, you may have to wait for a wheelchair car. Usually it’s 5 minutes or less, but we waited over 30 extra minutes for the safari at AK. ALL the people in wheelchairs had waited until the wait was 10 minutes and so the wheelchair area consistently had more than 1 tramload of peple on it and I think they were only running one wheelchair accessible tram at the time.
For these rides, the CM will seat the rest of your party and then load the wheelchair. The only big things (literally) I have to warn you about are the train in MK and the monorails. If you board or leave the train at the Main Street Station, the gate is on the second floor . There is a very long, steep ramp. Same for the monorails.
Theaters and Shows:
You will wait in line with everyone else for most of these.
For the indoor theater shows, most of them have a preshow area and the CM will tell you what side of that area to be on. For some of the shows, you will go into the theater before the rest of the guests (American Adventure, Impressions de France, Food Rocks in EPCOT). For the rest and for the outdoor shows, you will go in with the other guests, but you will be told where to go. The wheelchair seating is usually in the back of the theater and you can split your party and meet up again later if you don’t all want to sit in the back.
2 notable theaters: The American Adventure has a very steeply sloped floor while you wait to go into the actual theater and also inside the theater. The movie in the Land is good, but the arrangement there is for wheelchair users to
Wheelchairs sit in the front row for the following: Legend of the Lion King, Timekeeper and Country Bear Jamboree at MK, Beauty and the Beast and the Hunchback in the Studio, Festival of the Lion King at AK (We didn’t go to AK’s Pocohontas show or Tarzan Rocks). All these shows are really good.
The 360 movies at Epcot at Canada, China and the almost 360 movie at France are getting a little old, over 10 years, but are still neat. They fool your eyes and sense of balance into thinking you are actually moving on boats, carts, airplanes, skiis. etc, which your son might think is especially neat. Just move him around so he can get a view of more than the backs of people. You will be toward the back of tthe theater, but in this case, it’s good becasue there probably won’t be people in the row or 2 in front of you. The front of the theater is where the CM talks to you before the show (I’m just saying this because we’ve already seen people watch the entire movie facing the rear). s

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10-15-2000, 09:48 PM
Hi, guys!
I have had a hard weekend, sorry I didn't get back to work!
I would be more than happy to start culling info from the posts and some text files I had from the past board... if I can find them again! Things have been a little stressful this weekend, things are settling down now.

Feel free to e-mail me at teri-doolittle@worldnet.att.net if you need to do so. I await your directions!

If would like to focus on attitudes, conflicts, etc... I think those are just as important as physical barriers. Unless somebody else wants that one! Also, WDW with kids with Autism/PDD or severe language delay, other learning differences. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif


10-16-2000, 01:06 PM
remember the thread on "my time in a w/c at WDW"? It made me think that ...
Well maybe a section for those who are able-bodied, have no experience with disabilities,etc,
anyway, a section entitled "Can I Help?" So many people are confused on should they/or can they help someone in a w/c,ecv, or other circumstance.
It doesn't need to be a big section, but I think it would encourage people in several ways. Like, to have patience when an ecv/w/c is loaded onto bus, pc ways to offer assistance, enlighten those that the handicap spaces/entrances are not limited to those with a readily visable disability. Kind of an FYI for those without disablities experience. I truly believe that most people are open, kind and helpful. Just a thought...

Cinderella's Mommy
10-18-2000, 09:02 AM
Information to help the visually impaired. We had very little information about how to get my daughter to the front row of every venue. The process was handled so differently at every attraction, it made the whole process stressful at times. Because there aren't as many visually impaired folks, the CM's didn't always know exactly how to handle. Some information on this would really help.

10-18-2000, 11:52 AM
Not really an outline, but a general idea of every topic mentioned.

I think it would be great to start threads on each item - maybe the person hosting that topic should post the item????

Here we go:

Opener The Mission of the Work (teri)

1) Getting There
Train, Plane, Automobile (SueOKW / SueM)

2) Hotel Accessibility (Wheelsie)
Including &ndash how to get what you need from CRO

3) Ride Accessiblity (SueM)
Transfer vs. non transfer
Entrances, exits

4) Disney Transportation Accessibility
Buses, Monorail, Boats etc.

