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Maggi May
07-11-2007, 07:24 AM
I really enjoyed Kevin's review of Chef Mickeys and thought it was right on point. Yes it's chaotic and noisy and the food is decent but nothing that you couldn't get anywhere else. But, darn it, it's a chance to meet the big cheese himself, watch the monorail overhead and just completely immerse yourself in the joy of watching kids meet their favorite characters. Loved your comment about trying to get kids to eat. Once my DS saw Donald, it was all over!

I also noticed the same thing that you did . . . many of the servers appeared to be older than the typical server and seemed to have great patience and enthusiasm when dealing with the families there. Our server, Robert, was wonderful, telling our son things like "I just saw Mickey come out of the kitchen. He'll be here to see you soon, get your autograph book ready!" It made for a great experience.

So, for fine dining, we'll head over to Jiko, but Chef Mickey's can't be beat for the Disney character experience.

07-11-2007, 09:23 AM
I was so happy to hear the review of Chef Mickey! My youngest son turns 11 during our trip next June and I have been trying to decide which character meal would be a good choice to celebrate his birthday. From what I heard on the podcast, Chef Mickey will be perfect. There will be 6 children in the group ranging in age from a year and half old to a 14 year old along with 4 adults. It sounds like Chef Mickey will make us all happy. Thanks for a very descriptive review!

07-11-2007, 09:38 AM
I think you can't go wrong with Chef Mickey's. We had a character dinner there in 2003 and the characters really take their time at each table and they come around many times, which is great. And having older waitstaff who understands anxious children make it a more pleasant experience. Definitely not relaxed, but very pleasant. The only problem, if that's what you want to call it, is our waiter kept the drinks coming a little too quickly as we hadn't finished the previous ones. Gave a whole new meaning to "Race to the Toilet". The delight in the childrens' faces is priceless when they see their favorites - especially, as in my son's case - Donald. The food is just OK but who cares. I know you'll have a great experience, so enjoy! We're doing the CP again this year and also trying Restraurantosorus (sp?).

07-11-2007, 11:34 AM
Haven't listened to the podcast yet due to some technical difficulties but we LOVED Chef Mickey's in March! We had an 11:10 seating and the place wasn't crazy busy but still full and fun. The food was still fresh and the characters came around 3 times.

Now that you mention it, our server was a little older too. A guy, I think. And while he was a little slow keeping the drinks coming, we still enjoyed it.

A funny story: Earlier in the day, we'd met Alice and the Mad Hatter at the teacups (the Mad Hatter rode with our friends in theirs!) and we had a photo op afterward. Of the four kids that were in the picture, NONE of them were happy. Some were crying, my DS was wandering out of the frame, it was hilarious! I wish I knew how to post pics, I'd post it in a heartbeat! So we get to Chef Mickey's about an hour later and the bossy lady took our picture. We really didn't want to do it, but she insisted. So, they come around later with the package. At first we refused, but she commented that all the photo ladies were talking about how cute all the kids were. All the kids in the pic were smiling and looking SO HAPPY in stark contrast to the picture taken earlier that AM. So, of course, we bought it. :rolleyes: That's the pixie dust, right there!

Thanks for listening to my rambling story!

Denice T.
Olathe, KS

07-11-2007, 02:36 PM
That review was right on. I wouldn't go there unless I was with my cousins or something and wanted to see the characters.

07-11-2007, 05:27 PM
I haven't been to Chef Mickey's in like 15 years, but we go to Crystal Palace all the time, just me and my DH.. we love seeing the characters interact with children at other tables, but what brings us there is the food actually! We love their breakfast buffet! Does anyone know.. is the food at Chef Mickey's pretty much the same as at the Crystal Palace breakfast, or is it completely different?

07-16-2007, 10:11 AM
Our DD(7) loves Chef Mickey's. The characters were very good about coming back for the "photo op" if the child was getting food at the buffet. We appreciated that; wouldn't want to miss any pictures to go with that autograph. Our experience has been that the characters will interact with everyone at the table, not just the children. We have heard that the food at Crystal Palace is better than Chef Mickey's. We will be trying CP in our upcoming vacation - we hope it matches the wonderful experiences we have had at Chef Mickeys.

07-16-2007, 11:09 AM
I also liked Kevin's review of Chef Mickey's. He was very candid and fair. I think everyone who's ever been to CM's knows that the food is just okay, but you're really paying to be in the Contemporary, watching the monorails whoosh by and for the great character interaction with the Fab 5.

Mrs Grumpy
07-16-2007, 11:30 AM
I also enjoyed the review. It is just DH and I and I was planning on doing this meal on our next trip. We are wanting to do the dinner. What is a good time to go for dinner? Is 7:30 or 8:00 a good time?

07-16-2007, 11:44 AM
I can't wait till Sept. when we will be eating at Chef Mickey's:woohoo:
Hey Mrs.Grumpy funny how I'm posting underneath yours:rotfl: :cheer2:

07-16-2007, 12:33 PM
I also enjoyed the review. It is just DH and I and I was planning on doing this meal on our next trip. We are wanting to do the dinner. What is a good time to go for dinner? Is 7:30 or 8:00 a good time?
I'd suggest going with a late dinner, because there would (logically) be less yelling little kids running around. But that's just my logic.

07-16-2007, 12:37 PM
I'm guessing that getting a table here is going to be a long shot without an ADR. It sounds cool to do before P&PP as early dinner after a trip to Typhoon Lagoon

Mrs Grumpy
07-16-2007, 12:57 PM
I can't wait till Sept. when we will be eating at Chef Mickey's:woohoo:
Hey Mrs.Grumpy funny how I'm posting underneath yours:rotfl: :cheer2:

I was kind of shocked for a moment there. I saw your post thinking it was mine and wondered who changed all my pictures and signature stuff! :) I would be willing to trade countdowns with you though!!!

07-16-2007, 01:13 PM
CMs is great -we make at least one stop there every time we go to Disney.

07-16-2007, 08:00 PM
As other posters have said, the review of Chef Mickey's was right on. We go there for the atmosphere. You can't beat the character interaction and the view of the monorail going by. My DS age 4 loves it there! He makes a "cake" for Mickey out of Mickey waffles and sprinkles every time we go there. The waitresses are always nice a bring us a little cup of sprinkles from the back. Great review!!