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07-26-2007, 10:25 AM
Alas, we are back. We have been back for almost a week, and I was going to start writing right away, but when I loaded the pictures the post-Disney depression set in...I loathe acknowledging that our trip is actually over :guilty:

This trip was my mom (veg. for a little over 40 years), me (vegetarian for 12 years), and my sister (vegetarian for 10 years). This was our fifth trip in 5 summers and our second using the dining plan.

*sigh* Hopefully my enthusiasm will return at some point during these reviews---we were looking at a teacher convention trip for F&W, but we hesitated and airfare jumped $200 yesterday...but maybe I'll take a personal day and we'll do a long weekend during the holiday season. We will be going back next spring or summer, in any event, but at the moment I feel very down.

Anyway, back on track. Here's where we ate:
July 12: Crystal Palace lunch (OOP---rewards dollars...this turned out to be a mistake)

July 13: Cape May breakfast (OOP)
Cosmic Ray's snack (OOP)
Chefs de France dinner (DDP)

July 14: Crystal Palace breakfast (OOP)
Wine at France (OOP)
Le Cellier dinner (DDP)

July 15: Sunshine Seasons Breakfast snack & lunch (DDP)
Treats at Sommerfest in Germany (OOP)
Coral Reef dinner (DDP)

July 16: Flame Tree Barbeque snack (DDP)
Alfredo's dinner (DDP)
Drinks from Morocco (OOP)

July 17: Flame Tree snack (DDP)
Starring Rolls lunch (DDP)
Rose & Crown dinner (DDP)

July 18: Sunshine Seasons lunch (DDP)
School Bread at Norway (OOP)
'Ohana dinner (DDP)

July 19: Crystal Palace breakfast---meant to be brunch (DDP)
Samosas in MK (OOP)
Alfredo's dinner (DDP)
Boulangerie Patisserie to take back to hotel (DDP)

July 20: Sunshine Seasons lunch & many extra to take home (DDP)

We also ended up taking home 15 snacks, I believe. It did feel like a lot of food this year, but it really is fun to take home food, so if it stays the same (which I really hope it does), we'll likely do it again. Just the table service, even with the cheap ones like the CP breakfast and 'Ohana, made the plan worth it. Our bill at Alfredo's was $150 and there wasn't a course we wouldn't have wanted (which is why we added a second---we were going to repeat Chefs but didn't love it as much this year...still good, but didn't need the second).

In the interest of not losing what I've written, I'm going to start a new post for Crystal Palace...

07-26-2007, 10:38 AM
Anyway, this is our second year starting our trip with Crystal Palace. This is a tradition we definitely intend to continue: We fly out early in the morning, so our bodies are all confused by the time we get there, and this way we all can eat whatever it is we want without being committed to one dish. This is good because you never know what you'll feel like eating after all the preparation and flying, and we love Crystal Palace.

It didn't disappoint! I think our server that day was Stephen, and he was fine. We asked for (and received) a window seat so we could look out at the castle and glance at the parade (which I didn't find particularly riveting). We also had a beautiful tree with gorgeous purple flowers right outside our table. Stephen told us what it was called, and I promptly forgot.

Anyway, on to the FOOD!

Clockwise from broccoli: Broccoli, Corn Spoon Bread, Fritata, Pasta Salad, roasted vegetables (I think---including the peas), vegetable caponada (can barely see this), lemon infused basmati rice (?), mashed potatoes

Same plate, different angle

Coconut flan! :cool1:

Lots of different salads

clockwise from broccoli, seasonal vegetables with something aioli, corn spoon bread, vegetable caponada on basmati rice, couscous salad, garlic mashed potatoes

Lots of stuff---I'm not even going to try on this one. My mom puts everything so close together!

Clockwise from pineapple: pineapple & grape in mixed fruit with honey & mint salad, roasted vegetables, veg. caponada, cheeses: murcia del vino, fourme d'ambert, and cu...?, couscous salad

Another hodge podge plate

Clockwise from pineapple: pineapple, honeydew, & grape in mixed fruit with honey & mint salad, roasted vegetables, veg. caponada, cheeses: murcia del vino, fourme d'ambert, and cu...?, couscous salad

Clockwise from cheese: Murcia del Vino (purple rind), couscous salad, veg. caponada on basmati rice, mixed fruit with honey & mint salad

Clockwise chocolate cake: Chocolate whiskey cake torte (?), bread pudding, coconut flan, fourme d'ambert, and murcia del vino

Clockwise from pink stuff: strawberry cheesecake, chocolate whiskey cake torte (this was great---not a strong alcohol flavor), coconut flan, murcia del vino, and fourme d'ambert

ETA: OKAY! I THINK I have it working now, and hopefully all the photos are still attached to the right descriptions as I had to start fresh and put the pics on shutterfly instead of snapfish :mad:

Actual reviews are coming, as are pics of the buffet itself (courtesy of my sister, who---honest to goodness---did it with the disboard vegetarians in her heart ;) )

More later because this has been a source of some frustration!

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The only picture that is showing up is your first one.:confused3

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Bah, it looks like maybe Snapfish doesn't support this anymore. It worked last year...:confused3
So it'll be a bit since apparently I need to use photobucket.

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Looking forward to the rest.

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Subscribing!! I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm not a big meat eater at all; so I'm looking forward to seeing what you ate. :thumbsup2

07-27-2007, 03:21 AM
Excellent ~ Lovely piccies.

07-27-2007, 02:27 PM
Love it, keep it up for the vegetarians who love pictures and new places to eat. It will be our first time to Crystal Palace before MNSSHP, I am excited after seeing all the great food.

07-27-2007, 03:06 PM
Can't wait to read more:thumbsup2

07-27-2007, 03:21 PM
Hey space ace~~I notice you didn't go to Boma on your trip. I've got it down for 3 meals on our trip just for the great reviews on veggie dining. Love the pics from Crystal Palace as we too are having lunch there in December. Thanks so much for sharing and looking forward to your other reviews as well.

07-27-2007, 05:39 PM
Hey space ace~~I notice you didn't go to Boma on your trip. I've got it down for 3 meals on our trip just for the great reviews on veggie dining. Love the pics from Crystal Palace as we too are having lunch there in December. Thanks so much for sharing and looking forward to your other reviews as well.

Have you been to Boma? We've had two extremely negative experiences there (there's a link in my signature to my 2006 review)...poor service and not that great of food. Also, almost none of the desserts are vegetarian.

Sorry, Boma is a sore spot for me.

07-27-2007, 06:07 PM
I've been to boma 2x and had great experiences both times. If you can't find anything to eat as a veggie please ask the chef or your server, when I did this they MADE me a huge meal, and also made a special dessert that was insane. But the second time I went there was pleanty to eat anyway we just ate the buffet.

I would say though, depending on your trip length, that 3x is a lot. There is TONS of other vegetarian dining options in the world, I would consider trying other places! Some of the great places we've found: Mama Melrose in MGM, San Angel Inn (they have a seperate menu that has 2 veggie options and the one we had was really good!), Alfredos the food was good but the service was definately lacking. In the past I had great meals at spoodles but since they have changed the menu I'm not sure I'd try again. In 2003 they had this vegetarian stuffed pepper that was one of the best meals I've ever had. :(

Anyway just wanted to mention that.


07-27-2007, 06:12 PM
Anyway, the Crystal Palace food reviews. We LOVE, love, LOVE Crystal Palace. So here we go:

Broccoli tossed in Puri Puri and topped with Key Lime Ponzu: It was good, as usual. I found the Puri Puri & Key lime...had a little less kick than before. I think this was running low when I grabbed it, but one would think that would have given it more kick.

Corn Spoon Bread: LOVE this stuff. I love black pepper, and this definitely has it! Crunchy on the outside, sweet, spicy, and creamy on the inside. YUM.

Frittata: Per my mom, "Delicious, seasoned just right, with lots of veggies, particularly roasted red peppers." I don't do frittata because I don't care for obvious egg---unless it's egg custard in a dessert or occasionally quiche. But anyway, my mom really enjoys the frittata here---interestingly, she's found it to be far better at lunch than at breakfast.

Pasta Salad: "Oh, it was yummy. Lots of Kalamata olives. Absolutely delicious." Somehow I missed this one :confused3 and then later I was too full and didn't seek it out. You can see this in one of the hodge podge plates (my mom would like it noted that that's an olive in the foreground, not a prune :rotfl: )

Seasonal Vegetables with ??? Aioli: I think I called this roasted vegetables somewhere, so as you can tell, they weren't super memorable. As I recall, they were very good, but not really unusual. My sister just finished pointing out that Crystal Palace has the leg up because so much of the vegetarian stuff isn't or doesn't feel like side dishes, and even with these, they felt main dish-y. What looked like white asparagus in this, however, was nasty-stringy and bitter.

Vegetable Caponada: This was DELICIOUS! This had eggplant and capers and some other things---we're thinking summer squash and zucchini. This replaced a curry dish that we LOVED, but this was really excellent. Everything in it was perfectly cooked, and it was seasoned so it had a little kick but also a definite sweetness. This was great paired with the basmati rice, which was, as always, great under the various dishes but remarkably delicious in its own right.

Garlic Smashed Potatoes: As usual, really, really yummy. My one word of advice would be to make sure that you don't eat these right after the caponada, which is super-flavorful, because the first bite or two of the potatoes seems bland by comparison---which they really aren't! They're spectacular, so try to go into it with a fresh or refreshed palate.

Mixed field greens with zinfandel dressing: This was "very likely" my mom's favorite thing all week, and she notes that it was especially good with the kalamata olives from the pasta salad. This is one thing she keeps talking about.

Romaine & Blue Cheese Salad: No beef anymore! At least, not when we were there---my mom loved this one, too, and closely examined the salad and the sign...and no more beef! I never understood why there had been beef in it...seemed like an odd combination :confused3 As a general thing, it seemed to me like a LOT more of the salads were vegetarian this year, as well as being better labeled. My mom agreed strongly.

Couscous Salad: Honestly, I don't remember much other than that this was really good. I think the green was cilantro, which I love and I'm pretty sure that was a dominant flavor. I think there were also raisins and chickpeas, and I enjoy that in my couscous. BTW, this is a cold couscous salad. My sister just pointed out that this was kind of a mixture of tabbouleh and couscous, but way better than tabbouleh we've had at Disney. I think I had two servings of this, so I know it was good!