5) Parade Viewing / Participation

6) GAP

7) Make-A-Wish and other groups

8) Travelling with a disabled child (SueM)

9) Travelling as a disabled adult

10) Medically fragile travellers (RJs Mom)

11) Pacing your trip

12) Travelling with children / adults with:
Language Delays
Learning Differences
Visual Impairments
Hearing Impairments

13) ECVs

14) Restaurants
How to get what you need when you make your PS
What restaurants are better / worse etc.,
15) FAQs
Including, but not limited to: refrigerators, medical waste containers, microwave warnings

16) Miscellaneous All
Companion Restrooms
Diaper Changing
Helpful tips
Hills and terrain tips
Ride definitions (turbulent, lap bar., etc.)
Dealing with staring (we still have that thread!!)
Wheelchair Etiquette

17) Special events - MVMCP etc. (Michigan)

If ideas were submitted, but the poster didn't indicate they wanted to "chair" a topic, I didn't put their name next to the topic. As you can see, many topics are open!! And I am sure we will all jump into every topic with insights! Really excited here, can you tell?

way to go team!

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10-18-2000, 03:33 PM
put me in that list ladies....I'll be going down next month after TG....whatever you put me on list to do I will find out....well I can add to the hotel access idea since I will be in 2 AS hotels and DxL.....but Im sure the hotels will let me look at a handi room if I ask nicely and they have one open.....DH and I will be spending a day looking at the decorations of all the hotels one day during our time there anyhoo!! so put me somewhere...ANYWHERE!!! /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif I can also put in my .02 on rides when I get back.....Im going to try a few ideas I have to get on some rides I couldnt last yr. :

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If your gonna be in WDW December 5th (http://wdwinfo.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=tpc&s=40009993&f=55009194&m=50209739) then come to a DIS meet SOmewhere....HELP ME FIND A PLACE!!!! /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

10-18-2000, 05:25 PM
Hotels - you got it baby! Especially since you will be visiting them!
Your name is on the summary now....

10-18-2000, 06:09 PM
may I make a suggesation....if you get no one to go for the section titled travelling WITH a disabled adult......why not try traveling AS A disabled adult....fist had is better than second hand! /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Wheelsie Co-Moderator of disABILITIES (http://wdwinfo.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=frm&s=40009993&f=38009194)


If your gonna be in WDW December 5th (http://wdwinfo.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=tpc&s=40009993&f=55009194&m=50209739) then come to a DIS meet SOmewhere....HELP ME FIND A PLACE!!!! /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

10-18-2000, 07:18 PM
I will be able to offer information on Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Candlelight Processional. Oldest DD is also going on Pirate’s Cruise and Wonderland Tea Party so I will get her input from a child in a wheelchair’s opinion on the accessibility. When I booked both they put me on hold to check if they were accessible and assured me they were.

10-18-2000, 07:21 PM
Wheelsie what rides and what are your ideas? Maybe they will work for Megan to or maybe she already tried it and I'll let you know if it worked. She's got loads of upper body strength but zero lower.

10-19-2000, 01:07 PM
hello - I've updated the list to include the changes mentioned above!


SueM in MN
10-19-2000, 02:56 PM
The list looks good. We can always add more topics if we think of more. I'll post the ride accessibility one later today.{

SueM in MN
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10-19-2000, 04:35 PM
well Sue since you canged it to AS A...I reckon I can handle that one too LOL...I can also help Michie with MVMCP and Candlelight processional/dinner...we are eatting at Chef de France and doing the processional after /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Just add my name anywhere thats left or that you think need 2 prospectives...I'll be oozing information when I get home /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Wheelsie Co-Moderator of disABILITIES (http://wdwinfo.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=frm&s=40009993&f=38009194)


If your gonna be in WDW December 5th (http://wdwinfo.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=tpc&s=40009993&f=55009194&m=50209739) then come to a DIS meet SOmewhere....HELP ME FIND A PLACE!!!! /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

01-02-2001, 08:11 AM
Hi! I was just browsing the disABILITIES board last night since I haven't been here for a while and read this thread with interest and excitement! How's it going with this project? Are you all still working on it?

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01-02-2001, 08:38 AM
I have been searching for stuff to help to get an idea of what it's like to travel with an autistic child. While yes i understand that all autistic children are different and will handle situations differently, I would love to be prepared for questions to ask CM to get the most from the rides, attractions and shows. My huge worry is that I won't be able to sit near an exit to have a
quick get away if need be. I've been asked to leave tours, offices and meetings. Neither of my sons are verbal, so I try to not discourage them when they attempt vocalization. Of course that doesn't mean that I let them run amuck.

