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08-04-2007, 10:07 PM
I finally have some time to sit down and write a little about our trip. I tried some new foods this trip and really liked them.

I tried the Dole Whip Float (OMG is this good) and Creme Brulee (Yummy). I tried 4 Creme Brulee's and my favorite was from YC Galley. It was a Maple Creme Brulee and it was delicious. Coming up a close second was the Vanilla from WGP Cafe, followed by WGP Express (same as Cafe but in a deeper container so there was more custard so the ratio was a little off), and then the Banana from Kona. I usually love all things banana, but I'm not fond of it on Creme Brulee.

Here are the places we ate at. If anyone has any questions just let me know. I'll try my best to answer.

Mama Melrose Fantasmic Pkg.
YC Galley Dinner
Cape May Cafe Dinner
Spoodles Breakfast
WGP Cafe
Chef Mickey's Dinner
Hollywood and Vine Dinner
Turf Club Bar and Grill Dinner
Raglan Road Dinner
Kona Cafe Dinner

Counter Service places and snacks were at:
Boardwalk Bakery
Seashore Sweets
Electric Umbrella
Sunshine Seasons
Artist's Palette
WGP Express
Main Street Bakery
Pretzels from Wetzel's Pretzels
Frozen Mocha's from Ghirardelli's
American Pavillion in Epcot

08-04-2007, 10:21 PM
Raglan Road, Wolfgang Puck Cafe, and Sunshine Seasons!


08-04-2007, 10:37 PM
I'd like to hear about the Cape May dinner and Raglan Road.
Thanks! :)

08-05-2007, 11:39 AM
This was a new restaurant for us and we loved it. The ribs there are fantastic! The clam chowder was really good too. My kids loved it. My dh couldn't get enough of the mussels. He said they were good also.

The desserts they had were cheesecake, oreo bon bon (this is a new favorite for me), flan, stawberry mousse, key lime tarts, and cookies. Everything I tried was really good and fresh. I tried everything but the flan. Don't care for the stuff.

The only complaint was the lines for the buffet. They were a little confusing. They had 3 or 4 separate lines for the buffet and of course the line for the Ribs was the longest at all times. But the ribs are good so I waited, several times.

This place is going on the list for must do's every trip. We are adding it on for our Nov. trip.

08-05-2007, 11:52 AM
We loved this restaurant last year but were less than impressed this time around. Our waitress was very slow and we had to ask for everything. Even getting the bread was trouble.

Last year when we went we were served this delicous soda bread with sweet dip so we were expecting the same this time. We waited and waited until we finally asked. "Can we get some of that delicious bread you serve." And this was the reply from our server. "Oh, you want bread. Ok." I don't know if it was because we were on the dining plan or if the server was just having a bad day, but I was a little annoyed. We noticed all the other tables getting there bread basket a few minutes after sitting down, so why didn't we? We noticed a decline in service at most restaurants when using the dining plan. Very upsetting to us.

Our appy's were Seared Scallops (very small portion for $10 IMHO), Italian Irish mac n' cheese (dd said this was very good), and seared beef salad (dh said this was good).

Moving on to entree's. DH had the Shepard's Pie, both dd and I had the sirloin steak (pretty good and cooked to our asking), and 2 younger kids both had the Atlantic Fish.

Desserts were ice cream for the kids, Bread and Butter Pudding for me (still my favorite dessert), dd had triple mousse dessert, and dh had the Dunbrody Kiss which I tried and was very rich and chocolately. Very good.

So we were a little upset with RR so we took it off the list for November trip. Not because the food was bad or anything because it was very good. For service reasons.

08-05-2007, 12:07 PM
Wolfgang Puck & Spoodles please!

08-05-2007, 12:12 PM
Thanks for the positive review of Cape May! Yea! :) We'll be trying it for the first time in Dec.. Great to hear it's a good choice!

