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06-26-2007, 10:35 AM
I know this is related to cooking, but thought I might get more views out here & get them more quickly.

OK - This is going to sound really weird, but can anyone tell me what the measurements are for instant mashed potatoes? Yes, the dry flaky kind in a box. ;) I need to know how much liquid you add to how much of the dry flakes. I also need to know how many servings per cup.

And does anyone know how you cook the potatoes? Do you just heat the milk/water & stir in the potato flakes? Or do you actually cook them for a couple minutes? It's probably been 30 years since I've made them & I can't remember.

Also, does anyone have a can of sweet potatoes or yams in their cupboard? I need to know what the weight is for them.

Thanks for any help!

To satisfy your curiosity...DS works at a day care center & they're doing International week. He wants to have the kids make Fufu when they do Africa. In order to have maximum involvement of the kids, we thought using canned sweet potatoes & the dry instant white potatoes would work better than cutting, peeling & boiling regular ones.

The consistency of what they serve at Boma is more like the way we eat mashed potatoes. But according to the Internet recipes we found "real" Fufu is much thicker. In fact, it's made into balls & then you rip off a piece to dip in your stew or soup. Of course that sounds like fun for the kids as well. One recipe actually talks about making a "knock off" version with instant potatoes, which is where we got the idea, but it skips the yams. So we're trying to combine the recipes.

I'm thinking we could have the adults heat the canned yams in the microwave & then stir in the potato flakes. Any thoughts?

06-26-2007, 12:02 PM
to make 8 servings - 2 2/3 cup water, 4 tbl margarine, 1 cup 2% milk, 2 2/3 cup flakes
to make 20 servings 0 6 2/3 cu water 10 tbl margarine, 2 1/2 cup 2% milk, 6 2/3 cup flakes

(either stove or microwave) Heat water, margarin to just boiling, remove from heat. Add cold milk, stir in flakes until moistened. Let stand until liquid is absorbed. Fluff with fork and serve.

06-26-2007, 01:42 PM
Thanks so much AWM! You're the best!! :thumbsup2 That's exactly what I need! :teeth: