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06-28-2007, 07:21 AM
I'm such a newbie .... and really need to do this in the right order, so any input would be GREATLY appreciated!
Here is our (DH, me, DD-9) itinerary for early October .... (we are staying off site)
Fri - arrive -- movie at Fort Wilderness <get take out at Trails End>
Sat - Discovery Cove
Sun - AK / Epcot - Worlds
Mon - MGM
Tues - MK
Wed - Sea World
Thurs - Epcot - Future / MNSSHP
Fri - MK

The only ADR I have at this point is CP for dinner on Fri. What I would LIKE (but realize I may not get ...) is Coral Reef (Sunday?), 50's Prime Time Diner (late lunch Mon?), MAYBE WCC (WHEN?) ...

I really would like the Coral Reef to try to get a diver and personalized menu. It's our first trip to Disney, but more importantly <gasp> it's our anniversary, and we have been battling MANY demons for the last few months (medical and otherwise) ... I just want to give DH something special... That being said, my question is -- how do I go about getting ALL of this pulled together???? (Sorry to sound so stupid, but I am at this point....)

Also are the Diner and WCC similar in entertainment? If so, I only want to go to one of them and go somewhere else .....

And to clarify -- we aren't doing any breakfasts out and we aren't trying to eat a sit down every day ....

HELP PLEASE!!!!!! I'm open to all suggestions .... better places, etc. Money IS an object tho ....

Thank you so much. This board has been a godsend so far.

06-28-2007, 08:13 AM
Well we had our anniversary at Disney - but we were on the dining plan (I think its up to $39 a day per person for your counter service - snack - table service meal each day!)

So that enabled us to eat at California Grill and watch wishes from the top of the Contemporary - (it cost 2TS but we'd split our CS meals to make up for it,) WCC can be fun (and we did this, and they did pull us up front and everyone cheered - but its more kid friendly, and we did have DD and she loved it - she loved taking pics of us and laughing - a good time was had by all, but you do have to love southern bbq - I just reread you're taking your DD as well - I had her pack some to do items, like book, nintendo, and I bought her a How to Draw Minnie Mouse kit that she LOVED, so she was entertained and we spent a little longer at some places...)

I love the intimate feel of LeCellier - in Canada Epcot... the people there are so friendly - they signed a card and gave it to us!

I'm not a fan of the Diner at MGM, in fact I'd take the food at Epcot anyday over MGM - but that's me, you should check out www.allearsnet.com click on Dining, then on the left side click on the resorts, or parks to see all their menus... it may take days, but this way you can find a menu that suits your likes and not so much mine!

You will get great ideas and opinions here - in the end its your vacation, your anniversary, and you will make it special in DISNEY!!

06-28-2007, 08:24 AM
This is what I would do with your schedule:

Sun - AK / Epcot - Worlds I would eat breakfast at the resort and head to AK. Grab lunch at Flame Tree BBQ. I would eat dinner at Le Cellier, if I could not get in there I would go to Beirgarten.

Mon - MGM I would eat breakfast at Kona and take the bus to MGM, have dinner at 50's Prime Time

Tues - MK I would have the first reservation avaialble at Crystal Palace, and have dinner at Cosmic Rays or Peco Bills

Thurs - Epcot - Future / MNSSHP I would have breakfast at Cape May Buffet and have dinner at Whispering Canyon
Fri - MK

It may sound like a bit of running around but this is how we do it because the food at these places are so yummy!

06-29-2007, 06:20 AM
Thanks ...
Maybe I'm asking the wrong questions.....

What day would be better (based on the itinerary) to do WCC?
Are WCC and 50s similar?


06-29-2007, 08:37 AM
I don't think WCC and 50s PT are similar. I'd try to do WCC on Tues. when you're at MK. You could just take the boat over to the WL and then back to MK.


06-29-2007, 10:53 AM
Since you specifically mention WCC as a restaurant you want to try, I would suggest Fri when you're at the MK so you can just take the resort shuttle out there and come back to the MK after dinner if you want. That way, you cap off your vacation with a fun, memorable dinner and maybe Wishes afterward.:goodvibes