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04-01-2001, 10:31 PM
I am going to be traveling to WDW with a friend who needs an electric wheelchair for mobility due to fibromyalgia and inability to tolerate standing or walking for long periods.

I need recommendations as well as contact information for rental companies that would deliver this to WDW.

Thanks in advance!!

SueM in MN
04-02-2001, 05:29 AM
Welcome, Yodasmom. I can give you the contact information for companies that people have mentioned being pleased with. Other posters who have actually rented can fill in with the other info. All will deliver to the hotel.
CARE Medical Equipment - 1-800-741-2282
www.caremedicalequipment.com (http://www.caremedicalequipment.com)

RANDY'S Mobility in Kissimmee 407-892-4777

Walker Medical - 1-800-334-9501
www.walkermobility.com (http://www.walkermobility.com)

SueM in MN
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04-02-2001, 09:14 AM
Dear Sue,

Randys Mobility has a website which I put below. And I found them to be easy to deal with, as well as substantially cheaper than the other two places for ECV rentals. It only cost us $150.00 for a full weeks rental for my mom.



SueM in MN
04-02-2001, 09:23 AM
Thanks for the link. I think I do have it on my sticky notes on my other computer. I have a feeling I am still mising something, but I'm sure someone will add it.

SueM in MN
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04-02-2001, 10:14 PM
Thanks Sue and Figaro for your recommendations!

I will check out the companies and then make a decision. Any other posters have experience with these companies?

SueM in MN
04-03-2001, 04:47 AM
If you are able to get the search feature to cooperate, you will find recommendations for each of the companies. Some people liked one over the others, but in general there have been few to no negatives written about any of them.
If you just scroll down the pages until you see a thread about "ECVs" or scooters, you will find the info, too.

SueM in MN
Co-Moderator of disABILITIES (http://wdwinfo.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=frm&s=40009993&f=38009194)