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07-08-2007, 10:57 AM
Hi there...already decided we're bringing our own stroller(s) vs. renting (as we're staying at a very spread out resort and will need a stroller for our youngest for airport, to/from busses, etc. anyway), but not sure WHICH stroller(s) to take....advice please!!! :)

We're going to Disney World in October with 2 DDs, ages 4 and 7 (7 yr old likely won't be riding the whole time, but you never know.) The dilemma I'm having is whether to take 2 separate umbrella strollers (Maclaren, heavy duty) for each of them, or to purchase and bring a double umbrella (Maclaren heavy duty holds up to 110lbs) to avoid both of us having to push something at all times or avoid pushing an empty single stroller around a good chunk of the day.

Does anyone have any advice/experience on whether it's easier to maneuver one double vs 2 singles through the parks or what you'd do in this situation?


Tink's Pixieduster
07-08-2007, 11:57 AM
My children are adults so strollers is not an issue for me, but there was an interesting article in the "Coming and Going" (or CoGO) Travel section of the Washington Post this morning. I would never have thought about this when my sons were small, but with the very expensive strollers some families now travel with you might want to give this some thought when making your decision about what strollers to use.

Stroller Derby
Sunday, July 8, 2007

Parents beware: Your child's stroller may seem sturdy to you, but your airline might consider it a fragile item for which it has no liability. For Lisa Conner of Washington, that attitude meant the loss of a new $300 stroller.

Conner, loaded down with a toddler and a baby at the Des Moines airport, had pushed the children to the gate in their stroller and checked it on her American Airlines flight to Washington. On arrival at Dulles, she retrieved the stroller -- minus a wheel and with a frame twisted beyond repair. She attempted to make a claim but was told the airline has no responsibility for "fragile" items.

Turns out that American Airlines' contract of carriage, available at its Web site, specifically includes strollers and car seats in its long list of items for which it takes no responsibility.

A check of various airlines' contracts of carriage found that most do not specifically mention strollers. However, the items for which the airlines claim no liability include not only electronic items, eyewear, medicine, jewelry and artwork, but also anything "fragile." The airlines, of course, get to define the word.

CoGo's advice: Buy the cheapest stroller you can find to get your kids to the airport, and leave the good stroller at home. Further, if you're considering checking anything besides clothing, read your airline's contract of carriage about baggage liability before you hand it over.

07-08-2007, 12:31 PM
...unfortunately the cheapie strollers won't work for us as our kids are bigger. Maclaren is the only umbrella style (easily transportable) brand that I have found to accommodate larger kids (holds up to 55lbs) and are still "pushable" without a ridiculous amount of effort. Plus I found them on Ebay, so didn't shell out the sticker price that I would have buying them retail.

My main concern isn't really stroller damage (that, I guess, is a risk you are taking no matter what type of stroller you bring), but rather functionality...i.e., carting around a stroller that may not get used much vs. the double where there will likely always be at least one rider (my 4 year old is LAZY!! :)


07-08-2007, 06:41 PM
I would bring 2. They are great for parking your stuff in if the other child decides not to ride. Those double ones(even the good ones)are harder to maneuver than the singles.

As far as damage goes, if you gatecheck it will be fine.

Disney Doll
07-08-2007, 08:28 PM
I would bring 2. They are great for parking your stuff in if the other child decides not to ride. Those double ones(even the good ones)are harder to maneuver than the singles.

What read said.

07-09-2007, 08:19 AM
You ask for opinions........

I would take 1 (one) as to get your 4 year old around in the resorts, airport, etc.

I think a 7 year old should walk. We traveled with my recently turned 8 year old to Disney for 2 weeks with no stroller.

If you find once you get in the parks that you want one for her then you could rent one. But then if you dont need it, you have not brought one in the park for no reason. Also, if you want to park hop all you have to do is return the rented one and show your ticket at a different park and not pay again! ( Just for same day) Saves on having to lug it.

07-09-2007, 08:56 AM
I voted a double, but since you have a 7 year old I would vote 2 singles. You might not even bring both of them with you every day. The last time we used a stroller our kids were 4 and 6 and we only had 1 stroller. They would take turns.

Brave teacher
07-09-2007, 09:26 AM
I say one single only because I think the 7 year old will be able to walk.

07-09-2007, 01:02 PM
This June we brought a Maclaren for DD2 and rented a double stroller for DD4 & DS7 to ride in if necessary. Althought we left the parks for the afternoon to rest, our thinking was that if they could all ride at some point they would last longer in the parks in "happy mode" when we were there. When they didn't ride in a stroller our backpack did which made us happy.