Mixed fruit with honey & mint: Very good, but not a lot different from regular fruit salad (which is just fine!).

Fourme d'ambert: This is the blue cheese. My mom & sister are still raving about this. I don't care for blue cheese, so this wasn't for me---there's too much salt in the finish. For the Top Chef fans, this is what Miguel couldn't pronounce in season 1.

Murcia del vino: This is the cheese with the purple rind, and we all liked this. It was very creamy and smooth and mild. This was my favorite, my mom & sister both preferred the fourme d'ambert (although they enjoyed this one, too).

Cu... cheese: My mom & sister tried this one. I think the sign described it as "vintage" and having a caramel or nutty flavor---they just found it to be bitter. Per my sister, "I disliked it less the more I ate of it, but..." So this was not a hit. She does speculate that it might be better with wine (not helpful in the MK).

Coconut flan: What can I say? This is a big part of what made us fall in love with Crystal Palace in the first place, and it's still great. THIS is a context in which eggs are good by me. This is so creamy and just melts in your mouth. YUM.

Chocolate Whiskey Mousse Cake: I don't know if that's the right name, but it's something like that...but more importantly...this may have been better than the flan, and I'm NOT a chocolate cake girl. I didn't really notice an alcohol flavor, which was perfect as far as I was concerned. The pudding-y layers really made the whole thing moist and delicious.

Strawberry Cheesecake: It was good, and if I were eating it elsewhere (like, say, Boma), I'd think it was REALLY good, but at CP, it's not the star, for sure. I'm not hugely in to cheesecake, though.

Bread Pudding: Good but not wow, kind of like the strawberry cheesecake. There's just too much competition at CP for it to be a standout.

07-27-2007, 06:24 PM
Courtesy of my sister, some buffet shots.

Cheeses at the dessert bar

Description of the funky cheese

Description of the yummy cheese

Description of the cheese beloved by my posse



















Sorry, forgot this last plate. Towards the end of our lunch, they put out a vegetarian pasta dish. It was very tasty and had grapes, which added a nice sweetness and crunch. We were pretty stinkin' full by this point, though.

07-27-2007, 08:32 PM
Have you been to Boma? We've had two extremely negative experiences there (there's a link in my signature to my 2006 review)...poor service and not that great of food. Also, almost none of the desserts are vegetarian.

Sorry, Boma is a sore spot for me.

~~I have never eaten at Boma because the only time we stayed at AKL (before DDP) it was always so crowded that we didn't feel like waiting. This year since we will be at AKL again, my DH insisted we try it with ressies. I didn't really want to eat there 3 times though as it was booked one time in place of the new Tusker House buffet that I originally asked for. They weren't taking ressies there yet. Since I had the Concierge make all my ressies I got stuck with Boma 3 times. It's no biggie though as I know my DH will be easy to please and I know I can find a salad, some bread and a good glass of South African wine ;) I will still more than likely cancel one of them and try to get in at the new restaurant over at the Animal Kingdom. :scratchin

07-27-2007, 10:11 PM
Yum, the cheese looks yummy! Not to change the subject, but does anyone know if any other buffets have cheese offered?

Can't wait to read more!!

07-29-2007, 12:33 PM
Yum, the cheese looks yummy! Not to change the subject, but does anyone know if any other buffets have cheese offered?

Can't wait to read more!!

This was the first time we've seen it! CP usually has some cheese, but in the past it was always like for sandwiches rather than the fancy stuff.

07-29-2007, 03:23 PM
Awesome. Can't wait to see more pics as I don't like meat, either.

07-29-2007, 06:34 PM
Great so far! Can't wait for more!popcorn::

07-29-2007, 07:00 PM
Great Pics and who knew cheese could be so educational. Can't wait to read more.

07-31-2007, 04:11 PM
I think I read your 2006 review...LOVED it, then realized it was from 2006 and was wishing your reviews were more current...and HERE you are!:cool1: Looking forward to reading more!:banana:

08-01-2007, 12:33 PM
Thanks for your reviews (and pics!). It doesn't seem like there's a lot of protein besides cheese on the CP buffet. No bean dishes? The cheese DOES sound good though! Oh and you did mention the frittata...why is that everyone insists on putting bell peppers in so many veggie dishes? I can't eat bell peppers! (Sorry, it's my personal food peeve)

I'm looking forward to more reviews!

08-02-2007, 09:37 AM
I am really enjoying your review! My husband has been a vegetarian for almost 11 years and loves going to Disney b/c there always seem to be great things for vegetarians. Even if there is just one vegetarian entree on the menu, it is usually something so unique and delicious!

We are eating dinner at Crystal Palace on his next trip, so he will love reading about all the different options!


08-02-2007, 10:15 AM
Thanks for your reviews (and pics!). It doesn't seem like there's a lot of protein besides cheese on the CP buffet. No bean dishes? The cheese DOES sound good though! Oh and you did mention the frittata...why is that everyone insists on putting bell peppers in so many veggie dishes? I can't eat bell peppers! (Sorry, it's my personal food peeve)

I'm looking forward to more reviews!

I'm so sorry you can't do bell peppers...especially since my reply to why they're in everything would have been "because they're delicious (except the green ones)."

Thanks to all for the nice comments!

I'm starting my next post now!

08-02-2007, 10:43 AM
We had seen that there were BERRIES on the buffet at Cape May Cafe, so we ditched our Boma breakfast (I dislike the dinner---liked the breakfast the one year we weren't hurricaned out, overslept, etc) in favor of a Cape May breakfast that morning. Frunch is good, but we can all eat our weight in berries. We're talking blueberries and raspberries, and we saw them in pictures on SEVERAL sites.

So we checked with the concierge about getting to our 7:30 ADR...take the bus from WL to MGM (which had an EMH), then the boat to Beach Club. The plan was to enjoy breakfast then catch a bus to AK and be there just after opening.

WELL...we got a late start as it was and didn't get to MGM until maybe 7:20 as it was...so it was tight anyway. WELL...the boat doesn't actually start until 7:30 from the resorts, so we got on the boat at 7:45. The captain was SUPER nice and told us to just let them know we had been misinformed about the boat times and they'd be able to seat us.

We got into the BC just before 8 a.m. and the CMs at the front were really nice and weren't at all concerned or annoyed with our tardiness. We were seated very promptly---we just had enough time to take pictures in the big chairs in the lobby...things are going okay here!

Our table was not the greatest---right between the kitchen, the buffet, and other tables. It was a little tight (although, really, I don't think there are a lot of GOOD tables here), and it is LOUD in there. WAY louder than CP and with, as far as I could tell, a lot less people.

Oh, and as we walked in, the hostess pointed out the "berry bar" which featured...NO BERRIES! Yes, there were no fresh berries (other than the standard strawberry) to be had at Cape May :guilty: So this was a major disappointment.

Here's what we did eat:

Clockwise from top: Cheese blintz, pineapple, breakfast potatoes & ketchup, and chocolate croissant

Pineapple, chocolate croissant, cheese blintz, asparagus

Asparagus, cheese blintz, breakfast potatoes, and bread pudding

Bread pudding, asparagus, pineapple, blintz with strawberry melba

I thought we had more pictures of the food, but apparently not. So here's the scoop on the food:
Pineapple: Yes, I know, it's just pineapple, but this was the highlight of the meal---it was SOOOO good. The first two plates are actually mine, so as you can see, I did eat a lot of fruit even though I didn't get my berries. I probably would have had more but I was concerned about canker sores.

Cheese blintz: These were really pretty good...they did have a bit of an orange flavor (and orange zest in them). They were better than the ones we had at 1900 Park Fare a few years ago, but they weren't "wow." I've had better locally (at a catered church breakfast that I played a gig at...). My mom points out that they may have been better had we not been anticipating BERRIES.

Asparagus: It was fine. It was better than the white asparagus in one of the CP dishes (which was AWFUL), but it wasn't the best I've had. It was a little too greasy or buttery or something.

Breakfast potatoes: Yes, these are vegetarian, but no, that's not a good thing. These were awful. I didn't finish mine. For some reason my mom & sister did but wish they hadn't. I didn't try enough of them to pinpoint the problem, but they just were not good.

Chocolate croissant: YUM. I had two. I love chocolate croissants. These were just the right balance of chocolate and flaky pastry.

Bread pudding: "Okay" per Mom & Sister (I generally do not do bread pudding...you'll see the singular exception later in the week). My mom said she'd forgotten they had it, so it couldn't have been too good.

So...we did have some pretty decent food...but would we go back? NO WAY. Not that it was actively bad, and I guess if you're at the BC, it's fine, but it was one of the few meals I've had at Disney that I felt was really not worth the money (we did this OOP, btw---didn't waste TS credits on a breakfast buffet). Actually, if you're at the BC...I would probably try Fresh again...we did this years ago---it was mostly good food but WEIRD service the day we were there...so we'd go back there first if we wanted to be in that vicinity...the potatoes were better there.

SO...we went out to catch a bus and there was a HUGE tour group waiting for the AK bus (and a full one was just leaving). With that group, there definitely wouldn't have been room in the next bus and possibly the bus after that...so we took the bus to MK (which was there and mostly empty). We got there at about 9:15 and I proposed we stay since it'd be at least 10:15 before we got elsewhere. This turned out very well for us, although it was just a funny way to end a very "eh" breakfast.

08-02-2007, 10:50 AM
So we did some MK stuff, and around 11 we decided we were THIRSTY (and maybe a little hungry).

We went into Cosmic Ray's for a drink so we could sit and rest a bit. We decided to get an order of fries to share (all OOP---my mom had a TON of rewards dollars).

This turned out really nicely and was a great break. Nobody wanted a full meal because we had had a breakfast buffet and knew we'd be having dinner at Chefs de France that night, so in the heat, there was no need for lunch...especially so early. We just needed a refresher.

So, here are our fries with toppings for the fries from the toppings bar.


AND...Sonny Eclipse was actually playing! We've been here at least 3 or 4 times before, and he's never been on before!


08-02-2007, 11:12 AM
I cannot believe they did not have the blueberries and raspberries out! I would have been so ticked off. The last few times we went there DH and I pigged out on the fruit...we are huge fruit eaters and find that Cape May has the largest selection...or at least they did until I read your report.

08-02-2007, 07:51 PM
The best vegetarian selection at all of Disney is at Sunshine Seasons at Epcot. Grilled Vegetable Cuban Sandwich, Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad (my favorite!), Vegetarian Wok, Hummus, Tabouille, Lentil Salad, Three Bean Salad, Pinwheels, Sushi, and lots more I can't remember. And they always have a vegetarian soup.

08-04-2007, 03:25 PM

08-05-2007, 02:00 PM
Looking forward to more Veggie reviews :)

08-05-2007, 08:30 PM

08-05-2007, 09:47 PM
I'm really enjoying your review. We are going in December with my brother's g/f who is a veggie girl! I'm glad that I choose CP for lunch one day!

Looking forward to reading more!

08-06-2007, 01:28 AM
I'm finding your reviews very interesting! :thumbsup2

I just started eating a large variety of veggies...finally to the point where I would consider a veggie entree (aside from pasta) a "meal". Your Sunshine Season stuff from your last report have me wanting some of that!

Thanks for the report so far! :cool1:

08-06-2007, 01:55 PM
Loved your 2006 report! And 2007 promises to be equally good! Thanks for taking the time to post this!:goodvibes

08-06-2007, 06:28 PM
Can't wait to hear about Chef's! I am actually thinking (Im not vegetarian) I am going to be REALLY light on the meat this trip and may try some vegetarian selections due to feeling REALLY weighed down on vacation eating too much meat ( think that was what happened last trip). I notice even at home if I eat a nice pasta salad and fruit I feel great--but if I add chicken or diced ham/turkey etc to it I feel much more bloated. Wonder if that is why?

Come back soon and post!

08-07-2007, 11:41 AM
Sorry so slow! I promise I'll be better!

So Friday night we ate at Chefs de France. There was a HUGE storm that afternoon, but we managed to be in line for HISTA (and then in HISTA) for the duration, so we were dry.

We arrived at Chefs ~5:15 for our 5:30 ADR and requested a table by the window. Within 5 minutes, we were shown to a table in the main solarium, but right on the edge where it meets the main dining room. We sat here on our 2nd night at Chefs last year and did not enjoy the location---there's not really a view AND it feels a little like you're in the way all the time (no one tries to make you feel this way---the table is just right where they need to walk). So we asked if there was something else a little more out of the way, directly next to a window, or with a view of the pastry counter available. We were asked if the side room would be alright and were then shown to a lovely table right next to the window in the side solarium, which looks out on the French courtyard area rather than the promenade. We really liked this location, but I know some people would like to be closer to the action. This was perfect for us, though, and quieter.

Our server, Sonia, came over and introduced herself (from Nice) and took our drink orders. Sonia was a real sweetheart. She did a super job. She came back with our drink orders, and she went over the menu with us, pointing out what was vegetarian. She mentioned that if we weren't enthused by the entrees, she could see if the chef could do a special vegetable platter. We really appreciated this extra option being offerred. We ordered, and Sonia brought us our rolls (YUM!).


ACK---I just typed a ton and then lost it! For appetizers, I had the baked goat cheese salad:

This was still good, but not as fantastic as I remembered it being. I'm usually a pretty light dressing kinda girl, but I thought this was underdressed, if you will ;) I really like the vinaigrette and didn't taste a lot of it. Usually, this would be a good thing, but it was a little too sparse even for me. The grapes are brilliant on the salad, though, as are the walnuts, and the baked goat cheese was fantastic as usual. I'm not a big endive fan, though. I'd still order it again.

My sister got the tomato & goat cheese tarte.


She shared a piece, and it was terrific. The little pools you can see are olive oil, btw---very, very good olive oil. The goat cheese here is fantastic---so much better than any I've found locally (or last year at Coral Reef---yuck). The tomatoes were great, and the crust was perfectly crisp were it should be and had absorbed the olive oil beautifully in other spots. This would also make a great entree. My sister describes it as "one of my [her] favorite things." She adds that the tomatoes were fresh and the goat cheese was creamy and salty.

My mom ordered the cheese plate.


My mom and sister were both disappointed that there was no longer blue cheese on this cheese plate...however, it's still grown since last year! This is a LOT of cheese. She's still resentful that my sister and I didn't eat more of it: it was definitely enough for two or three OR for an entree. She thought it was delicious.
I'm kind of picky about cheese and there were a few on here that I really liked as well.

For her entree, my mom got the special vegetable platter that Sonia had offerred.


She shared the brussel sprouts---which we wish she hadn't done! We all LOVE brussel sprouts and felt awful that she didn't eat them herself. If we were to get this again, we'd probably mention that we ARE brussel sprout lovers.
It was very nice that they offerred this but the flavors were a little off. The carrots were a little too mature and didn't have the natural carrot sweetness. The whole thing had a spice that my mom didn't care for; she thinks it may have been sage but she wasn't sure. The tomatoes could have been cooked a little longer so the sweetness caramelized. The lima beans were good. It was FAR too much for one person to comfortably consume.
In retrospect, my mom wishes she'd thought to ask for butter and lemon wedges to squeeze---it would have made it a lot better, but it didn't occur to her at the time.
The presentation was great, it could have served all three of us, and we still think it made sense to try since there were three of us and we knew there would be plenty if she needed to eat off of our plates.

I'm going to break this into two posts so I don't lose some again!

08-07-2007, 12:06 PM
Here's another shot of the veg. plate:

My sister got the gratin de macaroni (or, mac & cheese):


"It was creamy, cheesy, and noodley"---she thinks she's funny. The cheese is gruyere, which is somewhat like Swiss. It's very tasty---salty but mild. This dish works well because parts of the cheese are baked to be kind of crisp (wrong word, but I think you know what I mean), and then underneath it's really creamy---the texture and flavor is almost like cream cheese (in a good way). I actually wondered if there was another cheese mixed in there, too.

I got the lasagnes de legumes (vegetarian lasagna):

Isn't it beautiful?

I took some other shots because the ones I took last year looked gross, and I thought it might be nice to see the vegetables inside:



The vegetables are zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, onions and tomato, according to Allears. I didn't notice as much of the green pepper as last year (which is a good thing---I don't like the green ones, just the red/yellow/orange ones) and I haven't noticed onion either year. Neither of these comments is intended as a criticism---I think this dish is deliciously mellow in terms of the vegetable flavors. I think veggies with more kick wouldn't balance as well with the gruyere cheese on top (which, btw, is FABULOUS). The zucchini and eggplant were perfectly tender and delicious. The tomato sauce is really tasty---salty enough but also allows the sweetness and natural tomato flavor to really be the star. I really like this dish because it's not over done---they use really good ingredients and let them speak for themselves instead of trying to guild the lily.

And on to dessert...

We were bummed that the fabulous macaroon from last year was no longer available but were up for something new.

My mom & sister got the clafoutis:


Pronounced, if you were curious, clah-foo-TEE. The description: rhubarb and blueberry clafoutis, with red berry sauce and sorbet. Per my mom, "It was good but it was no macaroon." My mom couldn't finish, which is unusual with her and dessert. She did say that it was delicious, even though it wasn't as great as the macaroon. The clafoutis itself is kind of like a hard pudding, but softer than that (softer than bread pudding or even Wonderbread). My sister describes it as a "pillow" and my mom said it was custardy. She's also sure she would have loved it had she not been comparing it to the macaroon.

I got the chocolate banana tarte:

Chocolate tart with banana and coconut, praline sauce with chocolate ice cream.

The chocolate ice cream was THE best I've ever had. The praline sauce was also delicious. I really liked the chocolate tarte up until I hit banana (but I'm not a big banana fan---I ordered this because I'd read it was so good)...however, I was also that much fuller by that point. The pastry shell was fantastic, and the chocolate filling was really good, too. The fruit on top was also great (I'm a sucker for the fruit on top). I don't really remember the coconut specifically (I really like coconut, though, so if you don't like it, I can't comment). I thought each element of this dessert was tastier separately than together.

Overall, we are still Chefs de France fans, although not as desperate to get back as we were after last year. Now, if the macaroon gets back on the menu.....

08-07-2007, 12:15 PM
I forgot to mention---Chefs has CAFFEINE FREE diet coke. A lot of places don't have this; I thought it was nice!

08-07-2007, 12:41 PM
Great reviews! That mac n cheese and tarte look awesome! :thumbsup2

08-07-2007, 01:24 PM
Keep 'em coming.I leave in 23 days and can't wait to eat!

08-07-2007, 01:52 PM
Wow--now I don't know what vegetarian appetizer to get at Chefs de France. I had the French Onion soup once (okay, I know that's not vegetarian since it probably has been broth in it) and it was very good. But the salad, tarte, and cheeseplate look really good too!

Did you all have a favorite amongst the three that you would recommend?

08-07-2007, 03:25 PM
thanks for another great review!

Have you ever considered writing the text in a text editor offline and just cut and paste into the window for writing your text. This way you would be able to save your text and would not so easily loose anthing already written? That's what I did for my dining review.

08-07-2007, 09:26 PM
Wow, those pictures look yummy. Sadly, I think only the broccoli was probably vegan ... so my husband and I couldn't eat any of it. Next Jan. will be our first quest to WDW as vegans (we were veggies last time) so hopefully we'll have some yummy foods as well.

Good post though. I'll keep those restaurants in mind for places that can probably whip up some vegan meals without too much fuss.

08-08-2007, 02:36 AM
wow what a fantastic review and the pictures are unbelievable !! thank you

08-08-2007, 10:37 AM
Really enjoying your reports!:thumbsup2

I am a veggie and we are on the DDP in Sept so its great to see the food. Can't wait for your review of Le Cellier.:thumbsup2

08-08-2007, 10:50 AM
Wow, those pictures look yummy. Sadly, I think only the broccoli was probably vegan ... so my husband and I couldn't eat any of it. Next Jan. will be our first quest to WDW as vegans (we were veggies last time) so hopefully we'll have some yummy foods as well.

