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07-09-2007, 09:33 AM
Hello everybody. I have just returned from a 7 night/8 day vacation to Disney World. Our stay included the Disney Dining Plan which we got dirt cheap due to an awesome code that I found here on the DIS a few months ago. It only ended up costing $300 more than our original reservation through AAA which did not include the Dining Plan so it was almost like we were eating for free (Our group included four adults). Here is a list of the restaurants I will be reviewing:

Pinnochio's Village Haus post #6
Electric Umbrella post #18
Cosmic Ray's post#29
Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station post#29
Lottawatta Lodge
Pizza Planet

1900 Park Fare post #9
Mama Melrose post #24
Planet Hollywood post #27
Whispering Canyon Cafe
Liberty Tree Tavern
L'Originale Alfredo di Roma
Crystal Palace

As I add the review I will put the post number next to the restaurant name in the list above. I tried to remember to take pictures of the food but only remembered sometimes so I apoligize for that. I can also add in pictures of the characters from the meals if you all would like that. Just let me know.

07-09-2007, 09:37 AM
We are on the dining plan for our upcoming Sept 07 trip. 2 adults - no kids (they are grown).

Looking forward to your reviews and all pix!!

Pat :)

07-09-2007, 10:17 AM
I have read your pretrip report . I hope you had a blast. We are going Aug 2008.

07-09-2007, 10:27 AM
Looking forward to this :)

07-09-2007, 02:02 PM
Our first day we did not have a meal on Disney property. After checking in at the Wilderness Lodge we hit up a grocery store in order to buy bottled water and to get some breakfast items for the week. We then had lunch/dinner at Friday's. The food was good, we all had burgers. They were very tasty and juicy and the service was quick and friendly and the prices were no more than at any other Friendly's or family restaurant. Since we wanted to save our money for Disney souvenirs we did not opt for dessert.

Once dinner was done we headed back to the resort, dumped all our stuff in the room and headed over to the Magic Kingdom where we used our first snack credits on the dis boards favourite snack.... the Dole Whip!! Let me say that this ice cream delight lived up to all the hype. It was delicious and we treated ourselves to the Dole Whip on many other occasions on this trip. I highly recommend that everybody try this treat, you will not regret it.

Next update Pinnochio's Village Haus and 1900 Park Fare "Cinderella's Gala Feast" with pictures!

07-09-2007, 05:46 PM
We spent our first full day at the Magic Kingdom and decided to have lunch at Pinnochio's Village Haus. We arrived around 11:15 and the restaurant was deserted. We snagged a table next to the windows that overlook Small World and watched and waved as the people floated by on their way into the ride.

I ordered the pepperoni pizza meal with the side salad and a cannoli for dessert. The pizza was very yummy. It is not gourmet by any means but if you are a pizza fan than you will be very happy with the pizza here. The side salad was not very good, it tasted off for some reason. I can not really pinpoint what was wrong with it, it just tasted bad so I did not finish it. The cannoli was simply divine. My first job as a teen was at an Italian bakery and this cannoli was just as good as the ones made there. I highly recommend the cannoli as a must try dessert.

My mom ordered the Italian sandwich which she says was the best counter service she had on the entire trip. She got apple slices as her side and had the strawberry shortcake for dessert. She enjoyed her meal and would eat here again.

My brothers both ordered the chicken strips with fries and the chocolate shake for dessert. They said that the chicken strips were only okay, the fries were great and the shakes were good. They said the shakes were more like a Wendy's frosty than a milkshake as they had to eat it with their spoons.

The drinks that come with the dining plan are very large, 32 oz.

Overall we enjoyed this restaurant and would highly recommend it.


Cannoli, side salad, apple slices, strawberry shortcake

07-10-2007, 03:46 AM
Looking forward to reading more:thumbsup2

07-10-2007, 04:56 AM
Pinocchio Village Haus sounds and looks great :thumbsup2

07-10-2007, 06:25 AM
We ended up leaving the MK after the afternoon parade. We had an 8pm ADR for Cinderella's Gala Feast. We almost did not make it to this one. When we got back to the hotel room around 4pm the skies opened up and a torrential downpour started and continued for the next few hours. It was 7pm and we were debating if we really wanted to drive in the weather but luckily for us the rain let up a bit and so we were off for our dinner with Cinderella!

Upon arriving at the Grand Floridian we discovered that if you wanted to self-park your car the parking lot is actually across the street from the hotel:scared1: . If we didn't want to walk we would have to pay the $10 for valet. We decided that since it was only sprinkling now we would save the $10 and walk. It is a bit of a hike from the self-park to the main building. I guess most of the guests staying at the GF opt for valet?? as it seems very strange to have the guest lot so far from the hotel.

The hotel is very beautiful but my brothers said that they did not feel very comfortable there as it did not send out a very friendly/welcoming vibe. 1900 Park Fare was easy to find. It was just to the left as you walk through the main entrance. We checked in and were called to be seated almost immediately. At the entrance to the dining room we were greeted by the Fairy Godmother. She was very nice and we snapped a quick picture with her before being seated.

We were seated very close to the buffet which was very nice as we could easily see if a character was near the table if we were up getting food. We were greeted by our waiter who introduced himself as David but his name tag said Brian?? :confused3 My brothers were amused by this. He told us that we should stay at our table as we were up next for a character and then we could get dinner as the rest of the characters would be a while. We were soon joined at our table by one of the mice from Cinderella, Perla.

After posing for some pics she moved on and we got up to get our dinner. We all tried a variety of foods but I think the highlight of the meal for me was the strawberry soup. It is to die for! I had second helpings of the soup it was that good. I have heard that this soup is also served at breakfast so perhaps the next time I'm in the world I will try the breakfast character meal. I also tried some of the pasta and meats offered and they were also good. They were not extraordinary but I was not expecting that from a buffet. I also sampled the pizza and mac and cheese from the kids buffet. The pizza was mediocre and the mac and cheese was horrible.

The characters had very good timing as they hit our table right before we were going to get up for dessert. First was Suzy who my brother goofed around with as you will see in the picture, then Prince Charming who only said a quick hello and moved on and then Cinderella who was very sweet.

We were very happy with the character interaction except for Prince Charming who didn't really stop for us. I noticed that he only really seemed to be posing with little children so maybe he assumed that since we were adults we wouldn't want a picture with him? I'm not sure what happened with him but we were not impressed.

After we finished with the characters we decided to grab some dessert. The dessert offerings were pretty good. I had some ice cream from the sundae bar and a brownie which were both very good. I tried the cheesecake but did not really care for it. Alek and Erich also had the ice cream sundae and they also grabbed a chocolate chip cookie. They were also satisfied with their dessert choices. Mom was too full from dinner so she opted for an apple for dessert.

Overall we were pleased with this dinner and we would return. The food was almost always good and there were the highlights like the strawberry soup which everybody should try. The characters were also very nice. If you have a little princess she would love this meal and it would be a nice alternative if you can not get reservations at the castle or if you don't want to spend the two dining credits to eat at the castle as this Cinderella meal only costs one dining credit.

07-10-2007, 06:58 AM
Thanks for sharing, I can see that my DD will love CGF, and meeting cinderella, and that pizza looks so nice, May have to get one.;)

07-10-2007, 07:16 AM
I tried the cannoli for the first time last year and I can't get it out of my mind. It was my first cannoli, so I wasn't sure how it was supposed to taste, but it sounds like its the way it should be! Your picture made my mouth water :goodvibes . Thanks for the great reviews.

07-10-2007, 07:34 AM
Great review! Look forward to more. And I agree, the Cannoli is one of the best kept secrets in MK.

07-10-2007, 09:20 AM
Great review so far. Looking forward to more.

07-10-2007, 06:15 PM
My favorite type of report--food filled:)

07-11-2007, 08:07 AM
I have only ever tried 1900 PF for breakfast and really loved it - I agree about the strawberry soup :thumbsup2

07-11-2007, 08:59 AM
Great review! Can't wait to hear more :thumbsup2

07-11-2007, 09:43 AM
I tried the cannoli for the first time last year and I can't get it out of my mind. It was my first cannoli, so I wasn't sure how it was supposed to taste, but it sounds like its the way it should be! Your picture made my mouth water :goodvibes . Thanks for the great reviews.

You are right, that is exactly how a cannoli should taste. They are my favourite dessert!

Great review! Look forward to more. And I agree, the Cannoli is one of the best kept secrets in MK.

It sure is, I plan on enjoying a cannoli again on my next trip to the world.

Great review so far. Looking forward to more.

Thanks for reading! I always enjoy hearing from other dissers and knowing that they are reading my report and enjoying it:goodvibes

My favorite type of report--food filled:)

:lmao: Glad you are enjoying it. I also love the dining reports. They really help you decide where to eat on upcoming trips.

I have only ever tried 1900 PF for breakfast and really loved it - I agree about the strawberry soup :thumbsup2

Stawberry Soup, yummy:cloud9: Since you like the breakfast you should try the dinner sometime, it is very good.

Great review! Can't wait to hear more :thumbsup2

Thanks for reading. I love getting feedback and hearing about others experiences!

07-11-2007, 09:56 AM
On Day Two we spent the morning at Epcot. We opted to grab lunch at the Electric Umbrella as it was right across from the Character Connection which my brothers wanted to go to next. We arrived around 11:30 and once again we found an empty restaurant. No problems finding a table here! My mom grabbed a table by the window and we had a partial view of the fountain and thus were able to see the water show while eating.

Alek, Erich and I all got the Double Bacon Cheeseburgers with fries and mom got a grilled chicken sandwich. We all enjoyed our burgers. They were typical fast-food burgers and we enjoyed that there was a toppings bar so you could build your own burger. Mom also enjoyed her sandwich but she was still longing for the Italian Sandwich she had the previous day at Pinocchio's.:lmao:

For dessert I opted for the cheesecake which was very yummy and everybody else got the chocolate chip cookies which they also said were good.

Sorry no pictures from this restaurant:guilty:

Next update Mama Melrose with pictures!:cool1:

07-11-2007, 10:02 AM
Thanks for sharing, I can see that my DD will love CGF, and meeting cinderella, and that pizza looks so nice, May have to get one.;)

All the little girls I saw were so cute in their princess dresses and they were all thrilled when they got to meet Cinderella and blushed when they got their pictures with Prince Charming.

The pizza was yummy. I had read reports that the pizza at Disneyworld was bad but I have to say that I was happy with the pizza any time I had it.

07-11-2007, 10:18 AM
Great so far! Can't wait to read more.

We loved that strawberry soup at 1900PF too. So yummy!
But the highlight of that meal was the KISS that DS5 got from Cinderella. He still blushes bright read when we watch the video. He has a huge crush!!! :love:

07-11-2007, 09:31 PM
Great reviews and pictures! Can't wait for more!:thumbsup2

07-12-2007, 08:52 AM
Great review! That strawberry soup sounds divine! Is 1900 PF open for all meals or just breakfast and dinner?

Looking forward to more!!!

07-12-2007, 12:38 PM
Great so far! Can't wait to read more.

We loved that strawberry soup at 1900PF too. So yummy!
But the highlight of that meal was the KISS that DS5 got from Cinderella. He still blushes bright read when we watch the video. He has a huge crush!!! :love:

How cute! What a special memory.

Great reviews and pictures! Can't wait for more!:thumbsup2

Thanks for reading and I'm glad you are enjoying the report:goodvibes

Great review! That strawberry soup sounds divine! Is 1900 PF open for all meals or just breakfast and dinner?

Looking forward to more!!!

The soup is divine! I'm hoping to find a recipe for it so I can try and make it at home. 1900 PF is only open for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast is Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland themed with Winnie the Pooh thrown in once and a while and dinner is of course Cinderella themed.

07-12-2007, 01:17 PM
On July 2nd we had an 8pm dinner ressie at Mama Melrose at MGM. I planned it so late as we were planning on going to the second showing of Fantasmic at 10:30.

We arrived at the restaurant at 7:40 and they let us check in early and asked us to wait in the lobby. This restaurant does not give you a buzzer so you have to stay in the restaurant or you may miss it when they call you to be seated. The waiting area is rather small and was very crowded when we were there. Luckily a family of four who had been sitting on the bar stools got seated soon after we arrived so we were able to snag their seats. We waited about 15 minutes to be seated.

We were lead to the middle of the restaurant towards the back. I liked being seated here as we did not have people constantly passing our table while arriving or leaving.

Our waiter for the evening was Cy and he was very quick and efficent always making sure that our drinks were filled and that we were happy with our meals. Alek and Erich liked him so much that they asked to get their picture taken with him.

For appetizers Alek and Erich ordered the Artisan Breads and Spreads. For the most part they enjoyed their appetizers. They each liked different breads and different spreads but overall they liked it. It was a lot for just one person and mom and I ended up sharing with them.

Mom ordered the Calamari which she thought was very good and I had the Caesar Salad which was also good.

Next up were the entrees. I ordered the Four Cheese Flatbread which was only ok, Mom ordered the Grilled Chicken Flatbread which she also only found ok. We think it was probably the sauce that we did not care for. Alek ordered the Chicken Parmesan and Erich ordered the steak. Both Alek and Erich enjoyed their entrees and said that they were very good.

Next up desserts, the best part of any meal! I had the Hazelnut Cheesecake which was very yummy, Mom had the Tiramisu which she said she enjoyed and Alek and Erich had chocolate gelato which they said just tasted like regular chocolate ice cream but was still good.