07-09-2007, 03:20 PM
Before I can vote I have to ask you a couple of questions. Not that it will help much b/c I am currently in the same boat when we go in Oct my girls will be 7 and 4 as well.

1~ Where are you staying?
2~ How long are you staying?

Now w/ this being said I have always brought two single strollers, but we have always had grandparents w/ us so if we split up it we wouldn't have any trouble. Originally we were just going to take a small trip just the 4 of us and planned on bringing the double stroller but now that is has turned into another family trip I am back to do I bring one or two. My dd6 has no trouble in MGM at all as far as needing/wanting a stroller. MK & Epcot are so big that I prefer to have one she is petite and we walk alot faster than she does plus its also my way of keeping up w/ her. AK is such a confusing place that it is easier as well. Primarily dd does walk but when she is tired she likes to be in the stroller to take a nap and if we are trying to get from one side of the park to the other or leaving the parks its nice to have the stroller for her to be in.

07-09-2007, 03:52 PM
I am going in sept. 07 and am bringing 2 separate umbrella strollers but I am buying a stroller connector for about $15 so that I have the option to use it both ways. I know you can buy this product online and save yourself all the trouble and expense.

07-09-2007, 04:04 PM
Wish I didn't have to point this out, but the OP didn't ask if her 7yo should walk or not.

As a mom of 2 kids that have small physical challenges it really gets annoying to have to tell your story to everyone that comes along when you do things a little differently. :upsidedow There is so much judgment attached to a statement like that, but you don't realize it until you are on the receiving end of it yourself. I am not making assumptions about the OP's child, but the OP for whatever reason has doubts that the child will be able to walk the entire time. I realize those who comment like that mean no harm, but please try to be respectful of a parent's judgment regarding their own child.

:firefight(Now where did I put my flame-retardant suit?)

07-09-2007, 04:33 PM
Ahhh, you raise a good point about splitting up...chances are my 7 year old (who will JUST have turned 7 by the way - we're leaving on her 7th Birthday) may want to go on "bigger" rides (like Space Mt) than the 4 year old --2 separate strollers might be better then.

To answer your questions: We're staying onsite at the Coronado Springs (which is why we wanted the umbrella strollers for easy folding/getting on busses, etc.) and we are staying for 9 days (which is why we didn't want to rent a stroller vs bringing our own - it would have cost well over $100 just to rent). Thanks for your input! You gave me something else to consider!

07-09-2007, 04:38 PM
P.S. Thanks, fakeredhead! I was going to reply that I wasn't asking for opinions on whether or not I should make my daughter walk, but rather the configuration of strollers to bring, but didn't want to come off snippy. Couldn't find a tactful way, so I refrained, but thanks for doing it for me! :)

07-09-2007, 05:11 PM
Ahhh, you raise a good point about splitting up...chances are my 7 year old (who will JUST have turned 7 by the way - we're leaving on her 7th Birthday) may want to go on "bigger" rides (like Space Mt) than the 4 year old --2 separate strollers might be better then.

To answer your questions: We're staying onsite at the Coronado Springs (which is why we wanted the umbrella strollers for easy folding/getting on busses, etc.) and we are staying for 9 days (which is why we didn't want to rent a stroller vs bringing our own - it would have cost well over $100 just to rent). Thanks for your input! You gave me something else to consider!

My dd turns 7 on 9/15 we were originally going then but since it turned in to a big trip we are going 9/29-10/11. If you don't mind me asking when will you be going.

Well whether you do the twin stroller or two singles if they are both macs you should be fine on the bus. Since you will be riding the busses will it be easy for you to maintain both strollers while your dw has the girls and vice versa. The twin stroller would still be fine if you seperate b/c at some point you will most likely end up back together. I have actually considered the twin stroller b/c I know dd will be walking more so it is only one stroller to have to keep up w/ rather than two. Of course as a member of the disabled child club dd4 requires specific needs so I would have to end up bringing our duoglider b/c I am not forking out the money for a mac just to go to disney b/c I told dd next time she goes she will be 9 or 10. Sadly though the hardest decision I have had to make on every trip was what stroller to bring.

07-10-2007, 06:46 AM
I voted for 2 strollers but actually with a 4 and 7 year old, I'd rent from the parks. They're probably old enough to walk on the buses, etc. and this will save you from carrying extra stuff. Once there, I would get two single rentals. I don't know about your girls' relationship but I know that my boys would probably fight if they were in a double stroller together.

07-10-2007, 07:04 AM
Based on the ages of your children, I would personally bring one stroller for the 4 year old and then rent one for the 7 year old only IF they need it.