Good post though. I'll keep those restaurants in mind for places that can probably whip up some vegan meals without too much fuss.

A lot of dishes are very close on the vegan thing. Almost all of the salads are Crystal Palace are. The spicy pasta and the vegetable caponada & rice were also vegan, as were the roasted vegetables, and last year and in 2005 they had a curry that was also vegan and I know the chefs there are very willing to help you find what's vegan or make you something else (however the year we had the walk through with the chef, as I recall, there was a LOT on the buffet that was vegan, and the chef was great about knowing off the top of his head about things like gelatin, etc.). So I would say Crystal Palace lunch/dinner would be a very good choice.

There is also a vegan salad at Chefs (that I'm sure is delicious), as was the special veg. plate my mom had, and the lasagna would be if you had them hold the cheese, I believe.

At Le Cellier, our meal last year was totally vegan with no modifications. This year's would be if you had them hold the cheese. I *think* the breadsticks there are vegan as well as long as you don't take issue with yeast.

Coral Reef would also be vegan without the cheese (and have them hold the cheese even if you're NOT a vegan, because we've had either bad cheese or cheese that doesn't fit the dish 2 years in a row now, so it's a trend).

Rose & Crown I think would be tough---I think there was cream in the veg. pot pie, but it would be worth checking.

We used to go to Hollywood & Vine (in the time when it wasn't a character meal & only served dinner), and I can't remember for sure what they had, but I know there were vegan choices and that the chefs were very helpful.

So I think you'll be fine! Good for you for being veg---it pleases me when something happens to be vegan but I find it hard to give up dairy in particular.

08-08-2007, 10:53 AM
Wow--now I don't know what vegetarian appetizer to get at Chefs de France. I had the French Onion soup once (okay, I know that's not vegetarian since it probably has been broth in it) and it was very good. But the salad, tarte, and cheeseplate look really good too!

Did you all have a favorite amongst the three that you would recommend?

I think we'd go with the tarte. The cheese plate is much more filling for more people, but the tarte gives you what I consider the BEST of the cheese and other yummies as well. BUT...I'm not a big cheese person.

08-08-2007, 11:10 AM
I can't remember what time we got in line, but the way the line broke up when they opened more turnstiles, and then others having trouble figuring out the finger scan, we were THE first people into the park. It was very cool.


(that's a CM trainee group up by the castle)

We had done this before, so we didn't linger too long on Main Street and headed to CP to check in:

We were the very first to check in, which we were glad of, because quite a crowd developed. When the started calling people, they called a LOT of families before ours, which was a little annoying and frustrating since we had definitely been there first. But we eventually were seated by the window on the restroom side. They seem to fill this side first, but I would say this is the inferior side---this is why: people on the porch stare in the windows while you're eating...including adults. Who does that?

Anyway, there was a rather long line at the buffet at this point, and a VERY obnoxious grand gathering with some VERY obnoxious teenagers who were EATING as they went through the buffet and being deeply disrespectful of their aunt. Did I mention I teach middle school? These guys were old enough to know better (late teens)---none of the kids I know would behave this way even without adult supervision. Maybe I'm not realistic about who they are, but I've had a lot of these kids for 2 years in a row now, and I'm quite sure of it. The only child I know who might do that has severe psychiatric problems.

ANYWAY...I don't think I was actually this annoyed when we were there, although the teenagers were loud and bothersome. Moving on to the food, though.

My sister took this picture while I was still at the buffet, and since she harasses me so about how much better a photographer she is, notice that the focus is odd :rotfl: Actually, I do like the perspective on this photo, but since I know my family reads this, as the older sister, I had to work in that dig ;)
OH---This is frittata, breakfast lasagna, and cheesy breakfast potatoes in the back.

Same plate, easier angle to see the food.

I believe this is also the same plate.

Chocolate croissant, cheesy breakfast potatoes, and crumb cake.

Breakfast lasagna, strawberries, and pineapple.

Puffed French toast, cheesy breakfast potatoes, and breakfast lasagna.

Omelet and pineapple.

08-08-2007, 11:20 AM
Puffed French Toast: Is now on the kids buffet area. LOOK FOR IT THERE! This is yummy. It tastes a lot like the donuts on a Chinese lunch buffet :lmao:

Breakfast Lasagna: This is really yummy, but I thought there was a little more nutmeg (? I think) than I would have liked. The best part, IMO, is the custardy part.

Cheesy Breakfast Potatoes: I LOVE these. They are seasoned with black pepper, which I LOVE. We did have some at our second CP breakfast that were way too salty...so if you get them and they're too salty, look for them to bring out another batch. Be aware that while these are lacto-ovo veg., there are OTHER potatoes (red potatoes, I believe) that have BACON---so make sure you get the cheesy potatoes and NOT the red ones (we saw this---and our waitress in 2006 mentioned it---thankfully we didn't learn this the hard way).

Frittata: Not enough veggies. Much better at lunch.

Omelet: I think not enough veggies again, but I generally don't do savory egg stuff. I know my mom was not impressed and it wasn't worth the wait.

The fruit here was delicious.

The crumb cake & chocolate croissant were awful. I didn't finish them. The croissant seemed stale, but the flavor was off anyway, and the crumb cake had a fake-fruit flavor (I think it was supposed to be raspberry). Don't bother with these when there's so much other good stuff.

Our waiter, whose name I don't recall off-hand, was fantastic until the bill (which we did OOP), and then he disappeared for over 10 minutes (after he had his tip). This wasn't cool since the park was opening and we were very much done eating.

Overall, though, great food, mostly great service. Characters were busier at breakfast than lunch, but it didn't matter to us. We enjoyed watching the kids with them!

08-08-2007, 01:00 PM
Wow, I love your chefs de France review. We are trying it for the first time on this trip at DD's request. I just dont know what I am going to get: you showed too many good choices!!!!!!! Thanks for the reviews!

08-08-2007, 02:51 PM
Oh man, crystal palace breakfast is my FAVORITE!!! I cannot wait until september 10! That breakfast lasagna is so good. And i love that you can get eggs made to order. Thanks for posting! I can't wait for the rest.


08-08-2007, 03:10 PM
We were the very first to check in, which we were glad of, because quite a crowd developed. When the started calling people, they called a LOT of families before ours, which was a little annoying and frustrating since we had definitely been there first. But we eventually were seated by the window on the restroom side. They seem to fill this side first, but I would say this is the inferior side---this is why: people on the porch stare in the windows while you're eating...including adults. Who does that?
The same thing happened to us last yr, we were the first to check in at chef Mickey for Bfast and they seated tons of families before our.I wonder why that is?
I also hate when people stare at me while I'm eating or being seated by the restroom. I try to request a quiet corner nicely.

08-08-2007, 05:40 PM
I can't wait to read your review of Le Cellier - I'm vegetarian too, and I'm going there next weekend. Great reviews so far!

seven dwarfs
08-08-2007, 07:09 PM
Thank you for posting your report. I am really enjoying it. :goodvibes

08-08-2007, 09:27 PM
Great reviews and pictures, as always. I'm totally drooling over the veggie lasagna and chocolate banana tarte from Chefs de France. I'd love to go back there next trip but DH isn't too keen on it for some reason although we've always had good meals there. :confused3

08-09-2007, 06:24 AM
great review of cp :)

08-09-2007, 11:12 AM
...but we decided to do some French pavillion stuff on Saturday since we hadn't gotten to it before we ate there. Additionally, it was Bastille Day, so France seemed appropriate, and it was our Le Cellier night---and since there's not a lot to do in the Canadian pavillion (we don't do circlevision), French-Canadian would do the trick.

I think we ended up in more rain...? But this time we were in the shops and all was well. We decided to do the wine flight in France. It's 3 two-ounce pours for $6. I thought that was pretty good!

Here that is...


This was a Chardonnay, Rose D'Anjou, and Beaujolais. I'm not usually a Chardonnay fan or a fan of ANY red wine, but this red was supposed to be lighter---it was. I actually kind of liked the Beaujolais, although I still don't enjoy that red wines are served warm. I think I've finally pinpointed part of my issue---and it's the temperature. However, this one did not taste like cough syrup to me. At this point, you can probably tell I'm no wine expert, so I'll fess up---I love trying different wines but usually don't love drinking them :rotfl:

I'm still not a Chardonnay fan, although I found this one more pleasing than others. My sister said it was good but doesn't remember it that well, and my mom can't remember if she tasted it...so I think saying that it wasn't memorable is fair.

We all liked the Rose D'Anjou---very light and actually tasted like fruit. I know they're all supposed to taste like fruit, but I usually can't find the flavor. This one actually tasted like---GASP---grapes! We really liked this one.

A few more pics and I'm on to Le Cellier...





My sister took these.

And now to Canada!

08-09-2007, 11:28 AM
We had kind of run out of things to do near Canada, so we headed over to Le Cellier and checked in probably 30 minutes early. We went that early last year and were told to come back...this year, they seemd pretty tickled that we were ready early. We waited about 5 minutes before being shown to our table.

Our server this year was Sean, and he did a great job. He told us what province our section was, but darned if I can remember. Something about a polar bear?

For our beverages, my mom & I got the mango smoothie with a splash of cranberry. They've taken the berry smoothie off the menu, which I'd heard and been disappointed about because it was the BEST last year. My mom had had the mango smoothie last year and it was only okay. WELL...they improved it a LOT and these were delicious...


With a cherry on top!

My sister had the sour apple freeze. Sean was impressed she finished it---he said most people don't, it gets to be too much sour for them. My sister found it to be tangy and refreshing.



We told Sean we didn't need the sourdough breadsticks, just the pretzel bread and the multi-grain...

He brought out three of the multi-grain and came back with freshly baked (still warm) pretzel breadsticks. We really liked this---last year I think we just had one of sourdough & multi-grain and two of the pretzel bread. Not that we need to have two whole breadsticks each, but it was nice...this way no one felt like they were taking more than our share.

These were both delicious, especially with the butter. The butter seemed exceptional here. We are big fans of the multi-grain, and while I didn't get the hype about the pretzel bread last year, this year I thought it was really, really good (although I would still go in with lower expectations---these boards can really set you up for disappointment!).

