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07-14-2007, 09:42 PM
My family and I just spent a week at WDW and ate a LOT! Thought I'd just share some of our thoughts and experiences for those who are choosing ADRs...hope there's something of value in here for ya!

We booked our ADRs several months in advance, just so we'd be sure to have a sit down dinner most nights (we didn't book for every night, because we like counter service, too!)

We had a mid afternoon lunch/early dinner at Mama Melrose's at MGM Studios on our first day in the Worlds...The food was fantastic, and the service amazing! We didn't have ADRs, and were told that there would be a 20 min wait, but after 10 mins we got a great table with the best waitress we've ever had (I so wish I could remember her name!). I wanted a Chicken Caesar Salad but it wasn't on the menu, though Caesar salad was: I asked, and was told no problem! It was delicious, large portioned, and so fresh. I asked for no croutons, and didn't get a one. DD & DS both had Chicken Parm, and thought it was great. The portion was quite generous, too. DH had a tuna steak, and says it was incredible, it was like filet mignon, it was so tender. The family had deserts, too: chocolate gelato, and spumoni, which they'd never had before, and I hear that both were delicious. The meal, for 4, with desserts, one cocktail, 2 coffees, and 4 entrees, w/ tip came to about $107.00 and we walked away feeling really good about the meal.

We had dinner one night at the Hoop Dee Doo Review, which we'd prepaid for. We love this show, its so corny & fun. We got Cat1 seats, so we had a great view of the performance. The menu is so carb-laden but it was a splurge I enjoyed! Fried chicken by the bucketful, beans, potatoes, ribs, and salad! Its all you can eat, and let me tell you: my teenage son can eat! We didn't like our waitress so much, but we could see a lot of the other waiters/waitresses were really attentive to their tables so don't let this deter you from going here. The food is great, the show is fun.

We'd never eaten at the Coral Reef in Epcot, and my dd was really looking forward to this restaurant. We were so disappointed! We got great seats, on the floor at the tank level, just one table back, so we had a great view. There are some huge turtles, lots of little fish, and we did see a shark, but the creatures we saw most were human divers. There seemed to be a ton of people in the tank that night! Three of us had a shrimp/penne pasta dish, and my dd had the chicken caesar salad. We all felt that the meals were bland and the portions were pretty small.... The other 3 in my party all had one soda each, and I had water w/ lemon in it. No desert, no cocktail, no coffee, no appetizer. We paid over $130.00 for this meal and I wouldn't do it again.

The 50s Prime Time restaurant in MGM is one of our favorites. We were psyched this year, because we were taking my brother, who was celebrating his birthday. So fun! There were 5 of us, and we got this great redheaded waitress named Cindy. She was so dry and funny...it was a riot! Don't put your elbows on the table, wear a hat at the table, or forget a please or thank you if you eat here. We had a blast, and the food was great, as always. My dh & I each had a GlowTini (I had 2), we had onion rings for an appetizer, by brother & son had chicken soup, both kids had chocolate shakes. For meals we had the stuffed pepper (excellent, good sized portion but not overwhelming), no potatoes, but extra veggie; pot roast (must have been good because I think my son practically licked the plate!) Fried Chicken, & two meatloaf dinners...dh & brother both loved the meatloaf. For desert was brownie sundaes, angel food cake. We had a lot of beverages, too, on this night: OJ, diet sodas, hot tea, coffees. The meal was $163.00 w/out tip, so about $200.00 all together for 5 very piggy people. It was so worth it, we thought! Again, its not only dinner (and what a dinner!) but a show, too. We had a blast.

Our teen son was interested in having dinner at the House of Blues, so we went there one evening. I don't know, to me it feels like a chain restaurant along the lines of the 99, but it was pretty good. Our waitress was great, and the food was really good, too. My dh had a Jambalaya and was warned that it was really spicy: no lie! He was sweating, it was so flavorful. But he ate every bite, and really enjoyed it. I had a Chicken Caesar salad, the kids both had Chiken Tender Plates...we weren't very adventurous, were we? But it was all good and tasty. With drinks, no dessert or appetizers, the meal came to $103.00. I thought that was a bit pricey, but dson really enjoyed the place. 69 Eyes was playing that night...I don't know 'em, but my son was pretty stoked about it. He was able to go in, and thought that was pretty cool.

We had dinner one night at the Sci Fi Theatre in MGM, and I was really looking forward to blowing my low carb diet on a cheeseburger & fries here. We all ordered these (though they aren't on the dinner menu, but if you ask, your waiter will serve 'em up for you). The kids had shakes, and dh & I each had a diet soda. It was good, and not horribly priced, at around $65.00. I don't know about this place, though, its pretty dark, and personally I don't like sitting in the cars to eat...I like to be able to talk with my family at the dinner table. But the kids enjoyed the drive -in like atmosphere, and they appreciated the B movie clips, too. We'd do it again.

During the week we at at several counter service restaurants that we enjoyed. I won't bore with you with the details, but some we really liked were: China Lotus Blossom at Epcot...I highly recommend the spring rolls.

Mitsukoshi in Japan is excellent, and really affordable counterservice. We all ate for under $30.00, and I'm still dreaming about their sushi...it was so good! Also, for counter service, the service is amazing. Those Japanese ladies make me want to be more graceful.

At Animal Kingdom we ate at Tusker House, which was terrific. Here is healthy counter service food at its best. We had chicken salads, 2 roasted chicken & veggies, and salad & 1/2 sandwich with drinks for $38.00. Everything was delicious.

We ate a lot at the Pepper Market at the Coronado Springs Resort since that was where we stayed...there's so much to choose from there, and the portions are huge! Its a little pricey, we thought, with entrees from 12.00 - 14.00, and two regular single coffees cost $4.64...but its convenient, fast, and tasty.

We also ate at Pecos Bill's...and for all those folks who argue about whether or not its polite to save tables while others order....PB's has solved the problem. A manager wouldn't allow us to take an inside table until our party was all together and we had our food. It was standard burgers & fries, and it was pretty good. I especially liked the fixins' bar, where my brother was able to heap sauteed mushrooms onto his burger. Very nice.

So thats it...I gained 2 lbs on the trip, so it wasn't a total binge, though I did find it tough to low carb it while on vacation. I understand though,that if you have specific meal requirements or dietary limitations, the restaurants will work with you...I never asked, and just tried to stick to the best choices I could.

After all these table service meals, I can definitely see the attraction of the DDP.

Bon Apetit!

07-14-2007, 10:27 PM
Quick question?

Did they do anything special for the B-day at Prime Time?

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Im so glad you enjoyed Mama melrose. I was getting nervous about that one.

John's Mom
07-15-2007, 10:11 AM
Thanks for sharing your reviews!

07-15-2007, 11:05 AM
Quick question?

Did they do anything special for the B-day at Prime Time?

The waitress was very nice and asked my brother first if he minded if she told the whole family...he didn't mind, so she brought him a cupcake with a candle in it and had the whole room (maybe 6-8 tables) get up and come sing happy birthday to him. It was pretty funny, and I think some of the other folks enjoyed it even more than my brother did!

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Enjoyed the reviews.
I can visualize that one day, the Coral Reef tank will be full of divers and no fish;)

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Thanks for the great reviews!:thumbsup2

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Great reviews. 50's has to be one of my favs, although DW isn't so crazy about it.:confused3

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Thanks for the great review.

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i am a huge fan of tusker house :thumbsup2 thanks for your reviews

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Good review.;)

Pooh Bear Lisa
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We're looking forward to our first time at HDDR! Thanks for the review.:)