We don't have Raglan Road on our ADR list. I've just heard about it recently and thought I'd investigate. I am concerned with the slow service I've been reading about and the DDP. We're trying it for the first time on our upcoming trip. I think I'd have a hard time being quiet about the discrepancy in service. It would bug me to no end! Hopefully it only happens once in a blue moon. Was that your experience?

Thank you for the reviews.

08-05-2007, 12:28 PM
we will be trying RR for the first in a weeks too. I am sorry that your server was ruining your rerun to RR in Nov. When we return next month, we will post our reviews too. Let's hope the service compliments the food.

08-05-2007, 01:58 PM
We love the Express so we decided to try the Cafe and we were not disappointed. It is a noisy place but it didn't bother us because we have 3 kids.

Our server was excellent. She always had our glasses filled and checked on us several times during our dinner and in between courses.

For starters I had the Chicken Quesadilla (love this at the express), dh had the chips with Magtag (very tastey), and dd 10 had the spinach and cheese dip (she didn't like it, not surprising, but the rest of us loved it and so did the 2 younger dd's).

Our entree's were dd 10 four cheese ravioli with alfredo sauce. She loved every bite. She said that it was probably the best ravioli's she's had so far and she orders ravioli at many restaurants here at home. I had the ribs and boy were they superb. They were falling off the bone and very meaty. The Asian BBQ sauce was so good. Best ribs in Disney so far. DH had the Spicy Chicken Penne which he said was good. DD's 6 and 8 had the Tic Tac Toe Pepperoni Pizza and they ate the whole thing. It smelled very good and they said it was good too.

For dessert the 2 younger dd's had the Make your own Sundae Palette. DD 10 had the White Choc. Cheesecake, dh had the Choc. souffle, and I had Vanilla Creme Brulee which is another favorite of mine now after tasting Creme Brulee this trip. I'm kicking myself for not tasting it sooner. The crunchy sugar topping with the creamy smooth custard works so well together.

We will be returning here in November. Outstanding service and food. Also loved being able to look out the window and see SSR and the water. Very nice view.

08-05-2007, 02:02 PM
Thanks for the WGP review, can't wait to try it!

08-05-2007, 03:10 PM
Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for posting.

inky dinky doo
08-05-2007, 04:56 PM
Great reviews! I would love to try Wolfgang Puck Cafe, sometime. You make it all sound so good.

What did you think of Spoodles' breakfast? We went there several years ago, when they still had their Mediterranean breakfast platter, but haven't been back since. We'll be at the Beach Club this fall, though, and I was thinking about hitting Spoodles one morning. I'd love to hear what you thought.

08-05-2007, 07:59 PM
Ok, I'm not a breakfast person. I only did this because my dh wanted to have a nice breakfast the morning we checked out of the BWV and into SSR.

We had a 9:15 ADR and there were only 2 other people in the place. I guess everyone was over at the BC Buffet with the characters.

Our server was nice and the food was good. Nothing exciting, just regular breakfast food.

I had the French Toast. It was nice and thick. I think it might have been challa bread. DH had the All American Breakfast which had eggs, sausage, and potatoes. Dd 10 had the pancakes which was way too much food for her. She said they were good but only ate about 1/4 of it. Dd 8 had eggs over medium with bacon from the kids menu, and dd 6 had the mini Mickey waffles with bacon from the kids menu also. Everyone else ate their breakfast and thought it was very good.

No complaints. I'm just not a breakfast person.

08-05-2007, 08:43 PM
I would love to hear about the YC Galley & the Turf Club dinners. Thanks.

08-05-2007, 09:15 PM
I would love to hear about the MM Fantasmic package, Kona Cafe Dinner, and Main Street Bakery. Thanks!

08-06-2007, 12:47 PM
This is a new CS place for us and I loved it! :love:

It gets very crowded but we were able to find seats after we got our food.

I had the Turkey and Muenster on Foccacia bread. It was delicious!:cloud9: I had the Key Lime Pie for dessert and it was huge and very good. Just a water for drink.