For our appetizers, we all had the tomato stack, which has also changed some from last year. They also have a salad on the menu, which I had last year and it was good, but the tomato stack is really good. Sean said this was his favorite appetizer on the menu, and he's not a vegetarian.




I LOVE BALSAMIC VINEGAR! It was so tasty...nice and salty but with sweetness. PERFECT on tomatoes. Allears says: Beefsteak Tomato Stack - with caramelized onions, marinated mozzarella, and yuzu vinaigrette.
I don't remember the onions. There WERE cucumbers, however. We had figured out what the greens on top were (saw them on a cooking show after we came home, I think), but I can't remember anymore. I can tell you that we thought it might be some sort of baby watercress while we were eating it (it wasn't)...it had a very nice peppery flavor to it. I like greens with a kick. It was really delicious.

The mozzerella was good but expendable if you're vegan.

08-09-2007, 11:41 AM
Bravo, a wine flight review! I need to try that on our next trip, somehow I always make a bee line for the Rosa Regale and forget about everything else the showcase has to offer.

08-09-2007, 11:43 AM
The veg. entree at Le Cellier right now is Spiced Black Bean Cake roasted red pepper stuffed with black bean and corn dressing served with noodle salad and peanut sauce. We were expecting maybe half a pepper on top of maybe a quarter cup of noodle salad. This is what we got...





I don't know how well you can tell from these pictures, but these were absolutely ENORMOUS. We are NOT light eaters, but this was about twice what we really would have needed to be comfortably satisfied rather than stuffed.

I'll start on the sides and work in. The green saucey stuff is like a cilantro dressing or sauce. It was really good---it had a nice clean flavor and worked well to refresh the palate. The brown sauce/paste is obviously extra peanut sauce. It was GREAT! It was better than peanut sauce I've had on Pad Thai (with tofu!) at a very nice pan-Asian place in town. It was the perfect balance of sweet and salty with a clear peanut flavor that wasn't overwhelmed by the other elements of the sauce.

The pasta was perfectly al dente and the carrots added great texture. More cilantro on top, and sesame seeds---yum.

The roasted red pepper was stuffed with whole black beans and corn as well as kind of a refried-bean-like paste. Then cheese was melted over the top. It was PERFECT.

I'm so impressed with effective fusion cuisine, because I don't always have a great sense of what flavors to put together, but all of these different parts of the dish were AMAZING eaten together (and fantastic separately, too).

This is an AWESOME dish. Sean told us that the waitstaff has been begging the chef to keep it on the menu, but they are once again changing it for the winter. The waitstaff asked about having two veg. options, because they all like this so well (the girl who delivered it said she'd like to sit and eat it with us :) ), and the chef won't have more than one veg. option on the menu at a time :guilty: I think he said the fall/winter dish will be something with squash.

I really hope this comes back onto the menu (or STAYS on the menu)...although I guess I felt that way about last year's dish, too. It seems like Le Cellier does, however, give real consideration to dishes that either ARE vegan or can be vegan without loosing flavor, as well as including good vegan protein in their main dishes. I think that's great.

08-09-2007, 11:53 AM
For dessert, my mom & sister had Cherry Shortcake - cherry-almond cake topped with housemade lavender ice cream and almond brittle:


My mom was very disappointed that the Strawberries & Balsamic from last year was no more. As a substitute, this was okay, but she didn't finish it.

My sister liked it. She thought the brittle and ice cream was particularly good. The shortcake was just regular old shortcake, although it was warm.

I was very full and thought I'd try the sorbets---I'd heard they were nice and light. The flavors were blackberry and white peach:


I pulled out the sugar thing and took a nibble---it was hard to bite, very sticky (I think the humidity makes this challenging in FL). It wasn't very good on its own.

I set it aside and tried the sorbet. It was okay, but not great. I think I would have liked a very small quantity WITH a different dessert better. Both had nice fruity flavors, but I think I'd rather have just had the fruit :confused3
I finally figured out to eat it with the sugar thing, and that was good.

Anyway, if they don't bring back the strawberries & balsamic and we're not on the DDP (and with the changes, I don't think we will be), I wouldn't bother with dessert here unless I were in a major creme brulee mood.

Next up will be Sunshine Seasons!

08-09-2007, 02:32 PM
My mouth is watering afer reading you Le Celleir review.I cant wait another 22 days till I get to taste it.I love blackbeans,corn and cheese.Can you say yummy.The only problem with this meal is that my 4 yr old will want it(I don't want to share:laughing: )I wonder if they can make her a kids portion of this meal. I will ask and maybe they will!
Love your reviews

08-12-2007, 05:10 PM
Great reviews!

08-12-2007, 06:27 PM
Really enjoyed your Le Cellier review.
Thats an interesting veggie option. Can you tell me if the peanut sauce is just on the side of the plate or do they drizzle it over the meal?

Looking forward to more!!

08-12-2007, 07:35 PM

08-13-2007, 09:22 AM
Really enjoyed your Le Cellier review.
Thats an interesting veggie option. Can you tell me if the peanut sauce is just on the side of the plate or do they drizzle it over the meal?

Looking forward to more!!

The peanut sauce is also on the noodles, but not on the stuffed peppers.

Sorry I've been so slow, guys---I will be back soon with Sunday's eatings, but I've GOT to get some work done before school starts or I won't get my grades and I won't get more money to go back to Disney! :lmao:

08-13-2007, 01:54 PM
The peanut sauce is also on the noodles, but not on the stuffed peppers.

Sorry I've been so slow, guys---I will be back soon with Sunday's eatings, but I've GOT to get some work done before school starts or I won't get my grades and I won't get more money to go back to Disney! :lmao:

Thanks for replying.:thumbsup2
I think i will ask them to hold the sauce.:goodvibes

08-14-2007, 02:31 AM
You guys are all really making me rethink not having an ADR for Le Cellier. That Tomato Stack looks soooooo good!

08-15-2007, 01:32 PM
:thumbsup2 I am not veggie, but often go for that option as I'm not a big meat eater

... lovin' it!

08-18-2007, 03:47 PM
So, Sunday morning was an Epcot early open and we skipped breakfast...so around 10 (maybe a little before?) between trips on Soarin', we decided to pick up a snack at Sunshine Seasons in The Land.

None of the breakfast items really appealled, so we all got chocolate cake for breakfast. Now, I think I've mentioned before that I'm not hugely into chocolate cake, but I LOVE this stuff:


YUM! The cake is moist, and the frosting is more like a mousse and then a layer of fudgy frosting on top of part of the mousse. I think we concluded that this was THE best dessert at SS this year.

So we rode Soarin' again and I think LwtL, and around 11 or 11:30 we decided a snack wasn't enough; we should really grab lunch (and I think to kill more time before a FP and/or get another FP?).

We all got Cuban Veggie Sandwiches:



These have roasted veggies: eggplant, zucchini, roasted red pepper, sometimes mushrooms (???). This also had pickles and mustard (hence the Cuban), all on crusty, yummy bread. These weren't AS fabulous as we remembered (plus we have had some success making them well at home), but they were still darn good. They no longer come with a side on the DDP, per multiple CMs, but still a pretty good deal---too pricey OOP unless they up their game again.

For dessert, my mom had a strawberry shortcake, my sister had a fruit tulip, and I had a strawberry bavarian.




The strawberry shortcake was the best of these---much improved since last year.
The strawberry bavarian was my favorite last year and I wasn't impressed at all this year.
The fruit tulip was good but not as good as last year, and a little watery over the custard (at the bottom of the cookie cup), so it may have sat too long.

The strawberry bavarian and the fruit tulip both had a goop over the top that my sister & I scraped off because 1. it may have been gelatin (they tend to use gelatin in non-functional ways at Disney :confused3 ), and 2. either way, it was gross. If it was gelatin, it was quite easy to remove...but I still wouldn't order it again unless it looks greatly improved since the whole thing just wasn't as good as other things (like the chocolate cake---even as a repeat---or the strawberry shortcake).

08-18-2007, 03:53 PM
Midday, still not having firmly decided to keep our Coral Reef ADR (we did, btw), we stopped in Germany for some rest time and decided to do some sampling.

We got an apple strudel with vanilla sauce and beer (whatever the lightest German one is):




I'm not a beer person, but my sister describes it as "gut. Not thick or heavy like some beer." We did this on my mom's rewards card. My sister really liked it.

The apple strudel was DIVINE! The vanilla sauce was even better. We will definitely be getting this again if it's still available (my mom says it's not on the allearsnet menu at present---:eek: )

08-18-2007, 07:30 PM
I better be careful or I will ruin my keyboard with drool! Great reviews!:thumbsup2

08-19-2007, 06:42 AM
OMG that choc cake looks delicious! AND the german apple pie!

I love cakes and you have not disapointed me :cloud9:

08-23-2007, 10:27 AM
So, after much debate, we decided we would try Coral Reef. Worst case, we go eat some of our (many) remaining CS credits later if the food at CR was awful.

Well...we were glad we kept Coral Reef! This year, we were seated at the very back of the restaurant. Last year, we were in the front (not right against the tank, but on the first level). I think the front is great for a first visit, but we had a MUCH more relaxing meal in the back. It's quieter, the light is a little better, and no extra guests are down by your table to check out the tank. Service was also better---although that might be more the waitress, Michele, than the location (although it struck me that they might balance things by putting the good waitstaff in the back where you don't have the close view and the not-so-good in the front because most people will be so focused on the view?).

Anyway, Michele was terrific and was able to tell us that the Curry Cauliflower soup has a shrimp base off the top of her head, which we appreciated, AND she offered up the good drinks (last year's didn't even bring soda without the bad ice as we asked).

So...we started off with these:





My mom & I had virgin strawberry daquiris and my sister had the virgin pina colada. These were all good, but the pina colada was AMAZING. Mom & I enjoyed the daquiris, but I think we both wished we'd ordered the pina colada.

We'd wondered if the people who reviewed the bread at CR so positively were off their rockers because the stuff we had last year was 1. sourdough, never great by us, and 2. unremarkable at that.
WELL...turns out they changed the bread. It's now ciabatta, and it is so good. We got two baskets of it. I wasn't sure I'd like the entree, so I had five or six pieces, I think (I came to regret this).


