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07-01-2007, 09:42 AM
Just back from a 14 night stay here. We had 2 rooms, my son and I and one and my dad and brother in the other room.

I phoned the hotel beforehand and requested 2 rooms together high up, facing the car park. We were allocated rooms 4523 (dad) and 4527 (us). The rooms were clean, with no bugs or dirty sheets or anything. The toilet area was perfectly okay and all of the amenities (fridge, microwave, coffee maker, etc) worked well. The fridge could be set so cold it can freeze liquids, so it was great for keeping drinks cool.

The covered walkway outside the room was fine. We had very little traffic, being near the end of the corridor. One of the few complaints I had about the hotel were the lifts. They had no air-conditioning at all in them and I would imagine you could become very uncomfortable very quickly if they broke down with you in them. In the lift area there was drinks machines on each floor. On floors 2, 3 and 4 there is also ice machines. One of the 2 on the 4th floor that we used worked okay, so I was quite happy about this. Also, there were reasonably priced washing machines and driers on the 3rd floor which were very handy as it means you dont have to come home with a suitcase of smelly clothes :eek: :lmao:

The restaurant area was okay. We had 1 free continental breakfast on our first morning which was not bad. Also had 1 of the cooked breakfasts midway through the holiday which, no surprise, was as disgusting as all the other breakfasts I had had all through the holiday. Breakfasts of muffins, donuts, 'sausages' (and I use that term very loosely) and streaky bacon just doesn't whet my appetite at all. The best breakfast I found all holiday was bagels with cream cheese - I got the family addicted to these haha. However, this should be no reflection on the hotel's ability to serve food as the 2 dinners we had in the hotel were both excellent, the only time I had eaten a 3 course meal. Different soups to start, great choice of salads, vegetables and roasts. Very enjoyable, and I made sure to tell them so.

All in all, I would definitely return here. If location is everything for you, in regards to getting to ALL the parks, then you cant do much better than staying on Palm Parkway. Seaworld is a 5-10 min drive, Universal was around 15 mins if you used Palm Parkway/Turkey Lake Road (probably quicker if you used the I4 on a quiet day) and the entrance to Disney is just around the corner, with Downtown Disney being a 5 minute drive, and would be easily walkable on a cool day. Security at the hotel was also good, and the staff were quick and courteous when dealing with any problems. My TV went on the blink, I reported it as we left to go to dinner in the hotel restaurant, I returned to the room around 45 mins later, and we had a new TV set already. Can't ask for much more than that :thumbsup2

Anyone have any questions, please feel free to ask :)


07-02-2007, 12:10 AM
Hey there! Thanks for the info. on your experience at the hotel. I just booked my sister and I a room for a little August getaway. I was just wondering if you used the shuttle service the hotel provides. I noticed that they have multiple times to leave and return and am just looking for any feedback as we don't plan to rent a car. I know a car would make it much easier; however, we're both under 25 and, as a result, the prices are way out of our league! If you didn't use the shuttle, did you hear anything, good or bad, about the service? Thanks in advance!

07-02-2007, 04:12 PM
Hi Alberta, we had hired a car for our whole time there, but we met a Scottish couple who used the buses frequently and they said they were perfectly fine. I remember a tip they mentioned as well. From the Disney parks, the bus sets off from the MK first, so they used to head up to the MK on Disney transport and get the bus from there to make sure they got a seat (it was crowded on the several nights we seen it arriving back at the hotel).

Hope that helps :)