View Full Version : Do you start your day with the DIS?

06-18-2007, 01:55 PM
So, in honor of the conversation on the anniversary show about people who start their day with the DIS. So, do you start your day with the DIS?

--Mr. DB

06-18-2007, 02:04 PM
Yes.:coffee: :surfweb:

06-18-2007, 02:08 PM
At least the first hour of everyday!:surfweb:

06-18-2007, 02:14 PM
yup the kids up and going then jump on and check out the GF thread and smooze around. On tuesday I listen to the podcast before the kids get up. I dont drink coffee, so I DIS!

06-18-2007, 02:14 PM
After I check my e-mail, the first place I go is the DIS! :)

06-18-2007, 02:25 PM
I have a cup of coffee :surfweb: (in my lime green Tink mug) and I eat my bowl of shredded wheat, while DISing every morning.:thumbsup2

06-18-2007, 02:54 PM
Wake up, potty, grab a Diet Coke, & Dis until the kids bug me.:thumbsup2

06-18-2007, 03:46 PM
I confess. . .I pop in and out of the DIS all day long. I don't complain when a report takes a long time to run. . . I fill the lull with the DIS! :surfweb:

Fredd's Girl
06-18-2007, 04:13 PM
Absolutely! I think my boss accepts that the first 20 minutes of each work day is devoted to the DIS to see what's new. It's the constant checking all day that I think he doesn't know about. ;)

06-18-2007, 05:50 PM
yup, often causes me to be late...

:confused3 oh well, its worth it!!!


06-18-2007, 06:35 PM
after the kids are sent to school sit and relaz with a coffee and the dis
and somehow its the last thing I do at night too and during the day

think I might have a problem

06-19-2007, 01:02 PM
no but I spend my hour lunch Dising everyday!

06-19-2007, 02:30 PM
I DIS when I get home from school

mickey mouse lover
06-19-2007, 05:46 PM
I grab my cup of coffee and pop tarts and start reading.:surfweb:

06-19-2007, 07:20 PM
I don't start my day on DIS but I'm pretty much on here from the time I get home from work until bed time. sad huh? :rolleyes:

06-19-2007, 07:54 PM
I wake up at 6:00 and am on the Dis by 6:05 while I let the dogs out!:)

06-19-2007, 07:57 PM
I am addicted... I usually start and end my day with the DIS!!! :rotfl:

06-19-2007, 08:26 PM
Yup: DIS in the morning, DIS all day at work and DIS til I go to bed...

06-19-2007, 08:43 PM
Yeah, I have to admit that I an addict of the Disboards. I am on it when I first wake up, many many times during the day, and in the middle of the night after my little princess wakes me up.

Can anyone point me in the direction of the 12 step program for the Disboards?:rotfl2:

06-20-2007, 05:29 AM
It's 5:35am as I'm sitting here with my coffee and laptop....tuned to The Dis of course! The only thing that can come close to my love of the DIS is the Dis Podcast! I actually look FORWARD to Tuesdays!!!! Is there medication for that, I wonder???