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06-30-2007, 08:44 AM
Hi all! :wave:

I have just started the long and exciting process of planning my dream, once-in-a-lifetime holiday to America, and started saving my pennies. I'll have about two weeks in Florida, and while I'm in America, I'll be visiting New York, LA (and Disneyland!), and Hawaii as well.

I'd love to hear from anyone from overseas who has gone to Disney World, and how you may have managed with bookings, ADRs etc (being in a different time zone). I'd also love to hear from any 'locals' (meaning USA) who may have any tips - I'm trying to build a 'must-do' list, as I'm sure I won't be able to do everything in 2 weeks!


06-30-2007, 09:07 AM
Hiya Lana, I'm from Scotland and we went to WDW last year for the first time. The easiest way to make ADR's is to phone 001-407-939-3463 at 12 lunchtime on the dot and you can make your ADR's 180 days before you go. This site's really usefull for showing menus and prices allearsnet.com .

If you need anything else I'll be HTH :) . Have fun planning :banana:

07-01-2007, 12:14 AM
Thanks Linda! But I seem to have forgotten to specify that I'm in Australia...

I have found this site really useful so far for the extremely initial stages of planning that I'm currently in! Looking forward to learning even more and hearing about everyone's great adventures!


07-01-2007, 05:51 AM

Im from Brisbane this will be my 5th Trip to America, it is my first trip to Disneyworld. But I have been to Disneyland 4 times.

We are going in November for 12 nights, and then we are going to Vegas & then to Canada.

We have booked through a Travel agent, and we have done this every time. They have always been very good & we have never had a problem.

The flight over is the hardest thing. It has also taken us 2 days to get over the jet lag, however the last time we went I took a sleeping tablet on the plane & it was the best thing I Have ever done. I would highly recommend it. When I arrived in LA it was soo good. I wasn't jetlagged at all.

It's nice to see some other Aussies Going.

07-01-2007, 10:19 PM
Hi Lana,

We are also from Sydney, Australia and having a wonderful time booking our trip, We are going to disneyworld 4th Jan to 12 th Jan and then off to Canada skiing for 2 weeks, we will have 2 days in LA at the end.

We have done Disneyland before so wanted to try Disneyworld ( I did Disneyworld in 1987!)

We have booked all our internal flights in the US(online again as it was cheaper than my TA-and I also have a fantastic TA) but it is driving me crazy not being able to book accomodation( Jan rates aren't out yet), it is much cheaper booking direct with Disney, close to half price, much beter than my TA could get.

I also booked online our Universal orlando passes for $86 USD unlimited admission for 7 days, again the best my TA could do was $130 AUD for a one day pass.

When are you planning on going??

I am going to get a cheap phonecard here ($10 gets you about 100 minutes of phone calls to the US)and use it to book all my disneyworld accomodation and ADR's

Have fun planning, this website has been fantastic


07-01-2007, 11:29 PM
:yay: Other Aussies!

I know I'm planning VERY far in advance, but looking at going next November/December (as in 2008). The itinerary so far includes a couple of nights in Sydney (since we have to go through anyway to get to America), then New York, then Orlando (so the jetlag should be well and truly gone for Disney World!), then LA, then a couple of days in Hawaii on the way back.

I've worked out (I think) that I will probly be getting to America around Thanksgiving time (that's the last week in November right?), but will be in New York then, so by the time I get down to Orlando, the crowds should have dispersed. Also staying a couple of nights at Universal first (at my cousin's insistence), which should also help.

At this stage we're planning on doing Contiki tours in New York and LA, so it will depend on their itinerary, but I'm planning to get at least a day at Disneyland.

Thanks for the tips - I might see what sort of a deal a travel agent can get me and go from there. Great idea about the phonecard, but what time do you call?


07-01-2007, 11:57 PM
Hi Lana:wave:

I'm another Brisbaneite. I've not done WDW, only Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Universal, Knotts Berry Farm and San Diego Zoo. San Francisco and Alaska

Depending on how long you are going to be in Anaheim. I would thoroughly recommed you see Knotts Berry Farm if you have enough time and have a Mrs Knotts Chicken dinner for lunch. It is superb:thumbsup2 Just like a real home cooked meal and tastes even better *** you're on holidays.:)

If you are looking for locals in Florida then I know a couple of people who may be able to help you out with info. Just PM me if you need any info or assistance and I'll put you in touch with them.:)

07-02-2007, 01:13 AM
Hi Lana

Orlando is about 13 or 14 hours behind us so if you call in the evening you should get them in the morning over there, I am assuming that the booking centre is based in Florida but I may be wrong, maybe some of the USA residents know. Have fun doing the contiki, I did one way back in Europe and I still have great memories. I also lived in New York for a year, the most amazing city.
Enjoy your holiday it is never to early to plan, we have been planning this trip since about September last year for Jan 08, we booked frequent flyer flights to Los Angeles in January and bits and pieces since then.

By the way if you are going to Universal Orlando the tickets i booked don't have an expiry on them, so it may be worth looking into, there is a link on the disboard site

have fun

07-02-2007, 02:07 AM
Hi Lana,

I'm in New Zealand and have been to WDW 4 times now with a 5th trip planned for next year. I've also been to DL numerous times. We said WDW would be a once in a lifetime trip also but as we are now DVC members then we are planning on many, many more trips.