Mmmmmmmmmmmm...perfectly crunchy crust and nice soft inside. GREAT with the butter. Yum.

We all ordered our salads with dressing on the side because the dressed salads were SO BAD last year---they were way overdressed and had obviously been soaking in it for awhile. Needless to say, this year's were MUCH improved. The greens were much fresher, and we enjoyed the onion flatbread/lavosh on the top was a nice addition.



My mom & sister had the blue cheese dressing, I had the key lime herb vinaigrette. The dressing was just okay.

I think I ate the whole salad and wished I hadn't later in the meal.

08-23-2007, 10:48 AM
In light of Fairytalebride's review that the Pesto Risotto - with grilled portobello mushrooms, crumbled blue cheese and tomato-lemon grass broth topped with cripsy leeks was overwhelming in the blue cheese & pesto flavors, we decided to do blue cheese on the side.

THANK GOODNESS we did. I can see where she could only eat a few bites with it all together. Even without the blue cheese, this was VERY salty. Very, VERY salty.



Oops, missed one of the salad:
I forgot that they'd added apples to the salad---nice touch. And the red onion was still delicious, as it was last year. Wonderfully sweet.

ANYWAY, back to the pesto risotto.
This was a lot bigger than it looked, for starters. Without the blue cheese, I thought the flavors were very nice together, although I think the salt really disguised some of the flavors more than I would have liked. The broth was very tasty, and the crispy leeks were delicious (they were fried, after all). There was a balsamic on top of all of this. I'm sure it made it even saltier, but I have to say, I still really liked the balsamic. I thought that element of salt really DID bring OUT the flavors---I think maybe go with the balsamic and reduce the salt in the risotto. I think that would have been ideal.

As some of you may know, as I've sometimes been vocal about it, I haven't liked portabello mushrooms in the past---too meaty. Well...I have to give CR credit, these were delicious. This dish actually really worked without the blue cheese---which is funny. Last year, there was goat cheese on the vegetable strudel that 1. didn't make sense with the dish, and 2. was TERRIBLE goat cheese. Well, this year, I'm told the blue cheese was quite good on its own (I tried some and confirmed that I still don't like blue cheese) but really was too much on the dish. CR doesn't seem to know how to use cheese. I think it's maybe there for the protein, or to make it look like a pricier dish???

Overall, I will trust that CR knows their fusion cuisine in the future, but always hold the cheese. And I would still prefer that they bring back last year's strudel...the strudel was probably one of the best things I've had at Disney World :sad2: and even though this worked, it wasn't really what I wanted from CR.

So we were all stuffed, but skip dessert? I don't think so. My sister asked about the Bailey's & Jack Daniels mousse, and Michele went to ask the chef if it had gelatin. It did, which made my sister's choice easier.

My mom & sister had the chocolate wave...my mom asked about ice cream...nope, just the cherries (she saw someone recently got some and she was very upset that she didn't!). She was willing to buy it OOP but I don't think she made that obvious enough.
I got the citrus (orange) creme brulee. I was hoping it would be lemon or lime (I did ask first) and was a little hesitant because the stuff we had last year at Sunshine Seasons was not very good at all and I know that sometimes there's overlap with pastry chefs.



The citrus creme brulee was DELICIOUS! I think I ate all of it and regretted it. The orange was very mild but ACTUAL orange instead of fakey orange flavor...not dreamsicle-like as the one at SS had been. This was very nice, perfectly creamy but firm enough that it was an actual custard (I've had some that weren't...'though not at Disney). I would order this again.

The brandied cherries with the Chocolate Wave were extremely boozey. There was no cherry flavor at all, and my sister says she felt the alcohol in these a LOT more than she felt the (very large) beer. Don't even bother with the cherries.

Per my mom, the cake itself was delicious but without the ice cream to cut the sweetness, it lacked the luster of last year. I had a bite, and I thought it was a good chocolate cake, but I couldn't have done much more than a bite: too heavy for me.

ETA: The woman at the table next to us commented, "That chef sure must like salt." Also, "I came for the fish, so I'm ordering the steak."

08-23-2007, 10:52 AM
I can't wait for the ohana and rose and crown reviews! We're going in 13 days! wooh. We're eating at both those places, and my family keeps saying 'what are you guys going to eat at ohana?!' so I hope it's something good.


08-23-2007, 01:13 PM

You are not the only one who loves Quorn!!!!!!! I have never tried the sausages, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chik'n patties!

Unfortunately, our grocery stores around here don't carry ANY Quorn products!

Just thought that was cool to see someone else touting the merits of mycroprotein!!

08-24-2007, 10:16 AM
So we hadn't been to AK at all yet, due to the bus/tour group issue on Friday morning...so we cancelled our second 8:05 CP (I know...but we'd had our fill on Saturday!) and went to AK instead.

We'd always meant to try the onion rings at Flame Tree Barbeque and finally hit it when the lines and our appetites both supported that endeavor. Surprisingly, I think that was right around noon as we were going back toward Africa after Finding Nemo.

Anyway, we got two orders of onion rings with snack credits. We split up to check out & my mom got two sodas with rewards points (as well as three cups of water).

Here are the onion rings:

These were DELICIOUS! Perfectly crisp on the outside with nicely softened onions on the inside. YUM.

We went and rode the Safari and I think we just missed a performance of Lion King...I think that was it, because we decided to have a snack at Pizzafari for old times sake (an old favorite pre-DDP).

So we picked up some breadsticks with a snack credit and I think we just got water.

Here are the breadsticks:

The sauce was still great (I ate what was left with a fork, or possibly just my tongue...), but the breadsticks are adequate at best. They used to be perfectly crusty on the outside, but as you can see, these varied greatly in done-ness. They were fine if you've got to eat NOW and you're next to Pizzafari, but nothing special like they once were. I did still really like the sauce, though.

08-24-2007, 10:31 AM
Can't wait for you Ohana review! We leave next thursday:cool1:
Has school started for you yet?
My kids have been in school for a wk now.

08-24-2007, 10:42 AM
We'd had an ADR here last year and cancelled it to go to Chefs de France. That made sense for us then, but we were very glad we kept it this year!

We arrived probably 15-20 minutes early and were seated within a few minutes in the side room. I highly recommend the side room (for whatever that's worth at this point). It was much quieter over in the side room and made for a relaxing meal. We were close to our "neighbors" (once we had them), but it wasn't objectionable since the side room is so much quieter.

Anyway, our waiter was Fabrizio and he was OUTSTANDING! We mentioned we were vegetarians, and Fabrizio took us through the menu and OFFERRED (we didn't ask at all) that they could do the Trittico di Pasta with Fettucine instead of the (meat) lasagna. I had thought I could order it as an appetizer so we could all try the Fettucine, but this was WAY better. Cesare was assisting Fabrizio (drinks and such), and he was also super.

Fabrizio had recommended the Mozzarella alla Caprese, which was what we had been eyeing anyway, so we all ordered that and the Trittico di Pasta.

We started with rolls:


We LOVED the rolls and the really excellent olive oil. We also enjoyed the tableside presentation of the olive oil---he kind of "flared" with the bottle (like some bartenders do), which was pretty cool and fun.

Our Mozzarella alla Caprese - Vine ripe red and yellow tomatoes with fresh bufala mozzarella imported from the Naples region with virgin olive oil, and fresh basil arrived:

Sorry, this one is blurry---we were having some trouble with the closeness and the light.
Here's a better one:

This was AWESOME...best appetizer so far and maybe all week. The olives were so good, and I usually just like the boring black canned olives. These were just perfect, though.

The tomatoes and basil were perfectly fresh, and the olive oil and mozzarella were like nothing you can get around here! The mozzarella was perfectly creamy and mild with a just-right flavor, and the texture was perfectly spongey. We split the last roll and sopped up the remaining olive oil and tomato juice with them. This is a great appetizer if you do cheese. We also saw the green salad and it actually looked quite exceptional, too.

08-24-2007, 10:56 AM
Trittico di Pasta - Lasagna, Ziti with a fresh plum tomato sauce and pasta dumplings stuffed with imported black truffles, mushrooms and cheese
But instead of the lasagna, Le Originali Fettuccine all'Alfredo - Our world famous creation invented in our parent restaurant in Rome in the early 1900s. Homemade egg noodles tossed in a special butter and parmigiano cheese



With the fresh parmesan

This was all delicious! The fettucine was probably my least favorite, but MUCH better than Americanized versions of it (which I can't stand). It was still delicious, just not as amazing as the other two.

The ziti with the plum tomato sauce was great---the sauce was super fresh tasting and really let the sweetness of the tomatoes come through. The ziti was PERFECTLY al dente (all of the pastas were). It was really yummy---way more impressive than ziti and tomato sauce sounds.

The pasta dumplings stuffed with imported black truffles, mushrooms and cheese, were my FAVORITE...although I think I'd get awfully full with a plate of them. These were a heavier dish than the ziti, obviously. They have a cream sauce of some sort---most importantly the sauce had a strong black pepper flavor. YUM. The dumplings were just perfect. I don't remember all the details of the flavors, but I remember that they were great. The inside was kind of creamy, and the sauce with the black pepper really brought out all the complex flavors. MMMMM.

For dessert, my mom & sister got tiramisu (NO gelatin...he was quite adament---it seems that would *******ize a tiramisu) and I got the chocolate Nutella cake.




These were some of the best desserts all week. My mom preferred the desserts at CP, but I think that was it (and that was mostly an issue of the selection).
The cake was my FAVORITE, and I really, really liked the taste I had of my mom's tiramisu.
These really couldn't have been any better. As a matter of fact, this was the most satisfying meal all week and nothing really could have been any better. I'm really bummed that this is closing!

08-24-2007, 11:03 AM
Can't wait for you Ohana review! We leave next thursday:cool1:
Has school started for you yet?
My kids have been in school for a wk now.

We go back for inservice/preservice next week, but the kids don't start until the day after Labor Day.

I am, however, FINALLY done with the last of my summer grad papers---I was so sick of that class by the end...