DH had the Grilled Salmon and he couldn't believe the quality for a CS restaurant. I can't recall what he had for dessert but I'm sure it was some kind of chocolate cake. Also had water.

DD 10 had the Caesar Salad with grilled chicken. She liked it and it was very large. She had a brownie for dessert and water.

DD 8 had the Mac n' Cheese and a water. No desserts on dining plan here because you get carrots or grapes or both. :confused3 She shared the brownie with older daughter because it was big.

DD 6 had the Mini Sub and she ate every bite. She had water and shared some of my key lime pie.

I will definitely be stopping by here again or more than once on our November trip.

08-06-2007, 12:52 PM
I would love to hear about the YC Galley & the Turf Club dinners. Thanks.

Hi! We were in your neck of the woods after our Disney trip. We went to Cape Cod for a couple of days and it is very beautiful. We stayed in West Yarmouth.

I'll get the reviews done for you.

08-06-2007, 12:54 PM
I would like to hear about your experience at Mama Melrose. There have been mixed reviews and we have ADRs there for September (including the Fantasmic package).


08-06-2007, 01:09 PM
We stayed at the YC last year and never tried this restaurant so I decided to add it for this trip.

The rolls they serve you are really good. We even had a second helping on them.

I had the Crab Cakes for starters with coleslaw. Very good and filling. For my entree I had the Seafood Penne Pasta Dish. It was ok. I thought it was a little too spicy for my taste. If I knew it was spicy I wouldn't have ordered it. I don't remember if it said spicy on the menu or not. For dessert I tried Creme Brulee. This was my first taste of this dessert and it was heavenly.:cloud9: It was a Maple flavored Creme Brulee and I loved every bite. I wish I had some right now.

DH had the Spinach Cheese Dip which everyone shared because it was a lot. He also got the Seafood Penne and he said it was ok too. He likes spicy food so I'm not sure why he said it was ok. For dessert he had the cheesecake and ate it all so I guess it was good.

DD 10 had the Caesar Salad to start with the Top Sirloin for her entree. She ate almost all of it. For dessert she had the Chocolate Mousse and said it was yummy.

Both younger dd's had the chicken soup for starters, with chicken strips and the dessert kabob's which came with a Mickey straw.

I thought that this restaurant was ok. The food was good and the service was good. No complaints.

08-06-2007, 01:18 PM
I would love to hear about Chef Mickey's.

08-06-2007, 01:31 PM
This was another one of those restaurants that we thought was just ok. Not bad but not great.

Our experience started off on a bad note. We were offered the first round table that was practically in the lounge. We really don't like to sit where people are checking in at the podium so we asked if we could have something else. So the CM went and checked and we were seated at a very small table for 4. My youngest had to sit on the end of the table and share space with dh and I. We were very cramped. I could understand if they were crowded but they weren't. Most of the restaurant was empty. My dh noticed that there were big round tables like the one in the front that were empty. Then a few minutes later a party of 3 adults and 1 child come in and they are seated. Guess where they are? Yep, in the big round table in the back. Just four of them and 5 of us are cramped at a small table.:headache:

Anyway, we stayed there and just ordered our food. I had the crab cakes for my appy and they were good. I tried the blackberry lemonade and that was really good. I was told I couldn't have refills on that because I was on the dining plan.:confused3 I could pay oop for it but why bother. I just had a water after that. For my entree I had the ribs and after having WGP Cafe's ribs I wasn't impressed. They were two bones together so it was harder to eat. Not much meat like WGP's either. For dessert I had the cheesecake and it was good.

DH had Buffalo Chicken Strips for his appy and he said they were just the way he likes them. For his entree he had the Tuna which he never had before. He had it cooked the way the chef prefers it and he said he didn't like the middle part that was like sushi. He should have ordered it the way he wanted. That was his fault. I'm sure others love Tuna done this way. For his dessert he had the Chocolate Lave cake and said it was good.

