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07-03-2007, 10:32 AM
We are going to WDW (our 2nd trip this year! :banana: ) the week after Thanksgiving. "We" being: Youngest DS and myself, Oldest DS, DDIL, and the 2 grandkids (Paul & Tabitha ages 2 & 4). I bought a double stroller to take for this trip. I got a really good deal on it and besides I will have it at my house for when they come to visit grandma!:goodvibes Youngest DS and I will be flying Airtran going down and Delta coming home. Oldest DS and family will be driving. They do not want to take up all the vehicle space with a stroller. I was thinking I would take the stroller with me and DS to the airport. Since we have magical express, once we got it to the airport I wouldn't have to lug it around, it would be in our room the next time I saw it, right??? Does this sound like a plausible plan????
I would be taking 1 large suitcase for check in baggage and am hoping the stroller could be included also without an additional charge.


07-03-2007, 11:31 AM
Most airlines allow two pieces of checked baggage per passenger. So the stroller can be your 2nd piece. There is usually a weight limit, above which you'd pay some sort of surcharge. If I recall correctly (I flew Airtran last week), I believe that your checked baggage is allowed to be a total of 50 pounds. EVEN IF it exceeds your allowance, then you can just pay the surcharge. It certainly would be no worse than someone who checks a bag and a set of golf clubs!

You can probably check out the policies on http://www.airtran.com

I've never used ME -- But as long as the stroller is just another checked item, it sounds as though you'd be in great shape.

07-03-2007, 09:50 PM
I've gate-checked my son's stroller on two trips already and have not had a problem.

07-03-2007, 10:30 PM
I've gate checked many a stroller. It hasn't been counted as checked baggage, nor carry on. It's kind of a freebie. :giggle:

07-04-2007, 10:40 AM
If I understand Tuffcookie correctly, she will not have the little guy with her at the airport -- she is only bringing the stroller and wants to have it when she meets up with the others at the resort. Is that correct?

If that's the case, then she has no need to take the stroller out to the gate.

07-05-2007, 08:10 AM
Jan, You're right. I would only be taking the stroller to use down there. I saved the original box the stroller came in and I am planning on packing it in it to protect the stroller.


07-05-2007, 10:37 AM
Doh!:headache: Thanks for clarifying, Jan! Hmmm....well, it would seem that checking it in with your regular luggage as Jan suggested would be the practical choice. Otherwise, you could ship it ahead to your resort, but that would cost money and it sounds like you won't have an abundance of luggage between you and your son, so the stroller should fit within the weight limit that the airlines set. Just make sure you label it well with your identifying information. Sorry for the confusion!

07-05-2007, 11:18 AM
It should be no problem to check the double stroller. We always put a big plastic bag around ours so it doesn't come back with missing pieces! The trays or shades often too easily pop off. So don't forget to protect it a bit!

07-05-2007, 12:00 PM
I agree with previous poster about protecting the stroller so that parts don't get lost and so that the fabrics don't get soiled or torn.

If you are using the original box, that should work fine. Just tape it up really well -- and label it really well with info that you would put on a luggage tag.

You might also remember to toss the roll of tape into your other checked bag. That way, you can tape the box back up when you are ready to return home.