By age 7, my older DD could walk the whole trip with maybe one or two times of 'borrowing' her younger sister's stroller. ;)

Good luck deciding.

07-10-2007, 05:24 PM
I bought annual passes planning 4 visits with my 3 and 7 year olds. I bought a double InStep stroller off Amazon for $99 (a great price!) I researched before I bought and knew the main criteria had to be max weight limit, manuevarability and price. I knew the stroller would pay for itself in 1 trip vs. renting. The price was right for this stroller and the three wheel design allows it to turn on a dime. During my second trip - we checked the stroller with our luggage and received it in Orlando with a bent frame! Needless to say we asked our kids to walk for one day and then decided to rent - it saves their legs, keeps us together and holds all my stuff. The airline gave me $300 in airline credit for the damage to the stroller (Continental).

My August trip will involve 2 kids for 5 days and my 55 lb. 7 year old for 4 extra days. My double stroller will fly home after 4 days. I bought a Maclaren a few weeks ago so my 7 yr. old will have a stroller for the last 4 days.

It doesn't matter if you take a double or two singles - take strollers if your kids want to ride. Buy rain covers to fit the strollers - they're awesome!

Double stroller Pros:
Only have one to push and keep up with.
3 wheeled design - easier to push than my single!
Allows my youngest to stretch out for a nap.
Gives my kids a place to sit during parades and fireworks vs. the hot, dirty cement.
Doesn't tip with all my items hanging off bars (buy some S hooks or clips to hang items off handle bars)
Nothing hanging off me since I have baskets and handle bars!
Higher max weight for older children.
Have a stroller to push sleepy children back to resort room or parking lot (it is not unusually to have a 10-15 minute walk from bus stop to room)
heavy, bulky and $$ (I had several umbrellas I could have used vs. buying new)

Renting double at Disney Pros:
No airport damage.
Very heavy duty(for older children) and easy to push.
Do not have to LUG on and off buses or store in room.
Do not have to worry about theft - I've seen people lock up their $$ strollers.
Do not have to dry if hit with rain - exchange for a new one.
Cons: Cost and small children may need stroller once you leave parks.

07-11-2007, 11:51 AM
Something we considered for our trip (we ended up taking two strollers for DD 1 1/2 and DS 4) was the possibility that we may split up at some points during the day.

One afternoon while at MK, DD was very cranky so our SIL took her back to the room in one stroller, and we continued touring the parks with DS in the other stroller. We had one small umbrella type stroller for DD and a midsize Graco for my DS (up to 50lbs. I think), when he wasn't riding we could collapse his and carry over the shoulder pretty comfortably with the carry strap.
I've never used, but personally I think a double stroller may be harder to navigate in some areas (i.e. gift shops, monorail, etc.)

07-11-2007, 12:08 PM
I was just searching the stroller forums and came across this post! I might have rented their double jogging stroller vs. buying. I still fear damage at the airports with my double stroller. Their prices are good and they delivery/pick-up the stroller at your resort. They have lots of other interesting items for rent!


07-11-2007, 12:20 PM
I've heard MGM is smaller, older child may not need a stroller, etc. Does anyone have info/advice on when we might be able to leave (which parks, etc.) the second one behind at the hotel? Thanks.princess:

07-12-2007, 09:12 PM
My two youngest are 7 and 4. We took the double stroller in April. I am the first to say that I am frugal. I have a double Mac umbrella stroller (purchase 4 years ago for a trip to Disney and used many times since). I debated renting but it is alot of money daily and I would be left strollerless at the resort, traveling to and waiting at the bus stops.

The 7yr old can walk and usually did but when he is tired, a place to sit is worth a million, especially at parades. It took the edge off by giving him someplace to sit and regroup. I never second guessed my decision when the seat was empty.

When he wasn't in the stroller, something was, a backpack, camera or souveniors and many times dessert packed to go from the DDP.

We never split up in the parks so that wasn't a problem. The one time DH took DS7 home early, he walked, almost ran to the bus.

Many times, I have parked the stroller for a few hours in a stroller parking area and found it where it had been left. If it was me, I would bring the double stroller. You won't regret pushing one child in a double stroller, you would have regrets ,if you only brought one stroller that day because you thought that you wouldn't need seats for two.

Good Luck !

07-14-2007, 04:03 PM
I also voted for 2 singles. You will probably not need both at MK, it's not too far between attractions so you 7 yr old probaly won't want to ride anyway. At EPCOT you may want both, lots of walking!

When we went with similar aged children (2,4,6), the 4 rode most of the time and when the 6 got tired we gave him a turn. We did rent the double strollers, but had three kids and only two seats, never a problem.