DD 10 had the Caesar Salad with a steak for her entree. Having a 10 year old order off the adult menu is sometimes a pain. She liked everything she ordered but she couldn't never finish her whole meal. For dessert she had the cheesecake and liked it.

Both younger dd's had the chicken noodle soup (yep again), mac n' cheese, and make your own sundae. They wanted fruit but our waitress said they didn't have that.

Overall impression. Ok food and pretty good service. Not adding this restaurant to our list anytime soon.

08-06-2007, 01:45 PM
This is a new CS place for us and I loved it! :love:

We fell in love with Sunshine Seasons too! I had the rotisserie chicken flatbread, it was the best CS of the trip. DS also raved about the salmon.:thumbsup2

08-06-2007, 03:51 PM
Basicly there is no difference between the Fantasmic Pkg. and what you get on the dining plan. Not sure if this is only with people using the dining plan or if they changed the package. Anyway here are my thoughts.

I like Mama Melrose. It's one of my favorites. Now will I ever do the Fantasmic Pkg.again. Not sure. Probably not. There was a 9 PM showing that night and we went to the front of MGM after our dinner at about 7 PM just to make sure we knew where to go and there was a crowd of people there already. We decided to wait there and go in when they open the doors, which was about 15 min. after we got there. It was still too long to wait for us. We were in the theater for about 1 hr. 40 min. It was too long for the kids to sit there and wait.

The show was good but IMHO not worth the time waiting in the theater. Please don't flame me.

The food at MM was good and our waiter was great. He made sure our glasses were filled at all times and asked if we needed anything several times.

I had the Caesar Salad for my appy and the Salmon for my entree. I thought it was very good and fresh. For dessert I had the Hazelnut Ricotta Cheesecake.

DH picked the Artisan Breads and Spreads for his appy and he wasn't happy with it. I tried it and didn't like any of the spreads and the bread seemed a little hard for my liking. For his entree he ordered the Spaghetti Fra Diavolo.
He liked the spice in it but that was it. He said after that he made a bad decision ordering spaghetti. I think for now on I need to order for him.:rolleyes1 His dessert was the Chocolate Gelato. Tasted like regular ice cream.:confused3

DD 10 had the Caesar Salad and the Butcher Tender Steak again. She ate most of it but didn't touch the Red Pepper Polenta that came with it. I tried that and it was amazing. I ate that for her. For dessert she had the Warm chocolate truffle cake and she said she doesn't like warm cake afterall so she only had a few bites.:rolleyes1

DD8 had the child's salad with pepperoni pizza and ice cream sundae for dessert.

DD6 had the chicken noodle soup with the pepperoni pizza and ice cream sundae for dessert. I didn't try the pizza but it looked really good and both kids ate the whole thing so it had to be good.

Mama Melrose is a tradition for us on every trip. We always enjoy the food and service here.

08-06-2007, 04:14 PM
We did the MM package in early July, and loved it. With the fantasmic package, you have to arrive 30 minutes early for the preferred seating. We got there at 8:20 and sat very close to the bottom of the bleachers with no problem. 40 minutes was still a long wait when it's hot, but wasn't too bad with the sun setting.
As for MM, we were thrilled with the food. We had the bread app., calamari, and minestrone. My sister's dinner was the same as your hubby's, but she ordered it lightly spiced, and said the seafood in it was great. I had the penne with panchetta, the kids had ziti and spaghetti. I forget what we had for dessert, but I do know that we were so pleasantly surprised with the food and service that this was the ONLY place during our weeklong trip that I left an extra tip above the 18% that the dining plan does.

08-06-2007, 04:20 PM

I would love to hear a review of Hollywood & Vine dinner....

Thanks so much! :flower3:

08-06-2007, 04:48 PM
Great reviews! Sorry to hear about RR.:confused3 We too had a great meal there last Sept. and are returning this Sept. Hopefully, your experience was just an isolated incident. I'll be posted my DR when we get back.