We have always done our bookings independantly and never bothered with ADRs - we have had good luck with getting a couple when we have arrived but its never been a major concern - we are happy with counter service places anyway.

Give yourselves LOTS of time at WDW - its bigger than you think - a 10 day pass I consider a minimum for our trips. Cape Canaveral is also worth a visit to the Kennedy Space Centre.

I've not been to Universal in Orlando, I've been to the one in LA but we weren't impressed and wouldn't rush to go back. However, we are Disney-nuts and it just wasn't Disney...

You will have a blast!!!

07-02-2007, 05:03 AM
Hi Lana ~ I'm from Glasgow, Scotland.

:welcome: to the Dis:goodvibes

07-02-2007, 07:57 AM
Welcome to the DIS :goodvibes

07-02-2007, 08:28 PM
HI!! I'm from over the river ( the Delaware River)!!! Seriously, have a wonderful time planning your vacation. I think that's half the fun!!:wizard:

07-02-2007, 11:20 PM
Thanks for all your help! I'm feeling a little less lost now I know there are other Aussie Disney freaks! ::MickeyMo

07-03-2007, 02:10 AM
Hi Lana - another Aussie here!! I'm from Brissie - there seems to be a few of us too!!
I'm going to WDW this November - it'll be my 3rd trip! Soooo looking forward to it!
I have made a couple of ADR's for my trip. I called from here around 9-10am and got through no problem. I think about 9pm would get them too - they are open long hours.
I have booked my internal US flights on the internet - as others have said the prices are much better. Same, I think for the accommodation, although I'm staying off site (at Windsor Hills).
Although I'll be there before Thanksgiving, I am more than happy to pick up any info you might want (maps, tourist info etc) which I could post to you when I get back. Just PM me and let me know!
Have fun planning - I have been planning for 2 years now, and at last I'm 4 months away. The time will go quickly, even though you might not think so!!;)

Heather :upsidedow

07-03-2007, 02:30 AM
Hi Heather,

Are you going anywhere else while in the US?
How do you cope with the flight, are you going directly to Orlando?
We have a 7 hour layover in LAX (from Sydney)then an overnight flight to Orlando
All up it will take about 26 hours-Not looking forward to it,
I think I will be OK (I am a nurse so I am used to working night duty and not sleeping!) however DS 14 and DD 12 will be extremely tired when we finally arrive. DH will sleep anywhere, so he will not be a problem, I just hope when we arrive at 5:50 am and then get to disneyworld they will forget how tired they really are. we are also hoping for an early check in, we are staying onsite and I have read if the room is ready you can check in from 8am (heres hoping)
Hope you have a fantastic trip
What ADR's have you booked? that is on my next to-do list!

07-03-2007, 02:42 AM
Hi Gabrielle,
We are flying to LAX then connecting to MCO straight away (about 3 hours transit), so will take about 22 hours all up. I agree, I'm not looking forward to that, but I'm hoping I'll be so excited I won't worry too much about the flight! I'm a shift worker too, so I permanently feel jet lagged!! ;)
I have booked a Fantasmic dinner package, Breakfast at Crystal Palace, afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian, and dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern on our last Disney night.:sad1: It was so easy to do - as I said before I called about 9-10 am and got through with little wait. The cast members were really helpful, too. Oh yes, and I booked our tickets for MVMCP over the phone, too.
After WDW we are heading to Las Vegas for 5 nights, then home. All up we will be away for 3 weeks.
When are you going? You have a great time, too, and I have had/am having so much fun planning I'm hoping the holiday is as good, if not better!!


07-03-2007, 03:00 AM
Thanks for your quick reply Heather,
We are going January 3rd 8 nights in WDW then 2 weeks skiing in canada and 2 days in LA on the way home.

I wish we could have had a quick lay over in LAX on the way over but we booked our flights on frequent flyers and had to take a later flight from Sydney, hopefully it won't be to bad.

Las Vegas is fantastic my kids loved it there and we would have loved to say there a few nights but we ran out of time

I have been looking at the Fantasmic dinner package have you done it before? I think we will definetely do this.

I am so excited but DH doesn't understand why I am always checking out these boards, it just makes it more exciting knowing everyone on here is just as excited as I am,

I am having so much fun planning I am getting worried that the holiday will be a bit disappointing, I hope not!!


07-03-2007, 05:38 AM
I know what you mean Gabrielle - even though it's a year and a half until my trip, I get so excited reading about it reading everyone else's plans and adventures! Everyone thought I was nuts when I said I wanted 2 weeks at Disney World - they all thought I'd get so sick of it. We'll end up with about 12 nights there, and I'm sure it won't be anywhere near long enough! I'm just obsessed with Disney!

I'm planning on doing lots of character dining, so you'll have to let me know which ones are good :) I'm also planning on doing a Fantasmic dinner package.

Regarding flights, because I'm going to New York first, I can get a direct flight there from Sydney. While I'm certainly not looking forward to it (I'm not a good flyer at the best of times), at least it will all be over in one go. On the way back to Oz, we're stopping over in Hawaii, and will be able to get a direct flight back to Sydney from there. Then we've just got to get back to Perth...