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10-25-2000, 05:42 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone here has experience with these chairs, it's a little OT from Disney talk though....

Anyways, I have a manual chair right now that I can't push... but the insurance has approved a scooter... but then I'm thinking perhaps a powerchair would be a better idea.... some Jazzy's come with the power seat, which would allow me to be in the kitchen & prepare meals at the counter, something I can't do right now... I have very limited mobility...

One thing about the Jazzy with the seat lift, my feet didn't hit the platform, so it was really uncomfortable for me, and caused pain from the pressure to the muscles in my chest... does anyone have experience with the elevating footrests with the jazzy? I don't know all there is to know about the details, and neither did the store that sold them!!! So I'm hoping you guys can help me!!

One more question on the jazzy, it has a contoured seat that you sit on, and unfortunately I can't sit on a contoured seat because of the pressure it put on my chest muscles... they have some other kind of seat? I'm not sure what it is called, but it is flat? Do you guys know what I'm talking about?


10-25-2000, 01:49 PM
Chris, It might be a good idea to have a therapist or w/c specialist measure you up for a seating system. Usually those people can get you correctly fitted for the best w/c system for you. They also can help write up a letter to the insurance agency detailing the necessary adjustments needed so that the w/c is the best suited for your needs. There are so many great products out on the market it is hard to decide which would be best for you. It is great that the insurance has ok'd the scooter. Hopefully they will consider the advantages of having a professional fit you with the correct type of device the first time around. Rather than have You purchase something that is uncomfortable,or may cause further difficulties. I have had a couple of patients who owned Jazzies, they were happy with their purchases. Best of luck, Joan

10-25-2000, 03:32 PM
I tried one out once at a big medical store we used to have here and let me tell you if I ever needed a chair that would be the one for me. You can turn that chair all the way around and it never moves. All I could think about was how great this chair would be in the bathroom or narrow hallways.

No offense mamajoan but I know a lot of parents who used the judgment of a physical therapist when getting a chair and they hate their kids chair. I say this because with 2 kids in chairs for a total of 5 chairs in the last 8 years between the 2 of them I listened to the PT the first time and from then on found what the kids wanted and worked with the supplier for the fit and options.

SueM in MN
10-25-2000, 06:06 PM
Here is a link to ˇwheelchairjunkie.com (http://www.wheelchairjunkie.com/page2.html) . They have reviews by users of different types of wheelchair and they do have a review of a Jazzy wheelchair.
And here is a link to Jazzie's web site (http://www.pridemobility.com/). When I was visiting the Physical Therapy department once in the hospital where I work, they had a Jazzy chair and I tested it out. It turns on a dime and did seem really nice. We did discuss this type of chair when we were ordering my dd's new power chair, but the seating system just wouldn't work for her.

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10-25-2000, 08:18 PM
Michigan, sorry your kids had some difficulties with chairs. Sometimes people don't realize the utterly total importance of a w/c is the comfortable factor. It has got to provide the best comfortable positions with the most mobility. I think the people that are designing peds w/c are truely creative humans. I am often amazed by some of the really cool chairs they design. I do believe it helps to have someone with prior w/c, seating system knowledge help sort thru all the options, most of all they have got to listen to the w/c user. Different strokes for different folks...Different chairs for different derriers! sp? /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

10-26-2000, 02:38 AM
It was only the first chair witht the oldest DD that I didn't like. I think PT's tend to do things more text book and the wheelchair supplier offers more this is what works easiest and best.

But again back to the original post that Jazzy is smooth. A woman at my church is looking into the Jazzy and my wheelchair supplier said it is easier to get the insurance to pay for a jazzy then any other power chair when a scooter is requested. I liked the fact that you can climb a curb with it.

10-26-2000, 06:01 AM
My therapist insisted on a "wheelchair seating" which was for the vendor to provide options for me to try, such as seat cushions, back support, foot rests, joy stick placement, etc. I had more than one session to try different configurations. It should not be a hit or miss situation. Also if you tire at the end of the day and need adapt to accommodate weakness etc make sure your chair works then. Make sure you drive the chair. I tried mine out all over the hospital to see if it would work in different settings, like the cafe, narrow hallways, around the bed.
Good Luck!

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10-26-2000, 09:41 AM
Hi Everyone, Thanks for the comments, keep them coming!!

I went to the neurologist today, and he did say to try for the Power Chair... especially since it will help with being able to cook meals & stuff.. otherwise the insurance would have to cover a home health aid since we have 2 small children... the insurance should be more than happy to cover the jazzy WE hope!!!

When we looked at the Jazzy, we went to a medical supply place, they only had the one chair... Where should I go that might have many chairs to try out? I've got lots of ideas about what I want, I know that it is very important to get a comfortable chair - otherwise, the muscles are bad... believe it or not, my breezy manual chair is very comfortable for me.. straight bottom, straight back, that is more along the lines of what feels more comfortable!!

Well thanks again, looking forward to more feedback!!

10-26-2000, 02:10 PM
If you lived in S.E. Michigan I could tell you where to go no problem. If you don't have a vendor that you use at all start with the yellow pages ask if they sell the Jazzy chair and most important ask what their turn around time is from the time you choose the chair until chair delivery. Some people take so long to bill the insurance that by the time you get the chair it is 6 months or more. Once you find a vendor you want to work with ask him to arrange for the Pride (maker of Jazzy) representative for your area bring the model you are interested in a different seating options. The Pride reps will be more then happy to show you what they have to offer since that's their job.

SueM in MN
10-27-2000, 05:53 PM
I have to put in a good word for PTs. We have had a good working relationship with the PTs that work with Katrina and they have been very valuable for us since she is a hard positioning problem and is very hard on her wheelchairs. I think Michigan has one really good point, though. Anyone who only "works by the book" and isn't willing to keep trying things to see what works in the real world is not going to be helpful. We've been lucky to have the kind who keep trying differnt things and are not afraid to throw the book away ehn necessary.≈

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11-25-2000, 06:45 PM
I know I am late coming in here but I do have a Jazzy 1103. You need your therapist and doctor to prescribe what you will need on your Jazzy. There are many options and quite a few different models of Jazzy. Mine is the mini Jazzy. We had to elevate my footrest to the top as I am very short. I have the contoured seat but use a pillow to shortten the depth of the chair.
They have a rehab section on the Jazzy Users Board which you can ask questions and they will contact you directly and work with you and your provider.
Corey and Teri who are the Jazzy reps are great, Teri is a Jazzy user as well.
write me at lisapooh@mindspring.com if you have questions. Also if you tell them where you are located they will point you to a provider.


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Thanks Teri!! Off to send a few emails :)