I'm already tasting Not Your Bleedin' Chowder and Ger's Bread 'n Butter Pudding. So good! :cloud9:

How was Kona? It's one of our favs!

08-06-2007, 06:17 PM
We always make a trip to Chef Mickey. Love the characters and the food is good too.

We sat in the back room this time and had a great time. We loved the mashed cheddar potatoes (favorite), cold shrimp, they had Terriaki (sp?) Beef that was really good. And the oreo bon bons at the dessert table are delicious. I had a few.:cloud9:

Not much to report here. They have a nice buffet and the characters make it a really great time. It's a must for us every trip.

08-06-2007, 06:27 PM
This was a new restaurant for us. We were supposed to go to Narcoossee's this night but had to cancel due to my aching feet. I couldn't squeeze them into my nice shoes and I wouldn't want to wear my sneakers here.

I really liked this buffet a lot. I was pleased to see salmon on the buffet along with a great tasting chicken. I think it was called Mediterranean Chicken. They had tomato and mozzerella salad, cold shrimp, really good polenta, and some yummy corn casserole.

Our server was great. He cleared our dishes quickly and kept my dh's iced tea filled.

I was missing 1900 PF this trip because they are closed for refurb, but this place really hit the spot.

08-06-2007, 06:43 PM
This also was a new restaurant to make up for not going to Narcoossee's since that was a 2 TS restaurant.

Loved the Pineapple Bread with the Macadamia Nut Butter. :love: So delicious. If the rest of our meal was horrible I would still go back just for that bread. It was that good.

But our meals were not horrible. The food was very good. Our server was terrific.

I had the crab cakes for my appy and they were the perfect size. Not too big and definitely not too small. The Asian tartar sauce gave them a nice flavor. I had the fillet Mignon for my entree cooked Medium and it was so tender and juicy. Loved every bite. The mashed potatoes that accompany it were very good also. For dessert I had to try the Banana Creme Brulee. It was good.

DH had the Kona Salad to start. He loves anything with Blue Cheese. For his entree he had the Shrimp and Scallops. It was very good but he was a little disappointed in the size. I think he had 2 of each on his plate. Dessert was White Chocolate Cheesecake. He thought this was the best cheesecake he had in a while.

DD 10 had the Caesar Salad, again. She also had the Fillet Mignon cooked well done. It came out perfect. Not cooked to the point where she couldn't eat it either. She loved it. This was her first Fillet. For dessert she had the Creme Brulee because she tried the one I had at WGP and she loved it. But of course she didn't like it because she didn't care for the banana's. I couldn't just let it go to waste now so I made the sacrifice and ate that too.

Both younger dd's had the chicken noodle soup, mac n' cheese, and ice cream.

I would eat here again in the future. Very nice restaurant.

08-08-2007, 11:43 AM
Thanks for the Hollywood & Vine review.
It will be a new one for us, too - glad to hear you had a positive experience!!

I enjoy reading your other reviews as well!!

Thanks bunches! :thumbsup2

08-08-2007, 11:55 AM
Glad you liked Kona! Like I posted previously it's one of our favs. In fact, we have 2 ADRs for next month and ever since we first tried in (while on DDP in Jan. 05) we've eaten there at least once per trip, and on most trips, twice. My DM really likes it and DD7 and I love the sticky wings. Usually, DD can just make a meal out of those and leave me with a few too!

08-08-2007, 03:36 PM
How did DH like the Shepherd's Pie at Ragalan Road? Going there our next trip and am considering this.


08-09-2007, 03:15 AM
thank you for the review on Cape may! I have reservations there next week and was wondering if i should keep them, i will! ;-) sounds yummy!

08-09-2007, 08:43 PM
How did DH like the Shepherd's Pie at Ragalan Road? Going there our next trip and am considering this.


He said it was pretty good. He ate the whole thing so it must have been good.

08-14-2007, 10:20 AM
I am looking forward to Kona Cafe I almost wish I had made reservations there twice.