View Full Version : Question about Fantasmic package at MM!!

princess mom of 4
06-28-2007, 10:52 AM
I'm considering booking the Fantasmic dinner package at Mama Melrose, using the dining plan...but I have a couple of questions...Does the fantasmic package let you order off the regular menu, or just from a few set choices? Also, since Fantasmic is at 9:00, what would be the ideal meal time? How long does MM dinner take usually? Thanks for any information!!

06-28-2007, 11:12 AM
When we did FDP at MM a year ago we had to order off a specific menu. Not sure if they changed it. We were kind of disappointed in the food there. If Fatasmic is 9 pm I think you can schedule dinner as late as 6:30. I also thought the service was slow when we were there I would allow a little over an hour depending on group size and time of year you go.

06-28-2007, 12:04 PM
Just did the MM FDP on Monday. We could choose off of the regular menu, not a special menu like last year. The change is that on the special menu, we got an appetizer, flat bread pizza, entree, and dessert. This time, the flat bread pizzas were considered an entree so you got an appetizer, entree, and dessert. We didn't use the DDP this year and this was, by far, our most expensive meal, $112 (2 children). If using the DDP, it's a good deal. Last year with the DDP, it was a great deal. Without the DDP, it's questionable.

06-28-2007, 12:21 PM
We did dinner early and I think this was a good idea. We did H&V and it's a buffet. The food was good to very good. Basically, the dinner package is just an ADR where you get a voucher to enter the special seating section, so no menu restrictions I'm aware of (we were on the DDP). Seats in the theater were OK. Not great IMO, but worth not having to waste an hour standing in line. The show itself was awesome... easily our favorite "night show."

06-28-2007, 12:25 PM
We ate there last year when the flat bread was the appetizer and no other choice on the set menu. rlrx, do you mean that the flatbread is the only choice for your main meal this year and you chose everything else this year or am I reading it differently and you chose everything yourself but the flat bread is considered an entree. Sorry I am so confused.


princess mom of 4
06-30-2007, 11:08 PM
Bumping! would love to hear some more opinions, especially on the time frame for the meal...and if you're on the DDP, why not choose the more expensive restaurant, as long as only 1TS credit?

06-30-2007, 11:48 PM
The meal could take up to 2 hours so I wouldn't eat any later than 6:30p but I think I'd eat at about 6:00p myself so I have plenty of time to eat and get to the show.

Even with the package you should get to the special entrance by 8:00p. The reserved package seats are still first come, first served and not guaranteed after 30 minutes and could, and sometimes are, opened up to the general public after 30 minutes.

07-01-2007, 08:10 AM
DH and I are doing this again this year. From what I understand, you can order off the regular menu. The flatbread is considered an entree choice, but you don't have to choose it. I agree with the other posts and say you should make your ADR as early as you can. When DH and I did the package, we had a slightly later time slot (6:45?) and we really didn't get to take advantage of the "special" area. The meal was great, but it took awhile. Hope this helps! Have a great trip!:goodvibes

07-01-2007, 11:44 AM
We ate there last year and liked it a lot. We'll be there for the package on July 10.

Last year you had to have a flatbread and salad (served family style) as your appetizers. Since then, the menu has made flatbreads an entree, so for the package, each person gets a choice of one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert.

We thought the food was very good. We're doing our ADR for 5:30, which is what we had last year, too. That gave us enough time to eat and get to the theatre, but we didn't have a ton of extra time by any means. If Fantasmic is at 9:00, I would want to eat no later than 6:00 just so you can be sure you have enough time.