Overall we were happy with the meal and would eat here again I would probably something other than the flatbread next time. Even though it was not bad I am sure that they have better things to offer and so I will try something different in the future.

When we walked out of the restaurant around 9:20 we noted that the park seemed deserted. There was nobody around. It was a very strange and eerie feeling. We tool advantage though and snapped some pictures and walked right into Muppet Vision where there was only 4 or 5 other people.

Here are some pictures of us in the empty park. The pictures are kinda dark but you get the idea:)

Of course once we got closer to Fantasmic we found all the people, they were either watching the show or waiting in line for the next show. So if you ever want to explore an empty MGM with ni lines go on a night when there are two showings of Fantasmic!

07-12-2007, 02:06 PM
Love your reviews so good to hear a good review of MM :thumbsup2

07-14-2007, 03:14 AM
Love your reviews so good to hear a good review of MM :thumbsup2

Thanks for reading. I had also read many bad things about MM but I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly suprised:goodvibes

07-14-2007, 03:34 AM
Well today was July 3rd and we were spending the morning at Typhoon Lagoon so I made lunch ressies at Planet Hollywood as it was right across the street and my brother really wanted to eat there.

We showed up at 1:30 for our 2pm reservation and were seated immediately. The restaurant was not too full but one thing I noted was that the tables are all very close together so I would suggest requesting a booth at busier times of the day.

The restaurant is very well themed and we enjoyed looking around at the different displays.

We ordered the VIP Platter to share as an appetizer. This came with Chicken Strips, Buffalo wings, chips and spinach dip. It was a lot of food. Unfortunately no picture. We all enjoyed the platter, I especially liked the wings.

Alek and I ordered the Ribeye Steak which was very good. The steak came with a side of fries and veggies which included green beans and carrots.

Erich ordered a plain cheeseburger with fries. He reports that the burger was very good and nice and juicy.

Mom ordered the Grilled Tuscan Chicken sandwich she reports as being mediocre.

Next came desserts!

I had the strawberry cheesecake which of course was delish!

Alek ordered the Banana Split which was also very good.

Erich ordered the Brownie Sundae which was very good and was also enormous!

And mom ordered the Key Lime pie which she enjoyed.

Overall we were happy with our lunch at Planet Hollywood. I had read many bad reviews complaining of bad service and mediocre food. I expect that many of the complaints are from people who go at peak times and a long wait I don't think is that bad as there is so much to take in and look at. I thought that the service was great when we were there. Our waitress was very friendly and efficient. As for the food it was good but not exceptional but then again you don't go to Planet Hollywood for outstanding food you go there for the atmosphere. So if you enjoy movie history and movie props and are not too picky about your food then I would say give Planet Hollywood a try and going at the off hours would certainly help if you do not care to spend a lot of time at the restaurant.

07-14-2007, 09:04 AM
Excellent reviews, enjoying every minute of it!:thumbsup2

07-18-2007, 05:24 PM
We opted to view the special holiday fireworks on the 3rd instead of the 4th in hopes of somewhat avoiding the crowds. We staked out an awesome spot at a table right on the edge of the water at the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station. We had two hours until the fireworks so mom sent us off to get our dinner and when we got back she would get hers. We went to Cosmic Ray's as it was the closest counter service to where we were. We all ordered the Double Bacon Cheeseburgers with fries and brownies for dessert. The drinks they gave us were overflowing. We were not too impressed with that. Not to mention they piled all of our food onto one tray. It was very heavy and very difficult to carry. We stopped to grab a bunch of staws and napkins to wipe our drink cups down with but our hands still got very sticky from those cups. We carried our tray of food back over to the terrace where mom was waiting. She then went up to the Tomorrowland Terrace Noddle Station to get her dinner.

The burgers and fries were good and the brownies were not that great. I would not go out of my way to eat here again but if you are there and you are hungry if will do. Mom said that her dinner was also passable. Not sure exactly what she ordered. Sorry:guilty:

The fireworks were great and I am glad we had the spot we did as we had a clear view of the castle with nobody standing in front of us and we had comfortable chairs to sit in. I highly recommend this spot for fireworks viewing:goodvibes

Up next is Pizzafari at the Animal Kingdom

07-18-2007, 06:04 PM
Thanks for your reviews. I'm really enjoying reading them. Can't wait for more.:goodvibes

Pooh Bear Lisa
07-18-2007, 09:16 PM
Helpful reviews! Thank you.:)