08-24-2007, 04:40 PM
when we went to alfredos last year the waiter said we could not substitute anything in the trittico di pasta. I was really disappointed. He was a really nasty waiter and we were not really happy with the service. I think it had to do with us not ordering wine. he really pushed it on us when we got there and we don't drink - at all- its not like we were being cheap or anything. I think he's the only server we did not give a better tip (more than the dining plan gives them). When we told him we were vegetarian i think that really set him over the edge. he said there are two things on the menu that is it. So we got the mozarella and tomatoes appetizer and the fettucini alfredo for dinner. The fettucini was really good but it was so much and very strong flavoring. I'm glad your server was more accomidating!


08-25-2007, 10:42 AM
I think I am going to change my ADRS after reading these reviews!!! The pics look soooo yummy!

08-25-2007, 10:54 AM
WOW, that meal looked incredible and edible. Thanks for sharing:goodvibes

08-26-2007, 07:06 PM
Another day, another order of onion rings.

We hit Flame Tree again, this time getting three orders of onion rings instead of sharing. This was a bit much! We found a more secluded, smaller seating area near the water and it was really lovely. We enjoyed watching the birds! BTW, we'd always been apprehensive about the outdoor seating at FTB. With all the fans, and the shade from the covering plus surrounding trees, it's really quite comfortable---and it was mid-90's and humid (obviously) by this point in July.


We left AK and hit MGM in the afternoon. We weren't sure we'd be back at MGM (and we didn't end up going back), and we'd really wanted to try Starring Rolls, so despite being full, we figured we'd give it a try---after all, our R&C ADR wasn't until 7:30. We opted to share 2 counter service meals.


These were the grilled veggie pitas. They come with fruit or chips---we opted for fruit, thinking fruit cup---it wasn't, it was whole fruit, which I don't think we ever ate. My sister & I went in while my mom sat, and my sister & I were NOT thinking on our feet on this one. This whole little shop is a little difficult---it's hard to figure out what is and is not included (BTW, caramel apples are NOT a dessert option here...which was fine). Also, this is the only place we got tsk-tsk'ed for having large sodas instead of regular ones---and we didn't even fill them ourselves! The lady serving up the food didn't say anything, but the check-out lady had a bit of a stick up her *ahem*---she was also the one that (less than graciously) answered our question about the caramel apples.

ANYWAY...the veggie pita was really good, even though I was quite full. My mom is more emphatic---"It was DELICIOUS." She thinks it had a balsamic on it and wishes we'd been hungrier. I don't remember that much, I think because I was full and, in retrospect, this was probably a sign of tummy troubles to come...either something I was eating or drinking caught up with me---I thought maybe the fake sugar in the diet coke since I almost never drink soda at home---or I had a bug.

The desserts I remember better, because they were FANTASTIC! We had banana split cake, which was WAY better than any real banana split and one of the best desserts (CS or TS) we had all week---only in competition with CP and Alfredo's.
The other one is tiramisu, and that was really delicious, too.



BTW, it is a plastic form around the banana split cake (easily removed) and NOT gelatin---I know some places at WDW use gelatin similarly. That's not what this is.

I do wish Starring Rolls were in a different park---we spend very little time in MGM. Also, the seating isn't great. It's outdoors again, but there aren't a lot of fans (there may have been one small one?), and the only shade is the umbrella over the table, which is nowhere near as effective.

So...food: :thumbsup2
Location: :crazy:

08-26-2007, 07:37 PM
Okay, I'm going to start Rose & Crown tonight, but I don't think I have the energy to do the whole thing justice.

I'm going to start out by saying that we almost ended up leaving due to horrible treatment by Colin at the front desk and indifferent-at-best treatment by the first hostess...I'll just tell briefly. Our ADR was at 7:30, we checked in ~7:10 and my mom told Colin that we'd really like to be seated on the patio and we were willing to wait. Colin said something snotty. Then our pager was do something (I don't remember what) because it was apparently dying and Colin was snotty about that, too (and, um, hello, that would be HIS fault for giving us one that was dying). I think there was some other issue, too, but I don't remember. Anyway, we got buzzed and went over. And stood. And stood. Now, this wouldn't be so bad but my mom doesn't get around well, and we'd already played this walk here, walk back game with Colin for awhile. It was at least five minutes after we were buzzed before we were shown to a table (which kind of defeats the whole pager thing). So we were shown to a table RIGHT next to the pub---it was as close as you could get to the pub without being in it. We were prepared to potentially sit inside, but we wouldn't have accepted that table at a restaurant without a patio. We told the hostess that wouldn't do, and she said that was all they had (BTW, that was total rubish---we could SEE at least 4 tables farther into the restaurant that were the right size and were totally open). This table was CLEARLY a punitive move. We said we'd wait, and we'd really prefer to be on the patio (we wouldn't have dug in on this had Colin not tried to punish us---I think you had to be there, but he was awful). There was much talk amongst the staff, and we stood there. Finally they said okay, here's a pager, go wait again. Of course, at this point our bench was gone and my mom wasn't doing so well. We found a spot in the courtyard closer to the fish & chips shop and kind of stewed. We waited what seemed like a LONG time, and we were debating going over and letting Colin know that we'd find another place to eat and just let Guest Services know what a **** (fill in with word of choice) he'd been to us...just as we were debating doing that, our pager went off. I think we stood and waited there again, but maybe not as long, and were lead to a table...on the patio! Woohoo! Obviously someone recognized Colin's behavior and gave us some consideration (there was a hostess around that seemed to see that we weren't being treated very well). OH, and BTW, when I called to make an ADR at R&C for October (which I think I'm going to have to cancel...airfare just keeps going UP!), the CM on the phone TOLD me we could request a table outside on the patio when we checked in if we liked---and I didn't ask. She volunteered that, so our request was not unreasonable. Anyway, here's the view from our table:

ANYWAY, things get LOTS better at this point. Our server, Melissa, was sweeter than sweet---the best we had all week, and we had mostly good servers all week (and none that were actually bad). Actually, all the waitstaff we encountered (others who brought drinks & different courses) were SUPER. I don't know what Colin's problem was.

Anyway, I'll just do appetizers for now---which were really amazing. We all had the cheese plate, and we got a cup of Potato Leek soup (veg.---no stock issues) that we planned to pay for OOP (she just rang it up as part of our TS---which was really sweet).





Oh, and the rolls.

Sorry these are a little blurry---the camera was giving us some grief about midweek. I think I'd buy one with manual focus next time---if the autofocus won't focus, there's not a lot you can do!

Anyway, the rolls were BLECH. We'd really looked forward to the rolls and I don't think any of us finished one (or certainly didn't enjoy it, anyway). They just were not good. The tasted like old frozen dough ones.

HOWEVER, the soup and cheese plate were both amazing. I don't know which I'd order again if I could only have one.

The soup was WONDERFULLY creamy and absolutely delicious. We bought a bunch of leeks yesterday and plan to try making it. It was absolutely fantastic. Very mild and very smooth.

The cheese plate was great. Here's the description from allears: Fruit and Cheese Plate - Irish Cheddar, Mushroom Brie, and Stilton Pastry with individual accompaniments.

The stilton pastry was really only okay---I thought that would be the best, but the puff pastry part of it was only *eh* I think I ate this with the apples?

The Irish Cheddar was great---not sharp, nice and creamy. It went really nicely with the candied walnuts (which were YUMMY)...I think I also had some of this with the apples. I think this was my favorite of the cheeses overall.

In the little pot was a red onion jam. It was AWESOME. It was really sweet. Our server, Melissa, really enjoyed that we liked it, too---she said she could eat it by the spoonful straight up and her coworkers think she's nuts. She was perfect at making conversation---with some CMs, it's awkward because it feels like they're just trying to do what they think they SHOULD do. Melissa seemed like she really was just that friendly and conversation rolled along so smoothly---she felt like an old friend rather than someone who was working for tips. She was just super.

Anyway, the red onion jam was especially tasty with the mushroom brie. I don't remember what I thought of the brie on its own, quite honestly. I do remember it was better with the jam.

OH...I found a better pic:

I don't really remember the bread. I think it was just okay. There are also grapes hiding in there, and those were really nice---they were tasty with the cheddar, also.

So, the appetizers are fantastic at R&C. It would have been more than enough for a meal...but we're not done yet! Next time I'll post on the veggie pot pie (a preview: it was good!) and the dessert (eh).

08-27-2007, 06:37 AM
did you report Colin? :eek:. Very bad attitude ! At least your server was good!

08-27-2007, 10:36 AM
when we went to alfredos last year the waiter said we could not substitute anything in the trittico di pasta. I was really disappointed. He was a really nasty waiter and we were not really happy with the service. I think it had to do with us not ordering wine. he really pushed it on us when we got there and we don't drink - at all- its not like we were being cheap or anything. I think he's the only server we did not give a better tip (more than the dining plan gives them). When we told him we were vegetarian i think that really set him over the edge. he said there are two things on the menu that is it. So we got the mozarella and tomatoes appetizer and the fettucini alfredo for dinner. The fettucini was really good but it was so much and very strong flavoring. I'm glad your server was more accomidating!


I'm sorry---I think ours took our glasses away (it was funny---this happened in a couple of places; apparently my sister & I don't look 21+ when we're in pigtails...).

Anyway, were I to have the opportunity to eat there again and this happened, I'd probably just ask them to hold the lasagna---the other two were better anyway, and definitely plenty of food.

08-27-2007, 10:38 AM
did you report Colin? :eek:. Very bad attitude ! At least your server was good!

We didn't. We meant to write a letter when we got back, but we got lazy...and he seemed a little better (or at least a little sheepish) once we were seated. We probably should have, but we didn't leave R&C until probably 10 p.m. and kind of forgot the next day.

08-27-2007, 11:04 AM
An interesting note for those on the DDP: At Rose & Crown, you get to order a side off the menu with your entree! We were naughty and ordered chips & mashed potatoes. The girl who brought these to the table was funny---she couldn't remember who had what, and we said it didn't really matter, and she put said with a flourish, "potatoes." It was really cute, but maybe you had to be there.

Here are the sides:

My sister's mashed potatoes

Chips---my mom's or mine

These were all very tasty...more food than we really needed, but it was fun! I tried my sister's mashed potatoes and they were good; she polished them off, I think. My mom & I didn't finish the chips, but they were delicious as always! We were glad we got them because we never quite got around to the chips stand and we do love the chips at the UK.

