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01-14-2001, 05:03 PM
lift to get in and out of bed, etc. Does anyone know where I could get one

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SueM in MN
01-14-2001, 07:37 PM
If you are staying on site, that sounds like the type of thing that you can get help from WDW Resort Special Reservations at (407) 939-7807 (voice) or (407) 939-7670 (TTY).
Lifts are not listed in the items thye provide, but I am sure you are not the first to have the question.
If they can't help you, here is a list of medical equipment suppliers:
CARE Medical Equipment - 1-800-741-2282
www.caremedicalequipment.com (http://www.caremedicalequipment.com)

RANDY'S Mobility in Kissimmee 407-892-4777

Walker Medical - 1-800-334-9501
www.walkermobility.com (http://www.walkermobility.com)
Good luck and hope things work out well for you.

SueM in MN
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