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06-24-2007, 12:11 PM

:idea: I wanted to start a thread where people can creatively express their love for all things Disney. Maybe you write poetry or songs :music:, create beautiful artwork :artist: or write amazing descriptions.

As long as it's about your love of Disney, whatever your talent may be, why not share it here? This is going to be fun!

popcorn:: Ready? Let's get creative!!! :cool1:

I'll go first. . .

Magic Touch

As I stepped onto the train at Main Street USA
My mouth grew into a smile as I watched the wonderful
Of Frontierland, and the Old Wild West
And on to Mickey’s Toon Town
What would come up next?
There was Future Land of course with all its wonders
of what’s to come
My heart just overflowed with all the thoughts of fun
As I began my journey that all began with a mouse
This is what I had dreamt of; this is what it was all about
Making the child inside you leap with immense joy
Whether you’re a grown adult or simply a little boy
For it doesn’t matter at what age you arrive
Disney’s special magic will touch you deep inside.

Okay. . .now, it's your turn! :goodvibes