The entree was Vegetable Pot Pie - roasted rutabaga, turnips, carrots and creamy lentils served with Irish cheddar.



Not a very clear shot, but I think you can see the inside a little better here.

The crust was only across the top and could be just lifted off. This was a good thing, because it was cardboard and basically inedible.

The filling, however, was DELICIOUS! The creamy lentils that are hiding under the root vegetables were particularly yummy and somewhat similar to the filling on the vegetable strudel at Coral Reef yet. This was, per my mom, "one of the best vegetable dishes I've had." I asked if she meant anywhere, and she said, "I think so." I agree, and this was when we were already stuffed from the cheese plate.

A side note: At one point, I got up to use the restroom, and my evil sister put some of her vegetable pot pie into my bowl so she could gloat about finishing and harass me for not. I blame her in part for my overindulgence---after all, there are studies of how people eat more when there's more in front of them. She also didn't tell me until I'd eaten more.

We took a break between entrees and dessert to watch Illuminations:


For dessert, my mom & I got the Fresh Berry Scone and my sister got Sticky Toffee Pudding: steamed pudding cake with warm vanilla custard and hot butter rum sauce.






Looking at the pictures, I'm wishing I had ordered the Sticky Toffee Pudding! When we go again, I'll either get that or skip dessert altogether.

The berry scone was okay. The berries and cream were DELICIOUS (although I think this was the straw that broke the camel's back in regards to my tummy). The scone itself was just okay. I thought it was pretty decent, my mom didn't like it at all, so I think we'll settle on "okay."

My sister says the sticky toffee pudding was "tasty" and she was "glad there was more custardy stuff than in some pictures because it was quite sweet and you need something to break it up some." I did taste this as well, and I remember it was really good, but I don't remember much else. I do remember it being very sweet. I can see how, without the sauce, it would be cloyingly so.

A note on the patio---it is lovely out there, and not too hot with the fans; however, as it gets dark, the bugs come to the patio because of the lights. This can be a little annoying when you're eating and they're after your food.

Overall, this was a VERY good meal once we were seated and we left Melissa an extra $20 (which we also left at Alfredo's the night before, BTW, and $15 at Coral Reef).

08-29-2007, 09:16 AM
Please, please post your 'Ohana review.:goodvibes

We are off in less than 2 weeks and i really want to read it before i go.:thumbsup2

08-29-2007, 07:41 PM
I'm so sorry I'm so slow---I know a couple of you are waiting for 'Ohana and I'm hoping to post it all tomorrow or Friday. Yesterday was our first day of in-service...I've been trying to get as much as possible done these last two days so I can take advantage of flex time tomorrow from my extra hours these last two days. I've been KICKED OUT of the building the last two days! So hopefully I'll be quick tomorrow and do it tomorrow afternoon. If not...I have Friday off.

But for the time being---I will say that we liked 'Ohana...maybe not enough to do it OOP, and not something I need to do every year, but it was good. We LOVED the salad. I will say, in preview, that other than the tofu, the veg. dish is really not very good at all...but there IS enough other good stuff that it doesn't matter a lot. If (when) I go back, I think I'd just tell them we'd like the tofu (and lots of it) but not the noodle/veggie thing (it's the same veggies that everyone gets)...I think that would make more sense, anyway---protein and all.

So, I swear, I will post a better, more detailed review in the next couple of days, with the pictures. I'm sorry! My mom is getting anxious, too, and she ate the darn stuff!

08-29-2007, 08:25 PM
Yes Yes, I really loved your last review and it made me change around some of my ADR's even though I'm not vegetarian.

Please finish soon before I leave for my trip, I love the way you explain things.


08-31-2007, 08:11 PM
Okay---I'm skipping our Sunshine Seasons lunch and doing my full 'Ohana review. I may need to shorten it up and add later!

Some background on our 'Ohana day: my stomach was not well and I was very nervous about giving it too much fuel...so my enjoyment of some of the food was diminished.

We walked over to the Poly from the TTC---this was my idea and I felt bad about it. I thought the main building was much closer than it is and I hated that I made my mom hoof it. I also thought it was kind of a maze---I don't really love the Poly. I really prefer indoor corridors. I guess the location is good, and parts of it do feel Polynesian, but I'm not dying to stay here.

We checked in and had a seat at one of the little tables by the singer in the lobby/bar area. He was excellent! We enjoyed him and I wouldn't mind going back for that.

We were seated within maybe 5 minutes? We told them when we checked in that we were veg., btw. We were shown to our table, by a window (we requested AWAY from the meat, preferably near a window), by a girl who was obviously just running through her schtick about "save room for dessert." Our waiter arrived...I don't remember his name and took our drink orders (no fancy ones here with DDP).

SO...getting on to the food...



Fried Wontons served with peanut sauce, chimichurri sauce and harissa
Mixed greens with a honey-lime dressing

The wontons and dip. The wontons were very nice and crisp but a little on the greasy side, I thought ('though I may have enjoyed this had my tummy not been upset). All of the dips were good, although my sister definitely liked the peanut dip the best, as did I (although less emphatically and enthusiastically than she did). I don't remember the other two very well, although I do recall that they were a little spicier and maybe a little more herb based?

The salad was...oh, you know...the BEST salad EVER? It was great. The greans were tender and fresh...and field greens rather than iceburg; I don't care for iceburg much. The dressing was awesome---sweet but not too sweet, and kind of tangy. It was very light and just delicious. We'll be attempting the recipe at home, probably this weekend.

So, the guy who delivered these was not our waiter. He mentioned wings and shrimp, we said, "No, we're vegetarians. We told the podium staff." He seemed disinterested but compliant, said okay and went on about his business.

Our real waiter was kind of popping in and out and not staying long or giving much of an opportunity to mention we were veg. since we were thinking the podium folks hadn't noted it.

ANYWAY...next up was stir-fried veggies and the Maui scalloped potatoes.



The vegetables were unimpressive. They really added nothing to our enjoyment of the meal. Eh.

The scalloped potatoes were very good but overhyped on these boards. I wouldn't go in with such high expectations (I didn't go in with such high expectations and my mom did...and I enjoyed the potatoes a lot more than she did). I could certainly go for some potatoes now! They just weren't *that* special (although we have scalloped potatoes fairly regularly at home in the fall & winter).

Okay, so at this point we'd had two rounds of salad and wontons and were thinking about possibly even more (and more potatoes), and we hadn't heard anything about a veg. dish, and we were good with that.

WELL...our real waiter came around with the meat (actually, he set the bowl on my sister's head...that was a might bit awkward). We told him no, we're vegetarians, and he said, "OH! Then I have something special for you." It took awhile, and we really weren't terribly hungry for MORE food at this point, but eventually he and the other guy appeared with this:



Actually, they appeared with THREE of these---one for each of us (WAY too much food). The red stuff on the side is on the side because "it's hot and not everyone likes it, so we left it on the side." Hot is the understatement of the year---it was REALLY hot, and I like hot. Hot to the point that you couldn't really taste any of the flavor in the sauce.

Flavorless seems to be a trend with this dish actually. The veggies were basically the same as what we had on the table, but less flavorful (or, better put, flavorless). The noodles had a little bit of a strange flavor but very little of it (or any other flavor). The stuff in the pressed pot seemed completely flavorless.

The TOFU, though, was AWESOME. It was marinated in something (we're thinking the glaze from the wings) and then fried (I think). It was very, very tasty---sweet but a little tangy (again---but more tangy than the salad dressing), and perfectly fried---crisp outside, soft inside. My sister points out that it was fried but not greasy...which is nice!

If/when I go back, I will tell them that I'm a vegetarian and have eaten there before, and I want the starters and the sides and, if they still do the tofu dish, JUST the tofu---and keep it comin'! I think they were maybe a little stingy with the tofu because not everyone likes tofu. I've thought about this a great deal, and considering what the meat-eaters get, I don't think this would be an unreasonable request---and then we wouldn't waste the three nearly full bowls of noodles & veggies. So, that would be my STRONG recommendation (if you like tofu---and if you don't know for sure, try this!).

I will do dessert tomorrow morning because tonight's dinner is ready!

09-01-2007, 06:52 AM
More reviews! Yay! :cool1:

09-01-2007, 11:55 PM
I just found this thread tonight and have read all the way through! You're doing a great job!!

09-02-2007, 05:01 PM
Great reviews and pictures, loving it! Can't wait for more. :)

09-12-2007, 05:20 PM
Yum! Now you have me questioning some of my ADR's.

09-25-2007, 09:09 AM
Wow! I cannot thank you enough! We are going for Thanksgiving with my Mom who is vegetarian and the reviews for CP and R&C, both of which we have ADRs for, were a Godsend!

Your photos are gorgeous and you shared so many--Thank you from the bottom of my stomach...errr, heart!


09-25-2007, 04:25 PM
Excellent. Thank you for sharing! :)

09-26-2007, 04:14 AM
Excellent reviews, thanks for posting!! :cool1:

11-10-2007, 03:37 PM
Great reviews :)

11-10-2007, 04:48 PM
Thank you for the great reviews--they're very helpful.

03-12-2008, 05:37 PM
Your reviews are well-written and your pictures are beautiful! I'm going to WDW with my mom in May - I'm a vegetarian but she isn't, but your reviews have really helped my planning a lot.

03-28-2009, 11:28 PM
Oh my goodness, this review is awesome! And, from what I can see, the pictures are fantastic. Is it just my computer, or are the pictures super small? Is there anywhere I can view them larger?

03-30-2009, 12:48 PM
No, not just your computer! They didn't used to be; I'll have to see what I can do!

03-30-2009, 05:32 PM
Okay, so I tried to put in the links in hopes that they would have full-size pics...but those aren't either! They were big when I first posted the thread...anybody know what I need to do to fix it? They're hosted on Shutterfly.

03-30-2009, 10:15 PM
I'm not sure, because I use Photobucket. It seems like on Photobucket there's something you can do to resize all your photos, or something that you can change to only allow a certain size. Maybe there's something similar on Shutterfly?

I'm sorry I'm not much help! :confused3