I would also like to see something about the pros and cons or using a leash or harness for your child. I am positive that we will use one, but have no clue where to get the best.


rj's mom
01-02-2001, 03:02 PM
Thanks for booting this back up to the boards again. It's great to see all the ideas that have been submitted since we left on our trip.

My time is limited right now, but I'll just start on day one with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hopefully, somebody can make sense ot it. I posted a note a few days ago asking about GAPs and how to make the process better. I did make a good contact while at WDW and will be in touch with him later this week.

Now for the notes: We flew Delta airlines out of Portland OR. We have also made the trip on American. Both offered mediocre service the days we travelled. American partially squished my daughter's wheelchair in a cargo door (they did pay for repairs) and Delta was so disorganised on one flight that they were unable to get all the meals served! Both airlines were helpful in getting all of our gear into the overheads. We were offered additional help with plane transfers and these went smoothly. The experience is totally dependent on the employees and their moods(and to some extent their knowlege of special needs). It only takes 1 very helpful person to make a trip go well, and only 1 with a bad attitude to make it harder. Yes, I know that I can choose how I respond to the stresses of travelling with my daughter, but somehow, I have not yet learned the art of being gracious no matter what!!

We stayed at the Hyatt Hotel at the Orlando airport, because I knew we would be exhausted and in no mood to arrive at WDW at 1 am. The greatest part of this was that for $5 they went and fetched our bags from the luggage carousel. We went up to our room, got cleaned up, and fell into bed. We did not need anything in the checked luggage so they just held onto it til morning. This was one of the best things I did for myself on this trip.

Prior to leaving, I had made a reservation with Inline Limousine Services at 1 877 322-1905 or 407 247-2774. I was quite pleased with the service provided. The driver was a few minutes early, knowledgeable about how to load my daughter's wheelchair (which she does not need to occupy while in a car)

, and checked with us frequently to be sure we were comfortable. I have had poor experiences with Mear (anybody else want to open that can of worms?!?)and this was a very pleasant change. We needed to change our leave date to get to CA to provide care for my father's critically ill wife. I called them at 10 in the morning and was able to arrange for a pick up that evening. I realise that as this company gets busier that may not be possible. We had never been in a limo before, and this one was a stretch limo. When we arrived at ASMovies, I went to get a bell person and stood in line a good 5 min. The limo driver walked up to the desk and suggested that because my daughter was in a wheelchair and was getting quite warm, that perhaps they should give us priority service. They didn't, but I sure appreciated the driver choosing to speak up.

I will pick up the travelogue at this point tomorrow.

I have a suggestion for the DISers on this board. I did not think of it until we were back home. If you can make "business cards" on your computer, print some out with your name, your user name, and the web address for this site, and hand them out as you meet and interact with families facing challenges while at WDW. In our 2+ weeks, we saw only one other lime green ribbon. Where are all of you???

SueM in MN
01-02-2001, 09:04 PM
Good ideas. Especially the business card one.Ø

SueM in MN
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01-09-2001, 06:29 PM
I'm willing to help. I have autistic DS & a DD with ADD & speech delay. (autisim spectum disorder) We go a few times a year. We've had our share of experiences.
We were told that we couldn't use the wheelchair entrance on one ride.(even with a GAP) I was told it was because the line was too long.
We had to wait a very long time for some rides because CMs were putting all wheelchair persons on one specific boat. (we could transfer easily)
Two other sets of handicapped children were made to move out of the way of other people entering ride. These children needed to be lifted to be moved down. This could be tramatic for autistic child causing no one to enjoy their ride.
We waited in line for 35 minutes only to find out we were waiting in the wrong place. CM in the begining of the line guided us wrong.
I'd like to see some understanding of autism/handicapped services from CMs or at least the GAPs & where to send us.
I'd like to see a special tag on the strollers or a big pin we could wear so CMs could recognize us without pulling out a GAP (to avoid being trampled, cut in front of & annoying to other guests)
Anyway I'd like to help...

03-11-2001, 09:44 PM
I am just in a bumping mood! This one shouldn't get lost... :)

"My brain takes a vacation just to give my heart more room..."

04-12-2001, 04:38 PM

04-14-2001, 04:20 PM
How about including a complete map of each of the major and minor parks and the transportation map? I just finished a long hassle with WDW getting copies of individual park guidemaps for my MIL who's very vision impaired. I did finally get the maps, but life would have been so much easier for me (and for them ;) ) if those maps were in the Guidebook for Guests with Disabilities.

I don't think most people realize how important a pre-orientation to the area can be for a disABLED person. Knowing that the restaurant where we're meeting for dinner is just to the left of this particular (really easy to spot) attraction can be a huge time saver. Not to mention it gives some peace of mind to those of us leaving the disABLED person alone for a little while.

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04-15-2001, 02:49 PM
I would love to add information RE: traveling with an adult who is disabled. My husband has Lou Gehrigs desease. He travels with his own EVC. He is unble to walk or even stand with out holding on to something. We usually fly in to Orlando, but in '93 we drove our motor home for what was to be our last family trip--that is a whole other story. I know what works for us and hope that the same information may benefit some one else. Well please let me know, My e-mail address is dalepool@msn.com PattyN ;)


04-15-2001, 06:29 PM
Thank you !! Thank you !!

I just returned from Oklahoma after spending Easter with my parents. We talked about our next trip to WDW. My father is 80 and is beginning to be fearful of trying things. My sister who is confined to a wheelchair and must have someone else transfer her in and out of her chair and my mom who is 74 want to go. I told dad that it would be ok that I knew just the people with the answers we need.
Detailed descriptions of the restrooms, ability to navigate a wheelchair in the rooms, restrooms in the parks for those who need assistance, rooms to change adults with a problem because the restrooms were hard to get to, maps and detailed descriptions of the transportation options, etc. You've hit on so many things we have wondered about.
Another I was thinking of was the smoothness or lack of of the rides and sudden noise factors.
My sister's head is enlarged because of hydrocephalis and jerking motions as a result are very hard on her.( She was injured at birth 53 years ago and surgery had not been developed at that time) Also, her disability also makes sudden loud noises very upsetting to her. I, as a teacher, know that this is not a unique problem for many children with disabilities.
I am going to be looking forward to all the updates.
Thank you again.


SueM in MN
04-15-2001, 08:35 PM
just keep thinking of things and we will never run out of things for people to post and ask that might help someone else.«

SueM in MN
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04-19-2001, 12:53 AM
great thread

PS - Teri, I love your earlier signature:

"My brain takes a vacation just to give my heart more room..."

04-19-2001, 09:45 AM
Wes, it is a snip of a Springsteen song that reminded me of meeting my husband back in our college days. :)

I got a bit overwhelmed working on the next section of the FAQ, lots of info out there on this board!!!! Always looking for more ideas! who knows if we will ever pull this together, but by gosh we can sure try. :)

http://www.wdwinfo.com/sites/teri4/teri.GIF DIS disABILITIES Discussion Board FAQ under construction! (http://www.wdwinfo.com/sites/teri4/DISindex.html)
"My brain takes a vacation just to give my heart more room..."

04-19-2001, 04:45 PM
The trip to the World is still bugging me - there HAS to be an airline out there that excels getting handicapped people to the right place with little or no hassle.

Continental ain't it - I can tell you that. Continental passengers are more helpful than anyone that works there! (OK, sweeping generalization, but if the flight attendant of the year is no help, and no one else that we met has helped, I'm not sure who will.)

Our trip on Delta was far better. Out of the two, I would say Delta excels. We must find a direct flight at a reasonable price, that's the biggest need. Then I just call, call, call to make sure they are aware of our needs. Delta reserved the front row of the bulkhead for us when I made the reservation. Continental won't!!! They are "saving it".... for whom??? I'd say carrying a tall 11 year old into a plane is a good enough reason not to have to go down too many rows.

Any other airplane stories??

By the way - this trip we went onto POTC a totally different way - we went through the fence on the left and came in near the elevator again. This trip I was also pleased at how accessible Universal Studios and Island Of Adventure are.

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SueM in MN
04-20-2001, 11:57 AM
We've flown a lot of different airlines and haven't found one yet that is really great. We flew this time on Sun Country. The staff were fine, but they do not have computer systems that let them preassign seats for any reason. We got to the airport early going and coming and got seats that were fine, but it is an unneccessary hassle to heve to do that.
I don't remember which airline it was, but a few years ago we were on one that would not LET us get OFF until all (and I do mean ALL) the other passengers had gotten off. And we had a tight connection to make. They said that was OK, they would have the other plane held for us. We actually had to wait even though the aisle was totally clear of people and the last people on the back of the plane were searching for their bags for 10 minutes. But the airline had "rules" and would not bend. What was especially bad was my DH and other DD had already gotten off and were wondering why Katrina and I were still on!˙

SueM in MN
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